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Time passed swiftly. Su Ming had already stayed in Evil Spirit Sect for eight months. With the large amount of medicinal cores and the power of the world in this place, his cultivation base had finally recovered to half of what it was before!

Yet the more he recovered, the slower his pace of recovery grew. He had already changed the medicinal cores from Zhao Chong thrice, and he would take in large amounts of those each time. When he went to take more medicine three days ago, Zhao Chong had told him, with a hint of resignation in his voice, that he had temporarily ran out of medicinal cores.

Su Ming still looked like he was only about twelve or thirteen years old. He might have grown a little, but there were wasn't much change in him. In fact, Su Ming even had a feeling that his body had reverted to the past and he could no longer return to how he used to look. This meant that he could only slowly grow up as Destiny.

To others, no power from any sort of cultivation base could be detected in him. Only those who had reached great completion in the Berserker Soul Realm would be able to discover anything off about him.

However, there was only one person who was at the equivalent to the great completion in the Berserker Soul Realm defending Evil Spirit Sect, and most of the time he was in isolation. He would completely ignore what was going on, that was why no one could tell just what was Su Ming's level of cultivation.

Zhao Chong was naturally the same, but he had begun to grow suspicious. The medicinal cores he had spent on Su Ming during these past eight months had almost spent all his money, making his heart clench in so much pain that he had wanted to kill Su Ming several times out of rage.

All the disciples he met in the past were never as strange as this one. He had checked multiple times to be certain that Su Ming had indeed eaten those pills and had even made sure that he was just a mortal. He had even used an Enchanted Treasure to make sure that the child was not hiding any sort of cultivation base.

Yet in the end, the answer he obtained revealed absolutely nothing about Su Ming possessing any sort of cultivation base. No matter what, he was just a teenager… that had a slightly bigger appetite.

Or else it would be incredibly difficult for him to continue giving all those pills to him, when it made his heart ache so badly.

Several days ago, he was finally running out of the medicinal cores he could give away, those he had left were ones he could not bear to use on Su Ming. That was why he could only tell the child with a resigned tone that he was temporarily out of medicinal cores.

But he was not completely mortified by this. He had been frequently observing Su Ming during the past eight months, and while his heart ached at his losses, he also had high expectations based on just how much the child took in.

As for Su Ming, the recovery of his cultivation base over the past eight months had caused his divine sense to be much sharper than when he just arrived. He might not have left the courtyard, but he had scanned everything within the Outer Sect in Evil Spirit Sect in secret, and he was very familiar with it.

Su Ming would also not let Zhao Chong slide. However, he could only see a thick layer of fog within the man's room. There was a bloodiness to that fog, and he could vaguely see a person sitting still in it.

Zhao Chong's level of cultivation was also rather strange to Su Ming. He seemed to only be at the equivalent of the Awakening Realm, but when he took a closer look, he found a trace of the waves of power belonging to Berserker Soul Realm.

Besides that, he had found nothing strange about him during these eight months. Zhao Chong just repeatedly game him large amounts of medicinal cores. If Su Ming had been without them, he would have taken a much longer time to recover the power he had when all his bones had turned into Berserker Bones.

That was why he chose not to attack when it came to Zhao Chong. He wanted to see what the other would do once Su Ming finished all his medicinal cores and reached the man's breaking point.

Eight and a half month since Su Ming arrived in Evil Spirit Sect, winter came and snow fell from the sky without stop, making the land seem as if it was wrapped in a silvery white robe. Even the moonlight looked as if it was shining with a silver light.

The entire mountain was dressed in a white winter coat, and even the black halls were the same. The perfect combination between the black and white shades could cause people to have the feeling that they were looking at an ink wash painting when they looked at this scene.

The black smoke that rose up into the sky looked as if it was an eternal existence that would never change in this ink wash painting.

On this day during midnight, Su Ming looked at the snow outside his window. He remembered being with Ugly Little Thing's family during winter last year...

"Big brother, can we make a snowman together?"

"Big brother, you bully! You ruined the snowman!"

"Big brother, why is there snow? I asked pa and ma before, they don't know about it."

A smile appeared at the corners of Su Ming's lips. There were an innumerable amount of ghosts floating about in his room, causing that smile on his face to be completely out of place with his surroundings.

Su Ming was already used to the ghosts' presence. In fact, he had even noticed that all the ghosts that came were never the same two nights in a row, as they moved in and out of the room. When most of Su Ming's divine sense recovered, he even saw that the ghosts did not just exist in his room. The entire Outer Sect, besides a few spots, was visited by these ghosts.

As Su Ming looked at the snow outside, a freezing glare suddenly shone in his eyes. He let out a cold harrumph in his heart and closed his eyes, falling back on his bed, but even though his eyes were shut, he could still sense everything around him with his divine sense.

He saw the door to his house opening without a sound. When a gust of cold wind blew in the courtyard, a person walked in. He was surrounded by black fog and his face could not be seen clearly, but as he walked in, the ghosts in the room froze for a moment before they slowly scattered and left.

The person went to Su Ming's bed and looked at him, who looked as if he was sleeping, since he had his eyes closed. The eyes in the black fog shone with a dark light.

"You little brat, it's time for you to repay me for eating so many of my medicinal cores!"

Naturally, that person was Zhao Chong. With a swing of his arm, a layer of black fog instantly swept up Su Ming and left with him back to Zhao Chong's house.

A freezing glare was hidden behind Su Ming's closed eyes. The man had been unable to discover his divine sense, and Su Ming watched himself being taken into the person's room before Zhao Chong brought him to a Rune that was hidden in the black fog in the room.

As the Rune shone, Su Ming and Zhao Chong appeared within a black mountain cave. From the waves of force from the Relocation, Su Ming could tell that they had not Relocated too far away. They should still be within Evil Spirit Sect's territory.

It might be dark all around, but when Zhao Chong flicked his wrist, dark light immediately illuminated the cave. This was a karst cave, and there were hundreds of dried up corpses around them. All of their their mouths wide open, their eyes lifeless. They only had their skin and bones left, none of them retaining any traces of their flesh or life.

All of the corpses looked different, but their poses were the same. They were all sitting down cross-legged.

"You little brat, you're about to meet your older brother now!"

Zhao Chong was clearly resentful over the fact that Su Ming had taken great amounts of medicinal cores over the past eight months. Once he cursed him, he no longer bothered himself with the child and instead sat down cross-legged on the ground. When he formed a seal with his hands, all the fog around his body immediately tumbled back inside him, which made him reveal his face for the first time.

He was a middle-aged man with a face so pale it gave him an incredibly feeble look. Once Su Ming saw his appearance with his divine sense, his heart lurched.

That face was incredibly similar to that of Ugly Little Thing's father! If their ages were not the same, they would have looked like father and son!

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