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A disaster. A calamity. An… elegant brightness.

Destruction was a world's most beautiful moment during the course of its existence. At the instant the world was destroyed, everything within it would seemingly turn into an everlasting picture. All those who were qualified and could see this instant of beauty would see this one sight of life that would become an eternal memory in their heads, for as long as they lived.

The sea in a circular area of several hundreds of lis sank several hundreds of feet at that moment. It was pure and plain destruction caused by an impact of an ability in this place, turning it into a sad emptiness.

At that moment, the entire world was white. The fog, the sunlight, and also the crash of the power in the world were all in that shade. As the seawater sank and that force crashed into the sea, the sea at the edge of the hole could not surge in to fill it up, causing this area to become a pit.

The woman's face was pale in the sky. She leaned against the yellow dragon, and as it charged forth, it brought the woman along and left this endless white space.

'This is as much as I can do… This is Yin Death Region, my power is greatly suppressed here… My Abyss Builder friend, it depends on your fate now whether you can make it out alive.'

The girl closed her eyes and disappeared into the distant sky, leaving this white region. She had practically helped him withstand a large amount of the power from the strike just now, and she was in an incredibly weakened state at the moment. She needed to recover as quickly as possible.

The whiteness still filled the region even after she left. Within that white shade and the continuous rumbling sounds, Di Tian took a few steps backwards and coughed up a mouthful of blood.

His face was pale, and the crown on his head had already shattered. There were also a lot of tears on his robe, and there was even blood trickling down the corners of his mouth. He was a miserable sight.

During that instant just now, he had clearly felt the force resisting against him suddenly increasing explosively, and there was also another wave of power that fought with Su Ming against his divine ability.

But that was not all. During that instant, Di Tian also felt another wave of power coming down from the sky. It was equivalent to him fighting against three forces of power by himself!

Fortunately for him, the might behind his divine ability was incredibly shocking, which was why he had managed to retreat once it exploded upon crashed into the three forces of power, albeit with much difficulty. He had also paid a large price for it. The golden light on his body was no longer with him, because the jade had shattered into powder.

"Su Ming!"

Killing intent appeared in Di Tian's eyes. Once he took the couple steps back, he swung his arm, and immediately, the white around him swiftly darkened. Then, he charged forward.

He could sense that the person who had sent that power from the sky just now had left. He might not know who it was, but to Di Tian, killing Su Ming right then was the most important thing. That was why he chose not to bother about that person. Instead, he charged towards where he had managed to locate Destiny with his divine sense.

As the white world continued darkening and the area grew clearer, Di Tian found Su Ming, who was in the air thousands of feet away, with a single glance. He was still in the form of a teenager and had his eyes closed, unconscious, but he did not fall to the ground. Instead, there was a gigantic bone xun under his body. That xun was thirty something feet big, and melodious notes were traveling out from that instrument at that moment. The light of Relocation was also surrounding it. It was shining brighter and brighter with each passing moment. Clearly, it was about to Relocate very soon!

Once Relocation was activated, then Su Ming would once again disappear from Di Tian's sight, which meant that he would have made it through this disaster. In fact, Di Tian could already imagine that if Su Ming managed to leave like this, as if everything had been planned, then there was a high possibility that it would be incredibly difficult for the clone to find him, just like what happened a few days ago.

If Di Tian had not fought against Su Ming, he would not have been too bothered by this. He would still be able to find Su Ming sooner or later in the Berserkers' world.

Yet their fight just moments ago had let Di Tian see just how much Su Ming had improved. This sort of improvement gave him a feeling that if he had more time, it would be even more difficult than now if he wanted to suppress him again!

More importantly, he saw Destiny. This was a scene that caused Di Tian's heart to be in so much shock that he was nearly trembling. No matter what, he had not expected that Destiny would rise from his slumber early. This was not his plan. This had completely gone out of his expectations. When he remembered the great disaster that had fallen on the True Morning Dao World all those years ago, remembered that terrifying legend, and understood that all of those things that happened in the past… might perhaps repeat themselves not too far into the future and would do so because of him, how could he not be afraid of it?! How could he not be terrified?!

When he saw that Su Ming had sunken into a state of unconsciousness and lost all his abilities to fight but was just about to be sent away by some bone xun, a freezing glare immediately appeared in Di Tian's eyes. He swiftly took a step forward, thinking of preventing all of this from happening.

Before he came to find Su Ming this time, he had not expected that he would be so difficult to deal with and would manage to force him into such a pathetic state, as well as make him give up so many things.

'I can't let him have any more chances!'

Di Tian lifted his right hand and swung it towards the sky. With it, the empty sky, the sea beneath, and the entire space around them seemed to have frozen up. Under the rumbling sounds, the entire dimension was locked up, sealing away all power that could Relocate away from this place.

'I'd like to see how you can…'

A cold sneer appeared on Di Tian's lips. When his right foot landed on the air, his body disappeared, and in an instant, he appeared before the bone xun, on which lay Su Ming. Yet right at the moment his body appeared, the clone's pupils shrank, and a look of disbelief appeared on his face.

This expression was incredibly rare on him, and it appeared because despite the area being completely shut down, he saw that not only did the Relocation light did not diminish, the instant he arrived, a piercing light erupted forth from that xun. As it shone, Di Tian could only helplessly watch Su Ming's body turn semi-transparent, as he lay on top of that instrument!

"The power of Law!"

Shock was evident on Di Tian's face. He knew clearly that only the power of Law could execute any form of Relocation and leave this place despite him locking down this area. Only those whose level of cultivation had reached beyond Life Palace and who had understood the waves of movement contained with the laws of the world would be able to do such a thing!

Because… his real self could do it!

However, his real self could not come to this place. And the power contained within the clone's body could not do this. At the instant he found that he could just watch Su Ming's body disappear, Di Tian let out a furious roar!

He knew that he could not prevent this Relocation that surpassed his power. He even managed to tell from the fluctuations of the power that was taking Su Ming away that it did not belong to the land of the Berserkers. Instead, it felt as it had descended from another world, thus destroying his plans, causing this disaster towards Su Ming… to disappear, just like this.

But Di Tian could not accept it. As he roared, red appeared in his eyes, and almost at the instant Su Ming was about to leave with the bone xun, Di Tian's voice reverberated in the world.

His voice was like thunder, and even contained his will. As it spread out, it caused the sky in the Berserkers' world to tremble!

"With mine will, I shalt activate the Immortals' Vessel and have it descend upon Yin Death Void to execute Destiny's Heavenly Punishment!"

A gigantic vortex appeared in the empty sky. Its appearance caused the clouds further away to fall back at the same time, and anyone who lifted their heads to look at that moment would find that the sky looked as if it was going through a disastrous change!

Far above the sky was a layer of nebulous fog. It spanned endlessly, and Su Ming had moved through it before, in the past, when he was on the ancient bronze sword.

That layer of fog was right behind the vortex in the sky. In fact, the appearance of this vortex was due to the fog as well, and it was as if the sky in this entire region had turned invisible. Perhaps more accurately, the sky had moved away to reveal a huge hole.

Right behind the endless fog was a dazzling galaxy Su Ming had seen before as well! If anyone stood there and look towards Yin Death Region, they would be able to see the boundless vortex made of fog, and beyond it the nine cultivation planets.

Those nine cultivation planets surrounded the vortex as if they were defending it. At that moment, as Di Tian's voice reverberated in the air above the Dead Sea, it seemed to have triggered some sort of divine ability. Suddenly, a strong ray of light erupted forth from one of the cultivation planets. Its color was purple, and at that moment, it illuminated the entire galaxy for a brief instant.

An indescribably terrifying presence came from within the purple light, and that cultivation planet looked as if it had turned into a gigantic Enchanted Treasure to gather it up, causing the purple light to let out a loud bang that reverberated through the entire galaxy. It charged straight towards the vortex and crashed into it in an instant, making the rotation of the fog to freeze. The purple pillar of light actually managed to shoot right into the fog before it charged past it, with loud banging sounds!

This sort of might and terrifying presence caused many of the people on the cultivation planets and continents in this galaxy to be instantly shocked awake from their meditations. All of them turned to look at the spot where that presence came from.

The cultivation planets beyond Yin Death Region were clearly not just mere decorations. They were… the Immortals' priceless treasures, used to keep a lookout on Yin Death Region! They only had one duty, and that was to kill all those who left Yin Death Region!

However, if Su Ming had been awake and seen this scene, he would definitely be skeptical, because when he left on the ancient bronze sword… he had not seen these cultivation planets.

The purple pillar of light with the destructive presence shot through the vortex of fog at an incredible speed and descended from the sky above Di Tian and Su Ming's battlefield. That powerful light spread out endlessly. When viewed from the galaxy, it had not seemed too big, but as Di Tian looked at it at a close distance as it descended, he saw that its size was several thousands of lis big!

He clearly knew that only short-distance Relocation would allow a person to completely disappear. If it was a long-distance Relocation, then while the person might have seemed to disappear, in truth, the signs of his or her existence would still be around. Di Tian himself might be unable to notice Su Ming and destroy him… but once he placed everything on the line and activated the Immortals' Enchanted Vessel, all of this would change.

"Destiny, die!"

Di Tian let out a low roar, but his voice was drowned by the howls from the powerful light descending from the sky. With a bang, that purple light shot down and fell on the Dead Sea. All the water within thousands of lis was instantly turned to vapor.

All the living creatures in the sea also died at that instant!

The seawater dissipated, and the world that was a continent under the sea all turned into powder once the pillar of light descended. It was pierced through…

This was the power to destroy worlds!

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