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Chapter 588: Difficult!
The God of Berserkers' spike was entirely black. A chilling air spread out from its body, and a chilling drop of water was also forced out from within it. It exuded a wave of bitterness and madness that surged into the skies. That bitterness came from the second God of Berserkers, his unwillingness to die, and the madness came from the pain when he was torn apart.
That bone spike contained the second God of Berserkers' bitterness and madness, and its might was astonishing. At that moment, Su Ming drove that spike into Di Tian's chest while throwing all caution to the wind.
The spike pierced through the Emperor's robe on Di Tian's body, and plunging three inches into him, entered his flesh and blood!
During that instant, the God of Berserkers' bitterness and madness surged into Di Tian's body with a bang, causing him to shudder. At the same time a muffled groan escaped his lips, and his face turned pale.
This could not be seen with the naked eye, but with the divine sense, Su Ming could sense a shadow appearing next to Di Tian's body. The appearance of it was indistinct, but at that moment, it surrounded the clone's entire body. It had its arms wrapped around Di Tian, as if it had seized his soul and wanted to yank it straight out of his body.
That shadow was formed from the second God of Berserkers' bitterness. It did not have any will, but clearly had a hate towards Di Tian that was engraved straight into the core of its being. As it surrounded him, it let out roars that could only be heard by divine senses.
The God of Berserkers' spike melted swiftly, seeping rapidly into the wound on Di Tian's chest, but right when it was about to fully do so, a strong ray of golden light swiftly flashed from Di Tian's body.
Due to it, Su Ming saw a jade pendant hanging right above Di Tian's chest. That jade was entirely gold, and it was naturally the thing that was letting out that strong ray of golden light. It spread out, and a wave of power that caused Su Ming to tremble exploded abruptly.
Under the golden light, the melted God of Berserkers' spike tumbled backwards, forced out. The second's bitterness filled spirit that was wrapped around Di Tian was also forced back as that golden light spread out.
As it shone on Su Ming, a bang went off in his head. He involuntarily took a few steps back, then bit

down hard on the tip of his tongue and made himself immediately regain his senses. At the same time, he seized the air, and the spiked club manifested itself. He grabbed it, lifted, and then sent down crashing right down on Di Tian.
At that moment, his eyes were filled with red, and he looked incredibly pathetic, but there was a presence that screamed of an unwillingness to submit about him. When he lifted the spiked club, he sent it straight down on Di Tian with a sharp whistling sound that pierced the ears.
With a loud bang, the spiked club struck Di Tian… but it had been seized by the clone when he lifted his left hand!
Su Ming did not hesitate. Almost the moment Di Tian grabbed the spiked club, a low growl tumbled out of Su Ming's lips.
Su Ming endured the pain in his heart for having to do so and activated the divine sense he had left in the spiked club, causing it to explode with a loud bang, and the impact that was formed swept towards Di Tian.
Su Ming could not move forward as that impact swept towards his opponent. He was forced to take a few steps back. When he did so, Di Tian also sank into a disheveled state. He had endured the full impact of that spiked club's explosion, but even though the golden light was spreading through the area, none of it shone directly on him. At that moment, he was still standing in midair, but there was a deep gash on his chest, and it could be seen that his face was pale.
"You're asking for it!" Di Tian roared. With golden light shining all over him, he took a step towards Su Ming. At the instant his foot landed, Su Ming's heart let out a thump and almost collapsed. If he had not offered his entire body up as a sacrifice during the Bone Sacrifice Realm, that one step would have caused his heart to explode.
Yet even so, Su Ming still staggered. While he took a few steps backwards once again, Di Tian had already closed in on him. The clone did not cast any divine abilities, but instead lifted his right hand and went on to seize Su Ming's throat.
He was so quick that his hand closed in on him in an instant. But right when he was about to take hold of the neck, Su Ming's right hand swiftly shot up to fight against him. Due to that one

one block, Su Ming's right hand was grabbed by Di Tian and all his bones in that hand crushed. Then, Di Tian swung him into the air and tossed him towards the island underneath.
Su Ming's body was sent charging down like a shooting star, and he crashed onto the ground with a bang. The island started trembling violently, and its edges completely shattered, then were swallowed by the sea.
"Did you honestly think that I wouldn't kill you?!"
Di Tian cast a glance at his own chest. The sharp stab of pain was still there, and during that instant just now, Su Ming had actually managed to make the shadow of death loom over his head. If his real self had not given him a treasure to protect his body before he descended, even if he had not died from that God of Berserkers' spike, he would have definitely been gravely wounded.
Su Ming's level of cultivation might not pose much of a threat to him, but the attacks he executed and the items he had brought had caused Di Tian to be shocked.
The instant Su Ming's body touched the ground, he lifted his right hand and pushed it towards the ground. As a rumbling sound echoed in the air, blood trickled out of his mouth, and he resisted against the force of Di Tian's throw with much difficulty. His entire right hand was twisted out of shape, and a sharp pain shot through his entire being, making cold sweat break out on his forehead. As he dispersed the power of Di Tian's throw, he coughed up a huge mouthful of blood once again, and his face gained an even paler shade, making him look just like a dead person.
The great difference between their power caused it to be absolutely impossible for Su Ming to win against Di Tian's clone. As he retreated, Di Tian closed in on him once again with a dark expression. His eyes were cold, merciless.
However, there was no despair on Su Ming's face. Instead, an even greater fighting spirit surged up within him, and his eyes looked as if a ball of fire had kindled within them. Almost at the same moment Di Tian closed in, Su Ming lifted his right hand and swung it forward. With this move, the time around his right hand reversed, and it started reverting to its original state from the distorted mess it was at the moment.
He was not healing himself, merely forcing the dislocated and fractured parts of his bones back to

back to where they belonged with the power of Bone Sacrifice. That sort of pain was even stronger than the pain he suffered when he was injured.
"If you want my life, then you will have to pay a price you cannot endure!" While enduring the intense pain, Su Ming swung his lifted right hand at the sky.
"Sun Genesis!"
With that one swing, wind immediately started blowing among the clouds in the sky. As it howled, it filled the entire area before forming a gigantic whirlwind that charged straight towards Di Tian.
"Lunar Burial!"
Su Ming pushed his left hand down on the ground, and once it looked as if he had seized the ground, he yanked his hand upwards. With it, the second whirlwind stirred up out of nowhere and swept up everything around it, causing the seawater around the island to be pushed back and a violent gust of wind to come charging forward.
Right at the center between the whirlwind from the land and the whirlwind from the sky was Di Tian. As the two whirlwinds howled in the air, they swiftly crashed into each other.
At the instant they did so, Di Tian let out a cold harrumph.
"With my orders, I will make the sky not possess a second sun and the earth to not move in another direction, this is what it means to have no second sovereign! All dust and earth, all wind and clouds, all space and air, listen to my orders! Scatter!"
As Di Tian spoke, he formed a seal with his right hand and pointed forward. Immediately, a loud sound came from the sky.
That sound was deafening to the ears, and it sounded as if the sky was roaring, as if all lives in the world were howling, and there was only one word within this sound - "Scatter"!
That word sounded like the entire heaven's will, like an emperor's orders that would not allow anyone to question his will. It sounded like all the lives in the world roaring at the same time, and at the moment that sound appeared, the whirlwinds from the sky and earth crashed into each other, but before any form of sound could come from their crash, the two gusts of wind turned into nothingness and vanished right before Su Ming's eyes.
The island where Su Ming was standing also vanished, turning into emptiness. The entire sky also disappeared at that instant, as if it had ceased to exist.
Su Ming did not even have a chance to a chance to cast the third style of Wind Separation. When the first two styles turned into broken pieces and died away, Di Tian closed in on him from this emptiness, and a hand pressed down on the top of Su Ming's skull. A hoarse, stern voice reverberated in this completely empty world.
"All that has been changed will now be wiped away…"
Su Ming simply did not have a chance to resist. His body seemed to be frozen in midair, and even if he did possess more divine abilities, he could not resist. The hand had already pressed down on the top of his skull.
"All the mistakes in your path will now be rectified…"
With a loud bang, a massive amount of power surged into Su Ming's head, to seal up and sweep away everything, to go about bringing order to this so called chaos!
"All of your memories in this life will… scatter…"
The memories gradually became mixed up, as if this power was throwing everything into chaos. It left Su Ming's will in chaos, causing his mind to go blank once again, after layers of seals were placed on him.
"I will now grant you… hmm?!"
Before Di Tian could finish speaking, a cry of surprise suddenly came from him. The thing that caused this was nothing else but the scenes from the Candle Dragon's Undying and Imperishable World, which he saw while wiping away Su Ming's memories!
The Undying and Imperishable World, the resistance brought forth by his will, the desire to continue living, the roars that continued reminding him to never forget who he was, and the repeated 'I am Su Ming' carved millions of times onto the Candle Dragon's gigantic stone statue. This caused a great resistance to burst forth from Su Ming's body, as Di Tian continued trying to wipe his memories away.
This resistance was Su Ming's will, the unwillingness to submit and forget his own mind during those reincarnations and struggles, and was also… his roar of rage towards fate!
'I am Su Ming, no one can wipe away my memories! No one can make me sink into that blankness once again! No one can… snatch away everything that belongs to me!'
A loud bang went off in Su Ming's head, and during that instant, he regained consciousness. The world before his eyes shattered, and the empty sky turned into clouds, the disappeared island appeared under his feet once more, the sounds of the waves reverberated in his ears again, and everything except the whirlwinds returned to normal!

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