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Almost the moment Su Ming flew out of the island, the face of a ghost suddenly appeared on the surface of the Dead Sea. It was a corpse that was hidden under the surface of the sea. It had no head, and the ghost face had formed on its bare chest.

In the Dead Sea at the edge of Eastern Wastelands were more than a dozen of ghost-face corpses like this one. The ghost faces on their bodies shone with a dark light right then, and shrill howls that no one could hear started echoing in the air.

Immediately after, the clone that was sitting and meditating at the edge of Eastern Wastelands opened his eyes swiftly, and a cold chill flashed past his eyes.

A cold, callous smile appeared on his lips.

"You finally appeared, my son." He stood up slowly. But just as he was about to take a step forward into the sky, he suddenly frowned, and after a pensive moment of silence, he sat down again.

'Someone completely hid Destiny's presence away from me earlier, and I was unable to detect him. If it was done by someone, then this person's power is definitely nothing to be scoffed at. South Morning…' Di Tian's eyes shone and a cold sneer appeared on his lips.

At that moment, Su Ming was flying calmly in the sky. However, his sorrow was a presence in his soul that simply could not be hidden away. It surrounded his entire body, causing all others to be unable to get close to him, or else they would be lost in his world and have their whole being affected by his sadness.

'A great disaster… The only thing that can be considered a great disaster and is aimed solely at me in Yin Death Region is… Di Tian!' Su Ming's pupils shrank, but killing intent shone within them.

'Judging at the time, it is also about time Di Tian sent his clone down here. There's a high possibility that this great disaster comes from him.'

Killing intent shone in Su Ming's eyes, and a burning fighting spirit rose in his heart. To him, Di Tian might be a great disaster, but similarly, Su Ming harbored a resolve that he would absolutely kill him!

If Di Tian did not die, then it would be difficult for Su Ming to control his own actions. Having an enemy like this was a driving force for Su Ming himself. Only when he killed Di Tian's clone would he be able to control his own fate in the land of the Berserkers.

'The real Di Tian might be incredibly strong, but over the years, he only sent his clones to this place. Maybe it's because… he can't come here on his own!

'But this is just a guess. If who I fight this time is also his clone, then it means that my guess is correct! If it's really his clone, then I might have a chance against him!'

Su Ming dipped his head down and looked at his right index finger. Wrapped around it was a tiny part of the hair from the first God of Berserkers!

'I killed Di Tian's first clone all those years ago, and today… I will kill his second!

'I had been unable to tell just how powerful Di Tian was in the past, and neither had I been able to gauge Hong Luo's level of cultivation. I only knew that they had surpassed the Berserkers' Berserker Soul Realm.

'But now that I think about it, Hong Luo's level of cultivation is clearly equivalent to those who are walking down the path of Life Cultivation. By the looks of it, he didn't seem to know about the missing element in his Life, so he shouldn't have reached Life Privation!

'He had only arrived at the level of Life Matrix. Perhaps when he was at the pinnacle of his strength, he was stronger, but when he was me, he was indeed only at that level!

'As for Di Tian's clone, his level of cultivation had clearly surpassed the Life Matrix Realm, since he could kill Hong Luo, but he shouldn't have reached Life Palace just yet. Life Palace… to understand all the changes in the world, to know the regrets of the universe, to learn of the power of Law. If he had reached Life Palace, then he shouldn't have been injured when he killed Hong Luo!

'I'm certain that his clone was at the Life Privation Realm!

'Life Matrix, Life Privation, Life Palace, World of Life… These are the four great realms in Life Cultivation. Right now, from the understanding I've gained, I have managed to reach the borders of Life Matrix, but I haven't reached the Berserker Soul Realm in terms of my level of cultivation, that's why I only have the presence of Life Cultivation but can't truly step onto its path.

'But… it's not as if I have nothing to use when I fight against his clone!'

Su Ming flew incredibly quickly, and as he charged across the sea, his eyes sparkled with a pensive light.

'All of these are just my guesses. If Di Tian himself came here this time, then I won't be able to run away from this disaster, and if his clone this time is much stronger than the one he sent in the past, then this battle… is also pretty much sealed in his favor.

'Great disaster…' In silence, Su Ming went past the fuzzy borders of South Morning and arrived at the vast Dead Sea right outside them. As he continued rushing across the sea, a ruthless glare gradually appeared in his eyes.

He charged down towards the surface of the sea. Right before him was a small island. It was not big, but not incredibly small either. Judging by its area, it was about the same size as the island that belonged to his Fated Kin.

The island was the same as all the other islands Su Ming had met on the way - there was not a sign of life that could be found on it. It was empty, and not a single hint of green could be located. It looked just like a bump in the sea.

Su Ming charged down and landed on the island. With a glint in his eyes, he spread his divine sense and covered the entire island. Once he did so, he went to the center and sat down.

'Since the disaster is bound to come, then I might as well choose my own battlefield. I will wait here… for the disaster to arrive!'

A chilling glare shone brilliantly in Su Ming's eyes. He lifted his right hand and seized the air before pushing his palm flat against the ground. With it, the ground started shaking, and immediately after, a brilliant shade of red appeared at the spot where Su Ming's palm had met the ground.

Once the red meadow appeared, it started spreading outwards rapidly, and in the blink of an eye, it had already spread to an area of several hundreds of feet. Su Ming bit the tip of his tongue and coughed up a mouthful of blood that landed on the grass. Immediately, the red grass started sashaying around in a strange fashion and grew rapidly. In the blink of an eye, the meadow covered the entire island and even spread out to cover the surface of the sea.

This was the first time Su Ming had used his full strength to activate that red meadow by making it absorb a sufficient amount of blood and life. As it spread into the sea, that absorption of life reached its full capacity.

The entire island had turned completely red.

When Su Ming lifted his right hand, a black flagpole appeared on his palm. It had been a long time since he used this thing. This… was one of the treasures he had obtained from Han Mountain City, and it was one of the divine abilities that belonged to Han Mountain's ancestor.

Su Ming did not know the details, but he could still bring out some of its power, and could… make it explode!

This was the first counterattack he prepared for his enemy!

Su Ming placed the flag pole by the side, then patted his storage bag. Immediately, a large stone monument flew out - it was the legacy left behind by the first God of Berserkers.

No one among the Berserkers could obtain any sort of inheritance from it any longer, but its existence itself brought about a terrifying force that could frighten all the Immortals. If Di Tian truly came here, then the moment he saw this stone monument, he would definitely be surprised and horrified!

This was the second strike Su Ming prepared for Di Tian!

When he erected this stone monument on the island, a flicker of light flashed in his eyes. He lifted his right hand and slapped his storage bag, and immediately, a transparent mountain rock flew out. Within it was naturally the small black humanoid that had lost one of its fingers.

The creature had its eyes closed, as if it was sleeping.

"I have an offer, will you take it?" Su Ming looked at the small black humanoid and asked flatly.

The creature did not move, but after several breaths, its eyes flew open and it stared at Su Ming, with its eyes shining with a strange light.

"What offer?" Its voice was rather piercing to the ears.

"With your full strength, help me kill a person. It doesn't matter whether I live or die in the end, I will return you your freedom!"

The small black humanoid was silent for a moment before it suddenly spoke.

"Why should I believe you?"

"My seal is on your body. It depends entirely on you whether you want to take this offer. I will only offer this once, and I will never make it again!" Su Ming stated calmly.

The small black humanoid struggled for a moment, and a hint of madness appeared briefly in its eyes before it gave a nod.

Su Ming swiftly lifted his right hand and slapped the transparent mountain rock, and the seal on the mountain rock immediately vanished. Right then, Su Ming cast his divine sense on the small black humanoid, and after a swift scan, the creature flew out of the mountain rock.

The instant it was out, it lifted its head and let out a piercing roar towards the sky before it looked swiftly towards Su Ming, who remained as composed as ever while looking at the small black humanoid coldly.

The creature was silent for a moment, then wrapped its fist in its palm towards Su Ming.

"I'll trust in your words, and I don't want to be your enemy either. Our goals are both the same, we both want to leave this place!" After it spoke, it disappeared into the air with a single step, vanishing from Su Ming's eyes.

Even if Su Ming swept his divine sense through the area, had he not left his will in the creature acting as a seal, it would be difficult for him to find it.

This was the third gift Su Ming prepared for Di Tian.

"Di Tian…"

Su Ming lifted his right hand and flung his arm. Immediately, a piece of debris from one of Great Yu Dynasty's palaces appeared before him. He had obtained this item in the frozen world, and when he brought it out, he pressed his right hand on it, and the meadow around him instantly covered it up.

Su Ming's divine sense was connected to the debris. When he first fought against old Mo Luo on Scour Sieve Island, a thought had appeared in his head regarding the Art he used to bring out Great Yu's illusion. Afterwards, he had done some experiments and, keeping in mind that he had gone to the real Great Yu Dynasty before, if he cast this illusion, its might would definitely be great.

This was the fourth present he prepared.

Once Su Ming finished doing all these things, he fell into a brief period of pensive silence before he brought out the virescent sword. He looked at it, and a hint of reluctance appeared in his eyes, but it soon disappeared, to be replaced by a solemn expression. With his right hand holding the sword, he lifted his left hand and gently brushed his finger across the blade. As he did so, a strange glare appeared in his eyes and a string of complicated sounding words tumbled out of his mouth. He even had his Nascent Divinity dispersed to fuse into the sword slowly as he swept his finger across the blade.

The small virescent sword trembled and let out a piercing whistle. After a moment, a blinding glare came from its blade, and a tragic air of sadness spread out from within sword. That presence was filled with a reluctance to part with Su Ming, along with affection...

This was the fifth present Su Ming prepared for Di Tian.

With the special method he obtained from Hong Luo, he would offer up this sword and have the power of its soul erupt forth so that it could withstand his might when he flicked the blade!

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