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This was a part of their test. In fact, it could even be said that this was just the first step to their test. Even if this place had basked in incredible glory in the past, but now… it was just the uncultured and Barren land of the Berserkers, filled with a bunch of uncivilized people.

They could only become the crushed stepping stones of the Immortal prodigies in the process of their growth. The Immortals needed to crush these people under their feet so that they could build their own indestructible tower!

It did not matter whether it was the scattered Berserkers in this place or those who had gathered at the mountain on the surface of the sea, Beiling paid no attention to any of them. The only thing that was worthy of his attention was… whether this place was the spot where the second God of Berserkers’ left hand was sealed.

As the dozen something Dead Sea Giants spread out, the Berserkers who had left the ninth summit would come to face an incredible danger. Even if they managed to survive the attack, they would be unable to escape Beiling’s divine sense. In the end, they would end up getting killed after catching the slightest bit of his attention.

The nine Aquatic Dragons in the sky flew incredibly quickly, the Dead Sea Giants on the ground strode on the ground as they roared, the hundred thousand feet ship sliced through the sky, and as they charged forth, a vast expanse of sea appeared before them!

This sea was not the Dead Sea, but was formed after the ice melted, and right at the center of this sea… was the ninth summit!

The Aquatic Dragons moved through the clouds, and thunder roared in the sky as lightning crackled. The ground trembled under the feet of the Dead Sea Giants. Waves had even begun surging into the sky from the icy sea as they closed in.

A powerful, overbearing presence spread out from the ship in the sky, and wherever that presence went, the world would lose its color!

At that moment, most of the Berserkers on the ninth summit were seized by terror and anguish filled their hearts. They had just gone through the disaster within Heaven Gate and had finally settled themselves after much difficulty, but now… they had to go through yet another life threatening crisis!

They would occasionally cast their gazes towards that person sitting at the top of the mountain. Right then, this person was their only hope.

But Su Ming was immersed in gaining his epiphany and was completely unaware of the things happening outside. In his mind, the words ‘What is Life’ were echoing repeatedly.

Gradually, he seemed to have understood the meaning behind them slightly, but he still did not have a clear notion about it. When he tried to dig deeper into it, he would find that he seemed to have gained nothing.

As the overbearing presence from the world closed in on the ninth summit and as the seawater roared, the old man in white, the Lord of Heaven Gate, smiled bitterly and stood up. He was the person with the highest level of cultivation in this place, and when he looked at the ninth summit, he knew… that he had no way out.

This was, after all, a part of Freezing Sky Clan. If he left, then it would mean that he would truly lose his home.

"I won’t leave. Even if I die, I will die in Freezing Sky Clan. You lot… if you want to leave, then go…"

Bai Su stood up quietly and looked at the sea and the sky in the distance. She did not speak, but the hint of calmness in her eyes showed exactly what she was thinking in her heart.

The people who chose to stay in the ninth summit fell silent. None of them spoke.

A depressing atmosphere instantly fell on the mountain. Even Hu Zi was glaring at the sky with clenched fists. He was the least fitting person to leave this place. Not only was this place his home, the fact that Su Ming was meditating in this place meant that he would absolutely not allow anyone to harm him even the tiniest bit, unless they walked over his corpse.

Hu Zi clenched his fists. Without bothering with the people around him, he quickly walked towards Su Ming and stood before him. His sturdy body covered the sunlight from the clouds shining on Su Ming like a hill, turning into a dark shadow that enveloped him within.

It was right at that moment that the clouds in the sky started tumbling about intensely. The Aquatic Dragons were the first to arrive. They started circling in the sky above the ninth summit, revealing their huge heads as they roared towards the direction beneath them.

The roars from the Aquatic Dragon shook the sky and the earth, causing the surface of the sea to shake and even greater waves to rise into the sky. The Dead Sea Giants also arrived at that moment, and their harsh breathing along with their low roars shook the people’s hearts and souls.

"Is Freezing Sky Clan before us?!"

A cold voice traveled forth from the incoming ship behind the Dead Sea Giants. Beiling, who was standing at the bow of the ship, took a step into midair. In an instant, he stood in the sky and lowered his head to look at the people below coldly.

He did not see Su Ming, because Hu Zi’s body had already covered him completely. The third senior brother was glaring at the sky.

The Lord of Heaven Gate, the old man in white, swung his arm and rose into the air with an extremely solemn expression. As the Aquatic Dragons in the sky howled and the Dead Sea Giants from the sea roared, he looked at Beiling, who was standing several thousands of feet away, and lowered his straight back, bowing towards him with his fist wrapped in his palm.

"This is indeed Freezing Sky Clan. Sir, I wonder…"

Before he managed to finish speaking, Beiling’s cold and detached gaze gathered on him. The Immortals’ prodigy cut his words off.

"Leave this mountain and stand to the left. Once I’ve finished performing Soulseek on you and find that you are without any problems, I will not cause trouble for you." There was a tone to Beiling’s voice that did not allow refusal, and it sounded like if they did not agree to it, they would have to face death.

Once Beiling said everything, he lifted his right hand and positioned two of his fingers into the shape of a sword. Immediately, sword aura shot out from his fingertips. A sword glint appeared from his fingers, and it instantly grew to a piercing degree. At that moment, Beiling swung his right hand down on the sea in a slashing motion.

The instant he cut down, loud rumbling sounds came from the sea. A strong gust of wind charged forth and swept through all directions. The surface of the sea trembled, and a gigantic crack tore through the surface. That crack was a hundred something feet wide and thousands of feet long. It was as if a small part of the sea had been cut off, and the crack was so deep that they could even see the bottom of the sea!

All the people saw this scene, and a chill instantly emerged from the depths of their hearts. The might of that one slash was definitely not something a normal person could withstand!

"I will not repeat my words!" Beiling swept his gaze across the ninth summit, speaking slowly.

The entire ninth summit instantly fell silent. Several breaths later, three long arcs shot into the air, leaving the ninth summit to stand on Beiling’s left side.

Once someone took the lead, even if the remaining people felt humiliated, the courage to fight back would not rise within them when they were in the face of absolute power. All of them turned into long arcs and left the ninth summit to fly towards Beiling’s left. Incredibly complicated expressions could be seen on their faces as they stood in silence.

The Lord of Heaven Gate looked at the crowd leaving the ninth summit silently. At that moment, there were only three people left on the mountain. One of them was Su Ming, another was Hu Zi, who stood before Su Ming to hide him away, and the last one was Bai Su.

"The ninth summit is part of Freezing Sky Clan, and it is the only part remaining of Freezing Sky Clan now… I’m the Lord of Heaven Gate, and I will not allow you to perform a Soulseek as you please!"

The old man sucked in a deep breath and a brilliant light shone in his eyes. As he lifted his right hand, the power in his body instantly erupted forth to turn into a whirlwind that surrounded him.

He had his own dignity, and he had already been humiliated when Si Ma Xin planted his Berserker Thread in him. However, Si Ma Xin was still a member of Freezing Sky Clan, and because of that, he could endure the humiliation!

Yet now, this person before him was incredibly unfamiliar, and if he continued enduring through this, then he would have failed Freezing Sky Clan and his status as Lord of Heaven Gate!

‘If we were still the Freezing Sky Clan of the past… We would never have let others humiliate us so with the number of powerful warriors we had…’ The old man felt pain in his heart. He might value his life, but at the moment, compared to his dignity, his life… was nothing!

Almost the moment his power erupted, he lifted his right hand. Immediately, rumbling sounds echoed behind him, and a gigantic statue of the God of Berserkers appeared.

"You overestimate yourself."

As Beiling spoke flatly, the nine Aquatic Dragons in the sky roared and charged together towards the old man. Each of these creatures possessed the power equivalent to those who had reached the initial stage of the Berserker Soul Realm. Their bodies were also far stronger than that of a Berserker. As they rushed forth, they instantly surrounded the old man in white.

Loud rumbling sounds shook the sky. The old man was trapped among the Aquatic Dragons and it was incredibly difficult for him to be able to break free. He could only grit his teeth and execute his divine abilities to fight against the nine creatures!

Or more accurately, they were not just nine Aquatic Dragons… but ten!

At some unknown point of time, another one had appeared, swimming around the other nine while roaring. However, its eyes were moving around quickly, as if it was searching for a chance to leave.

Beiling did not pay any attention to this additional Aquatic Dragon. Instead, he took a step towards the ninth summit. His pride had caused him to be incredibly tyrannical and overbearing when he did things. Besides, if he wanted to make all the Berserkers here submit to him, he definitely had to do this.

"You will need to make the souls of this uncivilized race tremble and make even their bones shiver. This is the only way to make them submit to you."

Once they submitted to him, he still had to search through all of their memories and see if he could find any clues. After that, he would still have to think of a way to search for the second God of Berserkers’ left hand.

He was used to this sort of submissive display towards him. This might be the first time he came to the land of the Berserkers, but he had already experienced many battles and performed many subjugations as he traveled through the stars that belonged to the Immortals. He could already be said to be incredibly familiar with this sort of thing.

Chenxin looked at Beiling from the ship. In her memories, he was not like this in the past. In fact, he had only begun to be arrogant and cold over the past few years, losing every single shred of emotion within him.

She sighed inwardly, and when her gaze fell on the old man in white trapped by the Aquatic Dragons as rumbling sounds traveled through the air, she was momentarily taken aback. She took a few closer looks, then frowned.

She noticed that there were ten Aquatic Dragons, not nine.

Chenxin did not open her mouth to say anything, but instead chose to pay close attention to the ten creatures. A light of deduction appeared in her eyes, as if she was trying to find out which was the extra tenth dragon!

Beiling took a step forward and stood on the ninth summit, then his cold and detached gaze fell on Bai Su.

"I don’t kill women." When Beiling looked at her, his expression remained as aloof as ever, before he turned around to walk towards Hu Zi.

"There’s someone behind you. The fact that you’re protecting that person shows your loyalty. For being such a loyal person, I will grant you a dignified death."

When Beiling said that, his speed abruptly increased. In the blink of an eye, he had arrived before Hu Zi, and he lifted two of his fingers of his right hand. The sword aura that had cut apart the sea just moments ago emerged once again, and he cut towards the stoic man.

Hu Zi let out a low roar and clenched his right hand into a fist. Ripples immediately came from his body. As they fluctuated, they surrounded the entire area, turning into an existence that was akin to the surface of water. Then, he lifted his right hand and hurled his fist towards Beiling.

"Get lost!"

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