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"This is one of the three big islands in South Morning that was formed after Eastern Wastelands crashed into the continent." The man with the heartless and prideful eyes stood on the warship and lifted his right hand before swinging his arm forward. Immediately, a jade slip appeared in his hand.

That jade slip sparkled and projected an illusory map before the man and the woman.

On the map was an impressive projection of the complete Eastern Wastelands and the islands that were formed after South Morning was split apart, as well as the duo’s current location.

They could clearly see three words written on the island before them on the map.

Freezing Sky Clan.

"The three big islands in South Morning are the strongest forces among the Berserker remnants now. This should be where the Immortals from Great Leaf Immortal Sect descend, but from what our Sect Leader has deduced, Great Leaf Immortal Sect has suffered quite a lot of damage in the land of the Berserkers this time!

"Di Tian’s projection has died, and there is absolutely no news about the Sect Elder of Great Leaf Immortal Sect here, so he must have run into an accident… Big brother Beiling, you shouldn’t meet much resistance when we get there. This trip shouldn’t be hard." The woman looked at the protective screen of light not too far away and spoke softly.

"If we don’t meet much resistance, then it also means that this place might not be the spot where the second God of Berserkers’ left hand was sealed." The man called Beiling spoke slowly, as his gaze turned even more aloof.

"There is a third of a chance that the second God of Berserkers’ left hand is sealed in this place. We need luck for this. Besides, compared to the island where the Ocean Sky Sect descends in Sky Mist Dao, as well as South Morning’s third island, which is controlled by Hidden Dragon Sect, I believe that this place has the highest possibility for us to find that arm," the woman said softly ater pondering it for a moment.

Beiling let out a cold harrumph and did not speak, which was a sign of him agreeing to the woman’s words. He lifted his right hand and pointed towards the growing closer island where Freezing Sky Clan was located. Immediately, the Dead Sea roared. The hundreds of Dead Sea Giants before them opened their mouths wide and simultaneously let out low roars. As they did so, they swiftly emerged from a large area of the sea, and anyone who cast a glance towards the area would find hundreds of giants taking large strides and swiftly closing in on the screen of light around Freezing Sky Clan’s island.

The waves roared, and as the sea churned, it turned into a vortex with the island located right at the center. With a loud bang, the vortex started turning.

"Big brother Beiling, don’t worry. The person who went to search for the second God of Berserkers’ left hand in the Ocean Sea Sect’s island, which is where the Immortals descend in Sky Mist Dao [6], is Sikong [1]. He might have extraordinary power, but he’s arrogant and too prideful. He’ll definitely run into a lot of obstacles. It’s still uncertain whether he’ll be able to successfully occupy the place. This time, all of you prodigies will be ranked according to your achievements, and you, big brother Beiling, will definitely have a high rank." The woman looked at him, and there was a gentle look on her face.

"Sikong isn’t a problem, but the person who is going to Hidden Dragon Sect’s third island… is Chenchong 2]. He’s the one enemy I’m the most worried about this time!" Beiling stated calmly. The moment he mentioned Chenchong’s name, a hint of wariness appeared on his face.

"Sikong, Chenchong… and then there’s Eastern Wasteland’s Bisu [3] and… Justice Heaven Dao’s Ye Wang [4]." Beiling narrowed his eyes. When he uttered that last name, his face darkened.

"Ye Wang…" The woman also frowned. Clearly, that name had left a deep impression in her mind.

The woman hesitated for a moment before she spoke softly. "Ye Wang, the best among all the disciples of this generation… and acknowledged by all the Immortals’ Sects! The Five Immortals [7] offered him protection right from his birth and even opened up his Dao for him. He was fated to become an Immortal… It is said that when he was born, ten Immortal Spirits who had originally passed away were resurrected, and they were given to him by heaven to protect him."

Beiling remained silent and did not speak, but a will to fight burned in his eyes. He might be looking at the hundreds of Dead Sea Giants attacking the protective screen of light, but he was not too bothered by it. What truly caught his attention was the competition among all the prodigies from each of the Sects that had descended in the land of the Berserkers!

"I’ll leave the screen of light to you, junior sister Chenxin [5]." Beilin closed his eyes and sat down cross-legged at the bow of the warship. The woman beside him nodded gently and looked at him. This person had been in her heart ever since she was young. She was willing to give up everything for him.

However… Beiling’s cold and aloof attitude had caused her to feel dejected. Chenxin sighed in her heart, then lifted her hand. There was a jade bracelet on her wrist. It was letting out a gentle light at that moment, and it covered her entire body. One ray of light broke off to shoot through the Dead Sea. Once it connected with the protective screen of light, runic symbols used for deduction immediately appeared in her eyes.

Time trickled by. On the second day the warship and the hundreds of Dead Sea Giants appeared next to the protective screen of light, and hundreds of long arcs flew up from beyond the ninth summit. The people within them were those who had left the mountain. These people’s faces were panic-stricken as they charged into the air. They flew towards the ninth summit to bring the people there a shocking news.

There were enemies approaching the island, and they were trying to break their screen of light!

Hundreds of Dead Sea Giants, powerful Aquatic Dragons, and a hundred thousand feet long ship. These pieces of news caused all the people on the ninth summit to wake up from their meditation.

It was especially so for the Lord of Heaven Gate. The old man in white immediately issued a few orders with a grave face. A dozen something long arcs left the ninth summit, and when night arrived, they returned. Not too far away from Su Ming’s isolation grounds, Bai Su, Hu Zi, the Lord of Heaven Gate, and the other powerful warriors from the other tribes in the ninth summit silently looked at an illusionary picture before them.

Within that picture were the Dead Sea Giants, the Aquatic Dragons, the gigantic, terrifying ship, and also the black-haired man sitting on it.

They also saw the continuously fading protective screen of light, and also the petite figure standing beside the man with her arms wide open. She was clearly the cause for their protection screen waning.

"A person who can control the creatures in the Dead Sea… Who could she be…?"

"Could she be from Eastern Wastelands?"

"To hell with them! No matter who they are, if they dare touch the ninth summit, then I’ll let them have a few pieces of my mind!" Hu Zi gave the picture a few glares and roared.

The bald crane cast a disdainful, sideways glance towards him, and started wondering how it should run away if the entire ninth summit were not these people’s opponents.

"Miss Bai Su… do you know when Sir Su Ming will wake up?" The old man in white hesitated for a moment before he looked towards Bai Su.

She looked towards the spot where Su Ming sat, looked at him, then shook her head gently.

When she did so, a muffled rumble suddenly came from the distance and traveled to them swiftly. No one could tell precisely where that sound originated, because it came from all directions at the same time, as if it had rang into the air at the same time all around them.

That sound came incredibly suddenly, and almost the moment it reached their ears, they saw cracks appearing in the sky. They made it seem as if the sky itself was being torn apart, but if anyone took a closer look, they would find that the cracks had appeared on the invisible screen of light around them.

Due to the booming sounds and the cracks, the expression on the old man in white changed, and several people around him immediately stood up with incredibly grave expressions, as well.

Whistles and moans from a gust of wind resounded in the air at that moment. A stench that did not belong to the icy sea in this area but the Dead Sea traveled into the area along with that gust of wind as well!

The screen of light had shattered!

The strength of that screen of light had made even Su Ming frown, and it was able to withstand the Calamity of the Eastern Wastelands, but now… in just one day, it had crumbled. At that moment, all the people in the ninth summit who were awake felt their hearts tremble, and they gained a rough estimation of their enemies’ strength.

However, it swiftly turned into anguish.

When the protective screen of light shattered and disappeared, blood trickled out of the corners of Chenxin’s mouth, as she stood beyond the island. Her face turned pale, and she even had a dull and lifeless look about her. She took a few staggering steps backwards.

"Big brother Beiling, I can only intercept the protection here for three days. Three days later, it’ll appear again, that’s why… you have only that time."

Beiling had already stood up beside her. A bitingly cold air surrounded him, and there was a freezing look in his eyes. He did not look at Chenxin, but lifted his right hand and formed a seal, then pointed forward.

The hundreds of Dead Sea Giants immediately roared and rushed towards the island, right where Freezing Sky Clan was located. They strode towards the island with loud, booming steps. As the waves from the Dead Sea rose and fell, it submerged the edges of the island. Aquatic Dragons of tens of thousands of feet rose into the air, occasionally revealing their black bodies within the clouds in the sky. Their roars also reverberated in the air, spreading in all directions.

There were nine Aquatic Dragons who were charging towards Freezing Sky Clan, as they tumbled through the layers of clouds in the sky.

Beiling was standing at the bow of the ship, and the ship beneath him was tearing through the sea. At the instant it closed in on the island, it charged out of the sea and started rushing forward in midair!

At that moment, the entire area where Freezing Sky Clan’s island was located was covered by roars and a ruthless as well as a harsh aura!

"I’m the Immortal Beiling, and I have come to retrieve the second God of Berserkers’ left arm. All you Berserkers, kneel down and prostrate yourselves before me. You will be allowed to live if you accept being Soulsought, and if any of you resist… I will kill without exception!" His voice rang in the air like thunder, and as it traveled forth, all of those in the ninth summit could hear his words buzzing in their ears!

Almost at the same time Beiling spoke up, a great divine sense spread out abruptly from his body. That divine sense did not spread out in a large area, but once the ship beneath his body absorbed it, that divine sense spread out abruptly with the ship as its center.

Once the divine sense was transformed by the ship, it managed to spread out to an incredibly wide area. Almost in an instant, it covered the entire island.

Immediately, a picture appeared within the air above the ship and right before Beiling, and it was a shrunken map depicting the entire island where Freezing Sky Clan was located!

It did not matter whether it was the land itself or the icy sea right in the middle, everything was shown clearly on the picture.

There were a hundred something flashing spots within that illusionary map, and each of those flashing spots represented a Berserker, and on this map, the number of these white flashing spots was the most on the ninth summit!

There were also some who were scattered here and there. As Beiling lifted his right hand and swung forward, dozens of Dead Sea Giants underneath immediately spread out and charged forward, as if they knew exactly where the white flashing spots at the edges were located.

Beiling swept his gaze past the ninth summit on his map, and his expression remained as cold and detached as ever. There was even a hint of impatience on his face. To him, this place… was just a part of the uncultured and Barren land of the Berserkers.

Translator’s Notes:

1. Sikong : Hey, remember the guy who tried to kill Su Ming when he went to search for Bai Ling in her tribe? Isn’t his name Si Kong? This time, we have Sikong (思空) and Si Kong (司空). Sikong means thinking and emptiness, and Si Kong is Si (surname) + emptiness.

2. Chenchong : Gee, do you remember the charisma incarnate called Chen Chong (宸衝) from Wind Stream Tribe? Chenchong (陳衝) is his counterpart, and Chenchong means surname + vigor, while Chen Chong means house/mansion/star + vigor.

3. Bisu : The counterpart is Bi Su, the jerk from Black Mountain Tribe. Bisu (毕素) means surname/finish + white, and Bi Su (毕肅) means surname/finish + serious.

4. Ye Wang: His counterpart is Ye Wang, the genius from Sky Mist Tribe, tied with Su Ming during the stair climbing contest. And you know something? Their names are written exactly the same. I wonder what that means~ 葉望, for both Ye Wang from Wind Stream Tribe and Ye Wang from Justice Heaven Dao, means Leaf/Surname + watch

5. Chenxin: Her counterpart is the girl engaged to Bei Ling when they were all in Dark Mountain Tribe. Chenxin is (陳欣), meaning Surname + Joy, and Chen Xin (塵欣) is another surname + joy.

Wow, the amount of wordplay here, I wonder what that means OwO. Please remember that you are supposed to pronounce their names in the exact same manner. ALL THEIR NAMES, including Beiling/Bei Ling’s.

6. Sky Mist and Justice Heaven Dao: In this sense, it means this group of people uphold a certain brand of Dao, Sky Mist and Justice Heaven is just a name they call their own group. They are by no means Dao.

7. Five Immortals: Is a legend in Guangzhou. In the past, Guangzhou had a series of famine, and everything was barren. This shocked five Immortals from South Sea/South China Sea. These five Immortals rode five-colored goats and descended on Guangzhou to provide grain for the hardworking folk and blessed them.

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