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As Su Ming roared, all the veins on his body popped up, and his face twisted into a ferocious expression. Fine cracks appeared on his body, and once those cracks spread out and connected with each other, what would await Su Ming would be even more intense pain. Only when the power of his cultivation base within him exploded until it broke down would this pain stop.

Or else, he would have to control his power and cause it to calm down!

Su Ming’s eyes turned bloodshot. At that moment, he no longer had his power continue spreading outwards, but instead retrieved all of it back into his body, as if he had just tamed a wild horse that had run wild once he’d let go of its reigns.

He had already managed to let the potential in his body explode. At that moment, the vast power of his cultivation base made him feel incredibly powerful, but also brought over a wave of madness to rage within him.

Su Ming did not hesitate for long. Remaining seated, he closed his eyes. The Qi within him was incredibly chaotic. It would occasionally be violent, and at other times tame. The powerful will he had gathered and refined in the Candle Dragon’s Undying and Imperishable World played a critical role at this moment. His will contained a tenacious determination that would not be destroyed even after the endless amounts of reincarnations he went through, and this amount of danger he had to face, as well as the pain he had to suffer, was nothing, especially when he was doing this to obtain even greater power.

As time passed, the chaotic Qi within him started gradually becoming weaker. He did not know how much time had passed, but when there was no longer any hint of chaos within his body, he slowly opened his eyes.

Not a hint of a ripple from his cultivation base could be detected coming from within him. His skin was fair and his body slender. He looked just like an ordinary mortal, and not a single hint of any sort of cultivation base could be detected within him.

Only his eyes remained incredibly clear, and it looked as if the world was contained within their depths.

At that moment, even those who had reached great completion in the Berserker Soul Realm would not be able to detect any power from his cultivation base, unless, of course, they looked closely.

Because… at that moment, not only had Su Ming’s entire body gone through a transformation, he had also reached a state of balance. It was as if his life itself had gone through a metamorphosis, and once he reached perfection, he had managed to cover the traces of his power.

The powerful warriors within the Berserker Soul Realm were strong because of the change in their spines. Those who had reached the great completion in the Bone Sacrifice Realm could not control the fluctuations within their body. The unique state where only their entire spine had been turned into Berserker Bones over all the other bones in their body was like several drops of black ink suddenly appearing in clear water. It would be incredibly distinct, and everyone would be able to tell that there was something different about them with just one glance.

However, if this transparent water was already ink to begin with, then when the rest of the world looked over, they would not be able to discover too much of a difference due to this balance.

This sort of situation had never appeared since the first day the Berserkers were formed, and Su Ming was the only one who had managed to do so!

He opened his eyes. The black shade in his pupils would be incredibly clear to all those who looked into his eyes. He slowly stood up, and not a single trace of his power spread out from his body. He was just like a common mortal. As he looked at the Five Direction Seal above him, he lifted his right hand calmly and swung his arm towards the five-layered screen of light.

That one swing did not cause any sort of astonishing boom that shook the sky and earth, but the first layer of the screen of light started cracking, inch by inch, without a single sound. It shattered, and the seal behind it also shattered…

However, the Five Direction Seal was the treasure used to suppress the God of Berserkers’ left hand. It might have become one with the left arm over the millions of years and the sealing power within it had also become much weaker to the point that it no longer had the might it held all those years ago, it would still not be easy to break it.

The instant two layers of light shattered, the remaining three layers started shining, and Su Ming saw two other layers appearing right behind them, and because of that, the seal still had… five layers left!

Su Ming stood on his spot, looking as composed as ever. Not much change could be found in his expression due to the change in the Five Direction Seal. However, his eyes started sparkling, as if he was deep in thought.

After a moment, a glint appeared in his eyes. He lifted his right hand and pointed towards the five layered screen of light. At the moment he pointed over, the five layered screen of light shuddered with a bang. The first layer shattered, and so did the second, and the third… all five layers shattered at the same time at that instant, but the moment they shattered, another five layers manifested beyond the previous five.

It was as if there was no end to it, no bottom, as if it was an eternal seal.

‘I wonder what would happen if someone attacked the seal from outside…?’

A flicker of light shone in Su Ming’s eyes. When the five-layered screen of light expanded outwards, the area within also grew larger. By the looks of it, the seal would only continue expanding once it shattered and recovered.

Su Ming took a step forward. When he lifted his right hand, he pointed forward once more. Once he did so, he shot out like a long arc, and without a single pause, he pointed forward again.

After he did so several times, the five-layered screen of light continued shattering and reappearing. Every single time it reappeared, it would expand outwards a lot more. Because of that, after this process repeated itself several times, the screen of light located the furthest from Su Ming had already expanded to several tens of thousands of feet wide.

As Su Ming continued rising into the air, the screen of light in the outermost layer swelled up and started spreading towards the sea.

Su Ming did not stop; he pointed forward again.

The screen of light continued becoming bigger. As it continued breaking and reappearing, it looked as if it was a huge bubble of air underneath the seawater that was continuously expanding… and floating towards the surface of the sea!

After a moment, right before the eyes of all the people in the ninth summit, and amid their shocked gasps, there was loud rumbling sound that came from the surface of the sea in the distance. The seawater started churning even more furiously, and waves started rising endlessly as if the sea was boiling!

A golden ray of light appeared, and as that light spread out, a screen of light that looked like a bubble of air emerged.

The instant it came out, the dark sky was dyed in gold. A pressure that could intimidate the souls of all spread out through the world!

The golden screen of light caused the seawater to roar and fall backwards in all directions, as if it was avoiding it!

When the screen of light completely appeared on the surface of the sea like a huge bowl that was flipped over, uproars traveled forth from the ninth summit. All those who saw it trained their eyes upon it, with their hearts filled with shock.

The screen of light continued rising until it left the sea to appear in midair. Then, what appeared before all the onlookers’ eyes was a spherical screen of light!

The screen of light shone with golden light, and it had five layers to it!

The outermost layer was several hundred thousand feet big, and the people could see a person underneath it. The person was obscured, so no one was able to see him clearly.

The hundred thousand feet spherical screen of light in the air looked like a sun with its golden light under the dark sky. It shocked all those who saw it, and at the same time, an endless amount of reverence rose within their hearts.

"Use all your strength and strike this screen of light!"

While everyone was still standing in shock, Su Ming’s voice traveled out from the screen of light with a hum. It echoed in the world and spread in all directions.

"Su Ming… It’s Su Ming!"

Once all those from Heaven Gate seeking refuge in the ninth summit heard the voice, excitement immediately overcame them. To them, Su Ming was not an enemy but their benefactor who had allowed them to break free of Si Ma Xin’s control!

Even though he had killed many of their own in Heaven Gate, but the culprit for this was not Su Ming… but Si Ma Xin!

It was especially so for those who had gotten to know Su Ming a long time ago. When they saw this scene and heard his voice, a rather complicated expression appeared on their faces, and a great wave of emotions rose in their hearts.

Bai Su looked at Su Ming, and in her daze, tears fell from her eyes. However, even though there was joy contained within her tears, there was also a hint of complicated feelings as well. They were a sigh of regret when she remembered that one thing that had happened all those years ago.

Her father standing behind her looked at Su Ming within the five layered screen of light in the sky silently. Even up to this moment, he still could not link the person before him with the young man in the past.

"Execute all your attacks on this screen of light! I want to test its might!" Su Ming’s voice traveled once more from the screen of light.

After a period of silence, someone from the crowd immediately flew up and charged towards the screen of light. Soon after, more people flew up, and long arcs shot through the air. When they charged forward and closed in on the screen, booming sounds echoed in the air. All the people within the long arcs launched attacks with their full power at the five-layered light according to Su Ming’s wishes.

However, the screen of light only shook slightly and did not show any signs of crumbling.

"That’s enough!" Su Ming’s voice came again, and the people around him immediately withdrew with respectful expressions on their faces.

‘This thing might be a seal, but if I can utilize it properly, it can also turn into a treasure used for protection!’

Su Ming’s eyes sparkled and he lifted his right hand to press against his chest. A dark ray of light immediately flew out from his mouth, and as that dark ray of light shone, it turned into the Welcoming of Deities in Su Ming’s hand.

The pill was dark. Even though Su Ming had brought it out, his presence did not change. He no longer needed to use this Welcoming of Deities to obtain the God of Berserkers’ divine abilities; he had already obtained everything when he absorbed the God of Berserkers’ left hand.

Once he put away the Welcoming of Deities, he looked at the Five Direction Seal that had never disappeared around him with a calm look. Then, he spread out his divine sense and fused it into the black stone fragment hanging off his neck, which he had not used for a long time.

The stone fragment could deceive all existences, the mere Five Direction Seal was naturally nothing to it. This was one of the reasons why Su Ming had the courage to search for his serendipity while putting himself at risk within the Five Direction Seal.

Almost the moment Su Ming’s divine sense touched the black stone fragment, his presence changed abruptly. Gradually, the second God of Berserkers’ presence faded away from his body.

It was as if he had turned into another person. Su Ming walked towards the five-layered screen of light before him, and the instant he touched the inner layer, he walked out without experiencing a single obstacle in his way. When he walked out of the remaining layers and stood in midair, he turned around and looked towards the screen of light.

Once Su Ming left, it looked as if the seal could no longer find the source of what it was sealing, and the screen of light gradually shrank. Eventually, with a flash of golden light, it turned into a golden Five Direction Seal that was about the size of a palm!

That Seal floated in midair and plunged down towards the sea. However, with a swing of Su Ming’s arm, it changed direction and flew towards him. When Su Ming held it in his hand, he observed it carefully, and once he put it away, he turned his head around and cast his gaze at the ninth summit, as well as the people around him.

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