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"Su Ming, I will not be able to reconcile with myself if we do not end our grudge today! With my identity as a Berserker, I will burn my blood and revert my body… to that of the second God of Berserkers!" Si Ma Xin’s looming voice traveled out of the whirlpool in the sea. As the waves roared, his voice spread in all reactions, and Su Ming frowned.

The difficulty in killing Si Ma Xin was something he had rarely seen in his life. Even now, this person had not died, and this made Su Ming gain a deeper understanding towards that Great Art of Heartless Berserker Seed.

He suddenly came to understand why the Immortals deployed so many powerful warriors just to kill the second God of Berserkers, and even tore his body into pieces even though he only had half the first God of Berserkers’ power.

All of this must surely have been because the second God of Berserkers was even more difficult to deal with and kill compared to the current Si Ma Xin. No matter who it was, they would surely frown when they came face to face against this sort of enemy.

Su Ming had already mortally wounded Si Ma Xin numerous times, and if he looked at it based on the number of times the man had recovered, then Su Ming could say that he had killed Si Ma Xin a countless number of times… but even now, the man still remained alive.

The presence he exuded from the whirlpool in the sea was also slightly stronger than before!

As his voice echoed and the roars from the sea reverberated in the air, the second God of Berserkers’ left hand shuddered, and the spot where the bone blade had been pulled out from its palm started shining with a powerful light. Si Ma Xin’s body appeared within it!

He still looked as he did previously, as if his body had never been torn apart. However, he did look even more dried up than before. He was now really just skin and bones. His eyes were crimson red, and his face was was filled with murderousness.

He did not stand up, but had his hands pressed on the God of Berserkers’ palm instead. He lifted his head to glare at Su Ming. His body was vague and indistinct in the powerful light. At the instant he looked over, a strange voice tumbled out of his mouth.

"Hear my Chant for the breaking of souls within one incense stick - Let my blood be set ablaze!"

Si Ma Xin lifted his head and roared. Then, as if fire had been kindled within his body, a wave of heat abruptly spread through the area. At the same time, Si Ma Xin’s face started changing quickly. The God of Berserkers’ arm beneath him started withering away rapidly, as if it had been sucked away.

A roar filled with madness slowly traveled into midair. That roar did not belong to Si Ma Xin, neither did it belong to Su Ming. It appeared out of nowhere, as if it had originally existed in the world, but only a certain set of people could hear it during certain moments.

This was… the second God of Berserkers’ roar, filled with his grudge towards the Immortals, and his unwillingness to accept death!

The instant that roar filled the area, Si Ma Xin also lifted his head and roared. It practically fused together with the second God of Berserkers’ roar to turn into a frequency, causing the people who heard it to be unable to differentiate the voices.

A glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. When he narrowed his eyes, he took a step forward and appeared beside the God of Berserkers’ left hand in an instant. At the moment his bone blade drew an arc in the air, it swung down towards Si Ma Xin.

While he moved, Si Ma Xin’s body swiftly swelled up and his hair grew much longer. His flesh started squirming in his body, and he became much sturdier than before. As his body transformed, he grew to become thirty feet tall!

At that moment, he was no longer Si Ma Xin. He had instead changed into another person. A power filled with madness erupted from his body, and at the same time he stomped the God of Berserkers’ left arm with his right foot and flew up to throw a fist towards Su Ming’s incoming bone blade!

Perhaps it was no longer accurate to say that the punch belonged to Si Ma Xin, because his mind had become muddled at that point. Setting his own blood ablaze to forcefully receive the full inheritance and executing the power within the inheritance was not something he could control at the moment. The damage dealt to him as he forcefully executed that ability was something that he could only heal using his life!

The life spoken of was his own vitality. He had used his life as a sacrifice, used all the life force within his Berserker Seeds in exchange for this, and all of it was for the sake of killing Su Ming!

Si Ma Xin’s fist reached an extreme speed as he hurled it in a punch forward. In fact, his afterimage was still left on the God of Berserkers’ hand when his true body had already appeared before Su Ming.

Su Ming’s pupils shrank due to that punch. He just felt an indefinable pressure coming swiftly at him from the front.

His robes fluttered backwards and all his hair stood up on his body. A strong sense of danger swiftly rose within him. He did not have time to think. He lifted the bone blade in his hands and slashed down at the air before him.

A shocking boom surged into the sky at that instant. As it reverberated in the air, the entire area shook. Su Ming, however, only felt a huge rebound coming from the direction before him. It shot up the bone blade and traveled into his arm before going through his entire body.

As that rebound shot through him, Su Ming gained the feeling as if a hundred thousand mountains had fallen on him. He coughed out a huge mouthful of blood and staggered several thousands of feet backwards. A grave expression appeared on his face as he looked towards the spot where he was moment ago.

Si Ma Xin’s body materialized from the void. His entire right arm exploded in that instant, torn into a bloody mess, but it was strangely recovering at a swift pace. His face was emotionless, and his eyes were lifeless, but there was a powerful presence coming from his body.

This was the God of Berserkers’ Blazing Blood Art. It was a mysterious Art within his inheritance that could allow the caster’s combat powers to instantly escalate. This Art… was astonishingly similar to Su Ming’s Destiny!

When the second God of Berserkers cast this divine ability in the past, he managed to make all the Berserkers bow down and worship him, had managed to shock the Immortals with it, and had left a memory of the second God of Berserkers carved into the Immortals’ bones even after the first had left.

It was also the source for his death!

At that moment, Si Ma Xin’s lifeless and apathetic eyes looked towards Su Ming. Not a hint of emotion could be seen within him as he lifted his right foot and walked towards him. At the instant his foot landed, the world rumbled. Su Ming immediately vanished, continuing to retreat.

The moment he disappeared, the air in the spot where he was previously immediately shattered to turn into a gigantic black vortex. It swept in all directions, and Si Ma Xin walked out of the vortex to look towards Su Ming, who had appeared in the distance.

Su Ming’s expression had turned incredibly sour. The change of Si Ma Xin had increased his combat powers explosively. In Su Ming’s eyes, that punch he delivered just now could completely suppress a Berserker who had attained great completion in the Berserker Soul Realm by force.

If Su Ming could still turn into Destiny, then he would be able to fight against him, but he had just ended his transformation as Destiny, and he would not be able to turn again within such a short period of time. Because of that, fighting against this Si Ma Xin who had just received an increase in strength became a slight headache.

When Si Ma Xin looked towards him with the expressionless face which made him look as if he had no soul, then lifted his right foot to come closer, Su Ming’s pupils shrank. The entire area within this region had turned into chaos as the second God of Berserkers’ faint and indistinct roars rang in the air, giving voice to his unwillingness to accept his fate throughout the ages.

The seawater beneath them roared, and the ice above them continued shattering, as if it wanted to completely submerge this place in water. During this critical moment, a thought appeared in Su Ming’s heart. Right when Si Ma Xin’s foot landed and he closed in once again with a boom in the sky, Su Ming lifted his right hand swiftly and patted his storage bag. Immediately, a round medicinal pill appeared on his palm!

That pill was the Welcoming of Deities!

It could absorb all the soul fragments in the world. If anyone swallowed it, they would be able to turn into that soul itself. Its might could not be predicted, because it was largely connected to the soul the pill took in!

"Receive the spirits from all directions, absorb the remaining wills in all universes. If the souls are empty, then they all… can be taken." With two fingers pinching the Welcoming of Deities, Su Ming quickly mumbled under his breath, a strange light in his eyes.

The instant he said those words, a piercing dark light immediately erupted from the Welcoming of Deities in his hand. That dark light looked as if it came from a dark colored sun, causing the entire area to be illuminated by it in an instant. During that moment, the entire ice above them, the seawater below them, and the surging sea was completely illuminated in that dark light.

As it filled the area, Si Ma Xin’s body swiftly appeared hundreds of feet away from Su Ming, looking as if he had been forced out by the dark light.

Almost the moment his body appeared, the second God of Berserkers’ roar instantly reached an extreme volume within this this world of ice in the sea.


It reverberated in the air, and became clearer with each passing moment. In the span of a breath, the roars sounded as if they came from right next to Su Ming’s ears. As they echoed in the area, black shadow threads appeared out of thin air from all over the place. Instantly, they all rushed towards Su Ming’s Welcoming of Deities.

The God of Berserkers’ left hand standing erect in the whirlpool in the sea underneath shuddered violently. This was the first time it shook because of someone else other than Si Ma Xin!

Si Ma Xin had been able to receive the second God of Berserkers’ inheritance entirely because he practiced his cultivation methods and because of this arm. No one else would be able to obtain this sort of chance and serendipity. Even those before Si Ma Xin who had managed to find the arm were not able to receive the inheritance.

That was why it was impossible for Su Ming himself to receive this inheritance, especially since Si Ma Xin’s Brand had been left in the second God of Berserker’s left hand.

It would be impossible for him to try and receive the inheritance in this sort of situation even if he tried to use the black stone fragment and changed his presence to deceive it.

However, the appearance of the Welcoming of Deities had changed everything completely!

This pill could absorb all soul fragments in the world… and the second God of Berserkers’ soul was included among these fragmented souls!

If the second God of Berserkers’ soul did not exist to this day, then the legend of a certain set of people being able to sense his presence during certain periods of time would not have come to be, and clearly, the largest amount of the second God of Berserkers’ fragmented parts of the soul could be found on his arm.

If Su Ming activated the Welcoming of Deities in this place, then he would… definitely be absorbing the second God of Berserkers’ soul!

As the God of Berserkers’ left arm trembled, a large amount of black smoke immediately erupted from within, turning into an illusory fog that rushed towards Su Ming’s Welcoming of Deities.

In an instant, that fog fused into the pill, causing it to tremble violently, and its color changed abruptly. A primeval presence spread out from inside, and as if the pill had turned into a gigantic vortex, it started absorbing all the soul fragments within the place!

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