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Chapter 556: This Fan Belongs to Me Now!
It was difficult to describe the sky at that moment. Right then, it looked as if the sky had collapsed and was tumbling backwards like waves, but when the whirlwind that was hundreds of lis in size touched it, a power was formed that caused the sky to collapse and the whirlwind to disintegrate.
That power crumbled the sky and turned it into nothingness. It made the eighth and ninth layers in Heaven Gate shatter into dust…
"Earth Barrenness!’ Si Ma Xin roared, and he swung that fan in his hand at Su Ming once again.
This chain of events was completely out of his expectations. Not only was Su Ming’s will difficult to shatter, even the God of Berserkers’ Seven Steps had been unable to crush him. Now, even the Heaven Barrenness Art contained within this priceless treasured fan could not destroy him.
At that moment, as killing intent filled his heart, he executed the Earth Barrenness Art contained within his fan! This was the strongest Art he could muster with this item. The Man Barrenness Art was still out of his reach with his current level of cultivation. If he tried to cast it forcefully, then before he managed to kill anyone, Si Ma Xin himself would be heavily wounded by the rebound.
When he swung the fan, the originally shattered earth on the ground started trembling and rushed towards Su Ming, who was standing in midair.
There was an endless amount of earth on the ground. As it closed in on him, a presence that screamed of destroying everything exploded into the air. That presence also seemed to contain a violent gust of wind, charging towards the whirlwind around Su Ming’s body that was shrinking as the sky shattered.
Sun Genesis and Lunar Burial could allow Su Ming to fight against this Heaven Barrenness, although with much difficulty on his part. However, before that Heaven Barrenness completely disappeared, he now had to fight against that even stronger Earth Barrenness Art.
The limitless earth surging upwards from all around the area surrounded Su Ming with a loud howl. By the looks of it, it seemed to want to gather together with him as its center and turn him into a part of itself!
The Earth Barrenness Art activated the power of the earth. The heavy and thick sensation brought by that power and the wind from the earth the land stirred up was something Su Ming could not hope to control.
His whirlwinds were about to disappear. As he watched the endless amount

of earth surrounding him and the wind he was unable to control covering the entire area around him, he fell silent and closed his eyes.
Right then, the words the Wind Berserker had told Su Ming when he first received the three styles to Wind Separation appeared in his head.
"Wind exists in every single part of this world… If you can make a certain part in the world be void of wind due to your existence in that place, then... you will have come to truly understand the third style… Wind Separation!"
Su Ming’s eyes flew open. When he did so, the earth right before him had already covered the entire area around him. It was now less than a hundred feet away from his body.
"Wind Separation… I did not know how to make wind leave a certain place previously, but thanks to He Feng, I understand now… I need to fuse my will into the wind, and it’s not a simple fusion, neither am I supposed to be one with the wind. Instead, I have to… rule over it!" Su Ming mumbled to himself.
In this time of crisis, understanding suddenly dawned on him. A smile appeared on his lips. At the moment, there was only fifty feet between him and the earth around him. Su Ming stretched his arms wide open.
"Wind Separation does not mean having wind leave me, but I… will be the one leaving wind behind. It does not mean that I do not exist where there is wind, but where I exist, there will be no wind," Su Ming mumbled. By then, there was less than twenty feet between him and the onrushing earth. In an instant, the earth closed those twenty feet and buried him underneath
Su Ming stood at his spot, unmoving, simply allowing the earth to bury him. Once it covered his entire body, more layers of earth came upon him, causing the area around him to look like a tall mountain from the world beyond!
That mountain shot up straight into the black sky, turning into the one and only mountain in this broken world!
Si Ma Xin looked at it, but not a hint of joy could be seen on his face. Instead, his pupils shrank to reveal surprise, and at the same time, he started retreating rapidly.
Right when he started withdrawing, a crack suddenly tore through that one and only mountain in the world. As the earth fell apart, Su Ming walked out leisurely from the crack.
Wherever he went, not a single trace of wind could be found.

found. It did not matter whether it was the wind formed by the earth or the breeze that rose because of Si Ma Xin’s fan, all of them vanished without a trace around him.
Due to the absence of wind, the earth in the mountain could not gather and merge together. When Su Ming took a step out of the mountain, Si Ma Xin having already started moving back, he disappeared abruptly. When he reappeared, he was already standing beside his opponent. Almost the instant he did so, Si Ma Xin came to an abrupt halt in his retreat.
It was not that he did not wish to continue withdrawing, but his breathing had stilled. At that moment, there was no longer any wind around him, and during that time, he felt as if he no longer had any strength in his body. He fell head first, as if he had just lost his balance.
Su Ming’s fist closed in on Si Ma Xin at the speed of lightning. It rammed straight at his chest, and when that punch struck him, Si Ma Xin coughed up blood. His chest collapsed, and as he fell back, Su Ming caught up to him with just one step, seizing his right hand and snatching the fan that had actually managed to shock him.
"This fan belongs to me now!" Su Ming stated coldly, then quickly put away the fan, and hurled another punch at Si Ma Xin’s body.
That punch struck through the man’s chest, leaving behind a huge hole. Anger burned in his eyes and he glared at Su Ming, but he did not die!
Blood trickled out of Si Ma Xin’s lips and his body started recovering rapidly at a bizarre pace. It was as if there was a limitless life force contained within his body. Perhaps more accurately speaking, there were an endless amount of Berserker Seeds within him due to his divine ability. Each time he was gravely injured, a Berserker Seed would offer up his or her life so that he could recover.
This was what made the Great Art of Berserker Seed so strange. It was also the reason behind why the Immortals decided to tear off the second God of Berserkers’ limbs and head!
In silence, Su Ming continued pressing in on Si Ma Xin. With a punch, he caused the man’s head to explode, but it immediately grew back!
With another punch, his body broke down, but he recovered again!
Si Ma Xin was feeling incredibly anxious at that moment. Due to the absence of wind because

wind because of Su Ming sticking beside him, he could only passively let those blows strike his body, could only watch as his fan was taken away. It would have been fine if it just lasted for a short while, but his Berserker Seeds were not limitless. He was not truly… invincible.
When he saw that Su Ming’s fist was about to land on him again, Si Ma Xin’s eyes turned bloodshot. He bit the tip of his tongue and tried to cough up blood, but that blood refused to gush out of his mouth. Instead, it started flowing back into his throat.
During that time, Su Ming’s fist made its way through his body once again. Once Si Ma Xin’s body was torn to pieces, his flesh gathered together once again, and Su Ming’s punch closed in on him again.
Si Ma Xin glared furiously at his opponent. He could not accept this. He still had a large amount of divine abilities he still had to use. He still had treasures he had not managed to bring out, but due to one single time he went on passive, Su Ming had managed to repeatedly strike him. Si Ma Xin did not even have a single moment where he could counterattack. He needed time, even if it was just the span of a few breaths. He would be able to leave Su Ming’s strange windless world by then.
Si Ma Xin screamed in his heart. When Su Ming’s fist came charging towards him once again, his body broke down and recovered, but at that moment another punch came towards him again.
When Si Ma Xin saw Su Ming’s fist rushing towards him again, his eyes filled with red. At the instant he was struck, without sparing even a second thought, he absorbed a large amount of life force from his Berserker Seeds in a fit of madness, and with the price of many of them dying, he self-destructed!
The power of that explosion would be so great that it would shake the sky and earth. It would turn into a destructive power that would make it so that if Su Ming continued punching forward, he would have to come face to face with the powerful impact caused by the self-destruction.
That impact could injure Su Ming and also force him to lose his hard earned chance. As for Si Ma Xin, due to his strange divine ability, he would recover. Even though he would have sacrificed many Berserker Seeds, with this chance, he could then continue executing even more divine even more divine abilities.
His hate towards Su Ming burned even stronger at that moment. He was certain that he would choose to retreat. This… was his only choice!
A ferocious smile appeared on Si Ma Xin’s lips, but right when his body exploded, it froze and his eyes went wide.
He had no idea what was happening, but right before his eyes, Su Ming turned into a teenager. Half his hair was white, and the other purple. At that moment, a shocking presence along with an intimidating air spread out from Su Ming’s body!
During that critical moment, Su Ming had chosen to turn into Destiny!
Si Ma Xin suddenly remembered the torn pieces of flesh from the corpses gathering together to turn into the people once again when he had persecuted Su Ming. That scene had shocked him when he saw it.
At the instant his heart let out a loud thump, Su Ming finished turning into Destiny. He lifted his right hand and swung it at him, and with it, time immediately started reversing around Si Ma Xin’s body!
The chaotic power within him that was on the verge of collapsing became stable once again as time reversed for his exploding body. The ferocious smile on his face faded away right after it froze, returning to how he looked previously.
He paid a huge price for this, and the chance he obtained after sacrificing a large amount of his Berserker Seeds was cut off with one swing of Su Ming’s arm just like that. At the same time, Su Ming’s punch struck his body. At the moment it disintegrated, Su Ming swung his arm again. Time flowed back, and Si Ma Xin sank into an endless cycle of repetition.
This was a discovery made by chance, but once Su Ming’s windless world fused with Destiny, he immediately noticed that he had just obtained stronger power.
Despair rose in Si Ma Xin’s heart. He screamed madly in his heart. He could not accept this! He could not!
He could feel a large amount of his Berserker Seeds dying away, and before long, he would no longer have any available for him to absorb. At that time, only death would await him.
But Si Ma Xin was definitely not an ordinary person. As he was caught in this hopeless situation and forced into the endless repetition, one piece of his bone shattered before he was hit.
The instant that happened, a scene that made Su Ming’s fist freeze appeared in the sky!

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