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Rumbling sounds echoed through the world. At that moment, there were still nearly ten thousand Si Ma Xins around Su Ming, but they did not continue charging forward. Instead, as they continued retreating, their bodies disappeared and turned into red threads that were quite similar to the red threads that had appeared on the people Su Ming had killed. They started gathering at a rapid speed at a spot ten thousand feet away.

"As expected of the arch nemesis I have waited for twenty years… You have the right for me to reveal my true body!"

When Si Ma Xin’s voice rang out, the figure that was formed by the endless amount of threads twisted to reveal a white-robed Si Ma Xin who had the mark of three fingers at the center of his brows!

He stood ten thousand feet away from Su Ming, and a muddled wave of power came from his body.

His power felt muddled because Su Ming had noticed an endless amount of ripples signaling different kinds of cultivation levels. They were largely varied, but there were three waves that were as distinct as the sun itself.

The first belonged to the great completion in the Awakening Realm!

The second belonged to the pinnacle of the later stage of the Berserker Soul Realm!

The third was the one that made Su Ming’s pupils shrink, because it contained… a hint of a power so strong that even he could not determine just how great it was!

"My life is endless, my power is boundless, my body exists everywhere, because the cultivation method I practice is the second God of Berserkers’ divine ability - the Great Art of Heartless Berserker Seed!

"An endless amount of people are training for me, and there is a limitless amount of people who will offer their lives to me. You… What right do you have to compete against me?!" The white-robed Si Ma Xin’s voice was as soft and dark as ever, but the arrogance on his face could be seen clearly.

"I am the second God of Berserkers’ scion. I am the fourth God of Berserkers, what right do you have to fight against me?!" As Si Ma Xin spoke, he took a step forward, and the entire sky trembled violently.

A gigantic footprint emerged in the sky with loud rumbling sounds, and it was several tens of thousands of feet big. It was as if a huge foot was stretching out in the sky and stepping down on Su Ming!

"All the Berserkers must tremble before the second God of Berserkers’ legacy and under my divine ability as the fourth God of Berserkers. I’d like to see just how many steps you will be able to withstand from the God of Berserkers Art: Seven Steps to Heaven!" As Si Ma Xin spoke with that dark and soft voice of his along with the arrogant expression on his face, his foot landed, and the world rumbled.

The huge footprint looked as if it had gained physical form and shot out from the clouds to stretch into the air, covering a circular area of several tens of thousands of feet against Su Ming. It came down, rumbling in the air, and a large amount of space around Su Ming started breaking down. A destructive power surrounded the area.

Su Ming lifted his head swiftly and looked at the foot coming down from the sky. A glint appeared in his eyes when he sensed Si Ma Xin’s great confidence. He was sure that the source of that confidence came from the serendipity he had received from Freezing Sky Cave.

Moreover, it looked like this serendipity was the second God of Berserkers’ inheritance!

"The legacy of the God of Berserkers ends at the third. Even if you received the second’s inheritance, it is just an inheritance."

The instant the God of Berserkers’ gigantic foot formed by the first step sank down with a loud rumble, Su Ming lifted his right hand. Dark light shone in his hand, and the spiked club manifested on his palm. The instant he wrapped his fingers around it, the weapon swelled up endlessly. Su Ming lifted it up and swung it against the footprint sinking down towards him!

"No matter how strong the inheritance may be, it is still a path left behind by our ancestor. No matter how much you receive, it is merely similar to the second’s… And the second had only received half of the first’s inheritance…"

Su Ming smiled faintly. The other’s arrogance could not be seen on his face, but the arrogance of his words was much greater than the arrogance Si Ma Xin showed on his face!

Su Ming’s arrogance came from within his heart. It lay within his experiences and came from the desire to walk down a path that belonged only to him. It was born from the heart that refused to be controlled by any form of inheritance but instead desired to become a powerful warrior that could control these inheritances!

Si Ma Xin’s arrogance was external. It lay within his serendipity and his thirst towards the second’s power. He would not seek to control the inheritance, but would instead accept it passively! His was a heart that desired to be acknowledged by the inheritance!

These two types of arrogance were completely different!

Shocking, booming sounds reverberated in the air, and as Su Ming’s voice traveled forth, his words landed in Si Ma Xin’s ears.

Su Ming’s spiked club came into contact with the God of Berserkers’ first step. As booming sounds continued in the air, his body sank down and he was sent several hundreds of feet by that powerful rebound, but his eyes remained firm!

As the booms went on, the God of Berserkers’ first footprint shattered, inch by inch and exploded.

"Nonsense. If I can receive the second’s inheritance, then it means that this is what I should have in my life. I’m destined to be the fourth God of Berserkers, and I’m fated to lead the Berserkers to unite the world!

"You are just a mere warrior among the Berserkers. How could you talk about inheritances?! Your crime is punishable by death!"

Si Ma Xin’s pupils shrank, and with a cold sneer, he took five steps forward. Once he took those five steps, the world moved as if the ground was shaking and the sky was collapsing. Five gigantic footprints sank down from the sky, and each of those footprints was larger than the last, and all of them charged towards Su Ming.

At that moment, Si Ma Xin took another step forward and completed the final step for his God of Berserkers’ Seven Steps!

That one step immediately caused the world to turn pitch black. A foot that covered a large half of the sky sank down, and that scene looked as if the sky itself was sinking towards the ground.

"I’d like to see just how you will hope to fight against me under the fourth God of Berserkers’ Seven Steps!" Si Ma Xin’s voice rumbled in the air.

Su Ming’s face was calm. The spiked club in his right hand, he swung it toward the sky once more. The club instantly grew to become several thousands of feet long, turning into a shocking sight to behold. Golden light shone from Su Ming’s body, and he lifted the spiked club to ram it against the five footprints descending from the sky.

Booming sounds immediately started reverberating madly in the air. The instant the spiked club touched the five feet, they started shattering one by one, but the weapon was also sent tumbling back as it trembled. However, when the spiked club was lifted up, Su Ming’s body shot through the five collapsing feet and appeared in the sky, right next to the seventh footprint that covered most of the sky and was causing the sky to look as if it was collapsing.

The instant Su Ming closed in, he clenched his right hand into a fist and let out a low growl towards the sky. Golden light flowed out of his body like a stream and gathered on his right hand. At that moment, an illusory shadow appeared behind Su Ming.

That shadow did not belong to his Nascent Divinity, but in its indistinct form, it looked somewhat similar to the third God of Berserkers! That shadow also lifted his right hand and clenched his fist. Then, with Su Ming, he hurled his fist straight towards the foot in the sky.

Loud rumbling sounds turned into a wave of impact that caused the ground to collapse and the sky to be torn apart. The foot that had covered half of the sky trembled and was torn to pieces.

Su Ming was forced back. Blood trickled down the corners of his lips, but the firm resolution in his eyes only grew stronger, and the freezing glare within them turned colder.

The instant Si Ma Xin took that seventh step, his face turned pale, and he coughed up a mouthful of blood. He was forced back several hundreds of feet backwards before he could finally regain his footing, and he glared at Su Ming.

A large amount of cracks appeared when the sky was torn apart. Quite a number of spots shattered to reveal the murky darkness outside. No one had any idea where that darkness led to, but as the boundaries holding it away shattered, the aura of death spreading out of Su Ming’s body grew thicker. Clearly, this place was incredibly close to Bright Yang Emptiness.

The earth crumbled and shattered into pieces, revealing the gap that led to the seventh layer.

Loud booming sounds echoed in the world. Clearly, it was unable to withstand this extreme fight between Su Ming and Si Ma Xin and was beginning to show signs of being destroyed. Once this place was ruined, then in the future, Heaven Gate would no longer possess the eighth or the ninth layer!

Si Ma Xin’s eyes sparkled and killing intent shone in his eyes. He originally wanted to destroy Su Ming’s will, that was why he had made him suffer through all those trials, but he had been unable to weaken his will even in the slightest. Yet on the other hand, Si Ma Xin’s own will was showing signs of weakening, especially from Su Ming’s words regarding the inheritance. It had even shaken his heart.

However, this was not the time for him to think too much. Si Ma Xin took a few steps back, then lifted his right hand to seize at the air. Immediately, a gigantic fan appeared in his palm. The fan looked as if it was formed by an endless amount of feathers, and light could be seen spilling out from it. It was clear at first sight that this was not an ordinary item!

"With the God of Berserkers’ treasured fan, I execute one of the three Barren Arts of Heaven, Earth, and Man - Heaven Barrenness!" While his soft voice traveled forth, he held the fan in his hand and swung it swiftly in Su Ming’s direction.

A loud, deafening sound left the broken sky once he swung that fan. Right before their eyes, the sky started shattering inch by inch, and the entirety of it turned pitch black. It was as if the boundary in the sky had been sent rolling backwards, and the fan had lifted the sky with its swing. The shattered fragments were fused with the power in the sky, and as the fan moved, they were lifted up and flung towards Su Ming.

A strong sense of danger rose swiftly in Su Ming’s heart. The fan had actually managed to destroy the sky and caused the fragments to turn into a power that could tear apart everything. The strength of that power gave Su Ming a strong hunch that even if he had an eight tenths of all his bones in his body turned into Berserker Bones, it would still be hard for him to withstand this!

He could not dodge it, neither could he hide from it. The only thing he could do was fight it!

He would be able to fight against it if he turned into Destiny, but Si Ma Xin clearly had a lot of trump cards left, and if Su Ming turned into Destiny at that moment, then he would definitely be unable to kill Si Ma Xin within the time limit. Then, there would be no meaning to this battle!

Light flickered in Su Ming’s eyes. The instant the sky roared and shattered into pieces, he lifted his right hand and seized the air in the direction of the incoming sky. With that, a tempest was abruptly formed around Su Ming. The strength of that tempest instantly connected the sky and earth, turning into a whirlwind that would cause terror to rise within others!

"Sun Genesis!"

Thee instant those two words were spoken, the whirlwind started sweeping outwards with loud rumbling, crashing into the incoming Heaven Barrenness Art with a bang.

The sight was incredibly startling from the distance. It was a sight of the sky rolling backwards, of a whirlwind rising into the sky, of a crash between the sky and the wind, of a clash between the fan and the Wind Berserker Art.

"Lunar Burial!"

In that whirlwind, Su Ming lifted one hand high above his head and the other stretched down below. Immediately, two whirlwinds appeared beyond his whirlwind. The newly appeared wind started spinning. A freezing chill filled the air, along with a wave of heat. As these two different temperatures intersected with each other, a circular area of hundreds of lis around Su Ming turned into the world that belonged to the wind. This was the method he had decided to use to fight against the incoming sky!

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