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Almost the moment Su Ming stepped into the Rune, he spread his divine sense outward and saw everything else within Heaven Gate. He also managed to sense several powerful waves of ripples within this place.

He could not hide the aura of death coming from his body. It rose into the sky to turn into black fog. That black fog looked ferocious, as if it was an evil spirit that was moving to devour everything around it. Some fine wrinkles gradually appeared on Su Ming's originally youthful face, making him seem to have turned into a middle-aged man.

The nine people who were meditating while sitting on the nine stone pillars around him opened their eyes at the same time, and shock appeared on their faces. In an instant, their gazes fell on Su Ming, who stood at the center of the Rune.

The moment they saw him, all of them stood up.

"Who are you?! You are only asking for death if you trespass into Heaven Gate!"

Su Ming lifted his head. The moment he met the gazes of those nine people, three of them took a step forward and charged towards him. Before they even came close, divine abilities appeared in the air, and as all sorts of lights in various colors filled the space around Su Ming, they closed in on him in the blink of an eye.

Su Ming remained calm, but the killing intent in his eyes was as strong as ever. He took a step forward and instantly arrived before one of the three men. The moment he walked past that person, he had already tapped the center of his brows with his finger.

He moved too fast, so fast that before the people around him managed to see what was happening, the man who was tapped between his brows started shivering and his head exploded with a bang. With a warp, Su Ming rose to midair. Behind him was black fog, and above him was even more black fog, roaring as it spread outwards.

His appearance was akin to an apocalyptic storm raging in a serene world!

"I, the ninth summit's disciple, Su Ming, am here to ask all of you in Heaven Gate one question. Do you… know about the ninth summit's principles for blood?" he asked calmly, but his words sounded like thunder roaring, and his voice rumbled in the air within Heaven Gate.

That booming voice was deafening to the ears, and it even turned into an endless wave of echoes that spread to the entire area.

"You stole my Master's items, tortured my senior brother, and threatened the ninth summit's existence. Today, I, the ninth summit's disciple, Su Ming, will take my Master's place, and on behalf of my eldest senior brother and my second senior brother, I will make Heaven Gate pay!"

That last word exploded in the air, and during that instant, the eight people on the ground rushed out with gritted teeth, but the moment they charged forth, Su Ming lifted his right hand and seized in the direction downwards.

The ground trembled.

The eight people were all Berserkers in the Bone Sacrifice Realm. At that moment, their bodies stopped as if they had frozen up, and the Berserker Bones in their bones exploded with a bang at the same time, as if they could no longer bear with the pressure. Su Ming then clenched his fist, and as the bodies of the eight people broke down, wisps of white smoke seeped out of them, and Su Ming caught them in his hand.

The white ball of threads he held in his hand was the fusion of these eight people's life force and their cultivation base, but Su Ming did not know a way to absorb this strength. If he took it in forcefully, his body would start showing signs of instability.

That was why he would never absorb these white threads when killing in the past.

When he held this ball of life force, a glint appeared in his eyes, and at that moment, the whole Heaven Gate was shaken due to the change in the sky, the reverberating booms, and also Su Ming's words.

Long arcs shot up into the sky and charged towards him from all directions. These long arcs were all people from Heaven Gate. There were also people flying out from the nine floating palaces in the sky. Their numbers were dense, and at that moment, piercing howls shook the sky and earth as long arcs sliced through the air in this small world that belonged to Heaven Gate.

"Kill all and spare none of those who trespass into Heaven Gate!"

"How dare you trespass into Freezing Sky Heaven Gate?!"

"Ninth summit? Su Ming?"

The appearance of those long arcs was accompanied by furious shouts. Su Ming merely looked on as they closed in on him, and as he did so, he found that the weakest among these arcs were at the later stage of the Awakening Realm and most of them were in the Bone Sacrifice Realm. There were even three powerful Berserkers among them who were in the Berserker Soul Realm, and they were all closing in on him with dark expressions on their faces.

Su Ming remained calm and cast a glance at the ball of threads in his right hand. A flicker of light shone in his eyes, and he had all his divine sense spread out of his body. The shadow of his Nascent Divinity also appeared behind him, and when he appeared, he lifted his right hand and formed a seal. Once that seal was made, the Nascent Divinity immediately changed the shape of his hands, and in an instant, he formed nine different seals to form one complete.

"I grant you the crimson eyes of the night…" Su Ming said lightly, then waved his arm in the direction of the sky.

The moment he did so, his Nascent Divinity instantly turned a little dimmer, but his eyes remained as aloof and detached as ever.

When he waved his arm, two crimson lights appeared in the black fog formed by aura of death spreading out in the sky. Those two crimson lights were like shining stars. The instant they appeared, a powerful, mighty pressure swiftly spread out from within the black fog to cover the ground as it continued spreading outwards. All the long arcs that were surrounded by that pressure immediately found their bodies forcefully frozen in midair, and their expressions changed drastically!

"I grant you the violet lips of the sky…"

Su Ming's voice was soft, but it still managed to land in all the people's ears, causing their minds to shudder. The Nascent Divinity formed another nine seals with his right hand and pushed towards the ground.

The ground trembled furiously, and since this place was originally a fragmented dimension to begin with, no cracks tore through the ground when those tremors appeared, but ripples that looked like those when a stone was thrown into a lake spread out in an instant and started echoing in the area.

Rays of light began shining from those ripples. The ground turned transparent under that light, and almost in the blink of an eye… it disappeared right before all the people's eyes!

In its place was a brightly lit sky!

The earth had turned into the sky!

The execution of this divine ability caused Su Ming's Nascent Divinity to become dimmer. This was a Sealing Art that originally belonged to Hong Luo, and even though Su Ming could cast it, he could not bring it up to Hong Luo's level and seal End Shamans!

Yet even so, with Su Ming's current level of cultivation, when he executed the Sealing Art - Day and Night, he could seal… all those below the Berserker Soul Realm!

The entire land disappeared and turned into the sky, causing the long arcs that were charging towards him to be astonished by this change, and immediately, they discovered to their shock and terror that their bodies had been frozen. They could not even move a single inch!

At that moment, the Heaven Gate disciples that were closest to Su Ming were less than a thousand feet away from him, but that distance felt like a ravine separating heaven and earth. They could not cross it!

With one divine ability, he sealed heaven and earth. Su Ming remained as composed as ever as his Nascent Divinity returned to his side. To his front, his back, his left, his right, and everywhere around him were people numbering to nearly one thousand standing in midair. Their faces were pale and terror-stricken as they looked towards him.

At that moment, all the frozen Heaven Gate disciples and those who had not managed to fly out and had seemed to have disappeared but were actually blocked off from that space as if they were isolated in another dimension cast their gazes to Su Ming.

His words were still echoing in their heads as they looked at his face. The Heaven Gate disciples who had once seen him before started gradually associating his name with that one person from their memories all those years ago.

'Su Ming…'

'He's that person from the ninth summit! That Su Ming who fought against Sir Si Ma all those years ago!'

'That's why I said not to provoke the ninth summit! All the people there are lunatics!'

All sorts of thoughts rose in the people's hearts, but because their bodies were frozen to the point that even their breathing seemed to have halted, these words could only echo in their hearts. They could not give their thoughts voice.

Su Ming might have sealed these Heaven Gate disciples, but there were three powerful Berserkers in the Berserker Soul Realm among the long arcs. They only felt the air around them becoming heavy and sticky, but they could still move. However, none of them were the least bit happy that they could move. Terror crashed into their hearts like a tidal wave, and the three of them no longer moved forward, but chose to retreat.

This divine ability surpassed their imagination, and the terror of ninth summit from their memories returned to them in that instant!

Almost the moment these three people began retreating, Su Ming calmly took a step forward. His foot landed on thin air, but the three retreating Berserkers felt their hearts give a loud thump against their chests. It was as if Su Ming had just stepped on their hearts!

That one step looked normal, but the instant Su Ming's foot landed, the trio's retreating bodies immediately froze, and that momentary pause in their movements meant death!

Su Ming swiftly appeared before one of them, and clenching his right hand into a fist, he hurled a punch straight at the powerful Berserker's chest. That one punch immediately made this person cough up blood. As his body tumbled backwards, terror appeared on his face, and he let out a roar.

However, almost the moment he roared and blood poured out from every orifice of his body, Su Ming threw another punch. The instant he did so, that Berserker in the Berserker Soul Realm who was a superior existence to the rest of the Heaven Gate disciples let out a piercing scream of pain and his body exploded and he turned into blood fog!

Before he died, he suffered pain that far surpassed what he could bear. Su Ming's first punch had crushed all his bones, turning them into an innumerable amount of bone spikes that tore through his heart and the passages of his Qi, but he remained alive. When the second punch landed, his blood started flowing in reverse. His body was like a sack filled with sharp needles, and if anyone struck him with a huge force, those needles would pierce through that sack, causing the powerful Berserker from Heaven Gate to be shredded by the crushed-bone spikes in his body, which meant he died a painful and horrible death!

Su Ming might be cold when he killed other people, but he was not the sort of person who would torture people until they died. He only did this because there was… a bone necklace around the person's neck which he then yanked away the instant the person died due to his second punch!

It was one of Tian Xie Zi's personal belongings!

With the bone necklace in hand, Su Ming turned his head around and looked towards the two other powerful Berserkers in the Berserker Soul Realm who were fleeing in shock. He took a step towards them.

"Master, save me!" One of the two people running away let out a scream in despair as his heart trembled in fear, because he saw Su Ming coming towards him.

The instant his screams for help echoed in the air, a voice came from the third palace that was floating in the sky in silence, and that voice was filled with wariness.

"Sir, you are a disciple of the ninth summit, and you are family to us in Heaven Gate…"


Su Ming laughed coldly.

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