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A- Chapter 538: Departure!
Su Ming left Scour Sieve Island, and behind him was a bald crane with a look of flattery as it tried to please him.
In the crane’s claws was Mo Luo, who had not completely died, but whose world had completely shattered. His battle against Su Ming had caused his power to show signs of collapse, and Su Ming’s strength was engraved into his bones.
Yet even so, even though he was afraid of death, even though he was terrified, he was still confident that he could survive through this and continue building his faction of power. He was confident that he could still make a comeback sooner or later with his intelligence and his methods.
However… the crane’s appearance had made him begin doubting his own intelligence, and his world had shattered because of it. He could not believe that he had been fooled by such a dirty looking bald crane, and had even been making offerings while trying to curry its favor for the past few years.
Now that he thought about it, when he met this shameless bald crane in the past, all its actions and that so called ‘mercy’ were all fake!
It was plainly an act, it was clearly just putting on a show, and he actually believed it…
Su Ming could sense Mo Luo’s thoughts, but he did not bother about him. Scour Sieve Island was behind him at that moment, and as he walked in midair, the land was filled with dead silence. The entire ground was covered in blood, and it had turned into a dead island!
Su Ming had also cut down a mountain before he left, slicing it down into a gigantic stone monument, which he placed at the center of the island, at the most eye-catching spot on the land!
He left behind a line of words on it, and each word was written using fresh blood. A murderous aura and killing intent that burned the sky spread out from that monument, shocking and intimidating all the Eastern Wastelanders who would perhaps come to the island in the future!
"All those who dare humiliate us from South Morning will be executed, no matter how far you are! Let this place serve as the first warning for all Eastern Wastelanders who trespass South Morning!"
Right behind this sentence, Su Ming had written his name.
"Su Ming, of South Morning!"
He knew that after this battle, his name would spread like wildfire in this foreign land. And it was precisely what he wante. This shock was what he would do for South Morning.
Once he left that stone monument behind, he took a step forward and walked towards Southern Swamp Island. He did not intend to stay long in the region of the Dead Sea between South Morning and Eastern Wastelands. He would first return to the ninth summit. He wanted to see how it was faring currently, and he wanted to see whether he could find any news about Hu Zi there.
After that, he would head to Eastern Wastelands!
There was a long black blade in Su Ming’s storage bag at the moment, and there was a shadow of fog on it. That shadow was attached to the blade, and once Su Ming took it away, she remained trembling in his storage bag.
Su Ming was familiar with the woman’s shadow. She was also the reason why he had not killed Mo Luo right away, but had chosen instead to bring him back to Southern Swamp Island!
That shadow was the woman from the bracelet his eldest senior brother had given him as a gift in the past, who also happened to be one of the three hundred Shaman Souls of Nine Li!
"I’ll have to ask Zong Ze whether eldest senior brother took this with him in the past. If that’s the case, then how did this end up in Mo Luo’s hands?
"Perhaps this is the clue that will lead me to eldest senior brother!" Su Ming mumbled, bringing with him the bald crane who did not dare leave because it was still afraid of him. They turned into a long arc in the sky and left into the distance.
When evening arrived, Su Ming returned to Southern Swamp Island. At that moment, the protecti

ve screen of light around the island had become much thicker, and the Rune was being repaired at lightning speed. The islanders were trying to restore it to its complete form so that the island would sink down once again and they could avoid disaster.
Su Ming did not catch much attention when he returned, but once he landed on the island, he charged straight towards Zong Ze. Right when the shaman saw him, a thick, bloody stench forced its way into his nose, and he also saw the sealed and bound Mo Luo!
His impression of Mo Luo ran deep. After all, he had lost to this person in the past. When he saw the man once again at that moment, a huge storm raged in Zong Ze’s heart.
He did not expect Su Ming to return so quickly, neither did he expect him to truly be able to destroy the entire Scour Sieve Island. As shock filled his heart, an even more complicated feeling rose within him as he looked towards Su Ming.
Zong Ze spoke the truth when asked about the three hundred Shaman Souls and the bracelet Su Ming was forced to leave behind in the past in Autumn Sea Tribe while having mixed feelings in his heart.
"I will leave tomorrow. Senior Zong Ze, I hope that you will take care of Cang Lan and Zi Yan. I will be deeply grateful for that." Before Su Ming left Zong Ze’s cave, his footsteps came to a halt and he turned around and looked at the shaman, then he wrapped his fist in his palm and bowed towards him.
Zong Ze nodded and watched Su Ming leave. In the midst of all the complicated emotions in his heart, he sighed, then disappeared from his cave. He only returned the next morning.
He went to Scour Sieve Island, and there, he saw the blood on the island, along with a newly erected stone monument. That sight turned into a powerful impact that delivered a shocking blow to him, and it also made him place even more attention towards the matter of Su Ming asking him to take care of Cang Lan and Zi Yan.
He no longer had much time left, and though he wasn’t afraid of death, but due to the island, he became respectful towards Su Ming, and this respect was the reason why he decided to treat his request seriously.
When morning arrived, before Zong Ze’s return, Su Ming had already left Southern Swamp Island. With Fang Cang Lan’s divine abilities, he was able to see Mo Luo’s memories, and had also been able to see how the bracelet his eldest senior brother had taken away ended up in his hands.
Once he learned of everything, Su Ming left with an expression as dark as thunderclouds. Before he left, Zi Yan came to him and asked about Zi Che’s whereabouts, but in the end, left dejected.
Su Ming left, bringing with him the bald crane who did not dare leave his side. They turned into a long arc and disappeared into the sky. Behind him was a person, who stood on Southern Swamp Island while watching him quietly. When Su Ming left into the distance, when he was gone from her sight, her gaze turned into a pained sigh…
As Su Ming flew towards South Morning on his way back to the ninth summit, he could already guess the level of shock he would bring to Eastern Wastelands with the slaughter he brought on Scour Sieve Island. However, he did not expect that the shock would soon turn into a violent gust of wind that would sweep through the entire Eastern Wastelands and the sea beyond!
Three days after Su Ming left, six long arcs came flying towards Scour Sieve Island. There were men and women within those six arcs, and as their chatter and laughter filled the air, they approached the island.
"That’s Scour Sieve Island. The festival will be held here. I’m familiar with senior Mo Luo, when the time comes, we can…" One of the men among the six people laughed as he spoke. With a rather complacent expression, he approached the island with the rest of his group, but the instant he closed in, his words died on his tongue.
The dead silence that filled the entire island and the thick stench of blood that wafted into their noses caused shock to appear on the six people’s faces. As they stepped onto the ground, the blood that covered every inch of the land and had yet to dry made their breathing quicken instantaneously, and their faces immediately turned pale.
The blood that filled the entire ground, the ruins everywhere, and the endless sea of mangled corpses caused the place to instantly look like hell. The aura of death filled the air in the place. The six people started shivering and their faces turned pale. Their eyes flew wide open, and while filled with shock, they saw the gigantic stone monument standing erect in the middle!
When they saw it, the six hastily left Scour Sieve Island without hesitation. Huge storms raged in their hearts, and in their minds, the words written in blood on the stone monument as well as Su Ming’s name emerged at the same time!
Several days later, another batch of people came to attend Scour Sieve Festival, but after a moment, their expressions changed drastically to paleness and terror, and they hastily fled the island.
Gradually, more people learned of what happened to Scour Sieve Island, and more people learned about Su Ming of South Morning!
From then onwards, the island that was filled with a bloody stench and death became a warning, causing all the cultivators around Eastern Wastelands to be stricken with fear!

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