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Almost the instant the remaining people from the guardian islands died, Su Ming slowly lifted the long spear in his right hand. Right when the Savages on Scour Sieve Island were startled by his actions, they saw him swiftly swinging his right hand in the sky.

With that one swing, the long spear was flung out and turned into a long violet arc that sliced through the air and ripped up a huge crack in the air as it charged straight towards the screen of light around Scour Sieve Island.

As a shocking boom reverberated through the air and shook the entire island, the protective screen of light was penetrated through by the violet light.

With a bang, the spear struck the island, turning into a visible violet-colored force that swept through the entire area. At that moment, the protective screen of light shattered inch by inch, turning into countless fragments that seemed as if they were shoved aside by a large, invisible hand. Soon after, the screen exploded, dragging along those fragments as it fell backwards.

There was a great temple built on one of the many mountains on Scour Sieve Island. That temple looked simple, but was incredibly elegant in design. There were rows upon rows of memorial tablets there, looking as if they were placed there for worship. They were positioned in a manner that made it seem as if they had built up a small tower. There were quite a large number of runic symbols carved on those memorial tablets, and they were all exuding a dark and strange presence.

There was an old man in white sitting cross-legged underneath those memorial tablets. Placed before him was a long blade, and there was a chilling and eerie air coming out from it. If anyone looked at it for a prolonged period of time, they would begin hearing shrill screams and howls from malicious souls right beside their ears, though it would be just a figment of their imagination.

Faint and indistinct black aura spread out from the long blade and surrounded the area.

The old man’s head was filled with white hair, and there was a scar traveling from the corner of his right brow to the left corner of his lips. That scar was reddish in color, and it gave off a savage air while also giving the old man an incredibly terrifying presence.

His expression was calm as he sat there, as if he was not paying too much attention to whatever was happening outside.

By his side was a middle-aged man. That man wore a long robe, and he too, looked calm. There were two finely polished skulls in his hands, and he was twirling them around on his palm.

Almost the moment the screen of light around the island was destroyed, three people appeared, standing near the main door leading to the temple. Two from the three were old men whose heads were already flecked with white. The other one was a boy. They stood there with incredibly respectful faces, and a hint of fear could even be seen in the midst of their respect.

"Progenitor, he calls himself Su Ming, and he’s from South Morning. The seven guardians outside the island are already dead, and he has broken the island’s first layer of defense," the boy said in a low voice.  

"How dare he, a mere dreg of South Morning…" The scar-faced old man in white robes opened his eyes, and after sweeping his gaze past the three people, he looked towards the long black blade lying before him.

"Use my Scour Sieve Blade and activate the Great Barren Blood Rune. It’ll be enough to kill this person. Bring his head back to me."

Once the old man said those words, the long black blade before him immediately let out a buzzing sound that exuded bloodthirst and cruelty. Once that sound appeared, the long black blade rose up on its own, and after flying in a circle in the temple, it charged towards the boy, who received it respectfully with both hands.

Excitement appeared on his face and he quickly spoke.

"Don’t worry, progenitor. With Scour Sieve Blade and the Great Barren Blood Rune, even if this person is in the later stage of the Berserker Soul Realm, he will be cut down!"

The boy immediately asked for leave. The eyes of the two old men also began shining murderously. They left with respective postures, and along with the boy, they turned into three long arcs that flew out of the temple.

"You should know that those three aren’t that person’s opponent, even if they have your Scour Sieve Blade." After the three people left, the middle-aged man who had been toying with the skulls on his hands spoke flatly.

"So what?" The old man closed his eyes calmly.

"I didn’t expect that there would be such a powerful warrior among my people in South Morning. I can’t see through his level of cultivation either. At first glance, he seems like he’s in the Bone Sacrifice Realm, but when I look closely, I can sense a power so great it’s terrifying.

"He managed to kill the seven guardians within an instant, so my guess is that his combat power has already reached the peak of the later stage of your people’s Berserker Soul Realm. In fact… he seems to be slightly above that." The middle-aged man voiced his musings slowly, deeply moved by what he discovered.

"Even you would have to be incredibly cautious against an enemy like this. That’s why… you were not willing to walk out immediately, right?" A faint smile appeared on the middle-aged man’s lips as he looked towards the old man.

"Are you done with your yapping?" The old man opened his eyes and stared at the middle-aged man coldly.

"True. Even if everyone in Scour Sieve Island died, as long as you’re here, more of those who no longer exist on paper in Eastern Wastelands will flock here, and your faction of power will continue growing." The middle-aged man smiled.

"You’re letting the people under you test him out continuously, trying to make this person tire by spilling his blood and forcing him to fight nonstop. Under the continuous tests, you will find his weakness, and then you will reveal yourself and fight against him. Even if by that time, the entire Scour Sieve Island had already turned into an island flowing with blood, and even if by that time, it would be barren of life and not a single blade of grass would grow here anymore." The middle-aged man sighed deeply.

"Besides, as long as you are in this temple, you can bring out the power of the ancestors’ souls you worship to the max, causing you to be able to bring forth the power of a Berserker who has attained great completion in the Berserker Soul Realm for a short amount of time. That is why it’s much better for you to wait for him here instead of going out to face him.

"You also have Sir Mo Que around. Even if any sort of accidents occur, with him around, everything will be resolved." The middle-aged man shook his head, and felt a hint of regret for having to lose that person called Su Ming outside so soon.

"You’re here as well," the scar-faced old man remarked calmly.

The middle-aged man fell silent and sighed in his heart.

Almost the instant he did so, a vicious bang reverberated through the air outside the temple. A force of impact spread out, causing the entire island to tremble because of it.

Sounds of battle surged from the sky outside the temple. Su Ming, in his violet armor and with the long spear in hand, walked forward. He did not move quickly, but there were still countless corpses ripped to shreds lying behind him!

A green ray of light swam around the sky. That green light was, naturally, the small sword. It was under the control of Su Ming’s Nascent Divinity, and all those who dared come near him would be cut down by that sword.

Further down in the sky was a gigantic illusion, and booming sounds rang in the air. That illusion was the Candle Dragon, which came from his snake. As it roared, it began to slaughter the people in a frenzy.

All the Savages’ on the island eyes filled with blood and they rushed forward recklessly, throwing all the caution to the wind as they executed their divine abilities. Even the weakest among them were already in the Bone Sacrifice Realm, and those who were charging towards Su Ming at that moment were filled with thick murderous aura as their bodies shone with blood-red light. Their roars never stopped ringing in the air.

If anyone looked from above the sky, they would be able to see clearly that there was a blood-red screen of light with multiple layers covering most of Scour Sieve Island, enveloping all the islanders and Su Ming within.

That blood-red screen of light continued flashing, and every single time it flashed, rays of red light would descend with a bang and charge towards Su Ming.

If anyone took a closer look, they would find that there were nine layers to this blood-red screen of light, and each layer grew increasingly thicker the further it was from the island. These layers surrounded everyone and formed a Rune.

Floating right above the screen of light and that Rune was a long black blade, and there were three people sitting cross-legged there, next to that long blade. These three people were naturally the two old men and the one boy who had come out of the temple just now.

These three people had their eyes shut tight, as if they were keeping the Rune running.

"I once said, when I leave this island, your blood will flow in rivers."

Su Ming took a slow step forward and pointed to the side with his left index finger. Immediately, a Savage who had been charging towards him received a bloody hole in the center of his brows, and he fell back, dead.

"I once said, all those who humiliate my people in South Morning will be executed no matter how far away you are!"

Su Ming threw the long spear in his right hand with a vicious throw. That long spear charged out with a howl and fell on a mountain in the distance. With a bang, that mountain immediately broke into pieces. At the same moment, Su Ming lifted his right hand, seized the air in the direction of the shattered mountain, and flung his arm outwards.

A whirlwind instantly appeared out of thin air at the spot where the mountain had crumbled, dragging in the innumerable shattered stones and stirring up a sharp whistle in the air as it spread to the area with a bang. Each of the shattered stones contained Su Ming’s power of the Wind Berserker, and their great strength caused bloody rain to fall.

"I once said I will have all of you pay an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and all of your blood for every single drop of blood you drained from the people of South Morning!"

Su Ming walked onto the destroyed mountain to stand beside the long spear that had sunk into the ground. Once he held it in his hand, he pulled it out slowly, and he lifted his left hand to casually seize the air behind him. Immediately, the Savage who had closed in behind him was seized by the throat.

When Su Ming turned around, he did not look at the person’s despair filled and terror stricken gaze. He crushed his neck, then let go and lifted his head to look at the three people sitting on the blood-red screen of light in the sky.

The instant he looked towards the trio, they too, immediately noticed his aloof gaze. Their hearts trembled, and at the same time, the hundreds of Savages within the blood-red screen of light covering most of Scour Sieve Island broke down in the midst of this continuous slaughter while surrounded by the red sky and the similarly red, and bloody, and wet ground.

They were afraid. They were terrified. And all of this was because of Su Ming’s massacre. That detached, merciless, and crazed slaughter made all these people feel as if they had sunk into hell.

They had run into a person who was even more brutal and vicious than they were, and in the face of such a person, everything that made them who they were crumbled!

"So, you Savages, is this what you are…? A group of people who only know how to oppress the weak?" As Su Ming stated that calmly, he stabbed the long spear in his hand right into the ground.

The instant it touched the land, violet light immediately started shining on the spear, and it melted. The violet armor on Su Ming’s body also melted, turning instantly into an uncountable amount of fine violet threads that surrounded him. Su Ming’s entire body shone with that piercing violet light, and as if they possessed life, these violet threads crawled into the ground in an unbridled fashion.

Almost the instant they did so, shrill screams of pain abruptly shot through the air within the blood-red screen of light. Right under the feet of the hundreds of people remaining, fine violet threads suddenly crawled out and charged straight into their bodies. In the blink of an eye, the entire island was dyed violet! 

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