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A- Chapter 518: That Call of Disciple Niece…
Ya Mu stared at the Fated Kin, dumbstruck. His mind was blank at that moment. Suddenly, he had a feeling that he had made the correct decision to escape to the Fated Kin’s island.
The old man’s face was as dark as thunderclouds at that moment as he stood in the sky. He was a Berserker in the middle stage of the Berserker Soul Realm and could be considered a powerful warrior in the Eastern Wastelands. However, in the face of these dozen something weaklings on the island, a hint of wariness had actually risen within him!
That wariness shot up in his heart incredibly swiftly and he could feel it very clearly!
That wariness was due to the murderous aura and the aloofness from the dozen something people on the island. Even the children were as aloof and detached as the adults. He had indeed seen this sort of people before, but he had never run into an entire race like this!
"Fated Kin. I’ll remember you." After some time, the old man spoke languidly.
"Once I kill all of you, I will tell all the tribes in Eastern Wasteland that there is a race called Fated Kin in the Land of South Morning, and if any of us run into you, we will slaughter all of you!!" The old man’s eerie words were filled with killing intent and a freezing chill, but not a single hint of change of emotion could be found on the faces of the dozen something Fated Kin.
Even the children were fearless, and their expressions remained as aloof as ever.
Even Ya Mu felt chills crawling through his entire body when he saw that aloofness. As for the old Eastern Wastelander who was their enemy, he had begun to detest those gazes. With a cold harrumph, he lifted his right hand and swung his arm forward. Immediately, the world thundered and a large amount of clouds tumbled about. Then a gigantic statue of three hundred something feet descended slowly from the sky.
Right when this statue started sinking down, a mighty pressure descended on the entire world!!
The appearance of the statue meant that the old man had brought out his full power, because he wanted to kill all the people on the island!
Remaining aloof, the dozen something Fated Kin sat down cross-legged and gathered together around Su Mig’s statue. They closed their eyes and no longer bothered themselves with the old man and his statue of the God of Berserkers. Instead, they started mumbling under their breaths, and their voices echoed in the air.
"We Fated Kin were born in a barren and undeveloped world. We, our children, and our children’s children will worship Respected Senior Mo for all eternity…"
"Respected Senior Mo is our God. We fight for our fate, because we want to control our own fates…"
"The gods have no eyes, the earth has no tears, the heavens have no love for us, that is why we Fated Kin have been abandoned. We lost our future, but it has made us Fated Kin and gathered us together and from then on… we rose for our fates!"
Ya Mu and the female Berserker looked at the Fated Kin with a dumbfounded expression. In their eyes, these people were mad, and their strangeness made the duo’s faces pale.
The old Eastern Wastelander smiled coldly, then lifted his right hand to point towards the island. Immediately, a piercing dark light spread out from the statue, and under that dark light, the statue melted to turn into hundreds of dark rays that charged straight towards the ground.
The dark rays of light charged forth and turned into a ferocious face of a ghost that rushed towards all the living souls on the island.
‘This is the Fated Kin’s final strike… They will offer up their lives and fuse it with the aura of death to release the final shout of their lives and struggle against fate.’
Su Ming stood up and walked towards the dozen something Fated Kin sitting around his statue.
He did not seem to be walking very quickly, but with just one step, he managed to stand on top the stat

ue surrounded by all the Fated Kin. The instant he stopped there, a gentle wave of ripples spread out, cutting off the Fated Kin’s offering. The moment they opened their eyes, they saw only one person.
Su Ming who was standing on the stone statue!
His long hair danced in the sea breeze, his white robes fluttered in the wind, his gaze seemed to contain the abyss itself, and he exuded a presence that could practically replace the sky.
"Respected Senior Mo!!" All the Fated Kin were taken aback for a moment, and the aloofness on their faces that looked as if it would never change immediately melted, to be replaced by a sort of zeal that would shock all those who saw it!
This zeal was a stark contrast to the aloofness from moments ago!
Su Ming swept his gaze across these Fated Kin, then nodded his head. At that moment, the malicious ghost face that was formed from the hundreds of dark rays was behind him, and it had opened its mouth while charging forward.
"It’s over." Su Ming turned around, and right at the instant he looked towards the sky, golden light shone in his eyes, and he lifted his right hand before throwing a punch at the sky.
With Su Ming as its center, a huge gust of wind surged up from the ground when his fist landed. It then rushed towards the sky along with the movement of the fist. That wind had come too suddenly and moaning sounds spread through the place. The gust of wind charged towards the sky, and wherever it went, rumbling sounds would immediately reverberate when it touched the dark rays of light. And then, without any form of resistance, those rays of light were destroyed.
In an instant, the gust of wind that appeared when Su Ming lifted his arm destroyed all the rays of dark light, and immediately after, it surged into the clouds in the sky. When they touched the thick layers of them, loud booms roared in the sky. The clouds scattered, shaking, and started rolling in all directions.
The old Eastern Wastelander’s expression changed drastically. He stared fixedly at Su Ming, who had appeared suddenly, and a huge storm raged in his heart. He was shocked. He had not noticed anyone else on the island.
It was as if Su Ming had forced himself into his line of sight, and that presence that had stirred up when he attacked had also made his heart clench in fear.
All of these things meant only one thing. This young man had already surpassed him in terms of strength!
The Fated Kin had already brought him enough shock, and now, another person who stunned him appeared. Without a hint of hesitation, the old man grabbed the boy beside him and quickly retreated. He was going to escape without a single word!
With a calm face, Su Ming took a step from the stone statue. Once his foot landed, he disappeared, and when he reappeared, he was already before the retreating old man.
Without another word, Su Ming lifted his right hand and pointed at the center of the old man’s brows. That finger immediately made the old man feel as if it was the Law of the world. It made him feel as if his soul was about to disappear, and he could not fight against it. His eyes went wide and he let out a low roar. He had no time to bother about looking like a pathetic mess. His Berserker Mark instantly emerged on his whole body and turned into a gigantic mountain before him.
That image seemed to have enveloped Su Ming within and sealed him up inside.
"Break!" the old man roared out as he retreated, and at the same time, light shone at the center of his brows. Immediately, his statue of the God of Berserkers appeared once again. This time, the statue looked much more corporeal than the last!
Even so, the old man still felt that he could not relax. When he lifted his left hand, a huge cauldron immediately appeared in it. There were four strange beasts carved on top of the vessel. At that moment, the four beasts woke up and roared so loudly that they actually managed to make the cauldron move.
Yet a breath before the old man could said that one word, the mountain before Su Ming exploded abruptly, and right then, without slowing down for even a single bit, Su Ming pressed his finger on the old man’s statue of the God of Berserkers.
Roaring sounds echoed in the air, and the statue shuddered before immediately breaking into pieces. When it turned into fragments that were stained with ribbons of blood, the retreating old man coughed out blood. Then, as his face filled with shock, he saw the black-haired young man touching the square cauldron before him with a finger.
That cauldron rumbled, and huge cracks appeared on it before it collapsed right from the center. It split into two parts that bounced off from each other, causing there to no longer be anything between the old man and his enemy.
It caused Su Ming’s finger to reach the center of the old man’s brows with lightning speed as an aloof expression filled Su Ming’s face.
The old man shuddered violently. The instant Su Ming’s finger landed, he bit the tip of his tongue, coughed out a mouthful of blood, and the boy whose wrist he held immediately started withering away rapidly, before he could even let out a scream of pain. In the end, he exploded in pieces of flesh and blood.
At the same time, the old man moved his body quickly backwards, and he actually managed to stay alive under Su Ming’s jab! However, his survival was because he had cast a secret art that would cause him endless problems later on, and he was alive only because he had made his disciple take his place and die!
"Great completion in the Berserker Soul Realm! You’ve already reached great completion in the Berserker Soul Realm!"
The old Eastern Wastelander looked incredibly pathetic at that moment, but he was caught in a life and death crisis and had no time to bother with these things. His eyes went wide, and disbelief appeared within them.
During that instant, he had sensed death looming right above his head, and it was coming right towards him with incredible power. He had also felt fear bubbling within him, because he realized that there was no way he could fight against this. In his eyes, a mere Berserker in the later stage of the Berserker Soul Realm could not possibly bring about this feeling to him with just one finger. Only… those who had attained great completion in the Berserker Soul Realm could!
His fear was like a surging wave that drowned him within. He might be a Berserker in the middle stage of the Berserker Soul Realm, but he was still a human being. He was not a soul that could not think on its own. He could also be afraid and terrified. He would also lose his cool, though it was rarely seen. However, when he ran into this person and made the judgment that he was a Berserker that had attained great completion in the Berserker Soul Realm, he could not help but be shocked.
After all… there were only six in the entire Eastern Wastelands who had attained great completion in the Berserker Soul Realm! All of them were well-renowned, and they were all unrivaled!
As he retreated, his mind was thrown into turmoil. In his bitterness, he could not help but remember himself talking about ‘fishing’ to his disciple. Well, he had indeed managed to ‘catch’ a ‘fish’, but that ‘fish’ was not something he could fight against.
He knew that it was impossible for him to escape from a Berserker who had attained great completion in the Berserker Soul Realm. That was why he decided to stop running, and instead, like a madman, he lifted his right hand and jabbed the center of his brows harshly.
Immediately, his Berserker Mark appeared on his whole body, and in the next instant, it looked as if it was burning up. This was a unique divine ability to those in the Berserker Soul Realm - burning their own Berserker Marks! His aura started rising rapidly, and with bloodshot eyes, just as he was about to cast his divine abilities in a desperate attack…
An aloof voice spoke beside his ears. That voice turned into a phrase that would last for eternity in his life.
"My left hand represents the past. When time flows back, it marks the arrival of Destiny…"
The instant the old man heard that voice, he felt the world around him instantly becoming different. The fire burning his Berserker Mark was instantly extinguished, and he started moving in reverse. As confusion appeared in his eyes, he saw Su Ming and felt the sharp pain from when that finger had tapped the center of his brows.
After that, everything turned back… The only sound that was left behind in his ears was the clear sound of his soul shattering to pieces.
Right before the Fated Kin, Ya Mu, and the female Berserker’s eyes, they saw the originally retreating old Eastern Wastelander suddenly take a few steps forward as if he was voluntarily placing his head before Su Ming’s lifted finger. Then his head exploded and his body fell to the ground. The old man’s storage bag flew out on its own and was seized by Su Ming.
"The Fated Kin greet Respected Senior Mo!" The dozen something Fated Kin beside Ya Mu knelt down on the ground and looked at Su Ming with fervent zeal burning in their eyes.
Ya Mu stared at Su Ming blankly. For some reason, he had a feeling that this respected senior Mo was incredibly familiar…
At that moment, disbelief appeared in the female Berserker’s eyes.
"Su… Su Ming!"
"Disciple niece Zi Yan, it’s been a while… Is my second senior brother alright?"
As Su Ming stood in midair, his gaze fell on the female Berserker, and once again, he felt that a long time had passed.
Twenty years...
Translator’s Notes:
Zi Yan: Zi Che’s sister had been under the same Master as Fang Cang Lan/Han Cang Zi. Second senior brother liked her.

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