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When Su Ming saw these Fated Kin from the distance, a smile curled up on his lips. This group of people had gone through trials and tribulations that put them constantly at death’s door during those fifteen years in the World of Nine Yin. All those who could survive would definitely be outstanding people who stood out in a crowd.

These people might not be Latter Shamans, but their unique experiences had made resolution and the murderous aura within them to surpass all those around them. The two of them could have them surge into the sky and make them stand firmly against powerful existences and fight for their own fates!

Because they were the Fated Kin!

Because they had their fates in their own hands. They would not beg for outsiders to save them. They would save themselves!

Because they wanted to let all the people in the world see how the Fated Kin born within the World of Nine Yin would shape their own future, after they had been abandoned and lost it!

Their aloofness was born because the world had abandoned them, and so they were distant towards all those in the world. They would only give their warmth to their own kinsmen, and they would only spill their warm blood in battles to protect their own fates!

As time passed and years went by, when these Fated Kin eventually managed to take that one step and become Latter Shamans, they would stir up an indescribable storm in this land and the world!

This storm would come from their resolve, their desire to control their own fates after they had been abandoned!

As Su Ming looked at them, he found a vague shadow of himself on them, and he gave up on the thought of helping them. He wanted to see just how much power these Fated Kin could bring out. The time had still not come for him to interfere with the Fated Kin’s battle.

Moreover, since he was around, he would definitely not let any of the Fated Kin be caught in a life threatening crisis!

Four Thought Soothsayers, four Soul Catchers, four Spirit Mediums, two Battle Shamans. These fourteen people stood in the valley. Waves of murderous aura spread out from their bodies and surged into the sky, causing the old man who had arrived outside the screen of light to pause in his footsteps.

A grim look appeared on his face at that moment as he stared at the small island thousands of feet away and the dozen something people who were looking at him from the valley.

"I didn’t expect such radiant souls to exist in the Land of South Morning after the calamity… Just one of their souls alone is already equivalent to several dozens of those other in this continent!" the old man mumbled. A flicker of light flashed in his eyes, and he took a step towards the island.

The instant he took that one step, the old man swung his right arm forward, and immediately, the seawater beneath him charged forth with a roar and surrounded the entire island. It turned into a large amount of waves that surged forward with the intention of flooding the land.

At the same time as the old man swung his arm forward, a Dead Sea Giant of one thousand feet appeared from the depths. Its eyes were dull and lifeless, as if it had been enslaved by the old man. It let out a roar and leapt up to charge straight towards the island.

Ya Mu’s heart lurched forward. He had seen this Dead Sea Giant before. This was the ferocious beast that had killed most of the people in the team he’d led.

Just as he was about to shout out a warning to these Fated Kin, the four Thought Soothsayers closed their eyes, and the power that belonged to their kind burst forth swiftly, surrounding them, turning into wisps of aura that could not be seen with the naked eye and rushed straight towards the two Battle Shamans.

Right when the two lifted the large weapons in their hands. The instant they drew those bows wide apart, the eyes of the four Soul Catchers shone with a dark light, and the clouds in the sky started tumbling about even more furiously. Even the rain that was falling from the sky seemed to have gathered in midair for the Soul Catchers.

Soon after, the four Spirit Mediums spread their arms wide open. As mumbling sounds echoed in the air, wisps of dead souls surged up from the Dead Sea around the island with a sharp howl and charged towards the large bows in the Battle Shamans’ hands.

With a hum, the middle-aged Battle Shaman became the first to let go of the bowstring in his hand. A ray of dark light sliced through the air and shot out of the screen of light, charging straight towards the Dead Sea Giant.

It was so quick that it broke through space in an instant, ripping up a crack in the air. There was also an indescribable madness and murderous aura contained within that ray of light, so strong that it caused some of the layers of clouds in the sky to roll backwards. In a moment, the ray of light crashed into the Dead Sea Giant that was roaring as it closed in on them.

"The power to tear apart space?!" Ya Mu’s jaw fell slack in shock, and he cried out in surprise. The breathing of the female Berserker beside him also quickened, and she was filled with disbelief.

Booming sounds instantly reverberated in the air and spread in all directions. The Dead Sea Giant let out a scream of pain, and with one loud bang, most of its body was blasted off by the arrow. The creature then fell to the surface of the sea.

"What’s with that arrow?!" The same words tumbled out of Ya Mu, the female Berserker, and the old Eastern Wastelander’s mouths at the same time.

Ya Mu was completely stunned. He could not imagine that the previously unremarkable Fated Kin living on this island would possess such great strength!

The old Eastern Wastelander was shocked. After all, a Dead Sea Giant was as strong as a Berserker in the initial stage of the Berserker Soul Realm, but that arrow had managed to destroy it. The creature might not have died, but that sort of power was still enough to shock him.

"This is the Fated Kin’s Arrow, created after fifteen years of fighting against the Sacred Bats and the Drifting Roamers, and a countless number of their own kinsmen dying!" Su Ming said in a soft voice.

"We Fated Kin will not fight against outsiders, be they from South Morning or Eastern Wasteland. This place belongs to us Fated Kin, do not trespass!" The person who spoke was the old man who had yet to let go of the big bow in his hand. He looked at the old Eastern Wastelander in the sky and declared sternly.

"Fated Kin…" The old Eastern Wastelander’s pupils shrank. This was the first time he’d heard of this name. The boy behind him had already turned ashen pale. That arrow just now had already struck him dumb with shock.

‘Thank goodness these Fated Kin only number to a dozen something. If there were several hundreds of them… Then they would become a terrifying force!’

The old Eastern Wastelander sucked in a sharp breath. He could already imagine it. If there were nearly a hundred of those arrows just now, then the destructive force behind them would have been on par with a Berserker in the later stage of the Berserker Soul Realm striking at full power.

The old man stared at the people holding the bows on the island, then with a gleam in his eyes, he took a step forward and closed in on the island as his lips curled up in a cold sneer.

"That arrow of yours might be strong, but I’d like to see what other secrets you Fated Kin still have!" As he said those words, he closed in on the island and swiftly lifted his right hand. Immediately, booming sounds reverberated in the sky above him. An incredibly real looking mountain with flowing rivers manifested above him, and it plunged right down towards the island.

The old Fated Kin with the bow narrowed his eyes. Without a single bit of delay, he let go of his hand, and buzzing sounds echoed in the air once again. As the world rumbled, a dark ray of light flashed and moved through the air. It ignored the illusion of the mountain and river to charge straight towards the old Eastern Wastelander.

The ray of light closed in on the old Eastern Wastelander in an instant, and his pupils shrank. He lifted his right hand, and a strong blast of light suddenly burst forth from a ring on one of his fingers. That light illuminated the whole region in an instant, causing everyone to not be able to see clearly.

The light disappeared in an instant, but it made the dark arrow disappear. The old man took three steps back, and his face turned slightly pale.

"What a powerful shot… If you were a Latter Shaman, you could have injured me badly, but now…" Killing intent flashed in the old man’s eyes, and as he lifted his right hand, the illusion of the mountain and river rammed itself onto the screen of light surrounding the island.

That screen of light shattered and turned into an innumerable amount of shards that tumbled backwards, causing the island to lose all form of protection in an instant. Ya Mu’s face turned pale, and the woman beside him had the same reaction. Despair appeared in their eyes.

As they saw it, while the Fated Kin were strong, they had a limit to their strength. They could not hope to even put up a fight against the old Eastern Wastelander, who was already in the middle stage of the Berserker Soul Realm.

Yet soon, the both of them quickly realized that the Fated Kin’s expressions had not changed even a single bit. They were still as aloof and detached as ever, and right at that moment, the old man who had fired the arrow lifted his right leg and stomped on the ground.

The island started trembling with loud, booming sounds. The instant that illusion of the mountain and river broke the screen of light and started plunging towards them, the Spirit Mediums and Soul Catchers in the group knelt down below Su Ming’s statue. Dense waves of aura of death gathered up and shot up swiftly from the valley before they exploded in the sky with a bang.

"Aura of Death’s Assault!" the old Fated Kin declared slowly. The Fated Kin would always gather at places where there were thick waves of aura of death. This was a tradition of theirs that had never disappeared over the fifteen years of resistances and slaughters in the World of Nine Yin.

That was why they chose this small island, because they had noticed that it contained the aura of death. It might be unable to compare to the aura in the World of Nine Yin’s valley, but if they released some of it, they could still bring out two charges!

This change was a unique method that belonged to the Fated Kin, and they had tested it out through numerous trials and errors in the midst of life and death situations.

The aura of death charged out with a bang and went towards the illusion that was sinking down on the island. The instant they clashed, booming sounds reverberated in the air violently. The mountain and river were destroyed, and the aura of death disappeared. Disbelief could be seen clearly on the old Eastern Wastelander in the sky.

The boy’s, who stood next to him, eyes went wide, revealing his shock.

"Yin Death Waves…? You… Just where did you Fated Kin come from?! This island could have only been formed at most four years ago. It’s impossible to change this place to bring out the power of Yin Death Waves in just four years! Even the Great Tribe of Yin Agents can only do it in ten years!" The old man took a few steps back as he exclaimed.

Su Ming looked at the aura of death erupting forth from the valley. When he heard the old Eastern Wastelander’s words in the air, he suddenly came to understand how the Fated Kin worked. During the fifteen years they had stayed in the World of Nine Yin’s valley, they had relied on the valley to struggle and fight back. This sort of experience had caused them to be incredibly good at using geographical advantages.

Perhaps more accurately speaking, they were good at using the aura of death!

Ever since Ya Mu came to this island, he was repeatedly shocked, and the shock this time was the strongest. He stared at the valley with a blank expression, and he felt his skin crawl.

The strength of the Fated Kin had once again exceeded his expectations.

He would not be able to imagine at the moment either, that in the distant future, when the Fated Kin truly rose up and became unrivaled in the entire land of the Berserkers and even Yin Death’s Region, they would have a few distinct characteristics unique to their existence!

The valleys would forever be the location where they would built their tribes!

That astonishing big bow would forever be a part of their selection of weapons!

That dense aura of death would forever exist beneath their tribes!

Similarly, their deceased tribesmen would forever be buried under an altar built behind the valley, and they would become a part of the aura of death that kept their people safe, becoming an existence that could be truly said to be the ancestors of the race protecting their descendants!

"Do you still want to fight? If you want to, then we will fight you till the end! But even if we die, you should be prepared and remain on constant alert, because the other Kinsfolk of Death will come for your life, and they will not stop until you die!

"Because the souls of us Fated Kin are tied together. If you kill one of us, all our people can sense it. Our Respected Senior Mo will also let you know what exactly is hell and what exactly is purgatory!" the old Fated Kin declared coldly, lifting his head.

Then all of them, including the children, looked over coldly.

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