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Su Ming did not see this, but the small snake witnessed everything clearly. It stared at the turtle with an expectant look.

The turtle looked incredibly intoxicated, as if it was elated. It continued licking its own lips, looking like it wanted to taste more of that liquid. When the snake saw that expression, it regarded the turtle with slight animosity.

Two months passed by, but Su Ming had yet to finish refining the armor, and this lasted till the third day of the second month. On that day, purple light suddenly enveloped his entire body, and as that purple light filled the area, a pair of gauntlets first appeared on his hands, then a pair of vambraces appeared to cover his arms before the armor stretched to his shoulders to turn into two ferocious, violet beast heads. After that, the armor covered his entire upper torso.

There was a pair of violet eyes on his chest that turned into a wolf’s head. When that armor eventually stretched to Su Ming’s head and encased it in the form of a helmet, Su Ming’s eyes flew open.

His gaze was calm, but the violet armor on his body changed his presence entirely, making him seem to be filled with a strange and evil air.

Once that armor covered Su Ming’s entire upper torso, it started stretching to his legs. When he was eventually covered head to toe in armor, Su Ming stood up.

As he did so, an unbridled wave of killing intent erupted from his body. That killing intent did not come from Su Ming, but from his armor!

The killing intent then turned into a murderous aura and surrounded Su Ming’s body in the form of violet smoke, causing the small snake to lift its head swiftly upwards and move far, far away. It also made the turtle to widen its eyes. It started roaring at Su Ming once again with a grave expression on its face, as if it had come face to face with a powerful enemy!

Su Ming stood on the spot with his hair outside the armor. It was originally black, but under the violet armor’s light, it seemed to have gained a faint violet tint!

He closed his eyes slowly and did not move, but a huge storm had started raging in his heart, and it pounded so loudly that it felt as if thunder was roaring within him.

"This armor isn’t for Divine Generals… It was made from Tian Xie Sheng’s skin, which the first God of Berserkers had ripped off when he killed that outsider. Then with starlight, the first God of Berserkers had refined his skin into armor...

"The first God of Berserkers had only made one set of such armor, and he spent five hundred years doing so… It was buried in the depths of the Great Yu Dynasty for ten thousand years for nourishment, and it is used to suppress Xie Sheng’s descendants! All the people who wore this armor in the past would not be appointed as Divine Generals, but as Undertakers of Evil! And their duty was to keep watch over the abyss!

"There are no defensive properties whatsoever in this armor. It will only kill. With blood, it becomes stronger. With killing, the bearer of the armor will become a saint! I am the third master of this armor. If any of my Berserker tribesmen find this armor and can wear it, then before I die, I tell you this, fuse your will into the armor and become its fourth master!

"If you are unwilling to become its master, then you can worship its will. Once you release the armor’s blood lust, send it back to the abyss beneath Great Yu Dynasty, so that… the descendants of the evil spirit will not bring chaos to us Berserkers!

"Those who possess this armor may possess the Undertaker’s of Evil Spear. The first God of Berserkers had obtained the true spear from the World of Nine Yin. It is of unknown origins, and even the God of Berserkers was unable to use it, despite his power. It was left beneath the abyss under Great Yu for the purpose of suppressing the evil spirits… But with his great wisdom, the God of Berserkers had copied the Undertaker’s of Evil Spear with a stone from another world and created a legacy item for us Undertakers of Evil!"

Su Ming’s eyes flew open. The calmness in his eyes gradually disappeared and was replaced by a violet glare. His entire being was filled with cold malice. He lifted his right hand and seized the air. The transparent jade slip he had obtained from the Candle Dragon’s body along with this purple armor all those years ago appeared in his hands.

With a squeeze, due to its transparency, that jade slip started shining with purple light flowing through Su Ming’s body. With a bright flash, that purple light turned into a long purple spear in Su Ming’s hand!

That spear was thirty feet long and much taller than Su Ming, but when he held it in his fully armored state, he did not feel even the slightest bit off balance. Instead, a frenzied wave of murderous aura came charging forth, causing fear to appear on the small snake’s face as it continued retreating.

Even the turtle outside started to back off gradually, still roaring.

Su Ming stood there and dipped his head down to look at the long spear in his hands. The murderous aura on his body became thicker. He lifted his head slowly and fixed his stare on the turtle outside the layer of ice. A crazed, unbridled presence instantly shot up, as if it was on the verge of exploding forth.

An evil spirit gradually appeared behind him. Its appearance could not be seen clearly, but its malicious intent could be felt clearly. It was filled with madness, and it lifted its right hand to point at the turtle outside the ice, as if it wanted to control Su Ming to kill it.

However, even after it lifted its right hand, Su Ming continued standing there and did not move. He let out a cold harrumph instead, and with it, disbelief surged through the illusory evil spirit behind him. It immediately shattered and disappeared.

"You’re just a will. How dare you appear before me?!"

The violent glare in Su Ming’s eyes gradually disappeared and serenity reappeared in his eyes. The long spear in his hands vanished and turned back to the invisible jade slip before falling out of Su Ming’s hands to float in front of him. Then, it fused into his armor.

After that, the light on Su Ming’s armor gradually faded away, and eventually, as if it had melted, the armor seeped into Su Ming’s body and disappeared.

"But this will isn’t too bad. It actually managed to get me caught and immersed in an illusion where I was killing others… It’s a pity, compared to the Candle Dragon’s Undying and Imperishable World, this sort of illusion is nothing," Su Ming stated flatly.

The instant he had finished refining this armor, he had sensed the armor’s will. If the one who wore the armor had been him before he entered the Candle Dragon’s Undying and Imperishable World, he would have definitely caved under the furious attack by that will.

But right then, it was just as Su Ming had said: This illusion was truly insignificant. Not only did he manage to keep his mind clear as the illusion of slaughter came to be after he wore the armor, he could also completely suppress the armor’s will, and even dispel it.

This was something that he, Su Ming, had his eyes for, there was no way he would let any sort of will control him!

Su Ming was not the strongest in the Land of South Morning, but the strength of his will was so great that no Berserker or Immortal could weaken it. Besides his own personality forming the strength of his will, the infinite incarnations in the Undying and Imperishable World had also played a crucial part in forging his will.

Once he put away the armor, the small snake’s expression gradually became gentler, and it swiftly flew to the spot beside Su Ming while hissing. The turtle’s expression also relaxed as it remained behind the layer of ice. However, when it looked at Su Ming, its gaze was still filled with wariness.

Su Ming caressed the snake’s head. He might not be able to understand the meaning behind its hisses, but with the connection between them, he could still sense its emotions slightly.

At that moment, he lifted his head and cast a look at the turtle. Once he discovered that the drop of black liquid had disappeared, Su Ming fell into a moment of silence. When he saw the small snake looking at him expectantly, he broke into a light chuckle, then brought out the small bottle that was filled with black liquid and poured out one drop.

Right at the moment this drop of liquid appeared, the wariness in the turtle’s eyes disappeared completely and was replaced with desire. It even dipped its head down and stared at the black liquid intently.

When it saw the small snake that had been regarding it with hostility over the past few days swallowing that drop, the turtle immediately started roaring in anger. Then, it started pawing at the layer of ice with its large claws, just like how a little puppy would.

Its breathing became labored in its anger, and a strong wave of desire gradually appeared on its face. However… when it saw the small snake making a face saying that it wanted more once it swallowed that one drop, then found out that the horrible and despicable Su Ming actually brought out another drop, the turtle was utterly vexed.

It slapped the ice with its gigantic body and roared in anger as it swished its tail back and forth.

When Su Ming saw this, a thought formed in his head. He sent a divine thought to his snake, and the small snake, who had swallowed two drops of the black liquid, immediately flew into Su Ming’s storage bag in high spirits. After a moment, when it flew out once again, it charged straight to the edge of the cave abode. This strange action immediately caught the turtle’s attention.

Right before its eyes, it saw the snake spinning in circles in the ice cave, then with some unknown method, a small sword appeared in its mouth, and it handed the sword to Su Ming.

The turtle also saw this person it hated with a burning passion patting the snake’s head and bringing out another drop of black liquid. The turtle roared angrily and glared at the small snake as well as that black liquid. It then turned around and charged into the distance. In the blink of an eye, it disappeared from the ice mountain Su Ming was encased in.

Su Ming blinked. He waited for a moment, but the turtle did not come back, and he started wondering whether this highly inquisitive and obviously intelligent turtle had not managed to understand what he was trying to say...

He waited another day, and when he still did not find any signs of the turtle returning, he decided not to think about this matter any longer. Instead, once he sat down, he brought out a ring-shaped Enchanted Vessel.

It was incredibly big and occupied about half of his cave abode. This thing was the item that was used to cut into Crimson Stones!

"God Sealing Nectar… Just what sort of incredible serendipity could it be…?" Su Ming mumbled. When he lifted his right hand, a Crimson Stone appeared right before him!

This Crimson Stone was the stone that contained the purple poisonous wasp within!

There were many Crimson Stones in Su Ming’s storage bag. He never had enough time to open them all one by one. Yet now, as he was hiding from the change in South Morning in this frozen world, he had ample time on his hands to open all of the Crimson Stones.

There was no one here who would be lying in wait to snatch his things if he uncovered any precious herbs or items!

The Crimson Stone Su Ming wanted to break the most laid right before him at that moment. He wanted to know whether the God Sealing Nectar existed within the poisonous wasp’s body!

‘This wasp still has a small hint of life left, and it’s not dead yet…’

Su Ming remained silent for a moment, then stood up and waved his arm. Immediately, the Crimson Stone flew towards the Enchanted ring. He stood beside the Enchanted Vessel and pressed his right hand against it. After using a small amount of time to get used to it, he regained the sense of when he had when he had cut into the stones in the past and started cutting into the stone slowly.

Rumbling sounds reverberated in the air as Su Ming cut into this Crimson Stone that he had not managed to cut completely during the auction, and whose contents had not been truly revealed before the people. It started shrinking rapidly, and eventually, as the Enchanted ring scraped against it, the stone was reduced to merely the size of a human head. Then, with a grim face, Su Ming continued cutting it slowly.

When he eventually saw a purple poisonous wasp under the faint layer of stone, a glint appeared in his eyes. The wasp looked incredibly ferocious. Although it was sealed in stone, anyone who saw it would feel that it was still alive, which it was, because it still had a thread of life force remaining within.

As Su Ming stared at the poisonous wasp in the now semi-transparent Crimson Stone, he took a deep breath, brought his right hand up, and flung it before him. Immediately, the Poison Corpse appeared beside him. The small snake also brought its guard up.

Once Su Ming made full preparations to handle all accidents, he made a move to cut into the stone, but suddenly, a vicious tremor shook through the layer of ice. Su Ming frowned, then lifted his head to look up, and what he saw immediately made his jaw fall slack. For a brief instant, he was completely stunned.

He saw the turtle swimming over, and...

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