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Dense and thick waves of aura of death were contained in Su Ming’s body right at that moment. That aura came from the World of Nine Yin, from when he persevered and finished watching the ancient bronze sword leaving. He saw the world outside the mirror, saw the spherical balls in the galaxy, along with the numerous continents floating there, and during that moment, because his body could not get used to the world out there, he had gradually began to rot, and dense waves of aura of death spread out from all over his body.

Perhaps this aura of death had always existed in his body, but had only revealed itself when he had been in the world out there.

Even after Su Ming was relocated, some of that aura of death still remained on him!

In the woman’s eyes, Su Ming was like a half-dead person. He did not give off waves of ripples indicating incredibly strong power. Because of that, malice appeared in her eyes. By her plans, she should have already activated that Rune and left this place.

She should have already appeared in a place that was much further from here. Yet as the Rune spurred into action, this half-dead person sprung up for some unknown reason. This not only filled the woman with malice, it also made her hate him.

Yet due to her calculative nature, when she looked at Su Ming, she did not even bother about the fist of the Dead Sea Giant charging towards her from midair. Instead, she put on a frightened and delicate front, and an imploring gaze appeared in her eyes as well. She opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something, but her hand acted in a completely different manner from the expression on her face.

Her hand flew up rapidly to grab Su Ming, who still had a dispirited look on his face, and yanked him forward, wanting to throw him towards that fist. Then, using that chance, she would activate the Rune once again.

In her mind, this person was clearly half-dead due to the aura of death surrounding him. She was already a late stage Medial Shaman, so there was no way anything unexpected would happen. Besides, she had also put up a disguise with her expression which worked well to deceive others.

However, she did not expect that the instant she grabbed Su Ming’s arm, she did not even manage to make him budge an inch, despite using her full strength to try and throw him out.

This left her stunned. Right then, Su Ming lifted his head, and without even looking at the woman, he took a step forward. The woman instinctively loosened her grip on his arm and watched him walk out of the Rune. She looked at him lifting his head and training his gaze towards the fist of the Dead Sea Giant falling down on them as the sea roared.

"Get lost!"

Su Ming’s expression was as dark as thunderclouds. The scene in the ancient bronze sword had left him incredibly dejected. The numerous discoveries made him unable to calm down, and right when he had just returned to the Land of South Morning and walked out of the Rune, he saw a stupid woman and a fist from a giant in the sea hurling towards him.

Almost the moment Su Ming spoke, the Dead Sea Giant’s fist came with loud banging sounds rumbling in the sky. Killing intent shone in Su Ming’s eyes. His mood was horrible at that moment, which was why he chose to lift his right hand without furling it into a fist. Instead, he had his palm facing upwards and pushing against the sky as if to support it. Immediately, his palm clashed against the punch coming towards him.

A loud bang reverberated in the air. Su Ming stood there unmoving, but the Dead Sea Giant’s huge fist, which had been pushed upwards, started vibrating viciously. Soon, its flesh was torn apart. The sea giant that had revealed half of his head from the sea let out a pained howl.

This scene caused the woman behind Su Ming to widen her eyes in disbelief. Her breathing instantly froze, and her mind turned blank.

The Dead Sea Giant completely revealed his head on the surface of the sea. Just as he was about to lift up his right hand, Su Ming smiled coldly and seized the sea giant’s fist with his lifted right hand. He dug his fingers into the giant’s fist, causing him to be unable to retrieve his hand, and at that instant, he swiftly flung his right hand outwards!

The sea roared, and a giant that was one thousand feet tall was dragged out of the sea. His body was thrown into the air in the shape of an arc. Right then, Su Ming let go of his right hand, and immediately, the giant was flung out like a kite in the wind with a broken string. However, almost the instant he was thrown out, Su Ming took a step forward and leaped into the air, catching up with him. He then jabbed the center of the giant’s brows with his right index finger.

Booming sounds reverberated in the air, and the sea giant’s head exploded. His body fell with a huge splash in the distant sea. Then, after a few spasms, his body gradually sank to the bottom of the sea.

The woman in the Rune in the mountain was trembling at that moment. Her gaze as she looked at Su Ming was filled with shock and fear. She knew that these Dead Sea Giants were incredibly powerful, and each of them had power that was equivalent to a Latter Shaman. They also had natural advantage when they were in the seawater. Power equivalent to a middle stage Latter Shaman was usually required to kill one single sea giant.

She had also seen her Patriarch, who was a middle stage Latter Shaman, attack a Dead Sea Giant. While he had managed to kill him, he had spent nearly an hour doing so, but now… this white-robed young man before her had practically just ran into the giant, and had managed to kill him with just one move, executed smoothly and cleanly. It was clear, he was far much stronger than her Patriarch!

"Senior…" The woman was just about to speak, but her words died in her throat, because she saw Su Ming casting a cold glance at her from midair. With just that one glance, a bang went off in the woman’s head, and her thoughts instantly became muddled.

When her mind cleared up once again, she could no longer see Su Ming. All she could see was a huge wave that surged into the sky, and as it charged forward, it moved towards her. Before she even had time to activate the Rune beneath her again, it broke down with the contact of the huge wave, and both woman and Rune were swept into the Dead Sea and drowned...

Su Ming walked in midair and looked at the seawater beneath him, then at the raging waves surging into the sky, along with the huge heads emerging on the surface of the sea, as well as the numerous strange, ferocious beasts that popped up from the sea.

Everything was different from what he remembered.

The Catastrophe of the Eastern Wastelands was unfolding rapidly, and even though the final stage of the disaster was not on their heads as of yet, it was already not too far away.

"The Fire Ape…" Su Ming’s pupils shrank. He remembered the Fire Ape, as well as his cave abode and the medicinal cauldron he had kept there!

Sharp whistling sounds traveled forth from all around Su Ming as he stood in midair. A large amount of birds closed in on him from all directions. Brutality and bloodthirstiness shone in their eyes, and they were getting closer to Su Ming.

‘When the Catastrophe of the Eastern Wastelands comes, even the land of the Berserkers will experience a great disaster. Everyone’s in danger during that disaster, and it’ll be as if the apocalypse had been unleashed on us… Now is not the time for me to return to the Berserkers. I can only go back when the disaster is over...

‘Besides, I do have a place to hide from this disaster.’

A glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. More birds gathered around him and closed in on him in an instant, but right at the moment they closed in, Su Ming waved his arm, and the Poison Corpse appeared before him.

Ruthlessness shone in the Poison Corpse’s eyes. He opened his mouth and breathed out a layer of black and green poison fog. That fog spread out swiftly, and right at the instant the incoming birds came into contact with it, they let out piercing screeches and began rapidly melting, turning into drops of poisonous liquid that fell into the sea.

Su Ming frowned and observed the area around him. The sea was rolling under him, causing him to be unable to discern his exact location, which made it difficult for him to search for his cave abode.

He did not bother about the birds around him dying, neither did he bother himself with the Poison Corpse killing those birds. As he fell into a pensive silence, he spread his divine sense outward, covering the entire region. However, most of what he saw in his divine sense was seawater. Even if he did managed to find land that was submerged further down, he did not find any of the more distinct mountain ranges.

Su Ming widened his eyes. In silence, the image of the mountain where the woman was just moments ago appeared in his head.

A flicker of light shone in his eyes, then he lifted his right hand and patted his storage bag. Immediately, a wooden slip appeared in his hand. This was the map of the land of the Shamans. Once he focused his attention and looked through it, he found a mountain range that looked like a hoop. After a brief moment of analysis, he put away the wooden slip and charged into the distance.

The Poison Corpse followed behind him while puffing out poison fog in delight, causing the long arc that was Su Ming to look as if he was surrounded by a layer of black and green fog. Wherever he went, the numerous birds in the sky that touched the fog would immediately turn into poison liquid.

After flying for about the time taken to burn an incense stick above the endless sea, Su Ming spread his divine sense outwards. Everything within thousands of lis was ocean. There were also many ferocious beasts in the sea who seemed to have noticed his divine sense and whipped their heads around to look in his direction, especially the giants in the sea. They started to let out low roars.

In fact, Su Ming gradually noticed that some of the birds flying towards him in midair did not immediately melt after they came into contact with the poison fog like the others usually did. Instead, they would manage to rush out and travel some distance away before they gradually started melting.

This discovery made Su Ming’s eyes sparkle. As he observed them, he slowly found that there was no end to these birds. No matter how many of them died, more would continuously fly out of the sea, and these birds that flew out of the sea had clearly started building a resistance towards the poison fog!

If that was the case, then before long, the Poison Corpse’s poison fog would be incredibly weak to them!

‘No wonder…’ Su Ming waved his arm and put away his Poison Corpse, then lifted his right hand and swung it forward. Immediately, green light shone. The small virescent sword instantly appeared and grew larger before it started circling Su Ming.

With the small sword around, when a large amount of birds closed in on Su Ming as he traveled forth once again, green light would shine, and the sword would rotate around him with a whistle.

However, there were simply too many of these birds, and Su Ming could not kill all of them. The only thing he could do was warp. Once he attracted a large number of birds, he would warp and leave the spot in an instant.

After several hours, Su Ming came to an abrupt halt in midair, and a serious look appeared on his face. With his divine sense, he saw a vortex on the surface of the sea thousands of lis away. A presence that sent alarm bells ringing in Su Ming’s head spread out from that vortex.

He could sense that the presence had already surpassed that of an End Shaman!!

A gleam flashed in Su Ming’s eyes, and he disappeared in an instant, avoiding that vortex by putting a large distance between them, then continued towards the spot where his cave abode was.

Several days later, in the land that originally belonged to the Shamans but had now turned into a part of the sea, a long arc could be seen charging through There was a large flock of birds chasing behind it, and leading that flock of birds was a peacock-like bird that shone with a five-colored light!

It’s eyes were aloof, and the bird itself was about several thousands of feet big. It was chasing after Su Ming relentlessly, following right on his heels!

A few days later, from the surface of the sea, huge tentacles started throwing themselves up from the depths of the sea with roaring sounds reverberated in the air. Wherever these tentacles passed through, cracks would tear through the air, and all of them charged towards Su Ming as he traveled in the sky…

‘The Eastern Wastelands hasn’t crashed into us yet, but these powerful existences from the Dead Sea are already such a pain to deal with…’

With a flash, Su Ming disappeared into thin air.

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