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Once Su Ming mastered the fusion between the past and the future, Destiny was contained between the back and front of his hands!

This method which allowed him to cause time to flow back came through the epiphany he gained when he isolated himself during those two months and nursed his Nascent Soul back to health - his Destiny Style!

This was his creation, the third style that came after Berserker Obliteration and that extreme speed, this was Destiny’s Past!

This style looked simple and as if it could change the course of time, but in truth, that was not so. Su Ming still could not truly do that. What he could do, however, was channel his understanding towards that one word into wind, and make it seem as if the wind’s memories were flowing backwards based on that understanding.

Is he truly turned into Destiny, then he could bring forth the power of this one style to its greatest extent, but he had not transformed at the moment. That was why when he executed this attack, he could only cause things to move in reverse for a single moment.

Nonetheless, even if it was just for a single moment, it was still enough to stir up enough shock among the Spirits of Nine Yin, because this sort of divine ability had already reached an incredibly abstruse level!

At that moment, that was exactly how the three hundred something feet tall spirit standing outside the fourth palace felt!

He did not even bother hiding the complicated look on his face as he looked at Su Ming. His name… was Li Huo!

Su Ming also looked at the huge spirit before him, and he felt as if he could still hear the words the spirit had once said echoing faintly in his ears. "My name is Li Huo. According to the treaty made between my tribe and the Shaman Tribe, I am willing to serve you."

In the face of Su Ming’s question, the conflicted look on Li Huo’s face became even greater. He lifted his head swiftly, and resolution appeared in his eyes.

"There are certain things that a man can and cannot do! Because of personal reasons, I shouldn’t stop you… but as a member of my race, I must stop you! You saved me before, I…" The spirit lifted his right hand abruptly and seized the air. Immediately, a gigantic axe appeared out of thin air with a huge boom. Once he held it in his hand, he placed it on the ground.

The ground shuddered, and thin cracks spread out with loud, rumbling sounds ringing in the air.

"...have wronged you in this matter!"

Li Huo let go of his right hand. His battle axe stood straight on the ground, and he turned around, slamming his right hand against his chest roughly. He staggered a few steps backwards and coughed out a huge mouthful of blood. His helmet shattered, revealing his dried wood like face, and he opened up the path!

"Go!" Li Huo gritted his teeth and growled.

All the Spirits of Nine Yin around him were starting to awaken slowly. All of them looked at Li Huo, and in the midst of their silence, they remained still.

Su Ming wrapped his fist in his palm towards Li Huo, and a complicated look also appeared on his face. With one move, he leaped up and was about to rush into the fifth palace, but right at the instant he jumped up, all the other Spirits of Nine Yin in the fourth palace lifted their heads.

"Let him go!" Li Huo spoke once again, and there was a tone in his voice that told Su Ming he was bidding him farewell. He might have only gotten to know Su Ming for a short amount of time, but the things that had happened during the time they were briefly acquainted with each other were things that Li Huo would never forget.

He had not managed to complete Su Ming’s last request, bringing only the girl back to the Shaman City. The boy had run into an accident on their way back.

He would forever feel guilty about this.

Su Ming turned into a long arc, and in the blink of an eye, he charged into the fifth palace!

The instant he stood in the air above the courtyard of the fifth palace, a powerful, imposing air came crashing into him. There were nine gigantic stone statues in the courtyard, and all of them were waking up one by one. At the same time these spirits looked towards Su Ming with an aloof gaze, a Spirit of Nine Yin that wore no helmet walked out from within the fifth palace. He seemed to be a middle-aged man, and his face that was formed of dried wood contained no hint of emotion.

"Stop!" the middle-aged Spirit of Nine Yin said languidly. His voice gave off a feeling as if he was rotting away. Right then, powerful presences erupted forth from the nine Spirits of Nine Yin, and all of them were spirits that held power equivalent to a Latter Shaman!

It was especially so for the middle-aged spirit who walked out of the palace. The ripples that were spreading out from his body told Su Ming that even if he did not have the power equivalent to an End Shaman, he would still have the power equivalent to a Latter Shaman who had reached the peak!

These Spirits of Nine Yin were enough to trap Su Ming in this place and stop him from reaching the sixth palace in a short period of time!

Almost the instant all the Spirits of Nine Yin in the courtyard revealed their full power and lifted their heads, ready to charge towards Su Ming, who was closing in on them from midair, a glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes, and the small snake on his shoulders lifted its head to let out a piercing howl.

As it howled, the small snake charged out. With one twist of its body in midair, the illusory shadow of a gigantic Candle Dragon immediately appeared in the sky!

That shadow of the Candle Dragon roared and opened its mouth wide before sweeping its head across the ground underneath. At the same time, Su Ming turned into a long arc and shot through the Candle Dragon’s shadow to rush forward.

The Candle Dragon formed by the small snake blocked the Spirits of Nine Yin in the palace underneath, buying an instant for Su Ming. It allowed him to swiftly charge out of the fifth palace and arrive at the sixth palace in a rush!

The small snake’s power as the Candle Dragon might not be weak, but it was not fully grown. It could only trap the Spirits of Nine Yin in the fifth palace for a short period of time. It could not do so for long.

Su Ming knew that he… did not have much time!

With his full speed, he stepped into the courtyard of the sixth palace, and right at that instant, seven presences that were equivalent to Latter Shamans that had reached the peak charged towards him, causing Su Ming to have absolutely no chance of dodging or retreating as he was in midair!

The seven presences were about to close in to him in the next instant. A glint flashed past Su Ming’s eyes. He lifted his right hand, and the full power of the Wind Crystal of Inheritance in his body erupted forth. A vortex started spinning around his body, and as that vortex spun, a hot wave of air appeared, as if the vortex had turned into a cyclone that contained great heat!

Once that wind appeared, Su Ming pointed towards the sky with his right hand.

"Lunar Burial!"

The instant those two words fell out of his mouth, a gigantic whirlwind formed in the sky as well. The temperature of that wind was different from the hot whirlwind on the ground - it contained a freezing chill. All of this seemed to have happened over a long span of time, but in truth, everything happened in an instant.

As the freezing vortex and the burning wind on the ground continuously spun in the world, they crashed into each other abruptly, and as they did so, a gust of wind that was much stronger that the wind summoned through Sun Genesis burst forth out of nowhere. And as it howled, it also contained a power that could blow apart life. This… was Lunar Burial!

The second style of Wind Separation - Lunar Burial!

Under that gust of wind that came forth to bury life, the seven powerful Spirits of Nine Yin that were closing in on Su Ming became like corpses. As the wind blew, their bodies rapidly dried up and a large amount of their life force flowed out from their bodies. That wind howled and swept about in all directions. Su Ming stood in that gust of wind, and it caused his long hair to dance, his robes to flutter, and his eyes to look ghostly!

However, this was the sixth palace of the Spirits of Nine Yin. Almost the instant that gust of wind formed, an old spirit walked out of the sixth palace, and that old spirit was also another person Su Ming was familiar with!

The old spirit was naturally… the spirit that Su Ming had rented in the past, one that possessed power that was equivalent to that of an End Shaman! He was also the one who had taken away the crimson dragon with some unknown method and caused the crimson dragon to be sealed in this place!

He also had a complicated look on his face, but different from Li Huo stepping aside to clear the path, he took a step forward, and as that gust of wind swirled in the air, he lifted his right hand and pointed at the wind!

It was the same attack he executed when he had helped Su Ming fight against the God of Shamans Temple all those years ago during the treasure gambling event!

"Ze Long Shen…"

As Su Ming stood in the gust of wind, he saw the incoming attack of that one point. At that moment, all seven figures that had been closing in on him moments ago were revealed, but they could not get closer to Su Ming. In the gust of wind that aimed to bury their lives, they could only do their absolute best to fight against it.

The might of that wind would not have been so powerful if it had been executed by a person with average power, but when Su Ming cast it with the full power of all his Berserker Bones, this Lunar Burial reached an incredibly powerful state.

"In the past, I could not hope to even become your opponent… Now, I’d like to see just how far apart we are!"

A glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes and he took a step forward, walking straight out of the vortex that was the gust of wind that buried lives. He lifted his right hand, and with the jab he created after numerous evolutions during those countless years in the Undying and Imperishable World, he pointed forward, and that one jab traveled forth like lightning. It swiftly closed in on the attack from the old Spirit of Nine Yin’s finger in midair.

In the past, Su Ming had been so weak that he could not put up a fight against the old spirit in his own eyes!

As of now, he already had the right to truly fight against this old spirit!

‘It’s a pity… that the timing isn’t right.’

At the same moment Su Ming pointed forward, he moved his body slightly. He sighed in his heart, and when that one jab of his clashed against the old spirit’s attack from his finger, a loud bang that shook the skies rose into the air.

Amid the rumbles, blood trickled down the corners of Su Ming’s lips. His body tumbled backwards, and due to the slight rearrangement in his position, he did not fall back in the direction of where he came. Instead, as if he had borrowed the old spirit’s power, he charged straight towards the seventh palace!

The old Spirit of Nine Yin’s body shuddered. He could tell that Su Ming had not used his entire power when he executed that one jab. He had just wanted to borrow its power to charge forth. When he saw that Su Ming was heading straight to the seventh palace, a glint appeared in his eyes. At the instant he was about to give chase, the shadow of Su Ming’s Nascent Divinity, who was still following right behind Su Ming, whipped his head around.

Right at the moment the Nascent Divinity turned his head around, he lifted his right hand and swung it against the sky. That one swing immediately caused a blood-red hue to spread out, making it seem as if the entire sky was being rapidly dyed in blood.

This was one of the stronger styles among all of Hong Luo’s Arts - Purge the Heavens!

It was difficult for Su Ming to bring out much of the power in this Art if he cast it at just the Soul Formation Stage. Even if he used up all the energy contained within his Nascent Divinity, he would still only be able to bring out half of the Art’s power. Yet even though it was just half, it could still bring about a purge!

The sky was dyed crimson red as if a sea of blood had manifested. The sea tumbled in all directions and appeared right behind Su Ming, as if it was serving as a blockade, cutting off the old Spirit of Nine Yin’s path when he tried to chase Su Ming down. The sea of blood surged about, and as if the sky had collapsed, all the red in the sky fused into Su Ming’s Nascent Divinity, and once it did so, his Nascent Divinity charged straight towards the old Spirit of Nine Yin.

Su Ming did not turn his head back. Borrowing the power from that one point and using his Nascent Divinity’s Art to block the old spirit off was all so that he would not be trapped within the sixth palace. At that moment, as he charged forward like a long arc, Su Ming stepped right into the courtyard of the seventh palace!

His face was slightly pale. After all, that one attack from the old spirit’s finger was equivalent to an attack from an End Shaman. If his physical body had not been strong enough and allowed him to bear the brunt of the attack, Su Ming might have immediately exploded.

However, the guards for the palaces belonging to the Spirits of Nine Yin were all stronger with each new level.

Even if there were only two palaces left standing before him until he reached the mountain sealing his crimson dragon, these two palaces, the seventh and eight palaces, were definitely incredibly dangerous.

But Su Ming had no regrets!

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