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Chapter 483: Fated Kin (Second Part)
Booming sounds reverberated in the air, and as they gradually disappeared, the black clouds in the sky disappeared, turning into scattered wisps of fog that spread in all directions. There were only less than a hundred of the Sacred Bats remaining from their previous force that numbered to two hundreds, and they were all retreating from the sky.
A large amount of flesh and blood filled the sky and fell from midair. The Shamans’ Fiend Bows and the explosion from the aura of death could be said to be their final strength. It was also because of this power that they had been able to last for fifteen years in this place!
However, the price for this power was also incredibly great. Those Fiend Bows could only be used once, and it was not because the Enchanted treasure would become useless after that, but it was because there was no Battle Shaman who could draw that bow twice within a short period of time!
In truth, every single time they drew the bows, their tendons would be torn apart as a price. They needed to be treated right after that and they were people who would be given topmost priority in terms of protection, because they would have to serve the same important role in the next battle.
The powerful impact from the aura of death gathered through the beast bone altar could not be done by human means either, this sort of power could only be accumulated in time. Over the past fifteen years, Nan Gong Hen had only managed to gather enough power for five explosions.
They could only gather enough power for one explosion about every three years. Even though they only had enough for one more explosion, there was still far too much time for them to wait until the next three years passed.
"Send… the sacrifices…" Nan Gong Hen lowered his head, not wanting to see what would happen next. He knelt down on one knee and clenched his fists. The other people behind, too, knelt down with grief on their faces.
Almost at the same moment they knelt down, all the Shamans in the valley knelt down in sorrow and silence. They were going down on their knees for twenty of their Shaman brethren.
These twenty Shamans were all old men. Their bodies slowly flew into the sky and moved towards the screen of light. There was sentiment on their faces, but also faint smiles. They were lamenting over their fates, but smiling towards their kinsmen.
They had offered themselves willingly to become sacrifices, because they knew that they no longer had much time left. If their death could bring a period of peace for their people, then at least their deaths would be worthwhile.
When all the Shamans knelt down on the ground, filled with grief in their hearts, the twenty old men went through the screen of light and appeared outside the valley. They rushed towards the hundred something Sacred Bats that were still lingering around in the sky and had yet to leave.
The Sacred Bats screeched and flew towards them. A massacre unfolded right before everyone’s eyes, and it was one that was met with no resistance from one side. There was only bloody death.
When all the Shamans saw this, their grief only became stronger in the midst of their silence.
When those twenty old men were slaughtered cruelly by the hundred or so Sacred Bats. The Sacred Bats spread their wings and flew into the distance.
Nan Gong Hen lifted his head and red filled his eyes. During these fifteen years, they, who had fought against these Sacred Bats multiple times, knew that this particular race in the World of Nine Yin loved hunting. They would usually come in a large crowd, and if their hunt did not end in success, they would definitely not give up, and would only come in a larger crowd the next time.
That was why the Shamans would first kill off some of their numbers before they sent out these so called ‘sacrifices’ to satisfy the Sacred Bats’ hunting lust. Only by doing so could they ea

rn a period of peace.
If they offered these sacrifices without fighting, it would still be useless. Some casualties must appear on the Sacred Bats’ side in accordance to the Sacred Bats’ hunting ritual.
This was something Nan Gong Hen and the others knew clearly after being trapped here for fifteen years.
"In the end, we still gave up our tribesmen as sacrifices… We had a sixth chance to win, but the price was just too great…" the old woman behind Nan Gong Hen said in a whisper.
"Sixty-seven died keeping the Rune functioning, and when we add in the twenty who were willing to become sacrifices, eighty-seven of ours were lost this time."
"The Battle Shamans’ Fiend Bows can only be drawn half a year later, and we already don’t have enough medicinal herbs for healing. We need to arrange some men to risk themselves and go to Shaman City to search for medicine…"
"We can still use the altar’s aura of death one more time."
When Nan Gong Hen heard the people giving him the reports of this battle, a lost look gradually appeared on his face. Fifteen years ago, he did not manage to escape during the change and was forced to stay here with his other tribesmen. They waited for others to come save them, and at that time, they numbered nearly ten thousand.
They had many Latter Shamans at that time, but through the numerous fights and battles, their numbers began decreasing, and in the end, they even had a dispute, and a part of their people left. Nan Gong Hen had no idea where these people went.
Gradually, due to his status, he became the leader of this place and was forced to watch his people die. Their future was clouded, and he did not know where he should lead them…
‘Perhaps the people outside have already forgotten about us… Perhaps the Catastrophe of the Eastern Wastelands has already happened, and the world outside has been turned upside down. No one remembers any longer that we are still in the World of Nine Yin.
‘Perhaps we will never be able to leave this place and can only die in battle… Just where… is our future?’ Nan Gong Hen’s face was worn out. He sighed in his heart. However, when he looked towards the sky in his daze, his expression suddenly changed drastically.
The dozen something people behind him also experienced a change in their expressions. In fact, panic and shock appeared on quite a number of Shamans in the valley the instant they looked into the sky.
With his own eyes, Nan Gong Hen saw black fog that was much bigger than those black clouds from a few moments ago, and it was rolling towards them like waves. The Sacred Bats that would occasionally reveal themselves from the fog were a startling sight!
By the looks of it, they numbered to nearly a thousand!
And they were heading straight for this valley!
"I see Violet Thread Sacred Bats. There’re… a lot of them. This has never happened before. When we defeated a batch in the past, they would spend at least half a year before they came to hunt us once again!
"There’re definitely Golden Thread Sacred Bats around if there are so many Violet Thread Sacred Bats here. The chances of us winning this battle are practically zero. Even if we have all our tribesmen go and keep the Rune running, we won’t be able to last for long!
"Have all our people activate the protection Rune. Get the power of the aura of death ready. Have the backup Battle Shamans for the Fiend Bows on standby. Even if they die, they have to draw the Fiend Bows!
"It’ll be great if they’re just passing by. If they aren’t… Tell all the tribe members… that it’s time for the final battle. We’ve waited for fifteen years, and the moment deciding whether we live or die is finally here!" Nan Gong Hen growled with a grim look on his face.
When Nan Gong Hen said those words, someone immediately went off to deliver his message. Resolute looks appeared on the Shamans on the Rune in the valley. They sat down cross-legged and began offering up all their strength.
All the Shamans stood at the edge of their cave abodes in silence. They looked at the sky, wiped their weapons, circulated their power, and determination shone on their faces!
The children who were born during these fifteen years sat within their mothers’ embraces while looking outside at their fathers. Their innocent eyes were filled with fear, but the willingness to die together could be seen shining through that fear even more so.
There were also quite a number of old men who stood outside their cave abodes. Their ancient faces were filled with marks of time, and as they looked at the sky, they became ready to use their deaths in exchange for honor.
All the Shamans looked towards the sky, watching the black fog rolling violently in the sky as they tried to determine whether they were just passing by or whether they were indeed really heading towards the valley.
The instant that black fog stopped above the valley, all the Shamans who saw this scene knew the answer immediately. The time for the final battle was nigh!
Nan Gong Hen gritted his teeth. Madness burned in his eyes. When he saw the layer of black fog stopping outside the valley, suddenly, hundreds of screeching Sacred Bats shot down as if that fog had just exploded and they were thrown out by that explosion. The moment these Sacred Bats charged out, Nan Gong Hen let out a low roar.
He charged out swiftly, and right behind him were his dozen something followers.
"If we fight, we die. If we don’t fight, we will still die. But if we fight, at least we’ll die without regrets!
"We’ve waited for fifteen years, and we still have yet to receive any news about reinforcements from the world outside. They might have forgotten about us already, or they might have given up on us. If that is the case, then where is our future? It’s in our hands!
"We can’t wait anymore! We’ll put up a spectacular fight, and if we’re lucky enough to pull through and win, then we will no longer be Shamans. We will be our own race! We will control our own fate and pursue our own future. If the outsiders won’t save us, then we will save ourselves. From now on, we are Fated Kin!" Nan Gong Hen lifted his right hand and seized at the air. Immediately, a long spear materialized in his hand and he wrapped his hand around it.
"Fated Kin!"
"From now on, we are no longer Shamans! We’re Fated Kin!" Low roars, filled with madness, shot out of the mouths of each and every single one of the Shamans’ mouths in the valley.
"Prepare the aura of death!"
As Nan Gong Hen roared, the aura of death from the entire valley gathered up once again and turned into a great power to charge upwards. It shot through the protective screen of light and crashed into the incoming Sacred Bats. At the instant the booming surged into the sky and reverberated through the air, Nan Gong Hen shouted, "Fated Kin, kill them!"
Shadows of people abruptly rose from the valley, followed by a roaring. This uprisal was like a revolt from a whole race. It was a struggle filled with madness, shouts filled with the unwillingness to admit defeat, and a release of those that had thrown all caution into the wind after fifteen years of waiting, of living in oppression, and of having death constantly loom over their heads!
Besides the Shamans who were still keeping the Rune running by sending out their power as they sat to protect the children in the valley, more than five hundred Shamans rushed out of the valley and clashed against the Sacred Bats who were attacked by the aura of death!
"You people think too highly of yourselves!"
A cold harrumph echoed from the sky, and as the black fog spread out, ten Sacred Bats with a distinct violet line at the center of their brows flew out. Right behind them was a gigantic Sacred Bat of fifty feet with a golden thread at the center of his brows!
With a cold harrumph, he lifted his right hand and pressed downward. The aura of death that was attacking his kind immediately froze and exploded, spreading in all directions, its power to instantly disappear.
"Our sacred ancestor is on the verge of waking up. We will kill all the outsiders in this land and offer them as sacrifices. The Nine Sacred Altar here is ours now!"
Many Sacred Bats screeched excitedly and charged towards the Shamans!
Right at that moment, in the sky not too far away from the valley was Su Ming strolling casually over with a calm expression on his face. The small snake on his shoulders lifted its head, stared in the direction ahead, and let out a hiss.
Su Ming frowned. He took another step, and his speed instantly increased explosively, stirring up a piercing sound as he sliced through the air in his wake.

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