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The crack within the tenth moon in the sky was completely opened, making it seem as if the tenth moon had opened its eye and was looking at the ground with a gaze that had attained enlightenment.

"This is his gaze. He… came out…" the old man mumbled under his breath as he sat in the valley. A bitter look appeared on his face, along with despair.

In the forest that covered the entire land lying on the other side of the valley was the Spirit of Nine Yin that was looking at the sky. He sighed and closed his eyes.

In one of the palaces right behind him was the old Spirit of Nine Yin. He too closed his eyes.

In the region lying in the other direction that was filled with numerous illusory figures was an indistinct figure. It could be seen that the person was a woman, and she was drifting through the land with a vacant look on her face as she stared at the moon in the sky.

Her appearance suggested that she should be incredibly beautiful. However, the current vacant look and change in her appearance made it difficult for people to imagine just what could have possibly happened to her.

The gigantic body that had fossilized all those years ago in the Candle Dragon’s burial ground had also started recovering slowly. As it was restored to its original form, a thick, rotten stench spread out, and all the spots that had been restored from its petrified state started rapidly decaying until they disintegrated.

Within the huge region in the Candle Dragon’s head was a breathtakingly beautiful woman’s head. The head was the only thing that was not fossilized, but at that moment, dark patches began covering her whole head, and she started rotting.

Right before her was a stone statue, and that statue was Su Ming!

Starting from the head, a brilliant light slowly shone on the statue, and the petrification on his body faded away gradually, like a receding tide. A strong wave of life force rapidly gushed out from the stone statue, and it was becoming stronger with each passing moment.

It was quiet all around them. The decay of the woman’s head symbolized her life force fading away and her imminent death, forming a stark contrast to Su Ming’s body.

After some time, as the woman’s head continued rotting, her eyelashes fluttered lightly and she slowly opened her eyes, revealing a pair of eyes filled with age and time, along with wisdom.

She looked at Su Ming, simply looked at him, and gradually, a vortex appeared at the center of her brows. It started spinning slowly.

"You, who have walked out of the Undying and Imperishable World… have found the fusion that belongs solely to you. You have earned my respect… This is our fate as Candle Dragons…

"I will keep to my promise and let myself be devoured by my kind willingly. With what remains of my will and body, I will… bless his new life… and I will also bless… your new life…

"With the blessing of the Candle Dragons with you, I hope that you can walk further down with my kind…

"The other side of curses is blessings. With my dissipating body and with ninety-seven worlds I devoured, I will bless you…" the beautiful woman mumbled. There was not a hint of hatred in her eyes, only calmness. As she spoke, she opened her mouth and breathed out a puff of air towards the recovering Su Ming.

That puff of air was white, and looked like fog. It landed on Su Ming’s face slowly and crawled into his body through his eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. The instant it crawled into the body, the Candle Dragon’s gigantic body started rapidly decaying, and as it began rotting, a large amount of white fog gushed out and charged towards Su Ming as if he was a vortex that was absorbing this life force swiftly into him.

"I will hand my will and my legacy as a gift for my kind, and I will give to you what remains of my power, along with the power of the one World that remains after I used ninety-six worlds to build the Undying and Imperishable World… How much you will be able to take in depends on your serendipity."

Once she said those words, the beautiful woman closed her eyes. The vortex at the center of her brows spun faster with each passing moment. A black thread could be seen vaguely inside it, and the rotating black thread was the reason behind the vortex spinning!

As the life force and white fog that came from the crumbling Candle Dragon’s gigantic body surged into Su Ming’s body incessantly, he instantly recovered. He also clearly felt a huge wave of aura crashing into his body from all directions.

That aura and life force came too swiftly and violently, causing Su Ming to immediately feel that his body was going to swell up and explode if he reacted a bit too slowly.

‘This is the accumulation of the Candle Dragon’s power through its whole life! It might be dead and there is less than a tenth of the original power of when it was still alive, but the moment its body disappeared, the full force of that power burst forth… This is… the sort of great serendipity that would only happen once in a lifetime!’

Su Ming did not hesitate, and neither could he hesitate. If he did not absorb that power, his body would immediately fall apart.

The forceful injection of power came too violently, causing Su Ming to not have time to think. The Berserker Bones in his body instantly started absorbing that power madly.

There were seven Berserker Bones within Su Ming’s body. The Wind Crystal of Inheritance had turned into one of his Berserker Bones, and the Lightning Crystal of Inheritance had also turned into a Berserker Bone. However, as the powerful wave of aura and life force surged into his body, the eighth vertebrae on Su Ming’s back almost instantly started shining with golden light!

The instant golden light shone through Su Ming’s body, the eighth Berserker Bone was formed within him!

But this was far from over. Less than ten breaths since the eighth Berserker Bone formed, banging sounds came from Su Ming’s body. Pain filled his face, and dazzling golden light shone from his back. The ninth Berserker Bone manifested!

After the span of a hundred breaths passed, and as Su Ming let out a low growl through gritted teeth, his body shivered. The powerful aura and life force was surging into his body too quickly, almost as if they wanted to rush into his body all in one ago, and he was slightly lacking in the speed required to absorb that force. As sharp pain coursed through him, the tenth Berserker Bone materialized on his spine!

If he told anyone about this sort of rapid improvement in power, he would definitely stir up a wave of shock, a commotion. After all, it was common knowledge that it was incredibly difficult to train in the Berserkers’ Bone Sacrifice Realm, and since the final Realm for Berserkers was the Berserker Soul Realm, those who had reached the Bone Sacrifice Realm could already be considered as powerful warriors. They were people who were the backbone of a clan’s fighting force, and the strongest power in a middle-sized tribe!

However, the Candle Dragon had turned its body into a blessing for him before its will perished, and it had turned the impossible into possible. It gave Su Ming a huge serendipity that perhaps even Di Tian had not seen coming!

The source of it all was Hong Luo! His sudden appearance, it caused Di Tian to lose control over his plans for Su Ming. Since his clone was destroyed, it caused Su Ming to temporarily be free of his predetermined fate, allowing everything to deviate from its original course during the entire process Su Ming ran free from his reign!

A large amount of sweat beaded on Su Ming’s forehead. The feeling as if his body was about to explode grew stronger. As the ten Berserker Bones in his body absorbed the power with a maddened frenzy, he gathered up that power and landed a powerful blow against the eleventh Berserker Bone.

Like a furious wave crashing into a frail barrier, the golden light in his body shone more brilliantly under that impact, and his eleventh Berserker Bone took form straight away!

But this was just the beginning. About the time taken for half an incense stick to burn later, as Su Ming’s spine continued absorbing the life force and aura that was forcefully injected into his body, golden light erupted forth from his twelfth Berserker Bone!

‘Since this is a serendipitous event, then I might as well just let myself go and absorb. I’d like to see just how far I can go with this serendipity helping me!’

Su Ming formed a seal with his hands, then let loose of all his inhibitions to absorb the life force and aura. His thirteenth Berserker Bone gathered together swiftly.

The power from the thirteen Berserker Bones allowed Su Ming to absorb the Candle Dragon’s life force at a much faster pace. As time passed and as he trembled even more furiously, the fourteenth Berserker Bone manifested on his spine, the spine that made him belong to the Berserkers!

Fourteen Berserker Bones! An amount that was twice more than what Su Ming had previously!

Yet even more so, the life force and aura that was surging into his body was still coming in as swiftly and violently as ever. It did not show any signs of diminishing. Instead, more came in.

When his fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth Berserker Bones started shining with a brilliant golden light in succession, even Su Ming found himself in shock at the rapid rise of his power. However, he could not spare even a single thought to all of these things. If he did not boost his power, then his body would fall apart and explode.

With gritted teeth, all seventeen of his Berserker Bones started madly absorbing the force. He could not spare even a single bit of his attention to worry about this right then, he had to absorb it, had to use the newly formed Berserker Bones to contain that vast amount of life force.

The eighteenth Berserker Bone took form with a bang a moment later. The total amount of power that Su Ming needed to absorb for this Berserker Bone to appear was much more than what he needed to activate the other Berserker Bones. If he had been training normally, it would be incredibly difficult for him to activate this eighteenth Berserker Bone.

Once it appeared, the nineteenth Berserker Bone almost activated itself at the same time as its predecessor. At that moment, the golden light shining from Su Ming’s body practically illuminated the entire area. Even his hair looked as if it had completely turned gold.

Veins popped up on his face, and he began trembling even more violently. A large amount of black liquid was also forced out of his skin, and as it was forced out, he could distinctly feel his body becoming much lighter than before.

At the same time, the twentieth Berserker Bone formed with a bang!

When it appeared, Su Ming felt as if his body was about to be torn apart. He gritted his teeth and endured that pain, turning all of it into a force to guide the life force and aura that was still endlessly surging into his body to rush against more Berserker Bones!

The twenty-first Berserker Bone formed some time later!

The twenty-second and twenty-third!

Powerful Berserkers in the Bone Sacrifice Realm could at most create twenty-six Berserker Bones, and the moment the last formed, he or she must breakthrough into the Berserker Soul Realm. There was only one chance, and life and death was decided within an instant.

If that person succeeded, then he or she would step into the Berserker Soul Realm and become a powerful warrior in the Berserker Soul Realm with one fell swoop. They would join the people who trained in the final Realm within the cultivation method practiced by Berserkers!

If… that person failed trying to reach the Berserker Soul Realm, then all the Berserker Bones in their body would explode, their life force would fade away, and everything about that person, including his body, would die!

A wave of fear gradually washed over Su Ming’s heart, because he realized that if he continued increasing his power at this speed, then before long, he would manifest all twenty-six Berserker Bones!

He still had not completed his preparations! He still had not found the Nine Abyss Flower!

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