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The instant Su Ming said that word, he stood up, and even if someone was beside him, they would not be able to see the world he saw in his empty eyes right at that moment.

He stood on the hill and took a deep breath. He had already stayed in this place for countless years, and he still had many things he wanted to do: use his awakening to make the Candle Dragon’s will completely disappear, and in exchange, have his small snake obtain the serendipity only given to its kind!

He remained silent for a while before lifting his foot and walking forward. As he walked, he ran into numerous undying souls. However, they seemed to not have seen him and just let him walk past, remaining blissfully ignorant and unaware of his presence.

It did not matter whether it was the battles to devour each other between hundreds of undying souls, or even thousands, or tens upon thousands, or even the shocking battles between hundreds upon thousands of undying souls.

In fact, even the undying souls engaged in the battles that numbered to more than the hundred thousands, or the millions, and even tens of millions, could not see Su Ming, just like Su Ming, whose eyes remained empty, could not see them.

Su Ming walked past these numerous undying souls, and neither he nor the undying souls touched each other. It was as if everything in the world followed a certain law, and that was if Su Ming’s heart remained calm and his eyes did not see, then everything did not exist.

The path he took did not change no matter what happened, and that direction he was headed to was the spot where he eventually scattered away in all his numerous incarnations - the towering mountain and the gigantic statue of the dragon snake.

As Su Ming walked forward, he met the apathetic old man in white robes flying through the sky and also ran into the man who had mastered the skill of lightness and heaviness charging through the ground.

He ran into many other Undying warrior souls as he moved forward, but he did not see them, and neither did they see him.

An unknown amount of time passed by, and eventually, a towering mountain appeared before Su Ming. There was a dreary air surrounding the giant statue as its body was illuminated by the gray sky.

This was the first time Su Ming came to this place since he recovered all his memories.

He looked at the mountain as if he could see it.

"I’m about to leave now…" Su Ming whispered under his breath. Just as he was about to walk forward, his footsteps suddenly froze, and he slowly turned his head around. No light could be seen shining from his empty eyes, but his gaze was directed towards an apathetic old man dragging his exhausted body towards the mountain.

That old man was dressed in black robes and his face was decorated by age. He walked towards the mountain as if he was on a pilgrimage, and perhaps he was the same as Su Ming, going through an unknown number of incarnations before he eventually made it to this place, then reincarnated, falling into another cycle that would never end and never cease.

That old man was the person who had appeared within the Candle Dragon’s body in an attempt to use the small snake to threaten the remnants of the Candle Dragon’s will, forcing it to activate the Undying and Imperishable World. He was Di Tian’s servant, the person who monitored Su Ming’s actions in the land of the Berserkers!

But a pity, he underestimated the Candle Dragon’s pride. It was why the strand of his divine sense was forcefully absorbed into the Undying and Imperishable World to suffer through endless cycles of life and death.

He had also dragged his body into this mess, forcing himself to endure the Curse eating away at his body!

As if he could see, Su Ming looked in the old man’s direction. After a long while, he lifted his feet and walked towards the old man. When he got closer, the old man remained blissfully unaware and ignorant of his presence, simply continuing on with his path towards the mountain that was summoning him.

Su Ming walked beside the old man in black robes. Then, with a calm expression, he lifted his right hand and plunged it into the old man’s soul. That person’s body jolted and pain appeared on his face. The instant he wanted to struggle, Su Ming brought his hand out, and there was a wisp of green fog in his palm.

That fog surrounded Su Ming’s hand and stayed in his palm. Once he seized it, he no longer bothered himself with the old man and walked towards the mountain.

Su Ming would not kill the old man, because suffering through the endless cycles of life here was worse than dying. It would just bring the old man happiness if Su Ming killed him.

What he wanted to kill was the old man’s body outside. Only by killing him would Su Ming be able to quell his hatred.

When Su Ming arrived at the mountain and stepped on the many scales on the dragon snake’s body, he sensed the familiar words written on them. Those words symbolized his incarnations and his perseverance.

Su Ming began walking towards the dragon snake’s head, and when he eventually reached there, he lifted his head and looked at the sky.

"Candle Dragon, since this is the fate of your kind, then there is nothing wrong about you wanting to devour my snake… I respect you. I have woken up despite your Curse, and now, I will walk out of this place."

Su Ming spoke quietly, but the instant he said those words, wind suddenly stirred in the peaceful gray sky, and clouds surged in the heavens. Thunderous roars that shook the skies traveled forth.

A thunder clap sounded as if the sky itself was roaring, causing the old man in black robes to shudder and kneel on the ground. All the other undying souls in the endless world also shuddered in the midst of their fights and prostrated themselves on the ground.

Fear, too, had appeared on the faces of the powerful Undying warrior souls, and all of them fell down on the ground to worship the sky.

The thunder clap seemed to be a response to Su Ming’s words. Once he finished speaking, with a calm expression, he stood on the dragon snake’s head and lifted both of his hands slowly.

"My palms symbolize my past, and the back of my hands represent my future…" Su Ming lifted his right hand high into the sky with his palm facing downward while the back of his hand was turned upward, then moved his left hand in the opposite direction.

"The fusion of the past and present will appear when these two hands come into contact, and the power when the past and future fuse together will bloom!" Su Ming’s right hand began descending slowly towards his left hand.

"I call the power of fusing the past and future together as… Destiny!" During that instant, Su Ming’s right hand and left hand touched each other.

Right when they came into contact, Su Ming’s body began trembling viciously. Veins popped up on his face. His long hair started dancing in the air without wind and his robes fluttered furiously. Behind him, an illusory figure of a baby appeared. That baby did not cry. He had his eyes wide open, and there was only gray in there, as if he was dead.

The world distorted and a man with purple hair gradually emerged. The man’s face was filled with grief as he lifted his head to look at the sky. The instant he appeared, an astonishing change immediately happened in the Undying and Imperishable World.

The gray sky started rotating as if it was fog. The white hue on the ground instantly turned black as if it was dyed in ink and started trembling viciously.

"The Fusion of Destiny: First Fusion."

The instant Su Ming started mumbling, the illusory man with purple hair standing before him moved towards him, and at the same time, a gray light shone in the baby’s eyes and he charged towards Su Ming from behind him.

At that instant, the past and future turned into a gigantic vortex around Su Ming. The vortex became increasingly faster as it spun, and eventually, it sucked Su Ming inside. He disappeared, and during that moment, there was only a gigantic vortex above the dragon snake’s head above the mountain in that world.

That vortex spun with loud rumbling sounds. Within it contained Su Ming’s future, past, and his present. All of this had turned into the greatest creation he had gained out of his epiphany in the Undying and Imperishable Realm!


As that vortex spun, a hand shot out from within. It was a pale hand, and it seemed to contain no strength. However, the instant that hand stretched out, it slowly curled its fingers into a fist, and the rapidly spinning vortex froze instantaneously before charging straight towards it, making it seem like the hand had completely frozen the vortex during the process it formed that fist.

When the vortex disappeared, a person appeared on the dragon snake’s head. It was a boy with half a head of purple hair and the other half white. He looked to be only about eight or nine years old, but his skin gave off a dreary air. However, his eyes shone with the light of eternity.

He lifted his head and stared at the gray sky coldly. Without a single word, he abruptly charged upwards, and the instant he got closer, he lifted his right hand and pressed against the sky, as if he was supporting it.

The gray shade that was rotating in the sky as if it was fog let out a huge rumble. The entire sky started trembling and the fog started rolling backwards, layer by layer, as if those layers were being stripped off one by one. It was as if the sky had turned into a gigantic wooden block, and it was rapidly becoming thinner with each passing moment.

Right at that moment, a thunderous rumble that sounded like a furious roar sliced towards that boy from all directions. Soon after, all the undying souls in the Undying and Imperishable World exploded with a shiver, turning into a large amount of white fog that charged upwards. The endless white fog filled the entire sky in an instant before gathering together swiftly right where Su Ming was.

As that white fog merged together, it turned into a gigantic body whose end could not be seen before Su Ming, and it was the Candle Dragon!

It roared and opened its mouth wide towards him. Compared to it, Su Ming was like an ant, but not a single hint of change could be detected on his face. Almost the instant the gigantic Candle Dragon devoured him, he lifted his left hand and pressed downwards.

At that moment, he had his right hand supporting the sky and his left hand pressing down on the ground. As he pushed forcefully with both his hands, the sky and earth started rumbling violently. Then, a large amount of visible cracks that could be seen with the naked eye appeared in the sky, and as the ground shook, deep chasms tore through the land.

"Undying and Imperishable World… open!"

This was the first sentence Su Ming said after he fused his past and present together. His voice was icy cold, containing both an ancient air and a feeling of youthfulness, giving off an incredible impression to others.

The instant Su Ming said those words, he forcefully pushed upwards and downwards with both hands again!

Right at that moment, a crack suddenly appeared right at the center of the tenth moon in the World of Nine Yin. It was as if a great force was tearing it apart from within. That strange change immediately caught the attention of all the living in the World of Nine Yin, plunging them into shock.

At the same time, as the fossilized Candle Dragon laid in its burial ground, a crack also appeared right in the middle of the third eye at the center of its brows on its gigantic head, just like on the tenth moon in the sky. It was as if there was someone who wanted to force that eye to open!

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