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The instant the middle-aged man appeared, a few from the crowd underneath immediately recognized him. They did not dare discuss among themselves loudly, but low buzzing sounds could still be heard traveling through the air faintly.

"The End Shaman who is in charge of defending the World of Nine Yin this time is Sir Mo Bai[1], the Lord of the Earthen Temple of the God of Shamans Temple?!"

"No wonder the other big tribes were so plainly hesitating just now! So this is the reason!"

"Sir Mo Bai is addressing Mo Su as brother Mo… and that crimson dragon… Could it be that he… that he’s the person in the legends?!"

Su Ming’s expression was calm as he looked at the man standing before the Grand Elder. Through the Grand Elder’s respect and his words, along with the ripples that came from this person’s level of cultivation, it was not difficult for him to guess that this person was the End Shaman who was defending Shaman City!

This was the second End Shaman he had ever met!

This person gave him a different feeling than Zong Ze, who had clearly exuded an incredible feeling of power when Su Ming looked at him. This person looked incredibly gentle, and most of his aura was also kept within himself. People would only feel that this person seemed to be different from others at first glance, but they would not be able to sense the pressure of an End Shaman coming from him.

If he could do this, then it was clear that he had come to understand his Realm better than Zong Ze.

When his words fell into Su Ming’s ears, doubt immediately appeared in Su Ming’s heart. Ever since he used the power of the God of Berserkers and dispelled Di Tian’s projection before leaving through that Gate to the Void, he had been plagued by a thought, since everything from the moment he fought against Di Tian to the moment Hong Luo disappeared had happened inside and near that sacred mountain of the Shaman Tribe.

Rumors said that the location of the God of Shamans Temple was in that sacred mountain. Then, the God of Shamans Temple must have witnessed that battle, but now, the words and expressions of this Earthen Temple Lord of the God of Shamans Temple and that Grand Elder made it seem as if they did not know about the battle at their sacred mountain.

However, this was not the moment for Su Ming to be immersed in his own thoughts. He stood on his crimson dragon and narrowed his eyes, not speaking a word.

"We are at fault for what happened today… Brother Mo, don’t worry, I will definitely give you a satisfactory answer to this… so I hope that you would not continue pursuing this matter… After all, you have been missing for many years and your level of cultivation has fallen.

"I doubt that you are here to fight against the God of Shamans Temple now that you appeared here in the World of Nine Yin. There must be something more important for you to do…" the middle-aged man said with a smile. His voice was slow, but when he mentioned Su Ming’s power decreasing, a sharp glint flashed in his eyes.

Clearly, even he had been unable to see that finger just now, and even if the Grand Elder had seen it, he was unable to differentiate clearly whether that finger was a product of Su Ming’s divine ability or it was because of someone else.

"Besides, you have a Protector Spirit of Nine Yin with you, so you must have also gone to the ninth layer…" the middle-aged man said with a smile.

"How are you going to explain this?" Su Ming asked calmly. Since the other thought that he was Hong Luo and believed that his current level of cultivation was not high because he had been injured in an accident, then Su Ming would naturally not explain anything. He, of course, had also heard the faint hints of a threat within the man’s words when he spoke about his Protector Spirit of Nine Yin.

The underlying meaning of his words was a warning to Su Ming that the God of Shamans Temple also had Protector Spirits of Nine Yin in the World of Nine Yin! If he continued fighting against them, then neither one would have a good outcome.

The middle-aged man gathered his thoughts for a moment and then spoke slowly. "Brother Mo, since you joined the treasure gambling event, then I can make a decision about this. You may choose five hundred stones that you like from the Crimson Stones we were going to auction next. You don’t need to pay any Shaman Crystals for them, and you can bring them away. You don’t need to open them here.

"I will also give you a top secret map of the World of Nine Yin belonging to the God of Shamans Temple. Only Latter Shamans are allowed to have this map, and it is very detailed.

"Also, while there are many limitations to outsiders who want to enter the places we of the God of Shamans Temple have developed in the World of Nine Yin, you may come and go to these places as you please, including Shaman City!"

Once he finished speaking, he seized at the air with his right hand, and immediately, two pieces of black wood appeared in his hand. He pushed them forward, and they floated towards Su Ming.

Su Ming cast the middle-aged man a glance. He did not touch the two wooden pieces but had his Poison Corpse take a few steps forward, swing his arm to sweep the black wooden pieces into his sleeve before he returned to his place.

"Thank you for the Crimson Stones," Su Ming said flatly.

When the Temple Lord saw Su Ming’s puppet putting away the wooden slips, he too breathed out a sigh of relief. Even if Su Ming gave him a feeling that he was so weak that he would die with just a single blow, the Grand Elder’s torn and bloodied right arm terrified him from the bottom of his heart. Clearly, even if this Mo Su’s power had largely fallen, he still had incredible killing moves!

More importantly, the rumors about him made the Temple Lord unwilling to attack rashly. In his mind, he believed that this Mo Su came here to search for herbs to cure his wounds.

If that was the case, then there was really no need for him to offend such a powerful existence. Even if he could indeed summon the Spirits of Nine Yin, this Mo Su lived up to his fame. If he went all out and fought back, then the price the God of Shamans Temple would have to pay would be too great!

He also remembered how the Great Patriarch had personally issued the order when this person disappeared from the land of the Shamans to have none of them offend him if any of the members of the God of Shamans Temple ever ran into him again.

‘With just a lift of his arm, he sealed Zong Ze, with a flip of his hand, he sealed the entire Autumn Sea Tribe… Even if his level of cultivation has fallen to such a state, I still shouldn’t become enemies with such a person…’ Mo Bai’s resolve became firm. As he smiled, he cast the Grand Elder standing behind him a glance.

The old man’s face was rather bloodless at that moment. Ever since he learned of Su Ming’s identity, he no longer felt the humiliation from moments before. He had heard of far too many rumors regarding this person, and even some of his close friends had seen him before.

Once the old man bowed towards Su Ming with respect, he waved his right arm in the sky, and with that, dazzling light immediately filled the sky.

Within that dazzling light were nine thousand Crimson Stones of various sizes packed densely. they all appeared in the sky in a grand fashion. These Crimson Stones shone with a red glare, and that light instantly illuminated the entire world, causing this endless area to be dyed completely in crimson.

"Brother Mo, please, go on ahead!" Mo Bai said and smiled.

Su Ming did not bother with acting modest. The crimson dragon under his feet moved and brought him charging into the sky above. They appeared beside the nine thousand Crimson Stones, and right before the crowd’s eyes underneath, he started walking past them.

Every single time Su Ming chose a Crimson Stone, he would immediately put it away. When dawn was over, when the nine moons hid themselves away, and when the morning sun lifted its head, Su Ming finished walking past all nine thousand Crimson Stones. In all that time, the small, black humanoid in his storage bag had only sensed nine.

To confuse the people, Su Ming put away the other four hundred and ninety-one Crimson Stones in the same manner. By doing so, it would be difficult for anyone to be able to figure out any clues from his actions.

The price for five hundred Crimson Stones was incredibly high. From that, it could be seen that the God of Shamans Temple truly wanted to resolve this matter in peace.

Once Su Ming put away all the stones, he stood on the crimson dragon and cast the Temple Lord a glance. The crimson dragon let out a roar and charged towards the ground, and in the blink of an eye, he appeared right before Nan Gong Hen.

Nan Gong Hen’s face was pale at the moment, and he was staring at Su Ming with a dazed expression.

"Brother Nan Gong, the Shaman Crystals you obtained by selling that Dragon Leaf Grass has canceled the deal we made with each other. You don’t have to give me any of the Shaman Crystals." Su Ming nodded at Nan Gong Hen, then looked towards Lan Lan and Ahu.

Lan Lan blinked, then immediately dragged the slightly stupefied Ahu, who was standing by the side, to climb on the crimson dragon. Once they were on, she grabbed the crimson dragon’s whiskers, and her gaze as she looked at Su Ming was filled with idolization. Ahu only at that moment snapped out of his stupor and also looked at Su Ming with a zealous gaze.

To these two children, the incident today had surpassed Su Ming’s battle with Eastern Goosefoot Tribe. In their eyes, Su Ming was their sky!

Once Lan Lan and Ahu climbed onto the crimson dragon, Su Ming sent his thoughts to the dragon, and it immediately rose into the sky with a roar. Just as he was about to leave, a thought suddenly bloomed in his heart, and his lips curled up into a smile under the mask.

"Brother Bai, I have a request. I hope you will help me fulfill it." A glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes as he spoke slowly.

"Oh? Brother Mo, please, go on," said Mo Bai.

"It’s still the most convenient to use this type of Enchanted Vessels to cut into Crimson Stones…" Su Ming’s gaze fell on the one hundred Enchanted Vessels floating in midair.

"We didn’t make a lot of these Enchanted Vessels and seldom give them to other people, but if you need one, then it’ll be another matter." Mo Bai smiled, then with a wave of his arm, one of the Enchanted light rings immediately flew towards Su Ming and stopped before him.

Su Ming’s clone immediately took one step forward from behind him and put away the Enchanted Vessel into his storage bag. Once he did so, Su Ming swept his gaze across the land. All the people on the ground entered his vision, along with the people standing outside the eight halls - Wan Qiu, Tie Mu, Tian Lan Meng, and Sky Mist’s ancestor, whose presence had made Su Ming’s pupils shrink.

Finally, Su Ming’s gaze fell on the Celestial Maiden in white. The woman was also looking at him at the moment, and the delighted surprise on her face was genuine.

Su Ming turned his head away and averted his gaze. The crimson dragon under his body let out a roar to the skies. Then, no longer bothering itself with Wan Qiu, it brought Su Ming to charge into the sky.

Its roar was filled with happiness. Clearly, meeting Su Ming was much dearer to it compared to it following beside Wan Qiu.

"Senior… where are we going?" Lan Lan held onto the crimson dragon’s whiskers and shouted at Su Ming loudly while the wind blew against her face.

"I’ll bring you both to activate your path as Soul Catchers… But before that, we’ll be searching for a cave abode outside Shaman City. I want to open these Crimson Stones!"

Su Ming’s heart pounded against his chest as he traveled among the clouds in the sky. He touched the storage bag hanging over his chest with his right hand. Over there was the Crimson Stone that had caused all the ruckus just now, and it filled Su Ming with anticipation.

He had heard most of the crowd’s words clearly just now with his powerful divine sense.

‘This Crimson Stone doesn’t have the God Sealing Flower… but there is a venomous wasp in there, and perhaps… some of the nectar of the God Sealing Flower is contained within the venomous wasp’s body!

‘If it’s truly there, then if I drink it down, my level of cultivation will…’

Su Ming’s eyes sparkled with a brilliant flash.

However, even if he had spread out his divine sense, he did not notice a person in black robes following closely behind him after he left Shaman City. The other’s body was so indistinct that he seemed almost invisible.

That person had a frown on his face, and he did not dare to get too close, even as he was following Su Ming. It was as if he was hesitating about something.

‘Damn it, is Hong Luo dead or not..? Is he Hong Luo or Destiny?!’

Translator’s Notes

1. Mo Bai is written as 摩拜 (mo2 bai4), different from Bai Chang Zai, Bai Su, Bai Ling, whose Bai is written as 白, which means white. Mo Bai’s 摩 means grinding, though in this case 摩 would be a surname, and 拜 means worship. Not the same thing, please keep that in mind. Also, the Bai for Bai Ling, Bai Su and Bai Chang Zai is pronounced as bai2, which sounds something like ‘bye?’, and Mo Bai’s 拜 is pronounced as bai4, which sounds something like ‘bye!’

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