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The whiskers on the crimson dragon’s gigantic head danced in the wind along with Su Ming’s long hair. As it roared, its crimson red body and ferocious eyes caused Su Ming, with his existence alone, to render all the people in all directions dead silent.

A powerful wave of pressure erupted from the crimson dragon’s body. The dragon was roaring at the moment, and the pressure from its gigantic body caused all the people’s breathing to freeze.

Wan Qiu was stunned. She knew clearly in her heart that she had absolutely not summoned that powerful crimson dragon. That dragon had flown out on its own!

As she looked at the crimson dragon roaring, looked at it submissively floating under Mo Su’s feet, looked at the serenity in his eyes through the mask covering his face, the uncertainties and doubts in Wan Qiu’s heart instantly became clear in an instant!

Tian Lan Meng stared at Su Ming with a dazed look. As she watched him stand on the crimson dragon that had brought fear to her heart, her mind turned blank. Behind her, Sky Mist’s ancestor widened his eyes, and disbelief could be seen within them.

Tie Mu was in the same state. He sucked in a sharp breath and looked at Su Ming, then at the crimson dragon under his body. He also saw the sight of the Grand Elder tumbling backwards with a shrill screech while his right arm was crushed. In fact, with his current level of cultivation, he could not even see how that incident happened clearly.

The shock in his heart was akin to a raging storm. He suddenly felt that he could no longer see through this Mo Su, especially when he remembered they had fought against each other a month ago, and he felt somewhat happy and lucky that he had not insisted on killing him at that time…

Or else…

A hint of wariness and respect rose in Tie Mu’s eyes as he looked at Su Ming.

Nan Gong Hen looked at a loss as he stood among the crowd on the ground. Things had changed far too quickly, and he could not find himself able to react to it. At that moment, as he stared at the crimson dragon and Su Ming standing on tit, Nan Gong Hen found himself somewhat unable to differentiate what was reality and what was fantasy.

If it was real, he found it hard to believe what he saw, if it was a fantasy, then why was the sight of the torn and bloodied right arm of the Grand Elder, his pale face, and his shocked expression so real..?

Then, the instant that crimson dragon appeared and roared as it came charging under Su Ming’s feet, Nan Gong Hen looked at Su Ming, and the sight right before his eyes overlapped with certain rumors in the past. Su Ming’s back began to resemble the back he had once seen.

His breathing quickened. His eyes misted in confusion, but in the midst of that perplexity, excitement rose.

At the edge of the crowd, located far into the distance, was a gaze among all the other pairs of eyes looking at the sky. That gaze was burning with raging hate, and the owner of that gaze was a woman, a woman who was as cold as ice!

‘It’s really you… but you are now much weaker than before…’

Nan Gong Shan clenched her fist and gritted her teeth. However, she still understood that even if that person was weaker than he was in the past, he was still not someone she could fight against, especially when he had used an unknown divine ability just now to crush that Grand Elder’s right arm, the man who was already halfway through to becoming an End Shaman. Only those with the power of an End Shaman would be able to do this.

Su Ming lowered his head in the sky. An ancient voice was echoing in his ears. That voice could not be heard by anyone else, only him alone.

"You still have two more chances before you have to give me a Spirit Plunder… If you want me to kill someone, then you have to give me a Spirit Plunder for each person I kill…"

With a calm expression, Su Ming cast a look at the crimson dragon under his feet. He was familiar with this creature. In Hong Luo’s memories, he had used Earthen Aura to create this dragon and gave it life. Later on, because Hong Luo wanted to leave this world and he could not bring it with him, he gave it as a gift to Wan Qiu…

Su Ming was not entirely surprised by its appearance. In truth, when he was fighting against the Grand Elder of the God of Shamans Temple, he had already sensed the crimson dragon’s faint but angry roars from Autumn Sea Tribe.

It was created by Hong Luo, and Hong Luo was sealed in Su Ming’s body. He might be dead, but due to the Path to Life, he had technically given his entire legacy to Su Ming, that was why the crimson dragon had felt that while Su Ming was not its master, Hong Luo… he was practically the same as master.

The moment it sensed that Su Ming was in danger, it broke through its seal and revealed its true form.

Su Ming averted his gaze from the crimson dragon and looked at the Grand Elder of the God of Shamans Temple, who was then standing one thousand feet away from him with a deathly pale face that still had remnants of shock and fear lingering on it.

Su Ming had summoned the old man from the fifth layer who had the power equivalent to an End Shaman during the shocking blow they exchanged moments ago. This powerful warrior who could fight on equal grounds against End Shamans had just used one finger and forced the Grand Elder back. He had even caused his right arm to be crushed and torn into bloody pieces!

The appearance of that one finger caused distortions to stir up in the area. That was why beside Su Ming and the Grand Elder, no one else saw what had happened clearly. They had only seen Su Ming mumbling one sentence, and then the Grand Elder, who was trying to seize him, screamed shrilly in pain before his right arm exploded and he fell back in terror.

Due to Su Ming being an unknown, due to his mysteriousness, due to the crimson dragon that appeared with a roar, he now gave the people a feeling that he was an abyss that could not be seen through. That was why in almost everyone’s eyes, Su Ming was now filled with intimidating might.

"Now, I am stronger." Su Ming lifted his head and looked at the pale Grand Elder of the God of Shamans Temple, speaking in a calm voice.

The old man’s expression changed. His heart was still trembling. During the instant just now, he felt a strong threat of death looming over his head. It had been his fortune that the finger had only landed on his palm. If it had landed at the center of his brows, then he believed wholeheartedly that he would have definitely died, and even his soul would have been unable to escape death.

Because that one tap was simply… too terrifying!

"Do you still want to take my Crimson Stone?" Su Ming asked unhurriedly.

The Grand Elder’s was green from fear and red from anger. He looked at Su Ming and sucked in a deep breath to quell the terror and shock in his heart. Ignoring his torn and bloodied arm, he demanded in a low voice, "Just who are you?!"

"Mo Su." There was not a hint of change on Su Ming’s face. At that moment, the silence from the people around him and the gazes trained on his person made him see how people changed in all sorts of ways as this incident unfolded.

"I was reckless today. Regarding this matter…" The Grand Elder of the God of Shamans Temple spoke with much difficulty. These sort of words sounded incredibly awkward in his mouth, because he could not quite remember just when was the last time he had said such words himself.

"Reckless?" A chilling glare shone in Su Ming’s eyes. He stepped lightly on the crimson dragon beneath his feet and sent a thought to it. This was the first time he controlled this crimson dragon, and his actions were rather rusty. All he knew was that in his memories, Hong Luo had sent his thoughts into the dragon this way for it to carry out his commands.

"By just saying that you’re reckless, you can come and snatch my stone so brazenly?" The instant Su Ming sent his thoughts beneath him, the gigantic crimson dragon let out an even stronger roar. It curled its tail swiftly and charged towards the ground, sweeping past the Spirit of Nine Yin, Su Ming’s clone, and the Poison Corpse.

Its control over its power was ingenious. Once it swept past these three people, it made the seals around their bodies vibrate violently, and then they shattered. The three were absolutely not touched by the blows or injured by them.

"By just saying that you’re reckless, you can decide whether I live or die with your power?" Booming sounds echoed in the air as Su Ming asked those two questions. Then, as if the voice and the booming sounds had fused together, Su Ming’s voice seemed to have turned into thunder. As it boomed in the air, the Spirit of Nine Yin regained his mobility and walked to Su Ming’s side. Once he did so, there was shock in his gaze as he looked at him.

He was not shocked because that old man from his tribe had attacked, but because of the crimson dragon under Su Ming’s body. That crimson dragon gave him a feeling that it was incredibly powerful, and that level of strength even surpassed his power in his current Realm.

With a single warp, the clone came to stand behind Su Ming. The Poison Corpse also appeared beside him with a flash.

"Since this is recklessness, then I will be reckless as well today." Su Ming lifted his right hand and pointed towards the Grand Elder of the God of Shamans Temple. With that one point, the crimson dragon roared and charged forth with Su Ming towards the old man at an incredible speed.

The old man’s expression instantly changed drastically. He wanted to explain himself, but he did not have time to even open his mouth. He quickly retreated, but no matter how fast he was, he could not outrun the crimson dragon. In an instant, a huge power rammed into the Grand Elder and made all his clothes flutter.

Yet at that very moment, an indistinct sigh that did not even seem to exist suddenly echoed between the sky and earth. At the same time, a piercing light abruptly shone before the crimson dragon and the Grand Elder, right in the middle of the remaining space of one hundred feet between the human and dragon. Then, from within that light, came a person.

That person’s face and age could not be seen. Once he appeared, he lifted his right hand, and immediately, that piercing light surrounding his body gathered into his right hand as if it was flowing backwards to that spot, causing him to seem as if he was holding a sun in his right hand and making it look as if day had arrived, even though it was still dawn in the world.

That person’s right hand moved in a manner that seemed slow, but in reality, had swept forth incredibly fast to press on the crimson dragon.

The crimson dragon roared and its entire body shone with a red light. In an instant, it crashed into the person’s right hand. Loud, booming noises reverberated in all directions, and when the noise shook the sky and earth, Su Ming’s body lurched forward. The crimson dragon under his feet had been forced to come to a halt.

However, the person from the light had clearly used all his power during that strike just now. He might have caused the crimson dragon to stop, but he staggered a few steps backwards, and the light around his body was dispelled to reveal a middle-aged man with fair skin. His most distinct characteristic would most definitely be a pair of long and narrow eyes that were like those of a phoenix.

The middle-aged man smiled wryly and said in a soft voice, "Brother Mo, would you mind not attacking for the moment and allowing me to say one word?"

Once he appeared, the Grand Elder of the God of Shamans Temple let out a huge sigh of relief in his heart, then with an incredibly respectful face, he bowed towards this person.

"Greetings, Temple Lord of Earthen Temple."

"I might have only gotten to know of your name today, but your existence truly impresses me… You challenged our powerful Shamans, sealed Zong Ze of Autumn Sea, and made it so that no one in the Shaman Tribe did not know about you… It’s a pity that you did not appear again after that time… It is a great fortune for me to be able to see you today, brother Mo." The middle-aged man looked at Su Ming and wrapped his fist in his palm with a faint smile on his face.

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