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"Still 3,000,000."

The Grand Elder of the God of Shamans Temple glared at Su Ming coldly. To him, while this person had been a little smart just now, but clearly, he was not tactful. Even if he could fight against a Latter Shaman, under the Grand Elder’s immense power, this person would only be able to crumble like a leaf torn apart by furious wind, and he would not be able to resist.

To him, this price was already enough. In the past, the highest price that had been offered by the God of Shamans Temple ever had been 5,000,000. With that price in comparison, if this person did not agree to 3,000,000, then there was no longer any need for the Grand Elder to seek his approval for the price.

Su Ming cast the Grand Elder of the God of Shamans Temple a glance. If he had not made precise preparations beforehand, then as of now, his only way would be to sell the stone.

However, since Su Ming had the courage to stand there and had even dared to say such words to the Grand Elder of the God of Shamans Temple, then naturally, he already knew what was going to happen next.

At that moment, he chose not to speak any longer. Instead, he lifted his right hand, and with a flash of green, he cut down on the Crimson Stone. As rumbling sounds reverberated in the air, Su Ming continued cutting the stone while referring to the picture on the center of the small, black humanoid’s brows.

After some time, right under numerous pairs of eyes, the Crimson Stone shattered with a bang, and as a large amount of stone chips fell off and scattered away, a transparent mountain rock about the size of a head appeared in Su Ming’s palm!

The mountain rock was translucent and glittered with crystalline sparkles, making it seem as if it contained light. There was a black flower sealed within. Two of its petals had fossilized, but there was one petal that was still overflowing with life. The face of the malicious ghost on the black petal looked as if it was smiling savagely.

The instant the Ghost Spirit Flower was excavated and revealed before the people’s gazes, a shocking uproar broke out along with it. Some of the pairs of eyes that were focused on the flower were filled with jealousy, some with envy, some with madness, some with complicated feelings, along with all sorts of other emotions. All of human expressions could be found in the crowd on the ground.

"It’s truly the Ghost Spirit Flower, and… one of the petals is still very much alive!"

"That petal is already fully grown and has lived for many years. As long as the method is correct, this person can produce his very first Ghost!"

"Damn it, I placed a bid for this stone in the start, but… but why didn’t I continue fighting for it?!"

As the people’s voices around the area turned into buzzing, Nan Gong Hen widened his eyes and his breathing quickened. He stared at Su Ming, and a brilliant shine gradually appeared in his eyes.

‘Brother Mo’s luck is seriously insane. He just offhandedly bought a Crimson Stone and managed to get a Ghost Spirit Flower. The fossilization of the whole flower is over a six tenths, but if we look at just that one petal… then this is a complete flower that is not at all affected by the fossilization!

‘The value of that flower is at least 7,000,000!’

Su Ming looked at the mountain rock floating above his palm, and with a flip of his hand, it immediately disappeared. Then, without even looking at the Grand Elder of the God of Shamans Temple, he turned around and walked towards the crowd under