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"Sir, if you sell that stone to the Great Tribe of Sky World, then we are willing to pay 3,000,000 Shaman Crystals for it!" Another person walked out rapidly from another hall and wrapped his fist in his palm with a smile towards Su Ming. It was a middle-aged scholar who was dressed very elegantly. However, there was also a unique temperament within him.

"We… of Autumn Sea Tribe are willing to buy that stone for 4,000,000 Shaman Crystals." Once Tie Mu and the person from the Great Tribe of Sky World walked out, Wan Qiu’s gentle voice came from the third hall.

When she spoke up, she walked out in all her tall and slim glory, with her hair spilling down her shoulders and dancing in the wind, causing her to be filled with so much beauty that she could cause hearts to race. She looked at Su Ming, and there was a scrutinizing look in her gaze, as if she wanted to see through the mask at his true appearance.

"You’re thinking of buying that Ghost Spirit Flower with just 4,000,000 Shaman Crystals? Even though you can’t turn that flower into medicine, but once you are able to hide yourself successfully with it, it will be practically impossible to find you in the world. We’re buying that flower with 5,000,000!"

Once Wan Qiu spoke, a cold harrumph traveled through the air.

That cold harrumph belonged to a woman that walked out from another hall. Her white robes, profound gaze, and the graceful presence made it clear that she was the Celestial Maiden from the Immortal’s Hidden Dragon Sect!

She had no idea why herself, but when she saw the Sacred Lady from Autumn Sea Tribe, she despised her, especially when she saw the scrutiny in her eyes when she looked at Su Ming. She detested that look.

Wan Qiu frowned and looked towards the Celestial Maiden dressed in white. The gazes of these two outstanding and beautiful women clashed in midair.

"I’ll offer 6,000,000!" When the two women’s gazes clashed with each other, a gentle voice traveled forth slowly from the hall to the side. That voice was very gentle and even sounded slightly fragile, and with the voice came a woman with long hair. While she was not breathtakingly beautiful, she was a woman that gave others a feeling that she was a very gentle person.

That woman… was Tian Lan Meng.

When she walked out, there was a smile on her face. She ignored Wan Qiu and the Celestial Maiden in white turning to look at her, choosing instead to look at Su Ming as she spoke softly.

Su Ming was momentarily stunned. He looked at Wan Qiu, then at the Celestial Maiden in white, then finally at Tian Lan Meng, who was walking. He suddenly felt a slight headache pounding against his head.

"Elder sister, you look quite unfamiliar. Where did you come from?" The Celestial Maiden in white immediately looked towards Tian Lan Meng. That gentle temperament of hers also displeased her.

"Elder sister, you must be joking. Compared to you, I wouldn’t dare call myself your elder sister. As to where I come from, I believe I am not obliged to tell you. However, compared to us, the Sacred Lady from Autumn Sea Tribe must have the clearest background." Tian Lan Meng let out a gentle chuckle. Her voice was feathery soft, but her words were incredibly sharp.

Wan Qiu frowned, and once she swept her gaze past the Celestial Maiden in white and Tian Lan Meng, she looked towards Su Ming.

Once she did so, the Celestial Maiden in white immediately did the same thing and looked towards Su Ming. Even Tian Lan Meng did the same thing and looked towards him with a gentle gaze and with natural ease.

Su Ming was not the only stunned by the sudden appearance of the three women, even Tie Mu was momentarily taken aback. He cast an odd look towards Su Ming, then at the three women, and suddenly started laughing.

"The God of Shamans Temple will be taking this item!"

At that moment, the Grand Elder of the God of Shamans Temple spoke unhurriedly. His voice was not loud, but the moment it traveled forth, it stirred up a ripple in the area. As that ripple spread out, all the people felt as if a clap of thunder had just struck beside their ears, and it actually managed to cause the loud discussions in the area to fall silent in an instant.

The domineering presence in that voice made Su Ming feel that if he chose to disobey, then his only outcome would be death. It was a straight up disregard for his existence!

Su Ming frowned under the mask.

"I wonder, how much is the God of Shamans Temple offering?" Su Ming looked towards the Grand Elder of the God of Shamans Temple.

"A shadow might have appeared, but we can’t be certain whether there is truly something within the stone. 1,000,000 Shaman Crystals!" The Grand Elder of the God of Shamans Temple stated calmly.

If the man beside Su Ming who had found that dual-colored light had done so at any other time, he would definitely be the center of attention. However, he could only become a decoration, standing there with incredible disgruntlement.

While the rays of unusual light were rare, but there would be some that would shine with that unusual light among the hundred of the Crimson Stones. It had already appeared twice, but this was the first time a shadow had formed!

Su Ming’s lips curled up in a cold smile. He wanted to buy his Crimson Stone with just 1,000,000? That could not even be considered a price. Without another word, he lifted his right hand and pointed towards the Enchanted light ring. It immediately started spinning swiftly before slicing down on the Crimson Stone once again. The resolution he showed as he cut down on the stone shocked and scared all those who saw it.

After all, if he did not cut down on that stone carefully, then he would destroy the treasure inside!

However, with that one slash, not only did Su Ming not destroy that stone, he even made the crowd underneath erupt forth with intense cries of surprise in the midst of their silence.

"It’s the light! The light has appeared!"

A red light shone from the cut in Su Ming’s Crimson Stone. Adding together with the shadow that showed up just now, the appearance of the light exponentially increased the possibility that there was a medicinal herb in the stone!

Nan Gong Hen was incredibly excited and agitated. When he saw Su Ming’s actions in midair, he also felt his heart stop in fear and shock. However, just as he, along with many others, thought that Su Ming would stop, he cast the Grand Elder of the God of Shamans Temple a glance.

"Now, how much will you offer?"

Once he finished asking, Su Ming pointed at the Enchanted Vessel. As that Enchanted light ring buzzed, it sliced down on the stone once again, and with a bang, another corner of the Crimson Stone was cut off, and the second ray of light appeared!

The two glowing rays caused the uproars in the crowd underneath to become so intense it looked as if those sounds could not be forced down!

"Dual-colored lights and a shadow, the Ghost Spirit Flower is definitely in that stone!!"

"That Mo Su sure is resolute. He didn’t even look at the stone and cut down twice. That’s… That’s way too risky!"

Su Ming looked at the Grand Elder of the God of Shamans Temple and asked languidly, "Now, how much will you offer?"

"3,000,000!" The Grand Elder of the God of Shamans Temple glared at Su Ming, and his expression gradually turned freezing cold.

Su Ming smiled, then as he lifted his right hand, he decided to stop using the Enchanted light ring to continue cutting into the stone and seized at the air. Immediately, the Crimson Stone that was now only half the height of a normal person floated towards him.

With a flash of green in his hand, the small sword shot out and pierced through the Crimson Stone. Once it made several holes, Su Ming slammed his hand onto the stone. Fine cracks appeared, and a small part of it crumbled with a bang.

When that small part of the stone shattered, distorted ripples appeared in the air above the Crimson Stone once again, and gradually, a second shadow appeared!

The picture was still that of the Ghost Spirit Flower, but it was no longer as blurred out as before. Instead, it was now much clearer.

"Dual colors and dual shadows!"

"I’m completely certain that there is a Ghost Spirit Flower in this stone, and the rate of its fossilization will not be more than seven tenths of the entire flower!"

"Over the numerous treasure gambling events organized, the dual colors and dual shadows have only appeared fifteen times. I didn’t expect that I would be able to see this sight with my own eyes today!"

As the crowd underneath were engaged in intense discussions, Su Ming looked at the Grand Elder of the God of Shamans Temple once again.

"I wonder, how much will you offer now?"

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