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Chapter 448: Ghost Spirit Flower!
Only Su Ming and the old man knew about what Su Ming gave to him. Although the people had seen the transaction, it was impossible for them to know the details. That was also why the old man from the God of Shamans Temple had remained silent but lit up Su Ming’s Enchanted Vessel after he saw the five Scattering Dusts.
Since no one knew what Su Ming had given him, he just needed to bring out an item to replace the contents after this, and these five Scattering Dusts that were clearly of much higher quality would become his own personal belongings.
This sort of trade that seemed obvious to all but was actually very secretive was something the Grand Elder of the God of Shamans Temple had no reason to decline. In fact, he was very happy with the results, and there was a slight difference in the manner he looked at Su Ming. Besides, he believed that even if he wanted to learn about the origins of these Scattering Dusts, he could do so with ease.
‘This person has a lot of experience under his belt and is also a wise one…’ Once the Grand Elder of the God of Shamans Temple put away the storage bag and cast Su Ming a glance, he no longer bothered himself with him.
Due to this matter, the number of gazes fixed on Su Ming was much greater compared to the other people. However, as the sizzling sounds spread out and the others began to nervously cut into their Crimson Stones, the gazes gathered on his person gradually spread out.
Su Ming did not look at the others. He simply stared at the Enchanted light ring before him and lifted his right hand to place it on the ring. When he closed his eyes, he immediately had a feeling as if he had become one with the Enchanted Vessel, and he felt that he could control the ring to do all sorts of things when cutting the stone.
He had only watched other people doing so previously. Now that it was his turn to control it, he experienced the feeling for a moment before he lifted his left hand and pointed at the Crimson Stone. Instantly, the stone charged towards the light ring. Once it was swiftly enveloped by the light ring, the Enchanted Vessel started spinning slowly, and each time it spun, a large amount of chips would fall off.
As the light ring spun, Su Ming kept his eyes closed and spread his divine sense in his storage bag to gather on the small black humanoid. After a moment, when Su Ming detected that faint medicinal fragrance once again, he saw the small black humanoid shuddering. The center of its brows flashed, and the strange black flower with the three petals floated above its head once again.
Compared to Su Ming’s slow speed, there were already quite a few people who had cut open their Crimson Stones in disappointment, causing the Shaman Crystals they spent to instantly go down the drain.
As time passed by, more of these people who were cutting into their Crimson Stones left with long sighs and disappointed looks on their faces, returning to the crowd with nothing to gain when their Crimson Stones were shattered completely by those light rings.
At that moment, there were only a dozen something people left in the sky who were still cutting into their Crimson Stones. After some time, rumbling sounds echoed, and seven more people’s Crimson Stones shattered completely to reveal absolutely nothing within. These people left with bitter smiles on their faces.
Right then, there were only four people left in the air who were still cutting into their Crimson Stones, including Su Ming.
Su Ming still had his eyes closed and did not bother about these people. He continued spinning that light ring slowly, causing the Crimson Stone to gradually shrink. He occasionally adjusted the Enchanted Vessel’s angle while keeping his divine sense focused on the small black humanoid to observe the picture flashing at the center of its brows.
Several breaths went by once again, and once another Crimson Stone shatte

red, only three people were left in the sky cutting into their stones. However, right at that moment, the Crimson Stone belonging to the Shaman who looked like a young teenage boy among the three people left suddenly shone with a strong red light!
The instant that red light spread out, an ecstatic look appeared on the boy’s face.
"It’s a light! Haha! I just got myself a light"
The people underneath also looked over, and the instant they saw the ray of unusual light, their spirits were lifted.
However, as the boy’s laughter echoed in the sky and he was filled with excitement, another Crimson Stone shone with that same piercing red light as well!
It shone with that unusual light as well! The owner of that Crimson Stone was a middle-aged man. He was built tall and large, which was a clear indicator that he was a Battle Shaman. He licked his lips and laughed. He was right next to Su Ming. Su Ming was number 97, and he was number 96.
Two of the three remaining Crimson Stones shone with that unusual light. This immediately caught an immense amount of attention from the crowd underneath. Uproars and sounds of discussion rose all around the area.
"Two rays of light appeared at the same time, their luck is really…"
"Damn it, I remember that number. So he’s the one who offered 50,000 more than me just now? This… This is…"
As discussions rang in the area, Nan Gong Hen cast a glance at Su Ming and shook his head. For some unknown reason, he felt a little better.
As the two people who found those rays of unusual light continued scraping off their Crimson Stones excitedly and even controlled those sharp needles to pierce through the stones, Su Ming continued changing the Crimson Stone’s position with his eyes closed and made the light ring spin as he scraped off the external layers of the stone.
Moments later, under the crowd’s expectant gazes, the boy who had found that ray of unusual light gritted his teeth in his excitement and had a sharp needle from the light ring pierce through. After repeating the action several times and as the light ring continued with its operations rapidly, the Crimson Stone split into two with a bang.
It was empty…
The boy was momentarily stunned, and just like Nan Gong Hen, he continued cutting at it, refusing to accept the truth. When the Crimson Stone had completely shattered, a transparent mountain rock the size of a fingernail appeared in his hand, but there was still nothing contained within it.
The boy turned pale. The sudden drop to disappointment from his ecstasy came too fast and was too great. It was rather difficult for him to handle it.
When the crowd underneath saw this, they sighed, and as their sighs echoed in the air, someone suddenly let out a cry of surprise.
"Dual color… That’s… That’s a dual-colored light! The dual-colored light has appeared again!"
"It’s really dual-colored! Two dual-colored lights actually appeared among these one thousand stones today!"
As the cries of surprise rang in the air, all the people’s gazes were lured towards the middle-aged man beside Su Ming. At that moment, the middle-aged man was filled with uncontrollable excitement. The Crimson Stone before him was shining in blue and red light!
Amid the buzzing commotion, someone immediately yelled a price to buy that stone. At that moment, Su Ming was immersed in the picture at the center of the small black humanoid’s brows in his storage room. He could tell that the picture was not immobile. Instead, as he continued scraping his Crimson Stone, it would change.
In fact, when he adjusted the position of the stone, the flower would also start turning. Su Ming was very careful with his actions. Right then, he opened his eyes swiftly, and with a sparkle in his eyes, he pointed at the Enchanted Vessel with his right hand. Immediately, a sharp needle appeared on the spinning light ring.
Without any hesitation, Su Ming controlled that sharp needle to pierce through one of the sides of the Crimson Stone. Once he repeated the action several times and as the light ring increased its speed as it spun, a bang rang from within the stone, and a small part of Su Ming’s Crimson Stone was split off.
As the light ring slowly stopped, Su Ming stood there and sank into his thoughts for a moment. At that time, the man beside him began laughing. He did not bother with the prices being thrown at him. He first cast a smug look at Su Ming, then turned his head around and controlled the light ring to slice down at the stone. At the same time he slashed down, a resolute look appeared in Su Ming’s eyes and he pointed at the Enchanted Vessel.
The Enchanted Vessel spun and cut down another small portion of the Crimson Stone before him. He had completed his action almost at the same time as the man, and once the two completed the cuts, the dual colored light coming from the Crimson Stone before the man started shining furiously, and it looked as if it was even stronger than before. That was enough to make all the people around the area to be visibly taken by it. Even the Grand Elder of the God of Shamans Temple focused his gaze on that stone.
At the same time, as the dual-colored light shone furiously, the sky near Su Ming, behind the man’s Crimson Stone suddenly distorted, and as those distorted ripples appeared, a gigantic picture showed up!
Within that picture was a black flower! The flower contained three petals, and each of the petals contained the face of a skeletal ghost. They looked incredibly hideous, causing the black flower to appear terrifying. However, the picture was incredibly blurry, and the onlookers could only see the overall shape of the flower.
The instant the illusionary shadow of the flower appeared, the strongest and most intense cries of surprise as well as uproars rose in this treasure gambling event. There was even an unknown amount of people who had stood up. In fact, some of them had almost flown into the sky instinctively.
"A shadow! That’s a shadow!"
"A… A shadow actually appeared? What flower is that?"
"A Ghost Spirit Flower! That’s… That’s a Ghost Spirit Flower! It’s a three-petaled Ghost Spirit Flower!"
"Dual colors and a shadow. Damn it, that Battle Shaman really made a killing this time. We just need to see how far his flower has fossilized. If the fossilization is only of a seven portions of the whole thing and it still contains a three tenths of its medicinal properties, then he will definitely get a price higher than the hair that was sold just now!!"
For the first time, the Grand Elder of the God of Shamans Temple could not hide s brief instance of shock that shook him. He stood up and stared at the illusionary picture of the three-petaled Ghost Spirit Flower with desire shining in his eyes.
He was not the only one. At that moment, almost every single person within the eight halls in the area were staring fixedly at the picture!
"Ghost Spirit Flower… This flower cannot be made into medicine, but it can give birth to a Ghost Spirit, which is its biggest use. This Ghost Spirit can go anywhere it likes, and it is practically impossible for all seals in the world to try and stop it. Once it hides itself away, it will be incredibly difficult to find that Ghost Spirit… Legend has it that if someone obtained the five-petalled Ghost Spirit Flower, then the Five Ghost Spell might appear…
"The Five Ghost Spell can be fused into the caster’s body, and once it is done, the caster will turn into a spirit that cannot be seen even if heaven decided to open its eyes! That Battle Shaman really has insane luck. He… He actually managed to find the Ghost Spirit Flower! Wait, something’s not right…" Nan Gong Hen was stunned in his place, and as he mumbled to himself, he suddenly widened his eyes.
The Battle Shaman was laughing maniacally in the sky at the moment. He looked so worked up that it seemed like his blood vessels were about to burst. He shivered, and the only thing lacking in his whole bout of excitement was him lifting his head and roaring at the sky. However, gradually, his expression changed to one of disbelief, and he whipped his head around to look at Su Ming.
At the same time, more people had also begun to tell that something was off…
"What a scam!! The man didn’t get that shadow, it’s the person beside him who got it!"
"The man still has that dual-colored light, but that Mo Su beside him was the one who got that shadow of the Ghost Spirit Flower just now…"
The noise from the uproars became more intense, and the numerous pairs of eyes straight up ignored the middle-aged man to focus on Su Ming. Their discussions shook the sky and earth.
Su Ming’s expression remained calm, but he was also beginning to feel a little nervous. He did not expect that a shadow would appear for him.
"My boy Mo Su, sell that Crimson Stone to me. Heh heh, we can negotiate the price!" Tie Mu’s voice immediately traveled forth from within the eight halls. At the same time, Tie Mu even walked out of his hall and wrapped his fist in his palm towards Su Ming as he chuckled.

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