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The voice Su Ming delivered through his divine sense could only be heard by the Spirit of Nine Yin, the old man by the side could not hear it. Once the reviving gigantic warrior statue heard Su Ming’s words, he turned his head around swiftly and stared at him.

At the same time, his body stopped regaining life.

The old man was stunned.

"You have Scattering Dusts?"

Su Ming took a few steps back and looked at the statue, whose voice was reverberating like thunder in his head.

"Sir, if I want your protection, how many Scattering Dusts do you require?" Su Ming sent his divine sense out with a calm look.

However, the old man was not stupid. He saw the statue looking at Su Ming at that moment, and knew that the unexpected occurrence was due to him, but this place banned fights, and they were not the ones who chose the Spirits of Nine Yin. They were chosen based on the will of the Spirits of Nine Yin. At that moment, he stared at Su Ming coldly, and while there was aloofness in his eyes, there was also a freezing glare, along with contempt.

After all, the amount of Shaman Crystals required to obtain the protection of this Spirit of Nine Yin was too great! He did not believe that this person would be able to produce this amount of Shaman Crystals!

"I want ten Scattering Dusts every seven days. Even if you only have ten, I will still protect you for seven days. If you only have five, then I will protect you for three days and a half. If you only have one, then I will protect you for one day!"

As the voice of the Spirit of Nine Yin echoed in Su Ming’s head, he started calculating how many Scattering Dusts he had in his disposal. He only had less than two hundred of these pills right now, but as long as he had enough materials, then he could immediately start making them, and he was incredibly familiar with the procedures of making this pill, so even if he would end up wasting some, he would only waste about a tenth of materials.

"Would you accept South Asunders?" Su Ming mulled over his thoughts for a moment before he sent his divine sense into the statue once again to test waters.

"South Asunder?! You have South Asunder?!" Strong light immediately began shining in the gigantic statue’s eyes. Even the voice that was reverberating in Su Ming’s head had become agitated.

His body started trembling slightly, and the halted revival was activated once again. However, his eyes were fixed on Su Ming, and he no longer paid any attention to the old man.

"Sir, you’re going overboard. Leave immediately, if you continue fighting over him with me…" The old man immediately became nervous and growled threateningly at Su Ming, but before he could finish speaking, the gigantic statue suddenly stretched out his left hand and grabbed the old man. As the old man cried out in surprise, the statue tossed him down the mountain.

"Get lost! Don’t bother me when I’m making a deal!" That old man’s body immediately turned into a long arc and he was tossed down the fourth mountain.

"It doesn’t matter whether it’s South Asunder or Mountain Spirit, if you bring five of either, I will offer you seven days of protection."

The statue’s voice buzzed in Su Ming’s head. He was incredibly excited by the mention of South Asunder. After all, he had been here for many years, and while he had met people who brought out Scattering Dusts before, most of the time, the number was incredibly small, and the effects of the pills were weak, making it painfully obvious that they had obtained it from some spot in the World of Nine Yin.

However, Su Ming gave him the feeling that he had quite the number of this pill, and he had even mentioned South Asunder. This made the Spirit of Nine Yin excited.

"Looks like you’ve found a pill storage. How about this, if you have better medicinal pills like Spirit Plunders, then with just one, I will protect you for 60 days!

"If you think that my power can’t satisfy your requirements, then I know an old man in the fifth mountain who should originally have been in the sixth layer, but if you Shamans want to get up there, you would need to be at least a Latter Shaman or else it’ll be difficult for you to get in there.

"That’s why the old man came down to the fifth layer… One Spirit Plunder and he will protect you for 10 days. I’ll go and talk to him, perhaps we can increase the time he can protect you, but the condition is, you have to give me South Asunders and Scattering Dusts!"

A glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes and he immediately asked, "That old man you speak of, what is his level of cultivation?"

"By your standards, he’s an End Shaman," the gigantic statue immediately said, and an expectant look appeared on his face.

Su Ming’s heart pounded in his chest. He wanted to go to many places in the World of Nine Yin. That Candle Dragon’s corpse alone was already a place he wanted to go to, then there was the burial ground of Spirit Mediums, which might be of help for awakening the seventh head in Han Mountain Bell and allow him to obtain the One Hundred Million Souls Devouring Heaven Art.

Then there was the deal about the Thought Soothsayers as well. If that altar could make Thought Soothsayers appear, then if it was possible, Su Ming would like to go and see the birthplace of Thought Soothsayers.

Also, his main purpose was the Nine Abyss Flower. This flower could increase the chances of surviving through a life threatening crisis when one was entering the Berserker Soul Realm once they attained great completion in the Bone Sacrifice Realm. This was an item that Su Ming had to get no matter what.

Also, he had to think about the problem of his identity possibly getting exposed. If that happened, then if he could obtain the protection of a Spirit of Nine Yin at the level of an End Shaman, then he could be like fish in water in this place… In fact, it would even be possible for him to go and explore the area one million lis away.

"All right!"

Once he thought about it, Su Ming nodded and brought out a small bottle from his bosom, then threw it at the Spirit of Nine Yin that had completely regained its life. That Spirit of Nine Yin grabbed that small bottle, and with a method, from which Su Ming could not even feel any ripples with his divine sense, laughter came from under the Spirit of Nine Yin’s helmet.

"My name is Li Huo. According to the treaty made between my tribe and the Shaman Tribe, I am willing to serve you." As Li Huo laughed, he took a step forward, and once he stood before Su Ming, he lifted the gigantic battle axe, and the action caused howling sounds to reverberate in the air. A violent gust of wind swept through the area.

Li Huo’s huge body rapidly shrank in that wind and turned into a dark silver light that charged towards Su Ming’s left hand. He suddenly lifted his right hand and received that dark light with that hand. The dark light hesitated for a moment, then turned into a mark on the back of Su Ming’s right hand. It flashed a few times.

"Boy, let’s go to the fifth layer. I’ll tell you where that old man is, or else it’ll be very difficult for you to find him."

Li Huo’s voice echoed in Su Ming’s ears. Su Ming dipped his head down and looked at the mark on the back of his hand, then lifted his head before moving briskly towards the top of this mountain.

He was not afraid of this Li Huo causing any problems. He had still one chance to use the power of the God of Berserkers, and there was enough power in it acting as a deterrent even if he did not use that one last chance.

Even if that person had the power equivalent to an End Shaman, Su Ming could still intimidate him!

After a moment, Su Ming arrived at the top of the mountain, and as the light from the Relocation Rune shone, he disappeared within. When he reappeared, he was already on the fifth mountain.

Besides him, only Nan Gong Hen was in this mountain.

Nan Gong Hen was moving about the mountain, occasionally coming to a stop to in search of a silver statue that he thought would be more reasonable. He had seen the light from the Relocation Rune in the fourth mountain, but did not pay too much attention to it. He simply continued browsing through the few statues in the mountain.

It was only when he was at the mountainside that his footsteps come to a halt and he looked towards the mountain staircase in the distance with a strange look - He saw Su Ming slowly walking up the stairs.

He blinked, then Nan Gong Hen let out a dry cough and gave Su Ming a smile.

"When I saw the light from the fourth mountain’s Relocation Rune, I was wondering who it was. I didn’t expect it would be you, brother Mo. Since you’re here, why don’t we take a look around together?"

When Su Ming saw Nan Gong Hen, he wrapped his fist in his palm and greeted him with a smile with his usual calm look on his face.

"I was expecting to meet you here, brother Nan Gong. You mentioned before that you were going to choose a Spirit of Nine Yin here."

"Brother Mo, it seems like I’ve made a fool of myself before you. All of the Spirits of Nine Yin here need several millions of Shaman Crystals before we can tempt them. In truth, if I had not made preparations for this, I wouldn’t choose any of the spirits here," Nan Gong Hen said with a smile, and there was a slightly pleased expression on his face. After all, the amount of Shaman Crystals he had to spend to choose a spirit in the fifth layer was enough to render anyone speechless.

Nan Gong Hen pointed at a statue and started providing explanations to Su Ming. "Come, brother Mo, let me introduce you to this place. Look at this Spirit of Nine Yin, his armor is giving off pressure, but his weapon is a scimitar. This spirit should be one specializing in defense, but his battle prowess is slightly weaker than the other Spirits of Nine Yin here."

When Su Ming looked over, he heard Li Huo snorting coldly in his ear.

"Your companion didn’t reveal much. Ta Ka’s scimitar is so sharp that if I ran into him, I would feel my skin crawl. His armor, however, is rather mediocre."

Nan Gong Hen continued introducing the statues to him and would occasionally place his hand on the statues to find their price. Su Ming always had a smile in place and did not open his mouth to speak much. All this while, he was listening to Li Huo rebutting Nan Gong Hen’s views, and by the end, he was looking down on Nan Gong Hen even more.

"Brother Mo, you might not be able to provide any offerings in the fifth, but you can look around as well to broaden your perspectives. I walked up to the fifth layer in the past as well."As Nan Gong Hen spoke, he arrived at a spot where two statues stood erect on the other side of the mountain.

One of the statues was large and the other small. The big one was four hundred something feet tall, while the small one was only two hundred something. That small one did not hold any weapons in his hands and looked incredibly ordinary. The big statue, on the other hand, was holding a long spear, and he looked incredibly heroic and extraordinary.

Nan Gong Hen placed one hand on each of the statues. After a while, a brilliant light began shining in his eyes. He looked at the statue that was four hundred something feet tall and excitement filled his face.

"Brother Mo, look at this spirit. His price is thirty-two thousand Shaman Crystals per day, and he’s the most expensive statue in this place, but don’t just judge him because he’s expensive. This spirit is definitely the strongest one here!

"Look at the spirit beside him. His price might only be twenty thousand Shaman Crystals per day, but… I definitely won’t choose him!" Nan Gong Hen was originally still wavering about his decision, but when he saw Su Ming standing by his side, resolution immediately appeared on his face.

"I’ll choose this one!" As he spoke, he placed his palm on the statue again.

"Idiot, Su Han might be in the fifth layer, but he’s definitely not the strongest. Your friend’s an idiot, that old man beside him is the friggin’ strongest monster here. That’s what the old man likes. He’ll use himself to set up a contrast and to serve as a comparison to scare Su Han so that he will raise his own price. Just you watch, a large part of the offerings Su Han obtains will be given to the old man!

"Boy, the one I’m talking about is him. Place your hand on him, I’ll talk to him!" Li Huo’s voice traveled into Su Ming’s ears.

Su Ming cast a glance at Nan Gong Hen with a wry smile, because he knew that even if he advised him against it, Nan Gong Hen would also not listen to him. He then walked towards the statue that was only two hundred something feet tall.

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