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The silver-haired old man charged towards the ground with a steely face, arriving to stand before the woman in an instant. At the same time, the four people behind him descended around them.

"Tribe uncle, this person…" When the woman saw the old man arriving, she finally let out a huge sigh of relief in her heart, but just as she was about to speak…

"Quiet!" The silver-haired old man let out a cold snort. His voice was like a clap of thunder, making the woman immediately jolt and lower her head, not daring to speak anymore.

The boy by her side also trembled and lowered his head, not daring to speak.

"Take them both away. Causing trouble right the moment you arrive in Shaman City, hmph." The silver-haired old man did not even spare Su Ming a glance and started speaking to his followers by his side in a low voice.

"Senior, that person can’t leave just yet," Su Ming said unhurriedly from where he stood nearby.

When his voice was heard, the old man finally cast his gaze at Su Ming. His face was cold, and once he gave him a once-over, he averted his gaze and looked at Nan Gong Hen, who was smiling wryly at the side.

"Nan Gong laddie, is this person related to the God of Shamans Temple?"

"That’s…" Nan Gong Hen hesitated for a moment before he gritted his teeth. "Senior Tie Mu, brother Mo might not have any sort of connection to the God of Shamans Temple, but he is my friend, I…"

Right when Nan Gong Hen said those words, the silver-haired old man swiftly waved his arms, and immediately, a violent gust of wind appeared out of nowhere, turning into an illusionary wave before him that charged straight forward.

The wave came too suddenly, and a barely noticeable glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. The instant the illusionary wave came crashing towards him, he took a step forward, then to his left, to his right, to the back, and continued moving until he took eight continuous steps, looking as if he was walking in circles. Immediately, a whirlwind stirred up around him, charging forward to crash into that wave.

Booming sounds reverberated in the air. The whirlwind beyond Su Ming lasted for several breaths before it instantly dissipated away. At the same time that whirlwind scattered away, he took four steps backwards. With each step he took, the ground would tremble, and a footprint would be deeply imprinted on the floor. When he took his fourth step, fine cracks instantly started spreading on the ground underneath his feet.

In fact, as the cracks spread on the ground, an illusionary wave of water also covered the entire area.

When that illusionary wave came crashing towards them, Nan Gong Hen’s expression changed drastically and he staggered a several dozens of feet backward before he managed to stop. As for Nan Gong Shan, since she was originally not too close to begin with, by just activating the cold Qi in her entire body, she managed to not even move.

"Then don’t get involved!" At that moment, the silver-haired old man’s voice traveled towards them hoarsely.

"As for you, tell me the name of your tribe." The silver-haired old man brought his arm down and looked at Su Ming with a ghastly expression.

As a great Shaman, he had gone through far too many things, and his intelligence was definitely not something that the woman could compare to. Even then, he was suppressing his anger, wanting to be absolutely certain of this person’s origins before he decided to what extent he wanted to injure him.

As long as Su Ming was not related to the God of Shamans Temple, as long as he was not from some big tribe, as long as he did not belong to a tribe who was on friendly terms with Eastern Goosefoot Tribe, then he could kill this person without any worry.

He wanted an answer, an answer from the person’s mouth itself. If he did not want to answer, it was fine. He could still kill him, and he would still be in the right. Even if he truly had some sort of background, the people around him could be his witness. Tie Mu had indeed asked, but he refused to answer. Then no matter what his background was, it was no longer related to Tie Mu.

"I come from a small tribe, I believe you wouldn’t know about it, senior Tie Mu." Su Ming smiled. He learned of the old man’s name from Nan Gong Hen just now, and at that moment, he saluted the old man with a bow and a wrapped his fist with a calm face.

"You came from a small tribe and are unrelated to the God of Shamans Temple, then… what sort of stupid courage made you kill my tribe members?!" A chilling glare appeared in Tie Mu’s eyes. "Kill him right here!"

Right when Tie Mu spoke, the four men behind him immediately turned into four long arcs and charged towards Su Ming with killing intent shining in their eyes.

Su Ming stood in his spot, and right when the four people closed in on him, a light crease appeared between his brows. He took a step forward with his right foot, and the instant he landed, he shot forth with an extreme speed.

In a flash, he charged through the four incoming long arcs, and as he lifted his right hand, green light shone, and the small virescent sword was instantly enlarged. As Su Ming got closer, he swung the sword downwards, and it immediately stirred up a sharp whistle as it cut down towards Tie Mu.

Tie Mu let out a cold harrumph, then lifted his right hand and furled it into a fist, hurling it straight at the sword cutting down towards him. The instant he punched forward, the illusionary, bellowing waves behind him moved along with his fist. The seawater turned into raging waves that circled his right hand, causing the old man’s fist to be completely invisible from the distance. All the onlookers could see were the waves rolling furiously.


The wave crashed into Su Ming’s Virescent Light Sword. At the same time, a great power shot into Su Ming’s body from the sword. Su Ming groaned, and Han Mountain Bell manifested as an illusion outside his body. With a flash, he appeared on the other side of the old man, then with a red glare on two of his fingers of his right hand, he pointed towards the old man with an extreme speed.

The old man frowned, then closed his eyes instantly before reopening them swiftly. As he opened and closed his eyes, he let out a low roar. That roar was like a clap of thunder, and once it fell from the old man’s mouth, it turned into a wave of sound that bellowed in the sky, causing a large amount of ripples to appear in the air around them. In fact, as the air trembled, tiny, faint cracks appeared in space.

Su Ming bore the brunt of the wave of sound. Sharp stabs of pain traveled up those two fingers of his. He immediately retreated and activated his full speed to move back eighty feet away before he managed to stand still. A trickle of blood flowed down the corner of his lips.

At the same time, the four long arcs charged towards him from behind. When they were just about to close in on him, Tie Mu suddenly shouted at them.

"The four of you, go back! You’re not his opponent!" The four long arcs froze for a moment, then immediately shot up into the sky. Then in midair, they rushed towards Tie Mu to arrive behind him, reappearing as people from those arcs. The four of them were frowning and looking at Su Ming with hostility.

"As expected of a Latter Shaman… As a Latter Battle Shaman, your physical strength has surpassed that of a mortal and become that which belongs to saints, senior Tie Mu. I am a person without talents, so I would like to ask for your help to teach me again." Su Ming wiped away the blood at the corner of his lips, and his eyes overflowed with battle intent.

"Overconfident fool. Within five breaths, I’ll take your life!" Tie Mu lifted his right foot and stomped on the ground. With that one step, the ground immediately started trembling violently. A strong rebound shot out from underneath Su Ming, and he jumped into the sky.

But the instant Su Ming jumped up, Tie Mu used the power of that step and leaped into the air. He clenched his fist and hurled it straight towards where Su Ming was.

The illusionary waves behind him manifested as he struck, rolling about fiercely, then turned into a gigantic greenback shark. When that shark opened its mouth wide and charged towards Su Ming, the first breath passed by!

It was followed soon after by Tie Mu retracting his fist swiftly, then hurling it out once again. The second fist caused the sky and earth to rumble, and the wave spread out through the area abruptly, covering almost half of the sky. At the same time, the wave was stirred up, charging towards Su Ming, it turned into a black octopus with many tentacles that rushed towards Su Ming among the waves.

This was the second breath!

When the third breath arrived, Tie Mu struck the third time in midair. With that one fist, the illusionary wave enveloping half of the sky stirred up once again, turning into a gigantic dark turtle that swung its tail towards Su Ming with a force that caused a loud boom to rang out in the air, the sound that only appeared when there was a shock wave in the air!

Once Tie Ma delivered those three punches, he watched Su Ming from midair, and his gaze was as if he was looking at a dead person. He had the confidence that this somewhat powerful Medial Shaman could not last through the first three Styles of his Four Beast Fist.

The Shamans watching underneath on the ground were all shocked to the core, and all of them gained a deeper understanding towards the might of Latter Shamans. All of them were stunned silent.

Su Ming looked at the waves roaring in the sky and the three ferocious sea creatures charging towards him, and the seawater surrounding him also let Su Ming know that it was impossible for him to dodge it. At that instant, a brilliant flash appeared in his eyes.

"A Latter Battle Shaman…"

Su Ming immediately lifted his arms, and they started leaving behind afterimages as he started forming seals with his hands. After they were changed several times, a black light suddenly shone around his body. Han Mountain Bell manifested in the form of an illusion, and the instant it covered his entire body, a shocking roar shot out from it.

As that roar rang out and the three ferocious sea creatures closed in, a thing that made all of the people underneath dumb with shock happened right before their eyes.

That thing was a ferocious beast, a gigantic, ferocious beast with nine heads, six of which had their eyes open while lifting up towards the sky! The ferocious creature manifested from Han Mountain Bell, and the moment it appeared, the power of the world surged towards it from all around, causing the creature’s body to instantly gain physical form. As it roared, the six heads crashed into the three sea creatures.

Tie Mu’s expression changed for the first time. Su Ming’s strength surprised him greatly, and at that moment, without any hesitation, he lifted his right hand once again and delivered the fourth punch.

That punch immediately made all the seawater around Su Ming stir up and surge even higher into the sky, causing the area around him to be void of seawater. At the same time, the water that rose into the sky above Su Ming gathered together to form a gigantic fist.

That fist was entirely azure blue and was made of seawater. It looked to be several hundreds of feet in size, and at that moment, it fell down, straight towards the nine headed beast.

Booming sounds instantly reverberated in the air and spread through the entire Shaman City, catching all the Shamans’ attention. In fact, the Berserkers and Immortals who had come alone to Shaman City also immediately looked over with changes in their expressions.

As the booming sounds lingered in the air at the spot where Su Ming and Tie Mu were fighting, the illusionary seawater disappeared, the three sea creatures were torn apart, the gigantic fist in the sky also shattered inch by inch and dissipated into nothingness.

Tie Mu’s face was dark as he stood in midair. He looked at Su Ming right across him, who was revealed after the nine-headed beast also shattered and disappeared.

"You are quite good, but if you want to fight against me, you are still… overestimating yourself!" Tie Mu let out a cold harrumph. He took a step towards Su Ming, and the killing intent in his eyes shone brilliantly.

"Am I now?" Su Ming wiped away the blood at the corner of his lips and grinned.

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