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Time passed by, and in the blink of an eye, it was six months later. A year had gone by since the chaos caused by Hong Luo to the land of the Shamans.

Several large scale battles had happened in the war outside Sky Mist City, while the small scale battles launched over the warzone were already so numerous that they could not be counted. These battles were only becoming more intense.

The defense of Sky Mist City was also gradually being weakened. Most of the powerful Berserkers in the Berserker Tribe were acting as garrisons for Sky Mist City.

There was a rumor regarding the Calamity of the Eastern Wastelands spreading out secretly among the Berserkers, and most of those who heard it took it with a grain of salt.

There were no longer any tribes located at the edge of the Dead Sea in the land of the Shamans. Almost a seventh of the tribes had migrated.

However, there were some tribes that did not migrate. These tribes either had no power to migrate or were small tribes that would have difficulties if they moved too far even if they wanted to migrate, which was why they decided… to stay.

White Bull Tribe was one of the tribes in the latter category. They struggled before, pondered over it, had the urge to migrate, had even sent their people to venture out in search for any migrating tribes that would pass by their tribe, but eventually, they had no choice but to give up.

This was a remote land to begin with. If their tribe members traveled far and wide, they would perhaps run into migrating tribes, but that was only a possibility. If they did not meet any of them, then instead of being destroyed, they would rather stay in their tribe.

On the last month of the past six months, the monkey-faced old man, the Patriarch of White Bull Tribe, went to the area near Su Ming’s mountain range multiple times. He still believed that there was something off about the place. When he learned about the things that happened to Black Crane Tribe, he became even more skeptical of Su Ming’s mountain range.

The old man was polite every single time he came to the place, even after he’d visited it many times. He would respectfully shout outside the mountain range in hopes of meeting Su Ming, but never received any response. However, the old man did not give up. He always came back once every few days.

Time passed by this way, and the Fire Ape laid around lackadaisically within the seal of the mountain range. The small snake flew in midair. As for the Poison Corpse, he continued standing at the entrance of the cave abode and never moved once during those six months.

The ice on the frozen Gate to the Void still remained during that half a year. It continued releasing cold air and never melted.

Su Ming was sitting cross-legged in the ice mountain located in the glacier surrounded by black seawater. His body was completely frozen up. His clone had protected him for half a year.

There was no longer any blood flowing out of Su Ming’s back. His wound had slowly recovered during the six months. By now, there was only a bump that could be seen belonging to the Lightning Crystal of Inheritance. As for the Wind Crystal of Inheritance, it practically could not be seen anymore.

There were four Berserker Bones in Su Ming’s spine, but at that moment, the fifth vertebrae was shining with a green light, and it seemed as if it had already transformed. Its appearance might not have changed, but it gave people a similar feeling to the Wind Crystal of Inheritance. It was as if the shrunken Wind Crystal of Inheritance had been absorbed by the fifth Berserker Bone.

Another month passed by. On this day, the layer of ice surrounding Su Ming, who had isolated himself there for seven months, suddenly shook. At the same time it started shattering and cracking, Su Ming opened his eyes slowly.

The instant he opened his eyes, besides the profundity in his gaze that already existed before, there was also a vortex that looked like a whirlwind in his eyes. At the same time, the layer of ice around him shattered with a bang, causing Su Ming to regain mobility.

He silently sensed the changes in his body, and he could clearly feel that he had become much stronger compared to how he was before he isolated himself, and more importantly...

"Sun Genesis, huh..?"

Su Ming lowered his head and looked at his right hand. There was a brilliant flash in his eyes. In the one chance he had to gain his epiphany during his entire process of understanding the inheritance of the Wind Berserker, he had tried countless times to cast Sun Genesis. In that sort of condition to gain his epiphany, Su Ming had a feeling that he had been reborn in that illusion filled with wind.

He lightly formed a fist and stood up slowly. The instant he stood up, the clone behind him also did the same.

Su Ming did not turn his head back, but instead stared at the shell of the ice mountain and the glacier before him. After a moment of pensive silence, his gaze fell at the spot sealing the green-scaled man eight hundred feet away.

After thinking for some time, Su Ming lifted his right hand and touched the layer of ice before him. Immediately, it cracked. After another moment, it shattered, and black seawater instantly surged in, but the instant the seawater surged in, Su Ming had already walked out of the ice mountain. His clone also followed behind him.

He did not bother about the ice mountain behind him. A wave of pressure descended on them in that black seawater, causing Su Ming to sink, but his expression was calm as he walked forward slowly.

He walked forward until he was eight hundred feet away from the ice mountain. When he arrived at the place sealing that green-scaled man, Su Ming once again felt the difference between his current self and his previous self. Before he fused with the Wind Crystal of Inheritance, walking eight hundred feet was already his limit, but now, he felt that he could still walk several dozens of feet forward.

As he stared at the ice mountain sealing the green scaled man, Su Ming furled his right hand into a fist and punched. At the same time, his clone behind him took a step forward and pointed at the ice through the water.

Immediately, densely packed circles of cracks appeared on the layer of ice Su Ming punched. Green light flashed, and the small sword flew out from his clone to stab into the crack. At that moment, Su Ming lifted his right hand, and when the sword retreated, he pressed his palm on the ice once again.

The process repeated several times, and as the cracks on the layer of ice slowly spread outwards, the crushed ice also fell off.

Su Ming’s spirits lifted and he increased his speed. By working with his clone, they gradually dug a hole in the ice mountain, and behind that hole was the black wooden club with nine teeth held by the green scaled man.

As the layer of ice continuously became thinner and when he was just three inches away from the tip of of the club, suddenly, a strong current shot forth from the black seawater above the glacier. At the same time, Su Ming heard a muffled growl.

Soon after, a gigantic, muddled figure charged forth from the black seawater. As it closed in, its low growl shook the glacier, causing the the seawater to roll, and the pressure formed made Su Ming’s heart shake.

His eyes sparkled. At the moment, there was already a big hole wide enough to fit a person dug out in the ice mountain. He was less than three inches from that club, before long, he would be able to completely dig through. However, the arrival of that low growl made Su Ming hesitate for a moment before a resolute look appeared on his face.

He immediately curled his right hand into a fist and rammed it against the thin layer of ice. His clone attacked at the same time, intending to break through before the unknown creature came over.

Yet before Su Ming managed to attack, the low growl traveled to his ears as if the sound came right from his side. The seawater around him started distorting, and an incredible force came charging towards him.

Su Ming’s expression changed. Without a hint of hesitation, he immediately crawled into the big hole he’d dug out. His clone crawled in at the same time.

The moment they blocked the entrance, Su Ming found out, to his shock, that the entire glacier shuddered. His pupils shrank, and he saw a gigantic ferocious beast with an astonishing presence appearing in the seawater.

It was a two-headed dark turtle!

Two of its gigantic heads were outside its shell and were coldly staring at the layer of ice where Su Ming had hid himself. The moment a fierce glint appeared in its eyes, it swung its tail, and immediately, another head rose on its tail!

This was not a two-headed turtle, but a three-headed dark turtle!

Its body was not really that big, only one thousand feet in-size. It stood on the glacier and not many ripples formed from its aura could be seen. However, the presence of its Qi left Su Ming afraid.


The three heads of that dark turtle roared at Su Ming at the same time. However, it only stood and roared. It did not do anything else. Su Ming hid himself in the layer of ice. His clone was slightly further ahead, and they were both sealed up by the newly recovered ice mountain. As Su Ming looked at the three-headed dark turtle outside, he groaned internally.

However, gradually, Su Ming noticed something strange about this dark turtle. The creature only roared and did not attack him. This stunned Su Ming momentarily.

He remained in pensive silence for a moment. As he saw the ice mountain gradually sealing up, he lifted his right hand and punched the newly returned three inch thick layer of ice behind him. Cracks echoed in the air, and the layer of ice became only two inches thick.

It was also at that moment that the three-headed dark turtle roared even more furiously as if it had gone mad. It took a big step forward, and at the same time it got closer to the ice mountain, its tail charged towards the ice mountain with a whistle, but it did not hit the ice. Instead, once it swung down beside the ice mountain, the dark turtle’s face became even more savage, and it started growling lowly as it glared at Su Ming.

‘The power of its Qi makes it clear that it has incredible power, and it’s a power so strong that I’ve never seen its like before… but it looks as if it doesn’t know any divine abilities.’ A glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes.

‘And by its previous actions… Could it be that this creature cannot destroy the ice mountain here..? Could it be that it’s the guardian beast of the place?’

A thought bloomed in Su Ming’s heart and he moved closer to the thin layer of ice. Immediately, the dark turtle outside roared even more fiercely. It swung its tail back and forth, letting out piercing howls.

Su Ming immediately shrank back, putting some distance between himself and the thin layer of ice. The dark turtle clearly relaxed and no longer looked at Su Ming, but instead stared at the green-scaled man that was several inches away from Su Ming, sealed within the thin layer of ice.

Su Ming was incredibly nervous at the moment, but his head was calm. Once he saw the dark turtle’s actions, he knew that the longer he stayed in the place, the worse it would be for him. That was why he sent a thought to his clone.

His clone immediately lifted two fingers and tapped at the ice behind them. As it was just a short time since that ice was formed, that one tap immediately broke a small hole. A black beetle instantly flew out and crawled into that hole.

Su Ming stared at the bug. When the dark turtle saw the bug flying out, it only spared it a glance and no longer bothered itself with it. It let the small bug fly eight hundred feet back to where the Gate to the Void was in the ice mountain.

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