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There was a layer of fog in the gray sky, and there seemed to be a sea of clouds tumbling about in the area. No one would be able to tell whether this was the sea of the sky, or whether it was the sea of the ground at just one glance.

Su Ming could not sense his own body. It was as if he had turned into a gust of wind in the sea of clouds and floated in the world, not knowing where he wanted to go…

Perhaps a long time had passed, or perhaps it had just been a moment. Su Ming, whose mind was a little muddled at that point, suddenly saw a long-haired man sitting in the endless sea of white and gray clouds before him.

That man was tall and thin. He was dressed in green and his hair was very long. He might not look handsome, but there was an elegant grace about him, especially his long and narrow eyes. They looked like the eyes of a woman, and those eyes that seemed like they belonged on a phoenix was an unforgettable sight.

At the same time Su Ming saw this man, the man slowly opened his eyes, and a brilliant light shone within them.

"You came, my scion."

Su Ming’s mind trembled. His slightly muddled mind suddenly cleared up, and he remembered that he was absorbing the Wind Crystal of Inheritance in the glacier. He also remembered the storm that stirred up in his head at the end, along with himself appearing in this sea of clouds like a spirit once that storm was over.

"This sort of inheritance is only privy to the first scion. You will be the only one who can see me… The scions after you will not see me, but they will see you," the man with the long and narrow eyes stated slowly in a gentle voice.

"I am the Wind Berserker. I have become a Saint after understanding the power of wind. I fought with the God of Berserkers against the ninth great timeline in the great World containing all regions. Everywhere we went, there was no one who did not dare worship us…

"Now, what remains in this place is a fragment of my will that I left behind when I was about to leave the ninth timeline in the great World with the God of Berserkers to search for other timelines in hopes of seeking a chance for a breakthrough. I left the fragment behind so that the future generation may inherit my title as the Wind Berserker.

"The power of the Wind Berserker changes all the time and it can’t be inherited in one go. That’s why I separated it into three divine abilities. If you can master them all, then you will have understood a fifth of what it means to be the Wind Berserker.

"The first of the three styles of Wind Separation is Sun Genesis!" The man with the long and narrow eyes spoke slowly, and the moment he said those last words, his eyes sparkled. He lifted his right hand and waved it at the sky above the sea of clouds.

"Push aside the clouds in the sky, and you can make the sea of clouds stir, you can make the sun reveal itself. All you need to activate the power of Sun Genesis is wind!"

As his words echoed in the air, the sea of clouds started tumbling ferociously and turned into a giant vortex. With the man as the center, the vortex encircled such a huge area that it seemed endless, and with booming sounds, it started spinning.

Su Ming stood by the side and watched the sea of clouds spinning. He could even imagine that if anyone looked up from the ground at that moment, they would definitely find themselves witnessing a terrifying sight - a sight where all the clouds in the sky started spinning and turning into a vortex.

"Where does wind come from?" The man with the long and narrow eyes smiled.

"Wind comes when I wave my arms, and I channel it to the sky to move the sea of clouds. When the sea of clouds turns into a vortex, the wind will come back several times stronger!

"More accurately speaking, Sun Genesis is divided into three levels. The first is Wind Propelling, the second is Wind Borrowing, and the final level is… Sun Genesis!"

The man with the long and narrow eyes clenched his right fist, and the instant he formed that fist, the sea of clouds around them that had turned into a vortex, with a rumble, rushed towards the man. Eventually, as Su Ming’s mind trembled, he saw the vortex disappearing into the man’s right fist!

It was as if the entire process of him clenching his fist happened during the instant the endless sea of clouds rapidly gathered towards him.

It was just as if the man was holding the endlessly rotating sea of clouds in his right hand!

It was as if he now held the boundless power of the wind in the world in his hand.

"Sun Genesis!"

With his right fist, the man punched forward gently, seemingly without any power, but when that punch was delivered, a violent gust of wind that could not be described with words erupted forth. It felt as if a shocking thunder had crackled during a quiet dawn, as if the a storm spanning one hundred thousand feet had erupted on the quiet surface of a sea, as if an ear-splitting boom had resounded in a meadow!

The violent gust of wind turned into a wind dragon. As it roared, it charged out and tore through the sky, causing a gigantic pit to appear in the air. The wind dragon roared, then crawled into the pit and disappeared.

"The second style, Lunar Burial!" The Wind Berserker narrowed his eyes, and a green glare appeared within them.

"I personally like this style a lot. I didn’t create this style on my own either. I gained an epiphany for it from an ancient legend. I also went to a lot of ancient ruins to examine them so that I could finally produce this ancient legend.

"I believe that this Art had existed since the beginning but was only lost in time. I am merely restoring it slightly. In older times, there was a legend that said that when the Ancients die, they are not buried in the sky or the earth. They are instead buried in the wind. The wind is their coffin…"

A smile appeared on the man’s lips, but it looked rather sinister. He pointed at the ground with two fingers of his right hand.

When Su Ming lowered his head to look, the ground underneath suddenly turned indistinct. It did not last long, and the ground became clear once again. But once it became distinct, what appeared before Su Ming was no longer the ground he’d seen previously. Instead, it had turned into a place filled with people.

A large number of people whose clothes and appearances could not be seen clear were now on the ground. They all prostrated themselves and Su Ming heard words he could not understand coming out from their mouths in the form of buzzing sounds. From the sky, he could see that these people numbered to several tens of thousands.

They stood close to each other and formed a gigantic circle. The center was empty except for a gigantic wooden tower. At the top of the tower was a bound corpse that hung high in the sky.

"Look closely, my scion!" the man with the long and narrow eyes suddenly said. Su Ming immediately looked down with rapt attention, forcing down his shock, not shifting his eyes from the spot.

The tens of thousands of people surrounding the giant wooden tower on the ground started moving slowly. All of them were walking and looking at the sky. It was as if the circle they had formed was spinning. This scene sparked curiosity in Su Ming’s heart.

He could not tell just what sort of connection these people’s actions had with Lunar Burial. However, as time passed by, the tens of thousands of people on the ground gradually stopped walking slowly and started running. The tens of thousands of people running altogether caused the circle to start spinning even faster.

‘Could it be that the vortex is formed when the people run, and that’s how they form wind?’ A sharp glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes.

As the tens of thousands of people ran, a wave of hot air spread from all these people. This was a wave that naturally came to be as their Qi circulated in their bodies. Perhaps the hot air from a singular person would not be much, but when tens of thousands of people ran together, it would look incredibly distinct.

Once that hot air spread from their bodies, it started floating into the sky slowly.

At the same time, several hundreds of people immediately shot up from the running crowd and charged into the sky to stand above the bound corpse on the gigantic wooden tower. These hundreds of people sat down cross-legged over there, and a chilling aura spread from their floating bodies. That chilling air immediately spread through the area, causing the place to abruptly turn cold.

What happened next took Su Ming completely by surprise. With his own eyes, he saw the chilling air that was seeping out of these hundreds of people descend to the area underneath, and during that process, that chilling air instantly clashed with the hot air floating upwards.

The instant they clashed, a violent gust of wind appeared out of nowhere, stirring up sharp whistling sounds. At the same time, the tens of thousands of people on the ground opened their mouths and shouted one word.


The voice shook the sky, causing the tens of thousands of people to run even faster, and more hot air spread from their bodies. The hundreds of people sitting cross-legged and floating in the sky also opened their eyes at that moment and roared simultaneously!


The moment they shouted, a larger amount of chilling air spread out and descended to the area underneath. Once it clashed with the hot air, the wind started interacting as if they were convecting heat, and it gave birth to stronger wind. The wind swept past the land and blew against the corpse bound on the gigantic wooden tower, causing the dead man’s blood and flesh to rapidly dry up from that indescribably man-made wind, eventually turning into skin and bones, ending up as a dried up corpse.

That was not the end, as the words ‘Burial’ and ‘Lunar’ were repeatedly shouted, the wind became stronger, and after an unknown amount of time passed by, as Su Ming’s heart was shaken to the core, he saw the dried up corpse turning to ashes. As the wind was born, the ashes disappeared into the world, and once they disappeared, this scene, which was clearly from a ritual, returned to being indistinct and disappeared from Su Ming’s eyes.

"That is Lunar Burial," the man with the long and narrow eyes said.

Su Ming looked at the muddled ground that had returned to how it originally was with a blank stare and his heart was in chaos, as if there were waves crashing against it. He was not shocked by the Lunar Burial but stunned by these people’s intelligence, and how wind… was formed.

‘Is this how wind is formed..? The clash of cold and heat… perhaps I should say it is the transfer between cold and heat that formed wind… Convection… forms wind… That’s right, if I throw a punch, I will cause wind to stir, but I’ve never thought about how that wind came to be. By the looks of it now, wind is born due to the transfer between two auras.’

Su Ming looked as if he had gained an epiphany.

"My scion, wind exists in all parts of the world, but if you can separate the wind from a particular region, thereby causing wind to no longer exist in that region, then you can become the lord of that region!

"Without wind, there is no aura, and without aura, there is no power. When the power of the world is sealed within, when all manner of aura no longer exists, then from then on, the place where you are will be a forbidden area for all lives, and that is Wind Separation!

"The three styles of Wind Separation contain all my understanding towards wind. I am passing it to you, and it will depend on you on how much you can understand out of the Provenance of Wind…

"Also, besides Wind Separation, I will also use the remaining fragment of my will to give you three chances to gain an epiphany. Each of the chances will be for a style of the divine ability. This is your first chance, Epiphany for Sun Genesis!"

The man with the long and narrow eyes disappeared as he spoke. Soon after, a violent gust of wind whistled by and enveloped Su Ming within.

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