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The instant the world froze, a suction force came from the oval-shaped vortex behind Su Ming. However, it was only absorbing Su Ming alone. All the other substances in the world were of no interest to it.

Di Tian stared at Su Ming and at the gigantic vortex behind him. For the first time, his expression became steely. Without a hint of hesitation, he began forming seals with his right hand and pointed at Su Ming with one finger.

"With the blessings of heaven, by my orders, seal off the sky and earth!" The moment Di Tian’s words were spoken and as he pointed forward, the vortex swirling behind Su Ming showed a brief moment of pausing, however, that pause only lasted for an instant before it returned to normal and continued swirling rapidly.

However, during the instant it froze, a freezing glint appeared in Di Tian’s eyes. He took a swift step forward, and that step allowed him to appear before Su Ming right at the instant the vortex stopped moving and the power of Illusory Yin [1] in the world froze, he lifted his right hand and moved to seize Su Ming.

"You rebellious boy, come out!"

Killing intent shone in Su Ming’s eyes. As he moved back, he lifted his right hand and pointed towards Di Tian’s incoming palm. That finger was Su Ming’s right index finger. It was the finger wrapped with the strand of hair that was the manifestation of the power of the God of Berserkers.

Right when Su Ming pointed at Di Tian, the strand of hair on his finger started burning. A burst of power that belonged to the first God of Berserkers erupted forth.

That power was filled with a domineering presence which stood superior above all else. At the instant that power descended in the world, even the operation of the Gate to the Void was affected, as if it was about to crumble under that power, and this was just some of the power that had spilled out. If Su Ming had pointed at the gate itself, then the Gate to the Void would have definitely not been unable to withstand that pressure.

At that moment, the person who had to withstand that power was Di Tian!

"First God of Berserkers’ presence?!" Di Tian’s face had a drastic change of expression, along with the appearance of shock, which had seemed to not be part of his repertoire!

Due to the might of the first God of Berserkers, unless the people had bore witness to it with their own eyes, then all manner of divine senses trying to explore the matter of Su Ming obtaining the power of the God of Berserkers during that moment were pushed off relentlessly.

Besides, due to the uniqueness of the deity statues of the Berserkers descending, the Immortals would rarely release their divine senses at that moment to bring trouble to themselves. Even Di Tian’s projection would let the old man in the Great Tribe of Freezing Sky make most of the decisions because his intelligence was suppressed. That was why he did not have much understanding of Su Ming obtaining the power of the God of Berserkers.

The old man in the Great Tribe of Freezing Sky might have heard some rumors about it, but since he did not see it for himself, he did not know that such an endless amount of rumors would fly all over the land of the Berserkers. Some of these rumors spoke about Su Ming, while the others spoke about someone else. Not only did these rumors talk about Su Ming obtaining the power of the God of Berserkers, but they also talked about his power increasing so much that he had become a powerful Berserker in the Berserker Soul Realm.

There were even some who said Su Ming had obtained the same Enchanted Vessel as the God of Berserkers did in the past. All these rumors were baseless and most of them were incredibly exaggerated, hence most of the people would frown and be dubious about it once they heard it.

That’s why, while the old man had regarded this piece of information seriously, he still just made a decision to continue observing Su Ming. It was also why Di Tian’s projected clone did not have too much knowledge regarding this!

As Su Ming swung his finger down, the hair on his finger started burning away rapidly. Su Ming saw that there was a black hole the size of a fist around his finger. That black hole moved along with his finger, and the instant it appeared, the frozen sky became dimmer in an instant.

This portion of the sky was not the only one affected. It was the entire sky above the land of the Shamans, the entire sky above the Land of South Morning, even the sky above the Dead Sea, and even spreading to an area so wide they had no idea of knowing how big it was. All of it became dull at that instant.

The dull look in the sky was because all manner of light started gathering in the black hole next to Su Ming’s finger with a speed that was unimaginable and a manner that was incomprehensible.

It caused the area around Su Ming to be filled with a piercing light as if all the light in the world had been drawn over in an instant. The earthen aura in the ground also started trembling.

It was not just the Land of South Morning that was affected though, the earthen aura of the other continents beyond South Morning, and even the continents of the Berserker Tribe floating above the Dead Sea started trembling. Then with the same manner and speed as the light in the sky, they appeared in the black hole around Su Ming’s finger and were sucked inside swiftly.

The black hole around the finger absorbed the light in the sky and the aura of the earth. With the world contained within it, Su Ming pointed at Di Tian, whose expression had drastically changed at that moment.

"The power of the World Plane! This is the power of the World Plane belonging to the first God of Berserkers!" Di Tian’s expression started changing rapidly, and he started retreating hastily. His hands worked to form seals, and he pointed at the heavens with his right hand while pointing at the earth with his left. A voice akin to thunder fell off his lips.

"Power of the first God of Berserkers? Very well, when you were alive, I had not completed my Dao. When I completed my Dao, you already disappeared. The members of the Berserker Tribe believe you to be dead, but I know that you haven’t died. Your power had reached the peak of a timeline [2] and you can’t improve anymore, that’s why you chose to disappear and search for other World Planes with great timelines!

"All the timelines of the worlds form a timeline, and you, who have absorbed all the sources of the worlds, who have reached the peak of the great timeline, show me just how strong you are!

"Today, your power has appeared. It might just be a hint, but I’m also just a projected clone. Let’s see just who is stronger between us!" As Di Tian retreated and pointed to the sky and earth with his hands, he let out a low shout.

"Soar to the White Sky!"

As Di Tian let out that roar, a brilliant white glare suddenly shot out from his right hand in that dull world. The brightness of that white glare caused the darkened sky to appear just as white!

That white belonged to the white of the clouds. When it appeared in the sky, with Di Tian’s right hand as the center, the endless amount of white light gathered together… and a white sun appeared in the sky he was pointing at!

It was like a gigantic asteroid slowly descending from the sky. At that moment, it had only revealed a small portion of itself, and it was already causing the land of the Berserkers to tremble, the black Dead Sea to roar, and the hearts of numerous people to tremble in fear.

In fact, if the entire Land of South Morning lifted their heads to look up, they would find a gigantic white sun that looked like an asteroid in the sky!

The white glare shining from the sun had practically turned into the most brilliant ray of light in the world!

This scene looked like the apocalypse had arrived today! The sky looked as if it was going to shatter. Cracks appeared on the ground, and due to the movements and roars from the Dead Sea, the speed of the Eastern Wastelands traveling forth instantly increased by several fold!

If it continued with this speed, then it would not take ten years for it to crash into the Land of South Morning. There was a high possibility that the time taken would shrink by a large margin.

Di Tian’s face was pale. His Emperor’s robe was burning, and the same thing was happening to his crown. They were engulfed in white flames. His skin started withering away at a rapid speed, but as those things burned and his skin withered, the presence of his body became even more shocking.

He started lifting up the hand pointing towards the ground slowly, and his right hand, which had caused day to arrive, slowly fell down. Those two hands were continuously closing in on each other, as if they were about to touch.

His left hand symbolized the power to soar, and his right hand symbolized the day. This continuous breach of distance was the act of soaring!

As Di Tian executed that Art, his appearance instantly turned to that of an old man, and he was still swiftly withering away. His entire appearance now made him look like a corpse, but the brilliant light and monstrous amount of fighting spirit had ignited a life in his eyes.

As Su Ming watched Di Tian’s unimaginable strength and that unbelievable Art, he suddenly understood something with a trembling heart. If he did not have the power of the God of Berserkers, then he would have been unable to escape through the Gate to the Void!

Hong Luo might have been powerful and had left behind a way for him, but even he did not expect that Di Tian would possess… a power equivalent to that of the first God of Berserkers!

‘He’s so powerful… Will I be able to surpass him..?’ Bitterness rose in Su Ming’s heart. He looked at Di Tian. The strand of hair on his right index finger was rapidly burning away, but… it seemed to be lacking something compared to that great presence and terrifying divine ability of Di Tian.

"It’s lacking a soul… it’s without life…" Su Ming took a deep breath and quelled the bitterness that arose within him due to Di Tian’s might. He mumbled softly, then with quick thought, he lifted his right hand. Using his finger as a pen, he drew a line at Di Tian!

"Berserker Obliteration…"

With the power of the God of Berserkers, the instant that one Berserker Obliteration was drawn, Di Tian’s pupils shrank. He let out a low growl, and right at that moment, his hands touched!

"The place where I was born still did things according to the laws of the universe. When I was born, the Berserkers had weakened… If the heavens are heartless, then we will all be separated. The earth was heartless, and it made my Dark Mountain die…" Su Ming closed his eyes. His blood started boiling and burning hotly in his body.

"If the heavens have eyes, then why do they never see that my world is plunged into eternal darkness? If the deities have souls, then why did they divide the sky and seas to the south and north?

I kept my duty to the heavens, so why did they not let me see the darkness of night? I kept my duty to the deities, so why did they tear me into pieces and scatter my memories?!"

With Su Ming’s drawn line, the burning hair on his finger started shining with a strangely captivating light. That light flashed and was completely different from the light it gave off when it burned previously. It was as if this time, as it burned, it now possessed a soul, a hint of life… a will!

An even stronger presence erupted forth from that burning strand of hair. The power of that presence caused the white sky to tremble as well, and it caused a pair of eyes to appear in the space above the sky!

Those were a pair of tightly shut eyes!

"If the heavens don’t have eyes, then I will step on it and watch myself seal the heavens! If the deities don’t have souls, then I swear I will slaughter the deities and become the Emperor!"

Su Ming opened his eyes swiftly. The instant he did so, the gigantic pair of eyes in the sky also opened up. It was also at that moment that Su Ming’s Berserker Obliteration sliced through the heavens. Once it connected with Di Tian’s hands, it crashed into the light emanating between his palms.

The rumbling sounds made it seem as if two worlds had collided into each other, and the tremors that appeared because of it caused a bang to go off in Su Ming’s head and he coughed out a huge mouthful of blood. A great force rammed into his body and he immediately fell backwards, straight into the Gate of the Void behind him that was still unstable and looked as if it was about to crumble at any moment.

His mind instantly faded out. Before he lost his consciousness, he saw Di Tian, who had borne the brunt of the Berserker Obliteration he cast with the power of the God of Berserkers. His Emperor’s robe was torn, his crown had shattered. The white sky had melted and turned into white rain that poured all over the Land of South Morning.

He also saw Di Tian freezing in midair. Blood lines appeared on his body. His expression was extremely odd, and he looked as if he was deeply regretful, as if he had gained an epiphany about something, as if he was overcome with melancholy. Eventually, he closed his eyes, and his body became transparent. He gradually dissipated…

"One of these days, I will definitely surpass Di Tian!" Su Ming mumbled bitterly and closed his eyes.

End of Arc Two.

Translator’s Notes:

Man I sure as heck wish to end this chapter coolly with just ‘End of Arc Two’, but it just had to be ruined with a Translator’s Notes.


1. Illusory Yin and later on, Materialize Yang: Mentioned in Renegade Immortal.

2. 一劫 (yi jie) is translated as ‘timeline’, because from what I understand from this text and from what I can find, this 一劫, if broken down word for word, means ‘one disaster’. Highly unlikely in this case. But after some digging, I found that in Buddhist terms, 一劫 means a looooooooong period of time, and the length of the timeline depends on the category. Below is the long explanation.

This 劫 is divided into three category - (小) small, (中) medium, and (大) big. 大劫 is translated as great timeline, obviously.

Apparently, a person’s lifespan begins straight at 80,000 years old, and with each century, you cut off one year of your age, and you continue cutting until you have 10 years of your life left, and then, you add one year to your age once every century until you get 80,000 years to your age again. That is called a small timeline.

A medium timeline is made of 20 small timelines, and four medium timelines form a great timeline.


A small timeline, is 15,998,000 years, and a great timeline is 1,279,840,000 years. (Not my calculations, I gave up when the numbers went up somewhere in the millions)

If you say that something has been around for a great timeline, then it’s used to describe that this thing has been around for a very, very, very long time, and most likely will never perish.

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