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When Su Ming spoke, the eyeball grew larger, continuing to move forward, and swiftly became the size of a fist. Red capillaries spread all over its surface, and the Eight Trigrams appeared faintly on it. Due to its unique appearance, the eyeball gave off a strange and savage presence.

The instant Su Ming flung that eyeball forward, a faint glint appeared in Di Tian’s eyes, but he did not stop even for a moment. He simply continued with his actions, as if there was no one and no power in the world that could make him stop even for a single moment if he wanted to continue advancing forward.

Even the ancient art of Hidden Dragon Sect could not do so!

Besides, even if the ancient Art had a great reputation for its power, the old man from Hidden Dragon Sect had only been able to cast a shred of that Art. Even if the red-haired Su Ming could push it slightly closer to perfection, it still could not compare to the true form of the ancient Art. Yet even so, since it was an ancient Art, it was of an incredibly high level among all the divine abilities and Arts. The power it contained was enough to destroy the sky and earth.

Once that eyeball swelled up, the Eight Trigrams within flashed, and a dark power shot out from inside. At the same time that power spread out, the originally bright sky suddenly darkened. Mumbling sounds could be heard echoing in the air, causing people to be unable to hear what was being said clearly.

The sounds grew louder and the number of voices increased. Eventually, they reached a volume so shocking it could shake the sky and earth, deafening the ears. It was as if there was an endless amount of invisible people in the area mumbling at the same time. Right then, the Eight Trigrams in the eyeball started turning slowly, increasing in speed, and in the blink of an eye, the eyeball could no longer be seen clearly.

With his ever calm face, Di Tian walked over, as if he was completely unconcerned by the strangeness of the eyeball and the endless mumbling voices around him. He merely formed a seal with his right hand, and as he moved forward, he pointed at that eyeball with it.

"I am the heavens. All manner of living exists beneath the sky. Under my rule, all the living are given different souls. If I am unwilling, I can retrieve those souls… Heavenly Deprivation of Souls."

The moment Di Tian calmly said those words, without a shred of emotion, he pointed at the eyeball in the air with his right index finger.

The instant he did so, the turning of the Eight Trigrams in the eyeball started slowing down, and the mumbling voices around them that had just reached a certain volume instantly showed signs of weakening, becoming much softer.

By the looks of it, it would only take the span of a few breaths before they would completely disappear!

Su Ming’s expression immediately darkened. He was once again shocked by Di Tian’s power. As his expression changed, he instantly bit his tongue and coughed out a mouthful of blood, then let out a low shout.

"Hidden, Shatter!"

"Execution of Justice, Explode!"

The instant Su Ming’s words were spoken, the blood capillaries in the eyeball shone with a red glare and a large amount of light spread through the eyeball. It exploded abruptly, and the swirling Eight Trigrams within broke away. Once they absorbed the force of the eyeball’s explosion, the Eight Trigrams continued swirling. They then charged towards Di Tian with a howl.

At the same time, the volume of the mumbling voices around the area increased exponentially. All of them rushed towards Di Tian, causing a large amount of ripples and distortions to appear around him.

Su Ming knew that it was difficult for this Art to have a great effect on Di Tian. However, it should be able to hold him back for several breaths. Su Ming did not bother looking at the outcome of the ancient Art.

He swiftly moved back, and as he did so, he started forming seals with his hands. His red hair shone with an enchanting glow, and the crimson hue in his eyes was even more brilliant. In fact, his entire body, including his skin, was shining with such a bright shade of red that it seemed to illuminate the sky.

That shade of red was like blood, and it was a terrifying sight to behold.

‘I don’t believe that I can’t even kill your projection!’ A ferocious expression appeared on Su Ming’s face. As he formed seals, he turned around abruptly, transforming into a red whirlwind. Howling sounds reverberated in the air, and a large amount of bloody spots immediately appeared on Su Ming’s skin.

Once those blood spots appeared, a large amount of fresh blood seeped out of his skin, and right at the moment that blood appeared, it was immediately sucked into the whirlwind. After several breaths, a layer of blood fog filled the entire area outside the red whirlwind!

It was Su Ming’s blood.

"Blood Art!" Su Ming’s voice came from within the whirlwind. At that moment, his face was pale. Most of his blood had been forced out of his body to cast the forbidden divine ability that he could only cast when he was at the peak of his condition!

The moment Su Ming spoke up, the whirlwind, inside of which he was in, came to an abrupt halt, and once the whirlwind froze for an instant, the blood fog used the whirlwind’s turning force to spread out. It covered the entire sky, dyeing it instantly red. At the same time, Su Ming stomped downwards with his right foot and threw himself higher, disappearing into the blood fog.

"Purge the Heavens!"

When Su Ming disappeared into the sky, it was as if the sky roared. The instant muffled buzzing sounds spread out, the blood fog started multiplying swiftly. It only took an instant for the fog to increase so much that it turned into a wave of blood.

With the sky as the sea, and with crimson as its color, the entire sky turned into an endless sea of blood. That sea roared and raged in the sky, bringing up a large amount of furious waves. From the distance, this scene was like the apocalypse, and if anyone saw it, their hearts would tremble in disbelief.

From the sea of blood that filled the entire sky, a gigantic face protruded. It covered about half of the sea, and that face belonged to Su Ming!

It was as if the sea of blood was his hair and his body had become so big it could not be measured. He stood in the sky like the might of heaven itself and roared at Di Tian, then, bringing the sea of blood with him, he charged.

At that moment, the distortions and ripples caused by the endless mumbling voices from the Hidden Execution of Justice disappeared around Di Tian, revealing his body within. He lifted his right hand, and on his palm were the Eight Trigrams that had charged towards him while spinning.

Holding the Eight Trigrams in his hand, he lifted his head to look at the sky. He curled his right hand into a fist, and the Eight Trigrams immediately crumbled, turning into an endless amount of fragments that fell and scattered away. They turned into glittering sparks of light that shone for a moment before they faded away and disappeared.

"With a swing of mine arm, I can submerge the sun and moon. How dare thou art use tainted blood to stain the sky ere me?"

With a calm expression on his face, Di Tian spoke with a dull tone, and as he did so, he swung his arm towards the sky, right in the face of the rapidly incoming sea of blood and Su Ming’s bloody figure within.

That one swing immediately caused his Emperor’s robe to shine, before fading off a little. Some wrinkles also appeared on his skin, but it would be difficult to notice unless someone looked closely.

However, clearly, while this swing of the arm intending to submerge the sun and moon might seem easy to do, in truth, to Di Tian, this was not an ordinary swing of his arm.

Golden light erupted forth from his body. Following the movements of his swing, the golden light appeared and spread swiftly in the sky above him, seemingly turning into a gigantic golden sea under that sea of blood. There was a colossal amount of power contained within that gigantic golden sea.

If the sea of blood gave others a feeling that the red-haired Su Ming was an evil incarnate, then compared to the strangeness of the sea of blood, if anyone was watching by the side, they would feel that Di Tian was filled with righteousness and justice!

A large amount of waves churned in that golden sea, and as it continued closing in on that sea of blood, its appearance changed into that of a sleeve. It was a golden sleeve formed by the golden sea. It swung at the incoming sea of blood.

Both crashed into each other in an instant. A shocking boom resounded in the sky and spread through a small part of the land of the Shamans, causing the ground to tremble. As the sound spread, all the powerful warriors in the land of the Shamans noticed it, all the powerful warriors in the land of the Berserkers sensed it, and they were all shaken to the core.

The booming sounds continued to reverberate in the air, and the sea of blood in the sky was destroyed. When that golden sleeve swung at it, it shattered, and once it turned back into the blood fog, it crumbled once again. Eventually, the fragmented blood-fog gathered in midair and turned back into Su Ming.

Blood trickled down the corners of Su Ming’s lips. His face was pale, and that fiery red hair of his had also become dull. There were multiple tears on his robes, and once he formed, he was forced back several thousands of feet. He coughed out a huge mouthful of blood, and a crimson glare appeared in his eyes.

‘I can’t accept this. It’s impossible that I can’t even fight against a clone of his!’

Su Ming stared at Di Tian, who stood in the distance. The strength of this Di Tian had surpassed what he was in his faded memories. It made him feel bitter, but at the same time, also incredibly disgruntled.

Di Tian’s face was still as aloof as ever. He lifted his foot and walked towards Su Ming.

Since the start, he had been like this, taking his time doing everything, like a king walking in his own world. It was as if even if the sky crumbled and the earth shattered, he would not show a hint of emotion. Perhaps there was truly nothing in the world that could affect him in the slightest bit.

"Since thou art unwilling to be sealed, I wilt grant thy wish. I wilt scatter thy soul and separate thy spirit from this body… Thou has’t breathed thy last breath far into the past, yet due to mine seal, I allowed thee to escape heaven’s punishment. Now, as thou wilt be scattered away, thou must receive heaven’s punishment once again.

"I am the heavens, and I shalt bestow unto thee… Heaven’s Punishment!"

Di Tian spoke slowly, and as he walked towards Su Ming, he lifted his right hand and swung it at the sky.

"Thou art not a soul of this land. There is no need for the Berserkers’ heavens to execute their punishment unto thee. Times hath changed, and the heavens now belong to the Immortals!" With a swing of Di Tian’s arm, a strange change appeared in the sky. It suddenly darkened, and this was not due to the sky being covered up. Instead, the sky which could be seen had turned into night, as if the sun and moon had reversed their positions!

Stars shone in the sky, but those stars grew indistinct, and some of them began moving. In the blink of an eye, a shocking sight appeared in the sky. The stars were enough to make any Shaman or Berserker feel that they were unfamiliar with them when they looked up. This… was no longer the sky belonging to the Berserker Tribe!

The sky caused all the Immortals in the Land of South Morning show expressions of fear and confusion, because this sky belonged to the Immortals!

If the real Su Ming was awake at this moment, he would definitely be able to recognize that the sky was almost the exact same as the illusionary starry sky that appeared above Dark Mountain in the past when his elder had used the flag pole and changed the sky!

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