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As the monster covered entirely in black hair slowly opened his arms, Madam Ji lifted her right hand while standing in his embrace and touched the scar on her face. Her eyes, which were like the springs of autumn, turned towards Su Ming, and her gaze was filled with hate.

"You are the first person to see this scar on my face ever since I got it… I will have you scream and wail for seven days and seven nights. I will drain all your flesh and blood, and once I turn all your spirit and essence into my nourishment. I will let you die a painful death… I will let you suffer a pain worse than death!" Madam Ji opened her mouth and let out a piercing screech.

"Madam, you talk too much," Su Ming mocked her and took a few steps back. This woman was the first powerful enemy he had run into ever since he left Autumn Sea Tribe. Judging by her divine abilities, she seemed like a Soul Catcher, but there was something slightly different about her as well. The series of killing moves Su Ming had executed previously had also not caused much damage to her.

That monster that was covered entirely in black hair and standing beside the woman seemed like a puppet. There was a thick amount of life force emanating from it, but its strength was strikingly different from the other Soul Catchers’ puppets that Su Ming had encountered in the land of the Berserkers. Once Soul Catchers fused those puppets together with their bodies using that strange method of theirs, those puppets would give off a feeling as if they were alive yet dead at the same time.

Su Ming felt a strong threat from that monster’s body, and it made him grow cautious. Besides the power of the God of Berserkers, he now had two killing moves. However, one of them required him to use the pattern existing in this place, while the other would need him to open the mouth of the dragon’s head completely, causing the power of the world to surge in. The pattern in this place would then cause the power of the Execution of Three Evils to reach a terrifying state.

However, unless he absolutely needed to, Su Ming did not want to use this method, because once he did, then there would be no way he could hide this place anymore. Anyone would be able to see that this was a great place to train.

Besides, the woman alone was already a problem enough, and the appearance of the puppet gave Su Ming a sense of danger as if he was facing off a Latter Shaman. Su Ming could only estimate the power of the Execution of Three Evils, he did not have confidence that he could kill them both in succession.

There was also one more killing move - the power of materialization he gained after awakening the fifth head on Han Mountain Bell. However, after examining that move during the past few days, he noticed that casting that Art could be described as a double edged sword.

It would be great if he killed the enemy, because Su Ming had to sacrifice about a ninth of his power to cast the Art allowing the Nine-Headed Dragon to materialize. If he did it, it would practically mean that both sides had to suffer great losses, and if his opponent was not dead and still had some divine abilities left, then Su Ming himself would surely be the one to die.

That was why once he turned over those two killing moves in his head rapidly, Su Ming made a decision. It was not as if he could not use them, but he had to wait for the crucial moment, and once he cast those Arts, he had to make sure he could kill the opponent.

‘It’s a pity that I still haven’t refined that Berserker into my puppet and still can’t fuse with the Wind and Lightning Crystals of Inheritance, or else this battle would definitely be much easier and I would have more chances of winning.’

Su Ming sighed. As he retreated, he stared at Madam Ji and the monster beside her with burning eyes.

"I’ll definitely make your life a living hell!"

Madam Ji touched the scar on her face. As she screamed, the multicolored scorpions and poisonous snakes that seemed to be embroidered on her red robes started moving together.

The scorpions leaped into the air, and their colors let out a strangely captivating light in the dusk. The poisonous snakes hissed with their forked tongues out of their mouths, and once they appeared beside Madam Ji, they rushed towards Su Ming.

These poisonous creatures were not ordinary beings. As they traveled in midair, their numbers rapidly grew from several dozens to several hundreds, then to thousands, and until they covered the sky and earth, causing a sight that would make anyone’s skin crawl.

As Su Ming moved back, he swept his gaze past those poisonous creatures, then fixed his eyes on the black-haired monster and Madam Ji with a frown between his brows. Those poisonous creatures looked very ferocious, but in truth, at their level, killing these creatures was very easy. It was clear that Madam Ji knew about this, but she still let those poisonous creatures out, and this was something that made Su Ming hesitate.

Right then, a buzzing roar suddenly came from his side. There was a chilling tone to that sound, along with an extreme and imposing, domineering presence that seemed to be able to make all ferocious creatures submit to it.

Su Ming was not unfamiliar with that roar. It came from his rod snake, after all. At that moment, with a flash, the snake appeared right before Su Ming, and as it hissed, all the poisonous creatures pouncing on him shuddered as if they were stunned. Su Ming also saw the black-haired monster shuddering as well, and his life force started showing signs of disorderliness.

However, before Su Ming even had time to think about the things that caused his hesitation, a violent gust of wind charged towards him from his back. With bloodshot eyes and a brutal, murderous air, the Fire Ape stormed out with the rod held high above its head, straight towards those poisonous creatures. With one swing of the rod, it swept up a huge gust of wind in its wake.

"Xiao Hong, move back!" Su Ming’s eyes were immediately fixed on it and he instantly commanded. He lifted his right hand and was just ready to chase away those poisonous creatures, not to kill them, but the moment his voice shot out, the Fire Ape only paused for a moment and then completely ignored him.

Its eyes were completely red and it was panting harshly. It looked completely the same as the man from Black Crane Tribe who was previously in the Five Colored Fog.

It swung that rod, and banging sounds reverberated in the air. A large amount of scorpions and poisonous snakes exploded while hissing. Red and green liquid shot out from their bodies, and when the liquid spread out, it immediately let out hissing sounds as if having crashed into something in the air, turning into the Five Colored Fog in an instant.

In the blink of an eye, with Su Ming at the center, a large amount of Five Colored Fog shot up everywhere the liquid from those poisonous creatures had touched. At the same time, the sweet scent Su Ming had smelled before in midair suddenly became much stronger.

Right then, the black-haired monster beside Madam Ji lifted his head. A dark light shining with greed appeared in his eyes, and with a buzz coming from his body, he lifted his foot and turned into a black shadow that charged straight towards Su Ming.

Madam Ji kept her gaze fixed on Su Ming, the hatred in her eyes growing stronger, and moaning sounds started slowly spilling out of her mouth. As those moans echoed in the air, they reverberated at a much stronger frequency compared to before.

The sun was setting, and the evening looked as if it was about to be over. The moon showed its silhouette right across the sun, and on that day, the moon was full!

Madam Ji’s moans continued nonstop, and they sounded like those of a man and a woman copulating. When they spilled out from her mouth, pleasure appeared on her face, and she looked as if she was enjoying it, but the hate in her eyes did not decrease. It instead became stronger.

She was fondling herself, and as she moved her hands all over her body, she started unbuttoning her red robe, revealing her pearly white skin.

As those seductive, coquettish moans filled the air, the man from Black Crane Tribe started foaming at his mouth and his body started convulsing unconsciously. His eyes were shut tight, but his face was flushed red. Heavy breathing and muffled groans could be heard coming from his mouth.

The dark light in the eyes of the black-haired puppet charging towards Su Ming became stronger and his speed became faster.

Su Ming frowned. The Fire Ape was becoming more agitated as it continued moaning and attacking those poisonous creatures, creating even more Five Colored Fog as it did so. Clearly, its thoughts had been affected by those moans.

That black-haired puppet closed in within an instant and opened his mouth, while also lifting its arms. Judging by its actions, it looked as if it wanted to hug Su Ming.

Su Ming’s eyes sparkled, and blue light shone on his body. A faint blue armor materialized and covered him. That armor was different from the Armor of Bone Sacrifice, and unless in the know, it would be nigh impossible to recognize it at first glance.

Right then, Su Ming took a few swift steps backwards before charging out. The Provenance of Wind started stirring within him, causing his speed to instantly increase exponentially. With a string of afterimages left behind, he arrived before the black-haired monster and hurled his fist forward.

A loud bang echoed in the air, and from the distance, the black-haired monster looked as if half of its body was blown apart by Su Ming, and he exploded into a large amount of black fog.

What was left behind before Su Ming was a dried up body. That body fell backwards with his arms still spread outwards. That scattered black fog looked as if it was the man’s flesh, blown away from the body.

Su Ming’s pupils shrank at the sight. He had clearly seen that his fist had not touched that black-haired monster. Instead, when his fist was about seven inches away, the body dissolved on its own.

As if the fog was disintegrating, it turned into a large amount of black beetles. All of them were about the size of a fingernail, and they started spreading out instead of staying closely packed to each other. In the distance, those beetles looked like black fog.

The only thing that did not disintegrate was the dried up and thin body. That person’s eyes were closed and there was a rotting smell coming from him. It was clear that the body was a corpse, and one that had died since who knows how many years ago.

Right when Su Ming’s pupils shrank, that dried up corpse suddenly opened his eyes. They were a pair of gray eyes, and even the pupils were gray. The corpse stared at Su Ming and opened his mouth, revealing sharp teeth. Then he lunged at Su Ming.

The moment he pounced, all the black beetles that had scattered around them instantly charged towards Su Ming with a buzz. It was a terrifying sight to behold from the distance. The black fog before Su Ming was going in to devour him, and that corpse with the gray eyes was lunging towards him at such an extreme speed that it was already less than five feet away from him!

In the distance, Madam Ji’s moans became louder. She had already taken off half of her clothes, and her exposed, pearly white skin gave off a lustful air. As she stripped off her clothing, a scar could be vaguely seen below her right breast. That scar was not long, but it looked as if someone had left it behind after penetrating through her skin with their hand!

"Don’t let him die so easily, my husband. Ji Yun Hai… tear his skin down, plant the insects’ eggs in him, and let him scream in pain as you did all those years ago. As he screams, I will suck away all his essence… You have to watch by the side…" Madam Ji said as she continued moaning. The meaning of her words was enough to make anyone who might have heard them shiver!

The rotten stench came crashing towards Su Ming. The armor gained its complete form and covered him entirely in an instant. With a stern face, he lifted his right hand up, and the moment the dried up corpse lunged at him, he started forming hand seals with his right hand.

He bent his index finger so that it would touch his thumb, and immediately, the illusionary shadow of the minimized Han Mountain Bell appeared on his palm. Then, as Su Ming lifted three of his fingers and turned his palm downward, Han Mountain Bell started gaining physical form.

Finally, he clenched his fist together before opening his hand and pushed his palm towards that corpse.

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