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That was a strange sound. In Su Ming’s memories, he seemed to have never heard anyone making it before. It sounded like someone crying, but not, like someone moaning, but at the same time not either.

Once he heard it, it felt as if there was someone breathing into his ear gently, and his heart turned into something soft once that sound reached it, causing it to start racing uncontrollably. In fact, the speed of his Qi had also started circulated much quicker.

‘What’s with this divine ability?’

Su Ming frowned. That voice made him agitated, and his head had even started becoming a mess. A glint appeared in his eyes and he let out a cold harrumph.

Once he let out that harrumph, the powerful might of the four Berserker Bones in his body burst forth and filled his entire body, then went through his throat to turn into a voice that killed, swiftly shooting out of the numerous holes from the cave abode like an airstream.

That voice was like a thunderbolt, filled with the power of lightning contained within Su Ming’s Origin Vessel. It was also an epiphany he had gained over the past few days from the Origin of Lightning to turn his voice into that akin to thunder.

Almost the instant his voice shot out of the cave abode, Su Ming stood up and walked out with his hands behind his back. When he left, he was already standing in the sky. He wore a black mask and there was light flashing in the depths of his eyes, one that could not be caught. He stared at the Five Colored Fog that was located not too far away from him coldly.

A sweet scent filled the air in the area around him. That scent made all those who sucked it in feel very comfortable, but if anyone breathed it for a long time, then they would have a feeling as if all their internal organs wanted to escape from their mouths.

"Who are you?" Su Ming asked languidly, his pupils having shrunk down.

The moan from Madam Ji that came from the Five Colored Fog tumbling about in the sky above the mountain range was cut off by that thunderous harrumph. A glint appeared in her eyes that were hidden underneath the bamboo hat.

"What a man who doesn’t know the mood. I originally wanted to let you die in pleasure, but since you’re so ungrateful to my kindness, then I’ll let you die completely depleted of your spirit."

Madam Ji chuckled. Once she saw Su Ming appearing, the final hint of worry in her heart disappeared. In her eyes, as long as she did not run into any Latter Shamans, she could stand above all Medial Shamans due to the cultivation method she’d chosen.

This was also the main reason why she still came to the place even though she had seen through the intention of the tribe leader of Black Crane wanting them to fight against each other. It was also the reason why she made that man from Black Crane Tribe sink into such pleasure on her way to the place.

Madam Ji’s voice was gentle and there was not a hint of the previous shrillness in her voice. It was as if there was an endless amount of charm contained within her speech.

As she spoke, she lifted her hand, and the beauty coming from her finger when the sun shone on it seemed as if all women hands would pale in comparison to her fingers’ beauty at that moment.

Her fingers were very long, and as she lifted them up, a string of bell like chuckles sounded. Then with a very gentle gesture, she tapped at Su Ming through the air with her right hand.

That one tap immediately caused a wave of ripples to appear at her fingertip. It was as if the entire world had turned into water, and because of the touch of her finger, ripples spread through that layer of water. At the same time, the sweet scent all around the area instantly thickened.

She was very confident. That tap might seem like an ordinary tap, but it was a move in her divine ability, one that she had practiced for a very long time. In the past, most of all those who came up against her would find their minds crumbling under that single tap. They would turn into wild animals controlled by their lust, losing all their reasoning along with all their ability to fight against her. Usually, with just a gesture from her, they would pounce on her, and she would toy with them until they eventually died, completely depleted of their spirit.

She loved that scene a lot. Right then, a smile appeared on her face hidden under the bamboo hat. However, it was also at that instant that her smile froze.

"Hmm?" Madam Ji was momentarily taken aback. She had already executed that tap, but there was absolutely no reaction from Su Ming. It was as if she had lost her power and that had been just an ordinary tap.

Su Ming frowned, finding himself a little puzzled by what exactly that woman wanted to do. The strange cry just now had made him slightly scared, and when he saw the woman tapping on air, a glint had immediately appeared in his eyes. Green light shone at the center of his brows, and the patterns all around him had also started changing with his thoughts.

However, the reason Su Ming frowned was because while that tap had stirred up ripples in the air, he had not felt a single hint of danger. It was just that the instant that woman tapped at the air, some strange pictures had appeared in his head. Nonetheless, those pictures were mostly blurred out and he could not see them clearly.

"I see, so you’re a virgin without any experience. No wonder." A glint appeared in Madam Ji’s eyes. She licked her lips and started chuckling as if she was very happy.

"Crazy woman." Su Ming let out a cold harrumph. After a swing of his arm, green light instantly shone, and the small virescent sword shot out before him with a sword whistle. Su Ming lifted his right hand and pointed at it.

Immediately, the Provenance of Wind within him formed a whirlwind in his body. That wind shot out of Su Ming’s hand and fell on the small virescent sword, instantly making it shudder, and an illusionary shadow appeared around the sword, covering it fully.

That illusion was a giant sword that was about ten feet long. Once it appeared, a whirlwind started howling around it. This was the new epiphany Su Ming had gained over these days through the Provenance of Wind. If he fused wind with his sword, he could make the small virescent sword’s power increase.

Almost the moment the Provenance of Wind formed those whirlwinds turning in his body, lightning began swimming all over Su Ming’s skin. Thunder roared within him, and a ray of light formed from lightning shot out from his finger, charging straight into the giant ten feet sword.

Immediately, thunderous rumbles rang from within the sword and it swelled up once again, turning into a gigantic sword that was thirty feet in length. With a single thought, Su Ming sent the sword charging towards Madam Ji.

All of this happened in an instant. As Madam Ji continued chuckling, the gigantic sword of thirty feet sliced down at her with shocking speed.

The sword sliced through the air with a boom, and the sharp roar stirred up a large amount of ripples to spread out and explode with a bang. In fact, as that sword swung down, the lightning sparks swimming all over it caused thunderous explosions to reverberate through the air.

"Virgin brother, that’s such a stroooong stroke."

Madam Ji’s chuckles carried a sickeningly sweet tone. She took a step backward and lifted her right hand to draw a circle before her. The instant she drew that circle, black light shone in it, then as if the circle could separate space, a chilling presence spread from it, making it seem as if the world within was different from the world outside.

As that light shone, a hand shot out from inside the circle. That hand was covered in black hair and filled with a powerful presence. The nails on that hand were sharp, and once it stretched out, it crashed into the big sword that was slashing down towards it.

Muffled sounds echoed in the air, causing airwaves to appear and spread in all directions. Su Ming’s strike was parried by that hand that came out of the circle. The sword stayed in midair, as if it was unable to cut through that hand and injure Madam Ji, who was standing behind the circle.

"Virgin brother, how could you be so merciless? If you leave a scar on my body, then I wouldn’t be pretty anymore when we have fun together later." Madam Ji’s flirtatious voice had a quality that made people agitated, but when she saw that Su Ming did not show even a hint of change when his strike was parried, her heart suddenly lurched and a bad feeling rose within her.

Right then, countless bolts of lightning suddenly exploded forth from the parried sword and spread out swiftly. There were also seven balls of lightning that shot out from the tip of the sword, surrounding the area in an instant.

"Explode!" A glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes.

When that word left his mouth, the sky and earth roared. The balls of lightning that came from the sword exploded at the same time, causing a large amount of lightning to shoot out in all directions.

Madam Ji retreated quickly, but the force that came from the explosions charged straight towards her, and when the balls of lightning exploded, lightning appeared all over the place, covering the area so densely that the area of one thousand feet around them seemed to have turned into a lightning hell. The light from the bolts was piercing to the eyes, showing off the might of lightning.

Madam Ji’s expression under the bamboo hat changed. She retreated, and the Five Colored Fog enveloped her. Once it completely covered her up, she no longer retreated, and it brought her up into the sky.

Yet the instant the Five Colored Fog rose into the air, the gigantic sword started shattering inch by inch, breaking into a large amount of fragments. Those fragments let out a sharp screech that sliced through the air, and they were sucked into the violent gust of wind to turn into part of the whirlwind, then like a sharp blade, they charged towards the Five Colored Fog.

Booming sounds rumbled in the air nonstop. The series of killing moves Su Ming executed were all created through the epiphany he had gained from wind and lightning during these past few days, and could only be used after he fused both elements on his sword. This was the first time he used it, and once he saw its outstanding power, Su Ming’s desire to absorb the Wind and Lightning Crystals of Inheritance grew stronger.

At the same time the sword fragment whirlwind was sucked into the Five Colored Fog, Su Ming moved forward without a sound and turned into a long arc, closing in on the vortex in the span of a breath. He closed his right hand into a fist and hurled it straight at the Five Colored Fog through the air.

That punch stirred up a strong gust of wind, but Su Ming did not stop and delivered another five punches in succession. All his punches stirred up wind, and each of them caused ripples to spread through the air. The wind and ripples seemed to have overlapped with each other, and in an instant, a large gust formed, charging straight towards the Five Colored Fog.

Right when the sword fragment whirlwind crashed into the Five Colored Fog, booming sounds mixed with a shrill screech of anger shot out of the Five Colored Fog. As it reverberated in the air, a powerful force charged out from within the fog and spread swiftly through the area.

That force came straight into Su Ming’s face like a mountain range crashing into him. He immediately retreated, and at the same time, the sword fragment whirlwind fell apart and scattered away. At the same time, the huge gust of wind that Su Ming had stirred up with his five punches seemed to have fallen on a barrier and, with a bang, dissipated into nothing.

Yet even so, once the Five Colored Fog suffered through Su Ming’s consecutive attacks, it also could not stay in shape any longer. With a bang, it split into several pieces, revealing the back of a monster that was entirely black and covered in hair from head to toe inside. That monster’s back was turned towards Su Ming and its arms were closed around something, as if he was hugging it. Once the fog dissipated completely, Su Ming saw that the monster seemed to protecting a middle-aged woman in his embrace.

The bamboo hat on the woman’s head had already shattered, revealing her beautiful locks, her eyes that looked like the springs in autumn, and also her face… which was originally one that would cause hearts to pound once they looked at it.

It was a pity. There was a scar that had been left behind, marring her face for many years now, spreading through the entirety of her petite face. The scar was dark reddish in color, and some of the woman’s flesh from under her skin had even been exposed outside. It looked… terrifying.

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