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Chapter 372: A Paper Crane!
"Now you know exactly with what I am threatening you with. " Su Ming’s words were freezing when he spoke slowly.
The old woman’s expression changed rapidly, and she instinctively took a few steps back under that force. Her pupils shrank. As she stared at Su Ming’s right index finger, she sucked in a deep breath.
"The power of the God of Berserkers…"
The power only appeared for a brief moment, then disappeared without a trace. It almost felt as if had never even been there. The strand of hair on Su Ming’s right index finger stopped burning.
At the same time, the force in the area also disappeared instantly. There was no lingering force in the area. Su Ming’s floating hair also fell down. His clothes no longer danced in the air, but he remained standing there like a mountain. His gaze was cold as he stared at the old woman. The strand of hair on his finger might not be spreading any hint of aura just like before, but once she witnessed its presence when it exploded forth just now, the old woman’s breathing quickened.
She stared fixedly at Su Ming’s right index finger. It was not as if she had not examined that finger previously, but she had sensed nothing. This was also the reason why she had looked down on the power of the God of Berserkers.
She was, after all, a Shaman, not a Berserker. She did not acknowledge that so called God of Berserkers.
She was a firm believer that power could only be obtained through training. No matter how strong external power was, it was still external power. With her power as an End Shaman, she did not believe that a weak Berserker in the Bone Sacrifice Realm could control a great external power and instantly kill her.
Yet that moment, sweat broke out on her forehead. During that instant she witnessed the power of the God of Berserkers, fear rose in her heart. When that presence appeared, she could not even think of fighting back. It was as if her will was completely suppressed. Her mind was blank. She was completely certain that if Su Ming wanted to kill her, then she would not have survived the power of that one finger.
Just as the old woman was seized by terror, Su Ming turned his gaze towards her and stared at her coldly. As his eyes flickered and the area fell into silence, a woman’s graceful voice echoed in the midst of the silence.
"Grandma, let him leave."
It was said by a woman who was walking forward from a distance. She wore a white robe and moved to stand beside the old woman. The newcomer was incredibly beautiful. Her hair spilled over her shoulders, and as she stood there, she looked like a deep pool of autumn water.
She was naturally the Sacred Lady of Autumn Sea Tribe, Wan Qiu.
Su Ming’s gaze swept past her. He did not speak, merely took a few steps backward, then turned into a long arc that charged into the dark sky. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared.
Even after Su Ming disappeared, the old woman’s face was still slightly pale. The brief instant the power of the God of Berserkers had appeared created for the old woman a memory and impact that would be difficult to wipe out.
"I acted too recklessly, grandma." The beautiful woman was frowning as she spoke. She was also shocked. This, too, was the first time she experienced the strength of the power of the God of Berserkers.
The old woman remained silent, then shook her head after a long moment.
"Such strength, that power of the God of Berserkers! I underestimated him. Even if you didn’t ask me about it, I would have done the same to experience the power of the God of Berserkers. Perhaps it would be of help for Sir Zong Ze’s breakthrough. Did you keep a record of what happened just now?"
There was a complicated look on the old woman’s face as she looked in the direction Su Ming had left.
The woman nodded lightly. As she lifted her right hand, an ancient mirror that was about the size of her pal

m appeared in her hand. There was a layer of fog above the mirror, and when the woman touched it with her left hand, all the fog was instantly absorbed into the mirror. A strong ray of light shot out from the mirror, causing the space around the area to start distorting.
Soon after, as it was distorting, an illusionary scene manifested itself and pictures appeared in the air. Within those pictures was the battle where both Su Ming and the old woman had not really attacked each other, just used the power of the world against the other.
It was vivid, and even the presence and domineering air contained within the power of the God of Berserkers was distinctly preserved.
"It’s a pity that with our relationship with that Su Ming, it’ll be difficult for us to get in contact with him in the future, and we will have to suffer the wrath of our Shaman Lord as well…" the white-robed woman said softly.
"That Su Ming is not a cause to worry. Once he doesn’t have the power of the God of Berserkers, he’s just a nobody. There’s no need for us to get acquainted with him. Besides, didn’t you use your Prediction powers earlier and Predicted his future?
"That person’s life is mediocre and there’s nothing out of ordinary in his life. He also won’t live long. The only thing we have to worry about is the wrath of our Shaman Lord… But if this thing can be of help to raise Sir Zong Ze’s level of cultivation, then it’s worth it!" A glint appeared in the old woman’s eyes as she stated slowly.
Right up to that moment, she still did not pay too much attention to Su Ming. The only thing she cared about was the power of the God of Berserkers that had made her sense death. In her mind, if he did not have the power of the God of Berserkers, then he was no different from an ant.
"But grandma, when that Su Ming used the power of the God of Berserkers just now, my senses fluctuated. That Su Ming might not be as I Predicted, but is…" The white-robed woman frowned.
"Hmm?" The old woman was stunned. Before she blocked Su Ming, she had been with Wan Qiu and had seen her Predicting Su Ming’s future.
The entire process had been incredibly smooth, and they had also seen all of Su Ming’s future very clearly. That person’s life was nothing special. The middle stage of the Bone Sacrifice Realm was his limit, and he would die several years later in the Calamity of the Eastern Wastelands.
Yet now, when she heard Wan Qiu’s words that were filled with uncertainty, she could not help but be surprised.
"There’s something very strange about him. When I Predicted his future previously, I had been successful. Even now when I Predict his future once again, it’s still successful. The answer I get is the same.
"However, when he used the power of the God of Berserkers just now, I suddenly felt uneasy under that mighty power of the world. When I used Prediction again, I only saw a clouded vision. In fact… before I could even see anything, I already felt a life threatening sense of danger." The white-robed woman frowned and closed her eyes as if she was trying to sense something.
"Unless it’s a misconception on my part, then there’s a strong power that is interfering with any power trying to see into this person’s future. That power has covered up his true future, and what is shown to us is a made up future, it’s not real!
"If that is the case, then this person… is someone we should perhaps not offend…" Wan Qiu opened her eyes, and a hint of fatigue and puzzlement passed briefly through her eyes.
"It’s already over, don’t pay it any heed anymore. I don’t think that Su Ming is as you say. He’s just an ant." The old woman remained silent for a long moment before she spoke slowly.
"Let’s go. Come with me to meet Sir Zong Ze." As the old woman spoke, she turned around and left. Wan Qiu stood there and looked in the direction Su Ming had left. She was still frowning, but no longer trying to Predict anymore. Instead, she left with the old woman.
In the area of Sky Mist Barrier, the area that belonged to the Berserkers, was a place covered in ice and snow. At the end of the silvery snow that stretched ten thousand lis and at a spot that was far away from Phantom Dais Tribe was a gigantic tribe that seemed to not have any borders.
The size of the tribe was so big and it covered an area so wide that it was a sight that was rarely seen in the Land of South Morning!
It was one of the two great Berserker Tribes in the Land of South Morning - the Great Tribe of Freezing Sky!
Within the territory of the Great Tribe of Freezing Sky was an incredibly extravagant looking tower. At that moment, there was a person sitting cross-legged in the tower. That person was dressed in a long blue robe, his hair was white, and he was thin. He was currently meditating with his eyes closed.
After a long while, the old man slowly opened his eyes. The instant he did so, distortions and ripples immediately appeared around his body. His entire being soon became indistinct. Gradually, another person seemed to have appeared on his now indistinct body.
It was a person dressed in an Emperor’s cloak and who wore an Emperor’s crown. Although the features of his face could not be seen clearly, it could still be seen that this was definitely not an old but a middle-aged man.
That person had profound eyes, and his gaze seemed to be able to see through the tower, penetrate through the emptiness in the air, pass through an endless distance to land on the distant land of the Shamans, on Autumn Sea Tribe’s temporary tribal village, and on Wan Qiu, who was in the tribe.
"The Thought Soothsayer of the Shaman Tribe… That strange power actually managed to find some clues even through my interference… But since you didn’t probe into it, I will spare you!" the man with the Emperor’s crown mumbled to himself with a dull tone.
He lifted his right hand, and there was a paper crane folded out of rice paper in his palm. That crane flew out and charged into the sky through the window. Once it disappeared above the nine heavens, the man closed his eyes once again.
The instant he closed his eyes, the cloudiness and distortions on his body abruptly disappeared, turning into the white-haired old man dressed in the long blue robes once again. He still looked as thin as ever and there was nothing extraordinary about him.
There were ripples spreading around the paper crane that had flown out of the Great Tribe of Freezing Sky into the sky above the nine heavens. It disappeared in an instant, and when it reappeared, it was already above the distant Sky Mist City.
Small scale battles between the two sides would occasionally happen in the battlefield outside Sky Mist City. As the army of Shamans assembled together, warriors from the Berserker Tribe would come from all tribes everyday to become a new batch of strength that would protect Sky Mist.
The gigantic stone monument in the city was incredibly eye-catching. All the names listed in the monument were engraved into everyone’s minds, and their names would spread through the land to be respected by the people.
There was one name that was now ranked in the 170s. That name was Yue Feng, and he was the sole survivor of a small tribe.
No one seemed to have noticed the paper crane in the sky. With a flap of its wings, it disappeared once again. When it reappeared this time, it was already at the edge of the Land of South Morning where the Dead Sea was spreading.
Waves roared and crashed on the surface of the sea, and there were numerous dark shadows swimming about. The seawater had already flooded the stair shaped mountain ridge and was expanding, bit by bit, towards the land of the Shamans.
In the black seabed in the distance, a gigantic head could be seen faintly. That head was staring coldly at the Land of South Morning.
The paper crane in the sky charged forward once again and disappeared. This time, when it reappeared, it was still above the Dead Sea, but was now incredibly far away from the Land of South Morning.
The seawater underneath seemed to stretch out endlessly and the water on the surface of the sea was sparkling. Occasionally, an Aquatic Dragon that was one hundred thousand feet would leap up from within the sea and rise with a roar… If anyone took a closer look, they would find that there were an endless amount of… Dead Sea creatures, and they were all moving forward in the direction to the Land of South Morning!
There was a gigantic floating object on the seawater. It looked as if it was a corner from a palace that had crumbled. It was floating along the waves of the sea towards the Land of South Morning. Behind it was a countless amount of palace debris such as that one… Among the debris was a piece that looked like it was the spot where plaques were attached to in palaces. There were a few large words on that debris.
"Great Yu Sky Palace."
There was an ancient feeling to those words… Besides the endless amount of Dead Sea Creatures around the debris, there were eight other giant heads, with their eyes wide-open, floating on the surface of the sea. It was as if there were giants walking on the bed of the sea.
With a flash, the paper crane disappeared once again. When it reappeared, it was already in a continent that was far away from the Land of South Morning… On that continent were more than one million people sitting close to each other near the Dead Sea. All of them sat there, covering an area so wide that no one could see the end of the crowd.
Their eyes were all directed to the south, which was the direction of the Land of South Morning!
"There’s still ten years…"
The paper crane in the sky shone once again and disappeared. When it reappeared, it was still in the Eastern Wastelands, but it was already in another place of the continent. That was the eastern part of the Eastern Wastelands.
The entire eastern part of the continent was shrouded in black fog. There was not a hint of life within it. The only things that existed there were shrill screams of pain and wails. Suddenly, a gigantic hand shot out of that black fog and caught that paper crane.
"Hidden Dragon Sect, Great Leaf Immortal Sect, I, Tian Lan Dao, am coming!"

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