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Chapter 370: That Woman Standing on the Mackerel Pike
As that End Soul Catcher sighed, the entire Autumn Sea Tribe in that temporary tribal village fell into dead silence.
Time trickled by slowly. That dead silence turned into a depressive feeling that pressed on all of their hearts, including Su Ming’s.
Su Ming had more than once made assumptions regarding his eldest senior brother’s origins, but it was only now that he truly understood his eldest senior brother’s identity.
‘The Lord of Nine Li Shaman Tribe…’
Right when that depressing feeling became stronger, ripples spread out from the black smoke coming from the female Nine Li Shaman Soul. Soon after, a voice Su Ming was familiar with came from within, as if it had traveled a long distance through those ripples.
"Before the Immortals of the other worlds descend upon us for the fourth time, I will come…"
The instant that voice spoke, almost all the people in Autumn Sea Tribe heard it clearly, and all of them prostrated themselves on the ground. Even the mackerel pikes in the sky howled because of that one sentence, causing the dark sky to look as if it had turned into a black sea that was raging with furious waves.
"Please accept our greetings, Lord of Nine Li!" The waves of sound merged together and turned into one voice.
That voice only started disappearing slowly after a long while.
"Youngest junior brother, don’t come back to the land of the Berserkers for the time being…" Su Ming’s eldest senior brother’s voice spoke from within the female Nine Li Shaman Soul, and once he finished saying those words, his voice gradually disappeared.
The female Nine Li Shaman Soul’s body also started scattering away to return to Su Ming’s wrist. It returned to the form of a bracelet, but the color of the bracelet had become much duller. It was clear that this sort of conversation, even though only two sentences had been delivered, was not an easy task.
At that moment, all the Shamans around Su Ming gradually started rising up from the ground. The old woman cast him a look and no longer paid any attention to him. Instead, she turned around and left. It was as if she had come here just to prove Su Ming right - she was only there to gain a chance to speak to the Shaman Lord of Nine Li.
As for the nine Medial Shamans that had stayed beside Su Ming all this while, they seemed to have received a new order and left the area, no longer paying any attention to him.
Only Ya Mu remained in the area while giving Su Ming a smile. He picked up the wine jar and took a big swig from it.
"Great, now the old folks are all gone. There’s no else here who will restrict your movements anymore. Brother Su, you can leave at anytime you want. If you don’t want to leave, you can also stay here. It’ll be better for you, too."
"Just… what exactly is the descent of the Immortals from the other worlds?" Su Ming remained silent for a moment before he too, picked up the wine jar. Once he took a big swig from it, he looked at Ya Mu.
"They’re naturally the Immortals who come from a foreign world. They use a unique method to come to our world. The Immortals’ Spells are different from ours, but all those who can descend among us have incredible power.
"In fact, they even have a method for our powerful End Shamans to breakthrough their current level of cultivation and arrive at Hollow… It can even be said that they have a power for those old monsters who have already attained great completion in the Berserker Soul Realm to reach another Realm.
"This is an irresistible temptation for those old monsters, especially for those whose life is reaching an end. The power of the world that will be activated when they break through to that new Realm is a life changer, and it’s almost like attaining immortality. It’s not just them, even I am tempted by this sort of thing," Ya Mu said with a deep sigh, shrugging.
"Have you met the Immortals before?" Su Ming sudde

nly asked.
A glint appeared in Ya Mu’s eyes and he replied softly, "I have."
"I’ve seen two Immortals before. They were a man and woman. The man was an old man. He came to Autumn Sea Tribe ten years ago and fought against Sir Zong Ze…"
Su Ming immediately shot up to attention and listened closely to what Ya Mu said.
"I can’ tell the details of what happened in that battle, but their battle lasted less than the time taken for an incense stick to burn. I couldn’t see how they attacked in the sky, I only saw a gigantic hand up above. That hand repeatedly clenched its fist nine times.
"After those nine times, that Immortal’s battle against Sir Zong Ze ended. I saw the old man wearing an incredibly gorgeous robe and walking out of the sky without a word.
"By the way, there were some pictures sewn on the old man’s robes. It was a purple dragon, but the dragon held four different items in its claws. One of them was a bottle, the other a pearl, and there was also a small sword. There was another item that was hidden in the clouds, but I couldn’t see it.
"Once the old man left, Sir Zong Ze returned to the tribe from the sky… I remember that he had an incredibly sour face at that time. We were all guessing that perhaps… Ah… you know what it is." Ya Ma sighed and drank a mouthful from the wine pot in his hand.
Su Ming remained silent for a moment before he continued asking. "What about the other one?"
"The other one was a woman…" A nostalgic look appeared in Ya Mu’s eyes.
"What can I say about her? She didn’t look particularly pretty, but anyone who saw her would be unable to forget that her eyes seemed to contain an entire world on their own...
"She was flying in the sky alone. When I saw her, I could tell at first glance that she was neither a Shaman nor a Berserker, because that presence was… completely different from ours.
"If you somehow manage to see an Immortal, you’ll definitely be able to recognize them at first glance. They give off a completely different feeling. Up till now, I can still remember that her expression looked pretty odd when she saw me.
"It was a look of conflict, pity, and there was even a hint of fear… She seemed to be very afraid of me, but she had gave me a feeling as if I was facing an End Shaman based on what I could sense from her power. I still can’t understand why there would be terror on her face."
Ya Mu drank. As he spoke, he shook his head, as if he still could not understand even now.
Su Ming sat nearby and slowly lifted his head to look at the stars flickering in the dark sky. A profound look gradually appeared in his eyes, and once it fused with the unique presence on his currently unmasked face, an indescribable charm slowly manifested about him.
Ya Mu put down the wine pot and no longer thought about the woman in his memories. He instinctively cast a glance at Su Ming, but the moment he looked at him, he suddenly shuddered, and his expression changed drastically.
"You… you…" Ya Mu was momentarily stunned, then sucked in a deep breath. When Su Ming eventually lowered his head and looked towards him, the profound look in his eyes had disappeared and had turned into calmness. Only then was Ya Mu shocked by what he saw and he rubbed his eyes.
"What’s wrong?" Su Ming asked.
Ya Mu remained silent for a moment before he looked at Su Ming and said slowly, "The feeling you gave me just now was the exact same as the old Immortal and the female Immortal I saw in the past! That’s a completely different presence compared to us…
"Sir Zong Ze is right, there’s a fog around you that can’t be seen through. If it wasn’t because we knew for sure that you are a Berserker, then I would definitely think you were a Medial Soul Catcher…
"If I didn’t know about your origins, I would have thought you were an Immortal who descended upon us just now."
Ya Mu shook his head and chased away the sudden thought that had appeared in his head. He was certain it was impossible. There was no way a True Divinity Wind Berserker would be an Immortal, neither was it possible for an Immortal to obtain the legacy of the first God of Berserkers. It was the same for the Shamans, they wouldn’t be able to get those legacies either.
"An Immortal, huh..?" Su Ming mumbled, and bitterness appeared in his heart.
Compared to Ya Mu’s misconception, Su Ming’s confusion stemmed from the source of his bitterness. It would have been better if he was completely confused by it, but he… already had several theories as to why he would feel bitter about it.
Those were theories that he did not want to accept, and in fact… could not accept.
"Where is the location of the spot where the Immortals will descend? Approximately when would that be? I also saw a woman with that sort of presence when I was in the battlefield beyond Sky Mist City. Do you know who she is? Where can I find these Immortals?" Su Ming immediately asked.
"You’re speaking too quickly. The Immortals won’t descend in another three years. I don’t know the precise date, but when you see that the sky is still bright even though it should be dark, or when the sky should be bright, but it’s dark, then it means that it’s time for them to descend.
"I do know the precise location. They’ll be descending on the highest mountain in the land of the Shamans - Cloud Shaman Summit. They’ve been landing there the previous few times.
"As for the Immortal you mentioned that appeared in the battlefield, I don’t know who she is, since I’ve never seen her before, but I do know of a place where you’ll definitely be able to see the Immortals. That would be where the Great Patriarch is now… God of Shamans Temple!
"It’s also on top of Cloud Shaman Summit."
As Ya Mu spoke, he stood up. He cast Su Ming a glance, then hesitated for a moment before he brought out a wooden slip from his bosom and handed it to him.
"By the looks of it, you’ve chosen to leave. This is a map that covers most of the areas in the land of the Shamans. It’s an item that only those within Autumn Sea Tribe can have. Take it. It’ll be useful to you.
"Even though we’re in a time of war, but there are still dangers lurking around if you travel alone. With your current level of cultivation… well, do your best." Ya Mu shook his head and picked up his wine pot before he left Su Ming.
Su Ming took the wooden slip and stood up once he put it away in his bosom. He had indeed chosen to leave. The purpose for him to come to the land of the Shamans was not just to find a breakthrough for his level of cultivation through countless life and death battles, but he also wanted to find out… exactly what was Destiny from those Immortals who came to this world!
The Immortals from the other worlds were going to descend three years later. He had to go, but before that, he had many other things to do, be it him creating medicinal pills and refining the old Berserker in the Berserker Soul Realm, or even training the Arts of the Wind Berserker and the Lightning Berserker, and also fusing the Crystals of Inheritance with himself.
He needed time to prepare all of these things. There was also the possibility of the rod snake going through a metamorphosis, and also the unknown medicinal pill in the medicinal cauldron he kept in his body, and he also had to refine Han Mountain Bell now, since his level of cultivation had just increased so that he could master the true power of this priceless treasure. All of these things were pending in wait, and Su Ming had to finish doing all of them.
‘Three years… Three years later, I have to become stronger!’ Determination appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. He was just about to leave when his expression suddenly changed and he lifted his head swiftly.
At that moment, Ya Mu was still not too far away. Roaring sounds suddenly came from the dark sky, and as the clouds tumbled about in the air, the mackerel pikes in the sky started howling together. Those howls did not seem to be like those that were directed towards enemies, but instead, they sounded like they were welcoming someone, and they simultaneously moved back.
A gigantic mackerel pike pushed through the sea of clouds, and it was so huge that its precise size could not be seen, the people below could only see a part of its body that was revealed out of the sea of clouds!!
That mackerel pike seemed to be treating the sky as its ocean and was drifting towards them. There was a woman holding a bamboo flute standing on its back. That woman’s black locks swayed in the air and she wore a white robe. As she got closer, a breathtakingly beautiful face that could make hearts pound came into view!

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