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Chapter 367: Autumn Sea
When Su Ming spoke, a Shaman Crystal appeared in his left hand. With one squeeze, the crystal instantly shone with a brilliant light. With a flash in the sky, that light turned into a gigantic lizard above Su Ming!
That lizard was naturally the sacred beast of Lizard Shaman Tribe!
There were many uses for Shaman Crystals. Su Ming had learned from Wu Duo that one of their many uses was a way for Shamans to show their tribe’s sacred beast as a form of courtesy if they ran into other Shamans in an unfamiliar place.
In the end, he had chosen not to probe into Wu Duo’s origins, but had instead chosen to ask about the Shamans’ customs and characteristics… Wu Duo had told him everything. He had also somewhat guessed Su Ming’s intentions, but he did not expose him because they were people walking down the same path, albeit they were from different races.
They perhaps have not had a deep friendship, but after fighting through numerous battles together, they had slowly come to form a unique rapport, and this way they had come to form a friendship between two people of different races.
Perhaps it was a brittle friendship, but it might also not be that brittle.
At the very least, right now Su Ming was using the method Wu Duo told him to activate the power of the Shaman Crystal. Once he brought out the illusion of the sacred beast of Lizard Shaman Tribe based on what he saw in the past and what he remembered, the Shaman Tribe that had stirred up the dust on the land and blotted the sky and earth manifested their own in the form of an illusion in the sky.
From a Shaman Crystal, a gigantic and ferocious beast was called out.
It was a gigantic mackerel pike, one that Su Ming was familiar with and had seen before!
The illusion of the mackerel pike appeared in the sky. Compared to it, the lizard was really insignificant…
However, if the tribe revealed the image of the sacred beast, then it meant that they had acknowledged Su Ming’s words and had also accepted his exercise of Shaman etiquette, which was why they had returned the greeting.
The sudden scene caused the fleeing Berserker to widen his eyes in disbelief. He had no knowledge of this sort of Shaman etiquette.
In truth, there were not many people who knew of this sort of etiquette in the land of the Shamans, because it was really insignificant. Even if a people could call out sacred beasts, it usually only took one glance for them to recognize whether other people were Shamans as well.
The most distinct characteristic would be the strength of that person’s mental prowess!
At that moment, Su Ming had already spread his divine sense so that it covered his entire body. Then, along with the mysterious air spreading from Spirit Plunder that was hidden from sight in his hand, he gave all those around him a feeling that he was a Soul Catcher, even though he was wearing a bamboo hat.
The old Berserker who was running away might not know about this rule of conduct, but he knew that Su Ming was definitely not part of the Shaman Tribe.
When the group of Shamans appeared behind him, his skin crawled, but as he continued charging forward, with a sinister intention, he said, "Interesting, since when has the True Divinity Wind Berserker of the Berserker Tribe and the scion of the first God of Berserkers become a Shaman? Why didn’t I know about this?"
Almost the moment the old man said those words, Su Ming let out a cold harrumph. He did not explain himself but loosened the grip of his right hand, causing Spirit Plunder in his hand to float above his head. It shone with a brilliant dark light as if it wanted to absorb everything in the world into it.
Su Ming distinctly remembered that when the young Soul Catcher he killed in the land of the Berserkers saw this pearl, he had said that this was the Soul Catcher Pearl that only End Shamans could create!
This pearl seemed to be ra

ther famous in the Shaman Tribe… Besides, Su Ming also remembered that when he brought out his Spirit Plunder in Lizard Shaman Tribe that the Patriarch of that tribe had also recognized this as an item that belonged to the Shamans, and had been baffled as to why Su Ming could possess and use it.
"Soul Catcher Pearl!"
It was just as Su Ming had predicted, the moment the pearl was brought out, someone from the migrating Shaman Tribe behind them immediately cried out in surprise.
The old Berserker was stunned, and at that moment, an old woman walked out abruptly from the thousands of mackerel pikes in the sky behind Su Ming. The old woman’s hair was white and her skin filled with wrinkles. There was a tattoo of a mackerel pike on her face. She held a cane made of fish bone in her hand, and with one step, she appeared right before Su Ming, several tens of thousands of feet behind the old Berserker.
She was a Latter Shaman!
Su Ming’s pupils shrank under the straw hat covering his head. The instant the old woman walked past him, he could feel a power that was similar to that of a divine sense from the old woman’s body, scanning him.
There was also a man whose hair was so long it was about ten feet in length sitting on the head of a turtle located at the center of the nine turtles on the ground.
The man looked to be in his forties, but there were age spots that only belonged to the elderly covering his skin. He originally had his eyes closed, but at the same time the old woman appeared, he opened his eyes slowly. Within them was a light that could make someone feel shaken to the core.
It was just a gaze, but it was enough to make Su Ming’s entire body tremble. It also made the old Berserker, who was fleeing in front, feel as if his soul was about to scatter. His body suddenly came to a stop, as if he was tied up and could not move forward!
"End… Soul Catcher!"
The old Berserker’s expression turned incredibly sour. He could not move his body at all, as if his soul had been captured. That was not all, he had also lost control of his body and was slowly turning around. Then, like a puppet, he started walking towards the old woman.
Terror and shock could be seen clearly in his eyes.
"Take off your straw hat."
Just as the old Berserker started walking over without any form of resistance, as if his body was controlled, the man sitting cross-legged on the turtle on the ground trained his eyes on Su Ming. His gaze was profound and his words were spoken in a strange rhythm.
Su Ming instantly felt a mighty willpower coming forth from the man’s eyes. In an instant, it touched his outspread divine sense, turning into a force that caused him to stagger. However, the man immediately pulled back his divine sense, so Su Ming was not harmed.
A thought appeared in Su Ming’s head and he slowly took the straw hat down, revealing… a face covered by a black mask!
That mask belonged to Han Mountain’s ancestor!
Although he was wearing a mask, Su Ming’s eyes also shone with profundity. The unique presence he gained after he reached the Bone Sacrifice Realm was also clearly reflected on his body, even though he did not show his real face.
That profound gaze, the floating Spirit Plunder, and the divine sense that was spread around his body caused the Su Ming now to look as if he was truly a Medial Soul Catcher!
At that moment, his presence became rather similar to the man’’s on the turtle.
This was a similarity that was only possible between Soul Catchers!
Even if the old Berserker now had his body controlled, he could still see how Su Ming looked like at that moment. Even if his heart was filled with terror, he still could not help but have this thought appear in his head…
‘Could it be… he’s really a Soul Catcher..?’
"Interesting, I can sense the presence of a Berserker, a Shaman, and an Immortal on you…" The man whose hair was ten feet long was actually an incredibly handsome man. Even if he had those age spots which belonged to the elderly, they did not destroy his good looks. Instead, they gave him a charm brought by age.
"You’re the first person whom I can’t figure out on sight, tell just which race you belong to. You’re like a Soul Catcher, and if other Shamans looked at you, they would think you were a Soul Catcher as well, but… you’re not a Soul Catcher!
"Take off your mask." The man shook his head slightly and commanded leisurely.
Su Ming’s heart pounded against his chest. When the man’s words echoed by his ears, a glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes and he did something bold. Han Mountain Bell was inside him, and within Han Mountain Bell was that strange rod snake.
Su Ming had once released that rod snake during battle in the war, and it had also pierced through the old Berserker’s palm. He could still remember clearly that the snake had swallowed the illusionary Candle Dragon that appeared once the young Soul Catcher opened his eyes!
Su Ming had clearly sensed the rod snake’s excitement and desire the instant it devoured the Candle Dragon.
Su Ming did not take down the mask, but instead poured all his thoughts into the black stone fragment hanging below his throat. This was his last resort - entering the strange dimension to escape all dangers.
However, there were drawbacks in doing this. This was Su Ming’s greatest secret, and unless he absolutely needed to, he did not want to use it.
At the same time he began making preparations to activate the stone, Su Ming opened up a small crack on the Han Mountain Bell contained in his body and released the strange rod snake’s presence!
That presence instantly surrounded Su Ming’s entire body. However, that presence was clearly very weak, so there were not many who managed to notice it. Only the natural instincts of the ferocious beasts allowed them to notice it, and only some people with unique senses could sense it.
Almost the instant that presence spread from Su Ming’s body, all the mackerel pikes in the sky let out piercing shrieks and retreated simultaneously. Terror appeared on their faces, as if they had just sensed something terrifying.
They were not the only ones reacting that way. All the creatures on the ground were acting in the same manner. Even the nine turtle beasts that were one hundred thousand feet in size also started trembling furiously. Eight among the nine started roaring, and those roars did not sound as if they were fighting against something, but were instead roars of terror.
The turtle underneath the long haired man did not roar, but it was shivering incessantly. The long haired man sitting on it was stunned and his eyes became as wide as saucers. Dark light shone within his eyes and he stared fixedly at Su Ming. Gradually, his expression changed.
"Candle Dragon!"
"I am a Medial Soul Catcher from Lizard Shaman Tribe traveling through the land of the Shamans. Ever since I was born, I already possessed the presence of the Candle Dragon. Senior, you are a Soul Catcher, you should be able to tell whether this presence is real or fake!
"I’m not taking off my mask for personal reasons. Please don’t make this hard for me." Su Ming spoke slowly and calmly. In the time he spoke and spread out the rod snake’s presence, he completed activating the path to the dimension in the stone. He could enter it any time he wanted now.
Uproars rose all around them. As the creatures roared, the Shamans standing on them started looking at Su Ming differently. To them, besides the mask, he was identical from his head to toe, including his eyes, to the terrifying Soul Catchers they’d met before.
Even the Soul Catchers standing in the crowd underneath had the same feeling.
The long-haired man stared at Su Ming for a few moments before he said languidly, "Our fellow tribesman from Lizard Shaman Tribe, we are now in a time of war. Don’t leave now. Join Autumn Sea Tribe and become our tribe’s Soul Catcher."
Su Ming frowned.
"I can join you, but you must give that person to me. I want to turn him into a puppet and grant him the status of an Undying."

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