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Chapter 366: Unable to Leave
"Young cultivator, I bear no ill will. I only attacked last time because I wanted to make you stay." The old man’s words traveled forward like a straight line in the layer with the high wind.
"After all, you’re our people’s deserter. Leaving the battlefield is an act of betrayal. I attacked you because of this as well! As a True Divinity, I can give you a chance. Come back with me to Sky Mist City. I promise you, your life won’t be in danger."
Although the old man had said those words, Su Ming, who was several hundreds of thousands of feet away, did not even turn his head back and continued onward without a single world. The distance between them grew bigger.
"You may have the power of the God of Berserkers, but I’m certain that you don’t want to waste the only two chances you have. Besides, this is only a clone of mine, and it would be a fortune of mine to be able to experience the power of the God of Bersekers’s jab with my clone." The old man continued speaking with a dark expression on his face.
"How about this? I will swear by my statue of the God of Berserkers that I won’t harm you, but you’re not allowed to continue running either. Stay by my side and let me examine the power of the God of Berserkers… Don’t worry, I won’t let you do this for nothing. I’ll give you treasures as thanks."
The old man was forced to do this. He longed for the power of the God of Berserkers, but after going through the life threatening crisis, he had grown incredibly wary of Su Ming.
However, this made him really conflicted, because he was only wary of the power that Su Ming could use twice. He was completely unbothered by Su Ming himself. It was that conflict that made him struggle, caught by his own greed between wanting to chase him down and not at the same time.
If he chased him down and forced Su Ming into a corner so he would use one of the chances, then the old man’s fate was all but predicted.
Yet if he did not chase him down and just gave up like this after chasing for so long and so far into the land of the Shamans... he found himself unwilling to accept that outcome.
However, even if he continued with the chase, he found it hard to close the distance between them due to the wariness he had in his heart. Once more time passed by and they entered deeper into the land of the Shamans, then he would feel grow more and more uneasy. This sort of dilemma was enough to drive him mad and make him despise Su Ming to the core.
Just as the old man was hesitating and chasing him down, Su Ming had already widened the distance between them by more than 500,000 feet while in the high wind. With this sort of distance between them, he could descend without fear and cause a ruckus at a lower altitude as he charged forward.
This sort of cycle continued for another two days. By then, the ground underneath was no longer grayish black, and green appeared on the earth, a clear sign that they had moved out of the wastelands and were gradually moving closer to the places where Shaman tribes were located.
Only then did that old man finally make his decision. He gritted his teeth and came to a halt, as he glared at Su Ming, who was several hundreds of thousands of feet away. Hatred flashed briefly in his eyes, but he turned around and gave up on the chase. Instead, he returned to his original path and charged back.
In the end, he still chose to gave up. After all, this sort of chase would yield no results. Once he thoroughly weighed out the pros and cons of these two difficult situations, he found that unless his power was at the middle stage of the Berserker Soul Realm and possessed an even more powerful divine ability, then he would perhaps stand a better chance at killing Su Ming before he had the chance to activate the power of the God of Berserkers.
Yet now, he could not do this. That was why, instead of continuing with the chase like this, it was better for

him to give up completely.
However, right when the old man chose to give up and go back the way he’d come he found, with a dark expression on his face, that Su Ming had also chosen not to continue with his escape. He was instead following behind him as if he had turned the tables and was now chasing him down.
But that was not all. He could have ignored him if that was the case and let Su Ming follow him. He was certain that the youth would not dare return to Sky Mist City. If Su Ming continued following him like this, then before long, he would leave on his own. Besides, if he followed him for a prolonged period of time, then perhaps the old man could have a chance to obtain the power of the God of Berserkers.
To the old man, this was a good thing… That is, if he did not discount the booming sounds behind him and the words he could hear even from a long distance away.
Su Ming’s pursuit was followed by intentionally created thunderous booming. Those sounds and the rumbles caused by the occasional punch into the air continued reverberating incessantly in the air.
This was the land of the Shamans, and there was still quite some distance before he could reach Sky Mist City. If the old Berserker was careful, it was possible for him to return quietly, but if… such booming continued behind him, then it would be very difficult for him to return safely.
‘Damn it! Damn it ! Damn it!’
The old Berserker felt as if he was being driven insane. He had already given up on chasing Su Ming down and killing him, but the brat did not even appreciate what was good for him and was instead acting as if he was stuck to the old man, causing his return to be filled with trepidation.
The booming was becoming increasingly louder, and the old man did not want to know what would happen if he did not stop Su Ming! The previous few days when he had been chasing the other, these sort of booming sounds had already appeared, and they might have already caught the attention of the Shamans.
Now, this was also happening on his way back. The old man would definitely not believe that there would be no Shamans who would come forth to investigate such a matter.
Not only was the old man going crazy from those sounds, they were also becoming a real headache to him. That was why he simply chose to stop once again, change his direction, and resume chasing Su Ming.
Yet as he changed his direction, Su Ming also did the same thing in the distance. The two of them resumed the role of the pursuer and the pursued. The only thing that did not change were those booming sounds. They rang in the air and did not fade away.
That booming was a noise that made the old man feel incredibly agitated when he heard it, but also fearful at the same time. Even if he was the pursuer, he also had to pay a lot of attention to his surroundings, worried that the noise would draw in the attention of the Shamans.
His current state of mind was just like a person who wanted to move silently in the middle of a night and did not want to be discovered, but there was always loud noises by his side...
The old man’s eyes turned red. This was the first time he ever became afraid of someone in the Bone Sacrifice Realm, and the reason for it was not because of the power of the God of Berserkers Su Ming had, but because of his actions.
Those actions made him want to tear his hair off his head. After chasing him for a long while, the old man was just about to let slip a roar out of gloom, but he swallowed it down. He turned his head and gave up on the chase once again, charging at full speed back towards Sky Mist City.
Su Ming changed his direction behind him at a leisurely pace and followed behind while creating that booming that shook the sky and earth.
If the old man sped up, then Su Ming would also speed up. If he slowed down, then Su Ming would also slow down. If he stopped, then Su Ming would also stop. There was forever several hundreds of thousands of feet between them.
‘I’d like to see just how you’ll deal with this once you lure in the Shamans! If you, as a Berserker in the Bone Sacrifice Realm, am not afraid, then why should I be afraid?!’
The old man’s eyes were red by then. He was honestly at the end of his wits due to Su Ming’s actions, which was why he decided to simply not think too much about it and charge forward without a word. It was as if he was fueling his speed with all his pent up gloom and vexation.
The two of them moved forward one behind the other. No matter how one thought about it, Su Ming looked as if he was the one chasing down the old man, but the gigantic difference of power between them made this chase seem incredibly weird...
A Berserker in the middle stage of the Bone Sacrifice Realm was going after the life of a Berserker in the initial stage of the Berserker Soul Realm…
Once this chase went on for three days, due to Su Ming constantly creating booming sounds all over the land of the Shamans, he finally caught the attention of those in the Shaman Tribe.
In truth, most of the Shamans in that area had gone to war. That was why Su Ming and the old man had not run into Shamans trying to stop them during this period of time.
That was not to say that the batch of Shamans from the battlefield had returned. Su Ming and the old man had instead caught the attention the new batch of Shaman warriors who were heading to the battlefield in Sky Mist City!
More accurately speaking, this was a migrating tribe. The warriors in the tribe had formed teams to protect their tribe as they moved forward, and at the same time, once the tribe had reached the location that was arranged for them, a large number of their people had to head to the Shamans’ gathering place located outside Sky Mist City.
There were many migrating tribes like these throughout the entire Shaman Tribe. The tribe Su Ming and the old Berserker ran into was one of them.
They were formed of black shadows that seemed to have covered the sky. Those shadows were closely packed and numbered to several thousands. Each of the black shadows was a largely shrunken mackerel pike!
The large mackerel pike swam through the clouds, and on its back was a Shaman warrior. There were also thousands of Shamans traveling on the ground, causing the earth to tremble. Nine ferocious beasts that looked like turtles but had square shells and were several tens of thousands of feet in size protected them from behind.
There were large many Shamans sitting on the nine strange turtles. There were also some buildings that seemed to have been picked off from the ground and placed on the shells.
Further behind them was a long string of people forming a team whose end could not be seen as they sent dust flying into the air with their march. This was clearly not the migration of a small tribe but a Shaman Tribe leaning on the larger side of the spectrum!
There were bound to be powerful End Shamans in this sort of tribe. As Su Ming followed after the old Berserker as if he was chasing after him, both of them noticed the Shamans who had practically blotted out the sky and earth with their numbers coming from the distance. The Shamans also saw Su Ming and the old Berserker in the distance.
In truth, these Shamans first heard the booming sounds before they saw Su Ming and the old Berserker.
Most of them had their eyes trained on the old Berserker right from the start because of his incredible power, his uncovered face, and because the Shamans could tell that he wasn’t a Shaman!
More importantly, because he was escaping! Fleeing in the direction forward for a Berserker in the land of the Shamans was something that logical. Hence it was only logical that the person who was chasing after his life was his enemy, and in the land of the Shamans, the only people who were against the Berserkers were mostly Shamans.
Besides, Su Ming was wearing a straw hat, and when he’d noticed the group of Shamans with his divine sense, he brought out a Spirit Plunder, but he did not place next to himself. Instead, he held it in his hands. Even so, the unique dark light and power of absorption that came from the pill still spread out, causing the air around Su Ming to look as if it was distorting. Which was why, at first glance, he looked rather similar to the young Soul Catcher he’d seen previously.
There were also Su Ming’s words, which were spoken in a hoarse and ghastly voice...
"My fellow tribesmen behind me, where are you from? I am Mo Su, a Medial Soul Catcher from Lizard Shaman Tribe. Please aid me in killing this person! He is a powerful Berserker in the initial stage of the Berserker Soul Realm!"
The old Berserker who seemed to be fleeing rapidly in front almost puked blood when he heard those words. He had no time to speak in his mad dash, and as he was running away, he began cursing in his heart.
‘Does he think those Shamans are blind? Medial Soul Catcher, my foot… Huh?!’
His thoughts came to an abrupt halt.

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