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Chapter 365: Troubled!
The land of the Shamans appeared desolate to the eye. Most of the ground was grayish black and greenery was seldom seen around the place. There was an air of depression around this place as if it was the source of death.
The color of the sky was not blue either but gray, looking as if a dust storm had lifted up the sand on the ground and covered the sky.
Compared to the land of the Berserkers, the land of the Shamans lacked vitality. Their land was filled with cracks and ravines. No one knew just how long those cracks had existed, neither did anyone know whether they were man-made or naturally caused when the earth shifted.
There were only the sounds of the moaning wind around the area, the rest was dead silence. The few small creatures that lived in this sort of environment occasionally were the only signs of life on the land.
In one of the walls of the gigantic ravines on the grayish black mass of land was an incredibly secluded place. There was a large crack in there, and deep within that crack was a stone chamber that was made by man.
Su Ming sat in there with his eyes closed and face pale as he slowly exercised his breathing. The Fire Ape squatted at the exit of the crack before him cautiously. Sometimes, it would turn its head around to look at him.
Su Ming had already changed his bloody clothes and was wearing a black robe with his long hair spilling over his shoulders. The bracelet that formed by black smoke was circulating slowly on his right wrist.
His index finger looked incredibly normal, the only thing off about it being the strand of hair wrapped several times around it. However, this was the finger that contained the power strong enough to shock those old monsters in the Berserker Soul Realm, and could even… destroy the world!
Time passed by gradually. After an unknown amount of time went by, Su Ming slowly opened his eyes. The instant he did so, a profound look appeared in his eyes, and his entire presence changed as well. He was like a huge ocean that could not be seen through when others looked at him.
"Bone Sacrifice Realm…" Su Ming mumbled softly. He could clearly feel what was different within him now. On his spine, the four Berserker Bones shone with a blue light. It contained an explosive power, a power that not only allowed Su Ming to sense the invisible power in the world, it also made him become much stronger than he was when he was in the Awakening Realm.
What was more, as of then, the cracks on the four Berserker Bones had mostly recovered. There were only three cracks left, and they would need some time before they were fully healed.
‘It was by chance that I left the battlefield… but since this accident happened, it might also turn out to be a fortuitous event for me! I can increase my power here, and then leave to find that long haired woman who appeared in the battlefield. That woman knows many things about Destiny. Perhaps I can get some answers from her!’ A glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes and he lifted his right hand to touch the center of his brows.
Wind immediately stirred up within his body. That wind seemed to be a part of him and was swirling about in his body. It looked like there was no pattern in its movements, only disorder, yet even so, it was enough to make Su Ming become much faster than before.
‘It’s a pity I don’t know how to make this Provenance of Wind stronger…’
As Su Ming mulled over his thoughts, he brought out a crystal about the size of his fist from his storage bag. The instant he did so, wind started swirling about and moaning in the stone chamber. It came too suddenly, causing the Fire Ape to swiftly turn its head around. Once it saw what Su Ming was doing, it relaxed.
Su Ming slowly pressed the Wind Crystal of Inheritance against the center of his brows, but the instant the crystal touched his forehead, a strong repelling force spread from within it, as if it did n

ot want to fuse with Su Ming no matter what.
After a long while, Su Ming moved away his right hand with a dark face. He stared at the crystal in his hand and let out a cold harrumph.
‘You won’t acknowledge me, huh..?’ Su Ming remained silent for a moment before he put the crystal back into the storage bag and closed his eyes slowly. When he did so, the Wind Separation Slash Art he obtained from the deity statue of Berserker Soul appeared in his head.
This Art was a unique legacy to the True Divinity Wind Berserker. It was given to him separately from the Crystal of Inheritance, which clearly showed just how extraordinary this Art was. Su Ming had obtained the whole entire Art, and knew that there were only three Styles to it.
The first Style was Sun Genesis.
The second Style was Lunar Burial.
The third Style was Wind Separation.
These three Styles in this wind related divine ability gave Su Ming a feeling that they were filled with a tremendous power, but they were just like an illusion. He could only sense it, but could not touch it.
‘The Crystal of Inheritance!’ Su Ming opened his eyes and frowned. He could tell that the reason why he could not explore the three Styles was largely related to the fact that he had not fused with the Crystal of Inheritance.
‘But since the three Styles of Wind Separation were given to me as a separate legacy, then I might not necessarily need the Crystal of Inheritance to master them…’ As Su Ming continued mulling over his thoughts, his mind kept on going back to the three Styles he obtained.
Time passed by, and in the blink of an eye, it was already three days later.
During those three days, Su Ming did not venture out. He stayed inside the stone chamber that served as his temporary lodgings, but he had no progress whatsoever. It was as if besides using the Crystal of Inheritance to learn it, there was no other shortcut for him to use
If he could not fuse with the Crystal of Inheritance, then the three Styles of Wind Separation could only remain in his mind like an illusion. He could only sense it but could not get the details.
In fact, even if he could sense the Art, it remained as a vague and indistinct feeling in his mind. It was as if the three Styles of Wind Separation were covered by a veil so that no one could see them clearly.
It was during an afternoon after those three days when the meditating Su Ming suddenly opened his eyes. A glint appeared in his eyes, and he shot up from the ground. With a swing of his arm, the Fire Ape turned into a red light. Once Su Ming put it away, he charged out like a long arc, but he did not fly out of the ravine. Instead, he plunged down to the deeper parts before flying in another direction.
When he charged out, Su Ming had also put on a straw hat that could cover his face along with a black robe, causing people to be unable to tell that he was a Berserker at first glance. In the blink of an eye, he charged into the sky.
Not long after he left, the air outside the ravine, which had served as his temporary lodgings for the past few days, suddenly distorted and a person walked out. That person’s expression was incredibly dark, and there was a murderous air around him. That person was naturally the old man.
It had been half a month since he chased Su Ming into the land of the Shamans. Killing that Shaman had wasted some of his time, and he had to spend some more time to heal the wound caused by the sword piercing through his chest when he was stunned by Su Ming using the power of the God of Berserkers. If he did not possess a unique method to find Su Ming, he would have lost him a long time ago.
Yet even so, Su Ming still managed to detect him beforehand every single time he came searching. He could have written it off with some random reason the first time, but now that it had happened again the second time, there was no way that the old man would not be able to know that there was still an unknown mystery to Su Ming.
‘As expected of a True Divinity who received the legacy. You’re just in the middle stage of the Bone Sacrifice Realm now, and you’ve already made me chase after you for so many days. If you had the chance to grow, then you might be able to reach the Berserker Soul Realm.
‘You could have run much farther ahead, but you chose not to do so, as if you’re trying to provoke me. You wait for me to catch up to you, then try to lure me to the deeper parts of the land of the Shamans…
‘Hmph, you’re not a Shaman either. Doing this will do you no good either!’ The old Berserker let out a cold snort. He closed his eyes, and after some time, as if he could see exactly where Su Ming had gone off to, he opened his eyes and turned into a long arc and flew off.
Su Ming flew in the sky. His face covered by the bamboo hat was calm, but there was a murderous glare in his eyes. However, that person’s level of cultivation was simply too high. Su Ming was not his opponent. It would be far too difficult if he wanted to kill this person without using the power of the God of Berserkers.
The only way Su Ming could think of was to use the Shamans to kill this person!
That was why he was flying deeper into the land of the Shamans. He was certain that if he continued flying like this, he would definitely catch someone’s attention. As for what he would do to hide his identity when the Shamans arrived, Su Ming had already made preparations.
Afternoon went by quickly. When the sun started shining with its last rays for the day in the horizon and twilight arrived, the old man was two hundred thousand feet behind Su Ming.
The old man had consumed quite a large amount of medicinal liquid during the entire chase. It was fortunate that he had enough stored away, or else it would be have been very difficult for him to maintain a high speed such as this.
Due to the Provenance of Wind contained within Su Ming’s body, not only was his speed extremely fast, he also wasted little of his energy. This was the power of the Wind Berserker. Su Ming might only be in control of a small part of it, but it was enough.
However, even if it was so, Su Ming had still consumed a large amount of medicine. Nonetheless, his medicine was naturally of a much higher quality compared to the old man’s. With the medicine balancing out the difference in the level of power between them, that was why the old man could only arrive at a distance two hundred thousand feet away from Su Ming even after the entire afternoon had gone by.
If that had not been the case, with the huge difference of power between them, it would be entirely impossible for Su Ming to have run away for so many days.
Even when he saw that the old man was already only two hundred thousand feet away from him, Su Ming remained calm. He sent his divine sense to scan the area behind him, then swiftly flew higher once again. With his speed, he instantly shot above the nine heavens and arrived at the highest spot in the sky, where the endless gusts of wind were.
The old man who was one hundred thousand feet behind him nearly cursed out loud the moment Su Ming flew upwards. His face was so dark that it was almost like ice that would never melt, and a sense of powerlessness rose within him.
Over these days, every single time he nearly caught up to Su Ming, he would immediately fly up to the spot among the nine heavens where the high wind was. While Su Ming’s speed was not the slightest bit affected, the old man was forced to slow down.
Once they were very far apart from each other, Su Ming would stop staying in the layer of the sky where the high wind was and would descend once again, then cause a huge ruckus at a lower altitude. He would cause loud, booming sounds as he moved forward, as if he was afraid others could not see him.
"Damn it!"
Anger burned in the old man’s eyes and a great sense of helplessness rose in his heart. A few days ago, when he was chasing Su Ming down, he had cast an Art that used up quite a lot of his power, causing him to instantly appear eighty thousand feet from Su Ming, then launched an attack which he thought would almost definitely be able to strike him down, but Su Ming had endured through it. He might have ended up heavily injured, but the old man also came out of the encounter looking rather pathetic.
From then onwards, Su Ming no longer gave him a chance to get within eighty thousand feet of him. Usually, when he was two hundred thousand feet, he would immediately fly into the area where the high wind was.
The old man also did not dare use that instant warp Art of his anymore. That Art used up too much of his power, but the main reason for him to not use that power was this - he was wary of Su Ming.
The old man struggled over whether he should continue the chase.

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