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Chapter 360: Power of the God of Berserkers!
Su Ming spread his arms wide. He had already tried to absorb that power from the world once again, but once the aura in that opened path in his body turned into liquid, it seemed to have temporarily become saturated and could not take in anymore power.
Yet Su Ming did not want to give up just like that. While staring at the two deity statues that were gradually fading away once again, a glint appeared in his eyes and a large amount of lightning started swimming all over his body.
In the blink of an eye, those lightning sparks covered Su Ming’s entire body, causing that blue armor of Bone Sacrifice on him to be filled with crackling bolts that wandered all around it.
‘Since there’s a Wind Berserker and a Fire Berserker, then could there be a Lightning Berserker? It’s a pity that the Fire Berserkers have been destroyed by the God of Berserkers from what I remember, so I can’t reveal that power easily under the deity statues.
‘If that is the case, I only fulfill the criteria of the Lightning Berserker. I just don’t know whether Lightning Berserkers existed under the command of the first God of Berserkers.’ Lightning sparks flashed all over Su Ming’s body and thunder roared with an intensity that shook everything in all directions.
The appearance of lightning on his body instantly caught the attention of all the people on the ground. Although most of them could not see his face, they could still clearly see the bolts of lightning and hear the crashes of thunder.
"What… What does he want to do?"
That was the question that arose within almost all of their hearts.
The people who could see Su Ming’s face clearly were also surprised and baffled by his actions…
‘Deceive it!’ Su Ming cried out in his heart, turning that cry into wind and pushing it into the black stone fragment. The stone instantly started glowing with a dark light that covered Su Ming swiftly before it disappeared.
The instant it did so, the bolts of lightning on Su Ming’s body instantly became larger by several dozens of fold. Then they started spreading, and in a blink of an eye, they had already covered a circular area of nearly 10,000 feet!
It looked staggering!
However, Su Ming knew that this was all fake. It would be incredibly difficult for his Origin Vessel to call out such powerful lightning. All of this was a mere illusion and contained no power.
Nonetheless, his heart was racing against his chest. He stared at the deity statue of Berserker Soul, but before him, the deity statue of Berserker Soul did not show any signs of stopping in gradually fusing into with vortex in the sky and dissolving.
Disappointment appeared in Su Ming’s eyes and he sighed.
‘Looks like there’s no such thing as a Lightning Berserker…’
Yet at that very moment, the deity statue of Bone Sacrifice that should have also disappeared started rapidly gaining physical form from its initial dissolving state. The pressure that had largely vanished prior to this instantly reappeared right away!
The gigantic deity statue slowly turned its head around and looked at Su Ming.
"Thou art the Lightning Berserker…"
The moment these five words were said, extreme ecstasy appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. However, the entire battlefield on the ground experienced an emotion different from his ecstasy. The instant those five words were said, a powerful buzzing sound broke out on the battlefield on the ground!!
It was a storm that was created once all those gazes filled with disbelief and cries of surprise filled with inconceivability fused together!
"Lightning Berserker? Isn’t he supposed to be the Wind Berserker? Why did he turn into a Lightning Berserker now?!"
"This… This is… Could it be that he’s the Wind Berserker and the Lightning Berserker at the same time?!"
"How could this be?!"
The eight old men on the city walls sucked in a sharp breath and shock

appeared on their faces. They looked at each other with confusion.
"The Wind Berserker and Lightning Berserker are the same…"
Just as all of them were caught in a state of disbelief, the 10,000 feet deity statue of Bone Sacrifice in the sky spoke with a thunderous voice that reverberated through the air.
"Thou art the Lightning Berserker… Thou hast fulfilled the first law set by the first God of Berserkers. Thou art not the first scion, but for that, I shalt grant thee the Origin of Lightning…" As the deity statue of Bone Sacrifice spoke, it lifted its right hand as if it was grabbing something from the sky. Instantly, thunder rumbled and a bright red bolt of lightning appeared on the deity statue’s right hand. It flung that bolt of lightning towards Su Ming.
The red bolt of lightning howled as it charged, and in the midst of all the excitement Su Ming felt in his heart, it seeped into the center of his brows and disappeared.
"Thou art the Lightning Berserker. Thou hast fulfilled the second law set by the first God of Berserkers. I shalt grant thee… the Nine Thunderous Destruction Art…
"Thou art the Lightning Berserker, I shalt grant thee… the Crystal of Inheritance…" When the deity statue of Bone Sacrifice spoke up to that point, it suddenly stopped and sank into silence.
It only started speaking once again after a long while.
"The Lightning Berserker already exists… In accordance to the third law set by the first God of Berserkers, the Crystal shalt be split into two, and will only be whole once again when they fuse together…" Those words were followed suit by the deity statue lifting its right hand once again and seizing the air. A crystal that was half the size of a fist immediately appeared in its hand. That crystal shone with sparks of lightning, and there was even some blood on it.
The deity statue flung the crystal out, and it charged straight towards Su Ming. Due to the incident that happened when he was appointed the Wind Berserker, Su Ming took a step forward without any hesitation and grabbed the remaining half of the Lightning Crystal of Inheritance. The instant his hand touched it, a shocking, thunderous boom resounded in his head.
That thunderclap contained a roar that seemed to have traveled from a distant land. That voice was filled with a sort of madness, and dripped with hatred along with murderous intent.
"I am Chi Lei Tian from the Eastern Wastelands. I don’t care who you are and I don’t care what method you used to snatch away half of my Lightning Crystal, you’re dead! I’ll definitely find you! Give me back my Lightning Crystal!"
The hatred contained within that voice seemed to have passed through space itself, causing Su Ming to feel shocked. A glint appeared in his eyes and he tightened his grip around the Lightning Crystal, then put it away into his storage bag.
"Thou art the Lightning Berserker and also the Wind Berserker… Thou hast fulfilled the first requirement of the nine requirements to inherit the power of the first God of Berserkers. I shalt grant thee a portion of the power belonging to the God of Berserkers… This power can be used twice to destroy heaven and earth!"
The final words spoken by the deity statue of Bone Sacrifice could be heard by all the people on the land, and in that instant, it was as if their voices were swallowed by thunder. An abrupt silence fell among all of them.
The deity statue of Bone Sacrifice lifted its right hand and its entire right arm turned to dust. Within it was a strand of hair that charged towards Su Ming. It was just a strand of hair, and it already gave Su Ming a feeling that the sky had crumbled and the earth had cracked. A booming sound went off in his head, and he found himself barely able to stand.
If he as the receiver felt that way, then it was much more so for the others. The instant that strand of hair appeared, all the people underneath could not help but prostrate themselves on the ground once more. Even that long-haired woman turned pale, and as her body trembled, she was forced to kneel down.
Even the old monsters in the Berserker Soul Realm were forced to do so!
There was no one on land who was not prostrating on the ground. Even the ferocious beasts were doing the same thing!
Su Ming stared at the strand of hair coming towards him blankly. It tied itself around his right index finger nine times, making it seem as if it was deeply etched into his finger.
A power that made Su Ming’s skin crawl burst forth from that finger. The strength of that power was so great that it gave him the false impression that he could blow apart the sky with one jab of that finger, and with another jab, destroy the earth.
This was a small portion of the power belonging to the first God of Berserkers!
It was also at that instant that Su Ming knew he took too much. Even if he had obtained the legacy of the Lightning Berserker, it would still had been fine for him. He could have continued staying there and not be worried about those from the Berserker Tribe harboring ill will towards him.
However… he did not expect that once he obtained the legacy of the Lightning Berserker, he would be able to draw forth words that could make all Berserkers go mad - the legacy of the first God of Berserkers!
The legacy of the first God of Berserkers could only mean one thing. It could even be said that all Berserkers knew clearly what it meant - a new God of Berserkers!
It was especially so for the old monsters in the Berserker Soul Realm. The appeal of becoming the God of Berserkers could be said to have overridden all their other desires. Perhaps after the first God of Berserkers died, not a single person who had become the scion of two True Divinities had appeared over a long period of time. That was also why no one had been able to fulfill the first rule set to inherit the power of the first God of Berserkers.
Then it was only natural that no one knew the first God of Berserkers had left behind such a legacy!
This would become a piece of information that would cause a stir in the entire Land of South Morning. It would be known to all the powerful Berserkers in South Morning, and that information would spread among the Shamans in a very short period of time and cause a sensation as well.
This would mean that he, Su Ming, would be thrown into an indescribable situation!
The price of this would be that he would have to face death with every move he took, and it would be far more dangerous for him compared to the battles during war. The Shamans would definitely want to kill him just in case!
There would definitely be a lot of people who would want to capture him among the Berserkers as well. After all, Su Ming was the only one who had ever fulfilled the first rule among the nine rules set to inherit the power of the first God of Berserkers. They might be able to find more clues from his person.
Even if those were just clues, it was enough to drive a person mad.
It was a heavy price, but it also gave Su Ming ample rewards. Although it was just two jabs, the power of the first God of Berserkers coming from Su Ming’ right index finger at the moment made him believe wholeheartedly that even those in the Berserker Soul Realm would turn into dust under the power of that jab!
‘It’s a bloody legacy… This is a trial for the scion, a cruel trial!’ A pained expression appeared on Su Ming’s face, but he absolutely would not choose to regret it, even if he could already clearly feel the greed within the pairs of eyes looking towards him from the ground.
‘I can’t return to Sky Mist City…’ Something flashed past Su Ming’s eyes. At that moment, the four Berserker Bones in his body had reached the peak of their power due to the liquefied aura in the passages within his body. His fatigue was gone and his condition had recovered.
‘I can’t return to the land of the Berserkers for some time… Even if ninth summit is around, I’ll very likely cause them trouble, since this matter is too big… The Shamans. I have to go to the land of the Shamans. Over there, I’ll train and refine my body and increase my power. When the Catastrophe of the Eastern Wastelands arrives, the entire Land of South Morning will descend into chaos. At that time, there will be very few people who will pay attention to me.’
A decision immediately formed in Su Ming’s heart.
‘I need a chance. I chance to leave this place…’
The entire battlefield was now swathed in a death-like silence. Only heavy breathing could be heard. By Su Ming’s side in the sky, the 10,000 feet deity statue of Bone Sacrifice who had lost its right arm was slowly vanishing, gradually turning semi-transparent. It looked as if it was about to disappear into the sky.
Right at the instant it was about to do so and the sky was about to return to normal, suddenly, a thick layer of black fog that connected the sky shot out from the land belonging to the Shamans.
That fog tumbled about, and a shocking, piercing shriek came from within it. Then, suddenly, a long spear shot out from within that fog. With a presence so great that it had practically never been seen before, it rushed forth. Its target was not Su Ming… but the deity statue of Bone Sacrifice that was about to disappear right beside him!

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