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Chapter 359: Turning Aura to Liquid!
The 1,000th blood vein!
It had always existed, but Su Ming did not know about it right up to this moment. If when he arrived at the Bone Sacrifice Realm, he’d been satisfied with just one Berserker Bone, that 1,000th blood vein would not have appeared.
If he’d chosen to stop after the second Berserker Bone appeared, it would also not have appeared.
However, even if he did not say anything, his decision was reverberating in his heart like a shout.
He wanted to become stronger. He wanted to become a powerful warrior, the type that would dominate over all other wills, a presence that no one could control in the world, an untamable person over whose decisions no one could place any control, whom no one could force to obey to their will!
He wanted that third Berserker Bone, wanted to fulfill his will when the deity statue of Bone Sacrifice was still there, wanted to use its strength and go forward a few more steps at the moment he had just arrived at this Realm!
This was Su Ming’s desire!
That 1,000th blood vein appeared due to his desire. Almost the instant it appeared, the third vertebrae in Su Ming’s spine burst forth with a powerful blue light. That blue light penetrated through his body and covered a circular area of 1,000 feet around him, causing the sky, the area underneath the vortex, and the side of the deity statue to be completely dyed in blue!
"What powerful greed… but it’s a good sort of greed! 1,000 blood veins… 1,000… Send my orders out. Su Ming will now be a Child of Sky Mist!" The old voice from Sky Mist City seemed to be letting out a long peal of laughter that boomed in the air.
At that moment, all the people who could see Su Ming’s face clearly were shocked to the core.
"He actually has 1,000 blood veins?! This is something that hasn’t happened in the Berserker Tribe for a very long time!"
"How could it be possible that we have never heard about him when he has such potential..?"
"It doesn’t matter how famous he was previously, from now on, he will be the center of attention in the Land of South Morning!"
Su Ming did not know what was happening underneath. At that moment, all his attention was placed on the third, recently appeared and rapidly transforming, Berserker Bone.
At the same time that the Berserker Bone started transforming, the two tenth of his remaining blood and life force were continuously devoured. The appearance of the 1,000th blood vein also delivered a large amount of energy incessantly, and gradually, when all the blood vessels on Su Ming’s emaciated body sank back down and disappeared into his skin, at that instant, a deep wave of weakness filled his entire body.
Yet it was also at that moment that the third Berserker Bone appeared within him!
As the three Berserker Bones shone, the powerful feeling coming from within them allowed Su Ming to feel the vast amount of power in the world, even if he had his eyes closed.
He could now sense the power in the world even more clearly now.
"This power existing in the world… This aura that exists in every corner… I… should be able to use it…" Su Ming mumbled. At that moment, he was in a state of weakness he had never been in before. In fact, he felt as if he could be blown away with just one gust of wind. His body was as dried up as a corpse; that was the price of Sacrificing his Bones.
There was a certain amount of time required before he could recover. However, once he recovered, he would definitely be unable to use a method such as this to manifest another Berserker Bone, because without the strange power existing within the deity statue of Bone Sacrifice to create pressure and solidify his power, it would be impossible for him to reach the Bone Sacrifice Realm from the Awakening Realm.
He had only one chance!
And it depended on him on just how much he could seize!
The next time the deity statue appeared wo

uld be when Su Ming reached the Berserker Soul Realm. Of course, the premise would be that he managed to reach it and not die when he attained completion in the Bone Sacrifice Realm.
After all, to most people, the later stage of the Bone Sacrifice Realm was their final target!
When Su Ming closed his eyes and went on to sense the power of the world, the deity statue of Berserker Soul that had revealed a part of itself started showing signs of disappearing from the vortex in the sky. The deity statue of Bone Sacrifice also started becoming transparent, as if it was about to disappear…
The pressure on the land also started fading away. Before long, the world would return to normal, and it would mean that the serendipity Su Ming encountered this time would also be over.
As the pressure disappeared, some of the people on the land stood up, though with great trouble. However, their eyes still remained fixed on the sky to look at the indistinct person covered in blue light.
Time passed by, and the deity statue of Berserker Soul in the vortex had mostly disappeared. Judging by its looks, it would fade away completely in a moment. The deity statue of Bone Sacrifice was also about to disappear completely.
Su Ming still had his eyes shut. He was incredibly weakened at that moment, and he felt exactly like the time before he had become a Berserker and was just a normal tribe member. Yet the more weak his body was, the clearer he could sense the power of the world existing around him.
He gradually discovered that while he might be weakened, but he… did not seem to be completely crippled… It was as if there was still a presence existing within him. However, it was very weak and was usually an insignificant existence in his body due to the power of Awakening. However, as the power of Awakening faded, it slowly started to gain prominence.
That was… the Refined Aura!
It was the aura stored in the opened path within Su Ming’s body which allowed him to gain his divine sense!
‘This is… the Art of Aura Refinement. It’s the other cultivation method I named after I perceived and learned it from He Feng…’
Su Ming opened his eyes. He was not sure whether it was a figment of his imagination, but he could feel that the aura in the passages within his body was rather similar to this power in the world.
This similarity made him recall having a familiar sort of feeling when he first obtained this Refined Aura, and it was the reason why he named this Art Aura Refinement!
Su Ming’s eyes sparkled. That aura contained within the opened path in his body now stood out prominently to his senses. With a glint shining in his eyes, he opened his mouth and took a deep breath.
That one inhale allowed him to clearly feel the aura in the passages of his body starting to rapidly circulate within him. The instant that aura swiftly circulated through his body once, the power of the world surged towards him and he sucked in a huge breath of it.
That one breath of power from the world made Su Ming’s body suddenly swell up. The life force and blood he’d lost was also somewhat restored.
But that was not all. More importantly, Su Ming could feel that the aura contained in the passage became several times stronger, and was now swimming through his body rapidly like a dragon.
Su Ming was slightly puzzled, but he knew that he did not have a lot of time to think about it. The two deity statues were about to disappear. He immediately opened his mouth wide and sucked in another breath.
This time, once the power of the world went into his mouth, his body filled up and all his blood and life force was instantly restored to full, but at the same time, a sharp pain that was almost unbearable appeared within him.
Once again, the aura in that opened passage became much stronger, and as it circulated within him, it almost connected with the power of the world!
Almost the moment Su Ming made this move, the expressions of the three powerful Shamans on the ground changed drastically. Their pupils shrank, their eyes were fixated to the sky.
Although buzzing sounds were going off in their minds and their divine senses seemed to be sealed off, their bodies could still sense the changes within the power of the world. The force coming it charging forward gave them the impression that the person in the sky was not a Berserker in the Bone Sacrifice Realm, but one in the Berserker Soul Realm!
The expressions of the old Berserkers in the Berserker Soul Realm also changed to ones filled with disbelief and shock.
"That’s the power of the world! He can actually control the power of the world!"
"This is a power only those in the later stage of the Bone Sacrifice Realm can marginally use, and only those in the Berserker Soul Realm can control. Just how did he do it?!"
"There’s something off about him…"
Su Ming’s life force and blood recovered, and the feeling as if he was about to explode became stronger, causing him to lift his head and let out a howl towards the sky. When he did so, blue light burst forth from the fourth vertebrae on his spine.
The instant the blue light spread out, the two deity statues that were about to disappear suddenly stopped vanishing. Instead, they gained physical form once again. As their bodies materialized, Su Ming’s body immediately started withering away under that unique pressure they used to help those who were about to arrive at the Bone Sacrifice Realm.
The blood and life force contained within his recovered body due to the power of the world surging into him were instantly sucked away by the fourth Berserker Bone, and he started shrivelling up at a rapid speed.
Excitement appeared in Su Ming’s eyes, he had never expected that his unintentional act could bring him such great serendipity. His heart pounded against his chest, and when his body started withering away, he opened his mouth towards the sky and sucked in a large breath once again.
The power of the world surged towards him as he inhaled and was sucked into his mouth. It allowed his body to recover once again, and at the same time, his newly restored life force and blood were absorbed by the fourth Berserker Bone. On the other hand, the aura that was like a dragon coursing through the opened path in his body swelled up, and its head connected with its tail as it continued circulating in his body.
The instant the aura’s head connected with its end, Su Ming closed his eyes and his body lurched forward. A large amount of black ooze was immediately forced out of his body, making it seem as if he had just gone through another metamorphosis.
With that metamorphosis, the opened path in his body instantly swelled up, and the connected aura within it also rapidly merged together. Then, Su Ming sensed that once the aura gathered together as if it was pressed into each other, it started turning into droplets of liquid.
His aura had turned into liquid!
His body also changed because of this. He became even more slender than before and lost all the characteristics of a member of the Berserker Tribe. His hair, too, became longer and his skin turned so fair that it looked as clear as crystals. A unique temperament came from within him - it was a quiet air, but at the same time, strangely captivating!
Right at that moment, Su Ming opened his eyes. His gaze held a profundity within that seemed to be able to suck in all things in the world, and at that moment, his temperament became astonishingly similar to that of the female Shaman who had called him Destiny moments ago!
It was as if they were cut from the same cloth, as if they practiced the same cultivation method!
It was also at that moment when Su Ming opened his eyes that he finished sacrificing his fourth vertebrae and turned it into a Berserker Bone!
"If I’m going to aim for something, then I’ll definitely… aim high." Su Ming lifted his head and looked at the two deity statues above him. A hint of madness appeared in his gaze as he mumbled under his breath.

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