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Chapter 358
Chapter 358: That 1000th Blood Vein!

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The instant the first Berserker Bone appeared, sweat broke out on Su Ming’s forehead, because during that instant, he felt that everything within him - his blood, his power of Awakening, everything, including his own life force, had surged into that recently appeared Berserker Bone.

It was as if that Berserker Bone had turned into a void and was devouring everything madly.

Su Ming’s body started withering away rapidly. His cheeks became sunken and his flesh was shriveling swiftly. In just a few moments, he became thinner.

Everything about him was absorbed by that Berserker Bone!

However, Su Ming did not resist. He continued standing there with a calm gaze. That Berserker Bone only stopped absorbing his life force when a third of it was sucked away.

The instant it stopped, the blue light shining on it gained an intensely piercing glare!

‘It just absorbed a third?’

A glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. Although he had become thinner and did not have his full strength any longer, he had a feeling, a feeling of power that came because he had obtained that Berserker Bone!

It may seem contradictory, but in truth, that moment of weakness was only temporary. As for the strength he felt, it was because he had broken through the Awakening Realm and become a true, powerful Berserker in the Bone Sacrifice Realm!

The entire world had become different in his eyes. Right then, he could see a faint, gigantic shadow in the vortex in the sky, something that he could not see before.

That was the true self of the deity statue of Berserker Soul hidden within the vortex!

He saw now that the world was not perfect. There were numerous fine cracks on it that were exuding an ancient presence. These cracks did not just appear, but had existed since the start!

He also saw He Feng, who he could not find earlier. He had already changed to another body and had turned into another Berserker on the ground. He stood there with sparkling eyes, immersed in his own thoughts. It was as if he did not notice Su Ming’s gaze at all.

Besides that, Su Ming could also sense a vast amount of power in the world. That power belonged to the world itself. He could see it, but he could not use it.

"Bone Sacrifice… When you offer up your bone and turn it into a Berserker Bone, you will be able to begin controlling the vast amount of power in the world…" Su Ming mumbled and understanding formed in his mind.

At that moment, silence had washed over the Berserkers and Shamans on the ground. They were looking at the sky, and even though they could not see Su Ming’s face, the strange sight and the deity statue’s cold words allowed them to understand just what sort of fortuitous event that person whose face they could not see was going through.

They also knew that this person had… broken through the Awakening Realm and arrived… at the Bone Sacrifice Realm!

The Shamans were also watching. The humming sounds were reverberating through the powerful Shamans’ minds, causing them to be unable to see Su Ming’s face. The only people who could see Su Ming were the few people in the Berserker Tribe. However, they could only see his face. Under the pressure of the deity statue, they could not see too many changes happening within Su Ming’s body and could only make their own deductions based on the presence they felt.

"It has ended… Once he inherits the legacy of the Wind Berserker, he will become a True Divinity of Bone Sacrifice…

"The only person who could make Sky Mist’s ancestor help him conceal his appearance even though the ance

stor is in isolation can only be the True Divinity of Bone Sacrifice."

"But he has a long way to go. Inheriting the legacy requires time, becoming stronger also requires time. It could depend on him alone whether he can become a powerful Berserker at Bai Chang Zai’s level."

Tian Lan Meng could also see Su Ming. Joy could be seen in her eyes as she looked at him and a gentle smile appeared on her face.

The cold Tian Lan You was still frowning, but she kept her gaze trained on Su Ming. This was the first time she met this person on this day, but he had already left an incredibly deep impression on her. It did not matter whether it was when he led the charge with his thousand men or when he stayed alone with a steadfast resolution, or even when he had turned into most striking sight in the battlefield, all of these were things she could not ignore.

However, the person who had the most complicated feelings would definitely be Zhou De. He never expected that the person he valued and the same person he arranged for the performance this time would turn out to be a True Divinity of Bone Sacrifice!

"It has ended… He now has a Berserker Bone and has become a Berserker in the Bone Sacrifice Realm," someone from the eight old men standing on the walls of Sky Mist City slowly remarked.

Most of the others had the same opinion. This matter would end here and then, and it would be followed by the two deity statues’ departure. After that, perhaps the battle would continue…

Yet at that very moment, Su Ming, who was right beside the deity statue of Bone Sacrifice, suddenly started shining with an even stronger blue light in the sky. That light was incredibly striking, and as it shone, surprised eyes immediately looked over.

"This is… the sign of the second Berserker Bone appearing!"

"Almost everyone who just broke through the Awakening Realm caan only use their power of Awakening to complete the sacrifice of one Berserker Bone. He… could it be that he…"

"What’s his name? Which tribe or clan did he come from? How many blood veins did he manifest when he Awakened?!"

"Could it be that the power of Awakening he managed to accumulate within himself when he Awakened had far surpassed a normal Awakened Berserker?"

"That must be. Look at him. He was just a Berserker who had reached completion in the Awakening Realm just moments ago, and he could already kill those in the Bone Sacrifice Realm. That’s already enough to tell us what is going on!"

Surprise appeared on the eight old men’s eyes.

"His name is Su Ming, and he is from Freezing Sky Clan… When he Awakened, he had manifested 999 blood veins!" That old voice that had spoken just a moment ago traveled out once again from Sky Mist City.

That voice was still sent out in a manner that only a few limited people among the Berserker Tribe could hear it.

Once those words were spoken, Tian Lan You’s expression was the first to change. Disbelief appeared on her face, and she was not the only one to react like that. Zhou De reacted in the same manner and even sucked in a sharp breath. The old monsters in the Berserker Soul Realm who would usually not appear but were now in the battlefield as the absolute strongest Berserkers found themselves with a spark in their eyes.

"When he sacrificed his first Berserker Bone, he had only used up about a third of the power in his body…" the old voice said once again, causing all the people who heard to turn their gazes sharply towards Su Ming.

At that moment, once the first vertebrae in his spine had turned into his first Berserker Bone, the blue light that had been covering Su Ming’s body all along suddenly grew even brighter, and the source of its sudden increase in intensity was his second vertebrae.

The blue light shining out from the second vertebrae could only mean one thing - when Su Ming Awakened, the power of Awakening that was stored within him had far surpassed the amount contained within a normal Awakened Berserker.

If they looked into it, they would find that this was directly related to the fact that Su Ming had 999 blood veins during the Blood Solidification Realm. He was already standing at the very top of the Blood Solidification Realm when he was still at that Realm, and along with the Berserker Bone from Han Mountain’s ancestor contained within him, Su Ming’s power far surpassed all his peers when he Awakened.

With the addition of his Creation Art and Tian Xie Zi’s guidance, the instant he arrived at the Bone Sacrifice Realm, all the potential within these things exploded forth.

That was the meaning of letting all his accumulated strength surge forth at the same time!

The abundant blood veins during Blood Solidification and the dense power of Awakening in the Awakening Realm had caused Su Ming to have a seventh of his strength remaining after completing the sacrifice of his first Berserker Bone. That power was enough for him to offer his second Berserker Bone as a sacrifice!

After all, he would only be at the initial stage of the Bone Sacrifice Realm if he had just one Berserker Bone, but if he had two, then he would be in the middle stage!

It was not as if there had been no one who managed to do this in Berserker history, but there were just too few people who managed to do it. This required a very solid foundation and an incredibly great stroke of luck. None of these could go missing!

Right then, as the blue light on Su Ming shone with that intense glare, his blood and everything else started withering away once again. A large amount of his blood and life force were being sucked away at a frightening speed by the second, newly appeared Berserker Bone.

The first Berserker Bone had only required a third of his blood and life force, but the second Berserker Bone simply continued absorbing those things even after absorbing another third of it in the blink of an eye!

Clearly, the price required for each new Sacrificed Berserker Bone would increase exponentially.

Su Ming could feel his body rapidly weakening, but in exchange for that moment of weakness was a great power. The moment the second Berserker Bone was about to appear in his body, it brought about an indescribable feeling, and Su Ming could also sense that vague power in the world even more clearly.

It was a power that existed everywhere, a power that could not be sensed by those in the Awakening Realm. Only those who had reached the Bone Sacrifice Realm would be able to sense it due to the Berserker Bones in their bodies. However, they would need to be in the later stage of the Bone Sacrifice Realm to be able to control it even somewhat. Only those in the Berserker Soul Realm would be able to completely control the power of the world!

Su Ming felt as if he had fused together with the world. It was as if he had become a part of it. Perhaps it could even be said that the world was a part of him now!

In the blink of an eye, Su Ming’s body had already largely withered away. Just when he appeared so fragile that he looked beyond recognition and there was only a two tenth of life force and blood left within him, the second Berserker Bone finally revealed itself completely on his spine.

The instant it did, Su Ming let out a long howl towards the sky. That howl shook the sky and spread out in all directions, stirring up a wave of ripples that spread out with a rumble.

The decline of Su Ming’s body and the feeling of power, these two contradictory senses fused together and spread all around him along with that howl.

Two Berserker Bones!

The progression of events had far surpassed the expectations of the Berserkers underneath. They had originally thought that Su Ming had reached his limit when he sacrificed the two Berserker Bones.

Even Su Ming himself had thought the same thing, until…

The moment there was only a two tenth of his blood, life force, and power of Awakening left within him, all the blood vessels in Su Ming’s body swelled up rapidly and appeared on his skin. They looked incredibly hideous, like there were green centipedes crawling all over his body!

That was what it seemed like, but if anyone took a closer look, they would be able to tell that all the blood vessels on Su Ming’s body had grouped together to form a twisted blood vein!

It was a green vein, a vein that contained fresh blood… It was the vein that Su Ming did not choose to manifest in the past, but in truth, it had still come to him. It was hidden in Su Ming’s blood, and now, it had turned all the blood vessels on his body… into the 1000th blood vein!

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