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As he killed time and again on the battlefield, Su Ming came to understand how insignificant he was. Yet similarly, he also found the path for him to become stronger in this cruel war.

Willpower! He had to use the blood in the battlefield and strengthen himself until he gained the willpower of a powerful warrior!

That willpower would be one that would not be destroyed no matter how many disasters he had to go through. Even if he had to go through the change in time and the multiple changes in the world, it would remain as inextinguishable, like a ball of fire that would incinerate everything that tried to block its path.

‘Not only do I want to survive through this battle, I also want to gain experience through it!’ A fighting spirit that was rarely seen on him appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. It was like a fire had just kindled the embers of Su Ming’s life.

He swiftly charged out from before Zi Che and Yan Bo and dashed straight towards the Berserker Hunter who had looked towards him from the distance. His mask was white, and Su Ming had recognized that cross shaped crack on his face upon first taking sight of him. This person was the one who had thrown that long spear into his chest just now, inflicting an almost fatal wound.

‘Willpower is an abstract term. It’s like a person’s resolve, like a beacon of light in a person’s life… However, it is still an abstract thing…’

Su Ming held the small virescent sword in his right hand. The sword’s glare illuminated dozens of feet of the area, and all the Shamans that tried to block him as he passed through let out screams of pain, quickly retreating.

Because they noticed that Su Ming wanted to fight against their Hunter, and the murderous aura from his body was clearly also something not commonly seen.

This was a battle between Hunters. Onlookers would usually not interfere with them.

The masked Shaman watched coldly as Su Ming continued closing in on him. He remained unmoving, but even if he did not move, he still gave off an impression that he was a mountain that would not be taken down even when the world crumbled around him.

‘In this battlefield, I must first have my own principle. This principle is abstract, but it will continuously be strengthened and refined, and someday, that principle will turn into my willpower!

‘When that day comes, I will bring with me that principle, which had then turned into my willpower, when I walk out of the battlefield. It will become… my entire existence!’

Su Ming took a step forward and blasted through the air. Lightning flashed before him and turned into eight balls of lightning. Han Mountain Bell also floated in midair and traveled with him as he went forward.

The black lines that surrounded him shone, and they scared away some of the ferocious beasts when they did so.

‘My principle…’ With a flash, Su Ming was already less than 3,000 feet away from the masked Shaman. He was not even running at his full speed, but it was already a shocking sight.

‘If no one attacks me, then I won’t attack, but if someone attacks me, I will definitely kill him! In a battlefield, it doesn’t matter whether I’m taking the initiative or remain in the passive, if anyone attacks me, then unless he is killed by someone else, then I will definitely kill him!

‘This is my principle, and it will someday turn into my willpower!’

Su Ming lifted his head swiftly. The instant he was less than 2,000 feet away from the masked Shaman, his speed increased exponentially and reached its peak. Under that extreme speed, Su Ming’s body looked as if he had just frozen up.

Yet that brief pause was actually his afterimage that was left behind.

Almost the moment Su Ming’s speed increased, the pupils of the masked Shaman, who was staring at him coldly, shrank; he was now only 1,000 something feet away from him.

Without even a shred of hesitation, the Shaman immediately took a few steps back. He was not fast, but with each step he took, the ground would feel as if it was trembling. At the same time, he also lifted his right hand and formed it into the shape of a claw, then swiped with it through the air before himself.

When he did so, the Totem underneath his mask shone with a dark light. Distortions immediately appeared in the air around him, turning into a large amount of ripples that started spreading out rapidly.

On a spot by his side, the ripples suddenly rebounded. The instant Su Ming walked out, the masked man’s lips curled up in a cold sneer. He twisted around, and as his body turned, with a piercing blast, he swung his right leg like a whip, using the momentum in Su Ming’s direction.

Booming sounds echoed in the air between them. This was the first time Su Ming was found out by someone while he was using that extreme speed, and had subsequently seen a counterattack launched against him.

That force from the male Shaman’s kick first touched the balls of lightning in front of Su Ming, then as rumbling sounds echoed in the air, that force also crashed into Su Ming’s virescent sword.

The moment that attack reached the small sword, Su Ming’s vision blurred. Vaguely, he could see that the male Shaman’s leg appeared before him like a tail of a ferocious beast swiping at him.

He could not tell to which creature that tail belonged. Even though he knew that what he saw was an illusion and that this was only the product of the Shaman’s divine ability, the monstrous power in that kick immediately landed on the small virescent sword. It froze for a moment, and that force from the kick landed on Su Ming’s body.

Su Ming felt as if a gigantic mountain had rammed into his body from midair. He coughed out a huge mouthful of blood and immediately tumbled backwards, only landing on the ground after retreating nearly 1,000 feet. He staggered a few more steps back before finally regaining his footing. Blood trickled out of his mouth once more.

That male Shaman stared at Su Ming coldly and took a step forward. An incredibly powerful murderous aura spread from within his body. In the dusk, that murderous aura seemed to have gained physical form and turned into a ghastly presence. As it filled the entire area, the howls of vengeful spirits could also be heard faintly around the male Shaman.

Most of those vengeful spirits belonged to Berserkers, and many of their bodies had been blasted to smithereens. They were howling shrilly. In fact, Su Ming could even see five masked Hunters from the Berserker Tribe among the spirits.

He might not have deep knowledge of the Shamans, but his understanding of them was not limited either. He had already run into them several times, and had especially seen the Spirit Mediums multiple times. At that moment, he could tell at first glance that the vengeful spirits around the male Shaman were not gathered around because he was a Spirit Medium.

These vengeful spirits were trapped around him for eternity by his murderous aura. They could not leave, and could only continue crying out in the endless stream of time. They could leave only when this man died.

‘Battle Shaman!’

Su Ming wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth. There were sharp stabs of pain in his body at that moment. The force of that kick delivered by the male Shaman just now had let Su Ming know that he possessed a frightening physical power.

That strength and murderous aura was not the method used by Spirit Mediums to trap grudges. Among the Shamans, only Battle Shamans who had reached a certain level could obtain this power.

The male Shaman only needed four steps before he arrived right in front of Su Ming. With the mask on, only the aloof look in his eyes could be seen. His expression and appearance were hidden away. The instant he closed in, the male Shaman lifted his fist and hurled it straight towards Su Ming.

This was not the first time Su Ming ran into a Battle Shaman. In this battlefield, Battle Shamans numbered the highest among the enemy’s troops. Su Ming had also killed a large number of them, but this was the first time he met a powerful Battle Shaman!

The seemingly normal Battle Shaman that was part of the most common Shaman profession made Su Ming feel an incredible pressure. That punch just now had also made him feel as if he just saw the male Shaman turning into a gigantic ferocious beast right before his eyes. That creature was using its entire body to ram into Su Ming’s head.

Su Ming did not retreat. He had just laid out his own principle and was on his way of turning it into his willpower. If he could not win against this man, then he could forget about the dream of strengthening his willpower, because by then, it would be hard for him to even walk out of the battlefield alive.

Almost the moment the masked male Shaman hurled his punch forward, Su Ming’s Divine General Armor manifested. However, just as it appeared, it was forcefully disintegrated by the powerful pressure coming from that male Shaman. It was as if it could not continue existing under that pressure!

"Before me, even the Divine General Armor of your Berserker Tribe in your Qi does not dare manifest… and you call yourself a Divine General?"

That male Shaman spoke for the first time. When he did so, his punch fell in the air before Su Ming. The shock shook Su Ming’s body, and he was forced back once again.

Yet even though he was forced back, he still chose to counterattack. The reason the male Shaman had chosen to pull back his punch after hurling it at the air instead of ramming it into Su Ming’s body was precisely because of that counterattack - sending Han Mountain Bell straight on the male Shaman’s head!

The bell charged towards the Shaman with a loud whistle. The masked man lifted his head but did not dodge. Instead, he leaped up into the air and hurled a punch straight at Han Mountain Bell.

Booming sounds echoed in the air, and Han Mountain Bell was sent tumbling backwards by that one punch. It was completely unscathed, however. As for the male Shaman, his body was sent crashing onto the ground by the rebound, and blood flowed down from under his mask.

Su Ming lifted his head from where he continued retreating, then instantly charged towards that male Shaman. The balls of lightning sliced through the air before him, and the sword’s glare shot forward as well. Yet the instant the balls of lightning and the sword’s glare closed in on the falling male Shaman, he opened his mouth and let out a loud roar.

That roar shook the sky. It contained a strange power that made it sound like a furious howl of a ferocious beast, like an oppressive pressure coming from a superior life form. Those who heard it would feel like an ordinary man who just ran into a tiger, whose legs would start shuddering once that tiger roared at them, like a child who would be terrified when he ran into a howling wolf.

Voices, especially those belonging to ferocious beasts, could many a time send a person reeling in shock, in a manner that the person could not control even if he wanted to.

The male Shaman’s roar was one of such voices. It shook Su Ming’s heart and made his divine sense scatter. The light from the small sword instantly darkened, and even those balls of lightning started rapidly shrinking.

This was a Spell that belonged to Battle Shamans, a Spell that could only be cast by powerful Battle Shamans who trained under unique circumstances!

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