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"Oh well, don’t go searching for your own team now. Come with us. If you go alone on this gigantic battlefield, you might fall into a continuous state of absentmindedness."

A middle-aged man, who was also soaked in blood, spoke to Su Ming while panting harshly after he withdrew from the outer circle. This person had extraordinary power and was already in the Bone Sacrifice Realm.

"Uncle master, he’s Yan Bo, the leader of our team," Zi Che quickly explained beside him. Once he saw Su Ming, he naturally reverted to how he acted before and started following behind Su Ming while surveying his surroundings cautiously.

"You have extraordinary power and your speed is choking. How about this? Rest in there first. We will continue changing our shifts, and once you’ve recovered slightly, you can join us!" the middle-aged man quickly said, and once he finished speaking, he exchanged places with the eighth person in the outer layer of the circle once again, causing the small team of around a dozen Berserkers to continue fighting even as they continued retreating.

Su Ming took in a deep breath. He was no longer in a daze. Now that he thought about it, everything that had happened before was like a dream. From the middle-aged man’s words and how the team’s members changed their spots with each other, Su Ming understood the reason for his continuous state of absentmindedness from before.

"I’m already rested."

A glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. When the eighth person in the outer layer of the circle moved back and another batch took their place once again, he took a step forward to stand in the outer layer.

‘This isn’t a single person’s battle…’

When Su Ming stood at the outer layer of the team, he came to understand the reason for him descending into that state. Fatigue was a cause for it, the repeated killings were also a cause for it, but most importantly, it was because he did not have his own team. He had been continuously fighting alone on the battlefield.

Even a person with incredible willpower would break down sooner or later if this continued. Unless he was a person who had been baptised and refined by battles like these, then even if that person was just a Berserker in the Awakening Realm, he would be highly valued by those in the Bone Sacrifice Realm. If he was someone in the Bone Sacrifice Realm, then he would be highly valued by those in the Berserker Soul Realm.

Because this person… was a true warrior!

Only these kind of people could surpass their limits during these sort of battles and increase their power. At the same time, they could also bring out their strongest strength. Their great willpower would not shatter in the face of the sky and earth being destroyed, would not crumble no matter how dangerous the situation was for them.

Developing a person like this was perhaps… what the Shamans and Berserkers sought!

‘My will is still not strong enough…’

Su Ming’s eyes sparkled. He took a deep breath of the unique air in the battlefield and was no longer caught in a daze. Instead, he started fighting against the Shamans closing in on them as he stood in the outer layer of the small team.

This time, he was not fighting alone. He had Zi Che by his side. He had companions who had protected him when he was tired just now.

Once he started paying closer attention, Su Ming saw numerous small teams like these all over the battlefield. While there seemed to be quite a number of Shamans fighting on their own, Su Ming could also gradually see teams like theirs among the Shamans.

The warriors fighting on their own were usually people who had incredibly powerful will and were using this opportunity to train themselves.

Su Ming finally understood!

‘A battlefield trains a person’s willpower. Willpower is invisible, but it could change a person into a powerful warrior. This is a path for a person to become a powerful warrior!’ Understanding appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. As he attacked, green light shone, and the Shaman closing in on him immediately chose to retreat.

‘I have too few divine abilities… and I’m using all my enchanted treasures wrong!’ Calmness appeared in Su Ming’s left eye once again, creating a large contrast with the crazed red glint in his right eye once again.

Without any hesitation, he lifted his left hand and slammed it against his chest. Immediately, Han Mountain Bell manifested in the form of an illusion in front of him and chimed, floating in midair. As the bell chimes spread, Su Ming formed some seals with his right hand before he pointed at the bell.

Han Mountain Bell instantly grew in size and slammed on the ground before them.

The ground gave a vicious shudder, and when Su Ming lifted Han Mountain Bell, there were only mangled pieces of flesh on the ground.

‘Defence might be important, but my attacks have to be sharp as well! If I only have strong defences, then I definitely won’t have that unbreakable will that can only be formed after going through life and death situations!’

Su Ming’s thoughts raced like lightning in his head. He spread his arms out and a large amount of lightning started swimming abruptly in his body before turning into four balls of lightning around him. Those balls appeared out of thin air, causing the place where he stood to brighten up with lightning and the air to be filled by thunderous rumbles for a moment.

The four balls of lightning let out a loud whistle and spread swiftly, falling among the incoming Shamans. Rumbling sounds echoed in the air.

‘I was wrong. Even if this is war, it is still a great chance for me to hone my skills!’

Su Ming slapped his right hand on the storage bag in his bosom and brought out a beast skin. Once he spread it out, he coughed out a mouthful of blood on it, and immediately, that beast skin disappeared in a red flash, which was followed soon after by a red meadow appearing under Su Ming’s feet.

The instant the meadow appeared, it started absorbing the blood on the ground at a maddening speed, and it followed Su Ming as he moved. It was a terrifying sight to behold as it absorbed the blood on the ground and started expanding. It grew swiftly, and Su Ming could feel the cool wisps of air seeping into his body from his feet, as he stood on the meadow, become faster. Once they entered him, his fatigue lessened slightly.

The meadow could only be used by him. It was completely useless to the other Berserkers by his side. Once Su Ming noticed this, he immediately controlled the meadow’s expansion so that it only stayed under his feet. He did not allow it to spread out.

The pounding of Han Mountain Bell while it let out those thunderous chimes, the continuous explosions of the balls of lightning, and the whistling of his virescent sword allowed Su Ming’s team to retreat at a shocking speed, and at the same time, most of the Shamans would retreat as their team went by.

If those things were alone, perhaps the slightly more powerful Shamans would not all choose to retreat, but as Han Mountain Bell continued pounding and hammering them, a piercing screech came from within the bell. Su Ming’s eyes sparkled. He formed some seals with his fingers and pointed at the bell. A black light shot out from Han Mountain Bell and the area around Su Ming’s team turned into a desolate land.

Even more shocking was the fact that after the black light passed, the Shaman Beasts who got closer to them started crying out as if they did not dare get any closer. They started retreating without any care for the consequences, as if there was something in the area that terrified them.

Zi Che still reacted normally, but the members of the team beside him, including Yan Bo, who was the leader and a Berserker in the initial stage of the Bone Sacrifice Realm, sucked in a sharp breath. They would occasionally look at Su Ming oddly.

"Brother Su, I now understand why you chose to fight alone in the battlefield… Even if you’re not a Shaman Hunter, you’re well on your way to becoming one of them." Yan Bo wrapped his fist in his palm in a salute to Su Ming, and all the people’s gazes as they looked at Su Ming turned respectful.

Zi Che immediately started softly explaining what was going on to Su Ming beside him.

There was a small number of people in the battle between the Berserkers and Shamans who were not in the Berserker Soul Realm, but whose divine abilities had clearly surpassed the power they should have in their Realm, and they fought as if they were invulnerable.

These sort of people were known as Hunters! If they were Berserkers, they would be known as Shaman Hunters, and if they were Shamans, they would be known as Berserker Hunters! They would not choose to hide their identity in battle, because they needed the experience brought on by these fights. That was why they chose to wear masks.

The Berserkers’ masks were black, and the Shamans’ masks were white!

Receiving one of these masks meant that a person had been acknowledged to become a Hunter! Getting a mask was a great achievement, and it was also the only way for a non-Hunter to become a Hunter!

If a person killed a Hunter of the Shaman Tribe, took his mask, then handed it over to Sky Mist City, then that person could become a Hunter! It was rare that anyone would be able to con a mask or themselves, because once someone became a Hunter and wore that mask, then they would have to face even more death and destruction. If they conned themselves into this position, then it would be far too easy for someone else to take their lives.

Su Ming listened to Zi Che’s explanations and nodded his head. He already had his guesses about this previously. These sort of people were definitely those with extraordinary willpower.

Su Ming knew that he was not one of them, because his willpower was not strong enough, and fatal absentmindedness along with mental fatigue had appeared within him when he was fighting alone just now.

"Brother Su, with your help, how about we stop retreating? We’ll go forward and try to gain more credit. Of course, you can get a third of the credit. We’ll then divide the rest." Yan Bo licked his lips. A brutal glint appeared in his eyes as he looked at the Shamans and whispered to Su Ming softly.

"Alright!" Su Ming fell into a moment of pensive silence before he nodded his head.

Once he made his decision, the other members of the team agreed to it. They immediately stopped retreating and changed their formation into that of an arrow under Yan Bo’s command. With Su Ming in the lead and Zi Che and Yan Bo on his sides, the other people followed behind them and charged out.

As they charged forward, the small virescent sword circled them while Han Mountain Bell’s chimes reverberated in the air. Wherever the team with the arrow shaped formation went, they stirred a storm of blood, and this continued until they reached a battle off in a distance.

Time trickled by slowly. The small team with Su Ming in the lead slaughtered Shamans at an incredible speed, but similarly, many of their own died. By then, there were only nine of them remaining.

However, the achievements they gained were plentiful.

At that moment, the sky was darkening. The booming sounds from the fog became more frequent. Su Ming suddenly stopped moving forward, and the moment he stopped, the other eight people behind him also stopped.

In the crowd in the distance was a male Shaman wearing a white mask. He was dressed in black and was looking towards them coldly. There was a cross shaped crack on his mask...

This person was different from the other Shamans. He was one of the Berserker Hunters moving alone, and only those with incredibly strong willpower would dare to do so.

Almost the instant he looked towards Su Ming’s team, which had caught the attention of the Shamans around them, a fighting spirit lit up in Su Ming’s eyes.

"Yan Bo, change your location. Zi Che, work with him. The two of you, lead the team and wait here for a while." As Su Ming spoke, he rushed forward, took a leap into the sky, and charged towards the Berserker Hunter who was fighting alone.

"Berserker Hunter! He’s wearing a mask! That’s a Berserker Hunter!" Yan Bo’s pupils shrank when he looked in the direction Su Ming had went to and saw the masked Shaman.

"If he wins against that person and takes his mask, Zi Che, your uncle master will become a Hunter…" Yan Bo’s breathing quickened and anticipation rose in his eyes.

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