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No one knew what the Shamans saw. During that night, they disappeared from the edge of South Morning. Their people could only find some broken enchanted Vessels on the land several hundreds of lis away from that spot. Other than that, there were no other clues about them.

All eight of them disappeared.

In fact, there was a Shaman Tribe that was located not too far from the Dead Sea from that place. During the night these Shamans disappeared, no one from the tribe heard anything, not even the sounds of fighting or the casting of Spells, neither did any of them notice anything.

It was as if these Shamans were swallowed by the void.

The Shaman Tribes had been enveloped in terror since several months earlier. This terror was no longer hidden by now and had become increasingly stronger as time went by. That fear spread far, causing a large amount of Shaman Tribes near the Dead Sea to start migrating.

That place was no longer suitable for living.

Sometimes, there would be a long arc flashing through the land of the Shamans. In that long arc was a ferocious beast with a dragon head but with the body of a horse. That creature was not big, and although it was only several hundreds of feet in size, the murderous aura coming from it instilled fear among people when people got closer to it.

Its most distinct trait were the balls of blue flames blazing under its hooves. As it passed through the sky and the long arc disappeared as it left, it would leave behind a trail of fiery hoof prints that gradually vanished into the air.

All the Shamans who saw that creature would put on a look of reverence and wrap their arms around their chest before bending their backs down to bow. There were even a number of them who knelt down with looks full of respect.

Because this creature had a special name. Its name was Shaman Stallion, and only the Temple of the God of Shamans could possess this creature in the entire land of the Shamans.

Yet during the past few months, creatures with the head of a dragon and the body of a horse had been appearing quite frequently in the Shamans’ sky. There were about hundreds of ferocious beasts like these charging through the sky in long arcs. They traveled to the corners of the land of the Shamans to deliver sealed orders to the tribes and also to perform their duties.

As the Dead Sea expanded according to the legends in the land of the Shamans and as the Shaman Stallions brought the sealed orders to the tribes, the Shamans began to execute the planned migration.

The storm was about to arrive!

In truth, disaster had already come to the spot near Sky Mist Barrier. Sounds of battle and slaughter shook the sky and earth. The sky there was dark, and the land was filled with a stench coming from the blood that had seeped into the earth.

The war came suddenly upon the Berserkers, quick as lightning, and in a manner the Berserkers were still not completely prepared.

Right then, the sounds of battle echoed in the air on many spots on the gigantic Sky Mist Barrier that stretched far into the distance, and sounds coming from Sky Mist City were the strongest.

Behind the walls of Sky Mist Barrier was the land of the Berserkers. The sky in the distance was covered in ripples and the clouds were spread out like the scales on a dragon’s back. It was as if that was a sign that said there was a great sword that was about 100,000 feet in size slicing through the air and stirring up a loud and shocking whistle. As that whistle spread out, the sword charged towards Sky Mist City.

Compared to the anxiety and terror that filled the air in the land of the Shamans, the land of the Berserkers was peaceful. Even if they were about to face the great battle that only occurred once a century, most of the Berserkers were already used to these type of battles, hence they did not treat it as truly a battle to the death but merely a trip to gain experience.

They believed that the existence of Sky Mist Barrier could keep the Shamans out.

They believed that the battle would end several years later, and once it ended, they would continue living in their land, which was filled with their tribes.

Even a large part of those on the giant sword that was charging through the sky while it stirred up piercing bangs also had the same thought. This was just an experience, a battle that could make them instantly famous.

"Refining your body is not what you think. No matter how much extra weight you place on yourself to train, besides allowing yourself to become lighter in your imagination, it has no other uses!"

Su Ming sat at the tip of the sword. His face was pale, but he still gritted his teeth and endured through it. There were huge gusts of wind blowing at the spot where he was, and it was blowing against almost all parts of his body, causing his body to tremble. In fact, even his blood seemed to be going up against a lot of resistance just trying to flow in his veins, causing his heart to feel as if it was a challenge to keep pumping.

Behind Su Ming, Jing Cheng Rong sat calmly, speaking languidly.

Su Ming’s lips trembled and his breathing was rapid, but he still gritted his teeth and hissed out his words, "But the birds in the sky fly because they’re light. That’s why their can have unlimited speed. Doesn’t that mean that training my body by adding extra weight is working?!"

"What a joke. Do you only look at birds? Then have you seen ferocious beasts with gigantic bodies flying in the sky? They’re so fast that even us Berserkers cannot compare to them. Are they light now?" Jing Cheng Rong gave him a cold sneer before he asked.

Su Ming was silent and could not find any way to retort even after a long moment. The Golden Roc appeared in his mind. It was definitely incredibly heavy because of its big body, but it could travel at incredible speeds.

"Training your body by adding extra weight to it is not right but not wrong either. We can even call it the first step in body refinement, but there are simply too many drawbacks to this. True body refinement means for you to control the patterns of the wind and the direction of the wind resistance. You use these two forces to push your body and continuously fuse them together so that you can walk in the skies as if you’re traversing on even ground.

"However, not even I have fully understood this method, so you don’t have to think about it for now. Still, this is a direction for you. Only when your direction is correct can you chase after your path. If your direction since the start was wrong, then you’ll only be wasting your time." As Jing Cheng Rong spoke in a low voice, he lifted his right hand and pointed towards the spot before Su Ming.

With one point of his finger, a small tear instantly appeared on the protective light screen before Su Ming at the tip of the sword. The moment that tear appeared, Su Ming’s body started trembling viciously. He could feel that the thin layer of wind had instantly become several times stronger. The intense pain that made him feel as if he was being torn apart also became stronger.

"If you want to pursue this path, then you must walk down that path with the right direction. Now, think of yourself as a gust of wind and feel the resistance of the wind coming against you. Sense the reaction in all parts of your body when the two forces collide against each other."

Blood flowed down the corners of Su Ming’s lips. The sharp pain in his body made him unable to endure through it. The wind coming right against him felt like blades cutting through his flesh. There was not a part of his body that did not hurt. His body swayed as he sat there, as if he was about to be swept away by the wind at any moment and be blown backwards.

Jing Cheng Rong scowled and said with a cold snarl, "You useless piece of trash!

"If it wasn’t for Bai Cang Zai, I’d definitely not give you even the slightest bit of my attention! I may need to respect senior Tian Xie Zi, but you’re not that worthy of becoming his disciple." Jing Cheng Rong snorted.

Su Ming trembled and blood trickled out of the corners of his lips once again. His body was forced back five feet even though he was still seated. His face was pale. The pain in his whole body made him feel that even the strength required for him to stand up was gone. The circulation of his Qi had become incredibly difficult under the assault of the wind. Even the circulation of his power of Awakening within him had become much slower, as if it was going up against an incredible resistance.

Under this sort of premise, it was very difficult for him to keep his body in the same spot.

"Trash is trash, you’re so dumb!"

Jing Cheng Rong lifted his right hand and pointed at the protective light screen before Su Ming at the tip of the sword once again. Immediately, the tear that was previously formed let out a loud rip and became a little larger.

By doing so, the wind blowing against Su Ming instantly became much stronger. Before Su Ming could even get used to the previous wind, he was forced back once again, and he even coughed out a mouthful of blood.

That mouthful of blood was immediately scattered away by the wind, but strangely, at the same time the blood was scattered away, one small drop that had turned into blood mist stayed before Su Ming’s body for the span of several breaths before it gradually disappeared.

"Still a useless piece of trash. One incense stick later, I will open up the protective screen a little wider again. If you can’t endure it, then get your butt back to the edge of the sword." Jing Cheng Rong scowled and his expression turned icy cold.

Su Ming’s face was pale. The act of opening and closing his eyes was already difficult enough in the wind, much less breathing. His body trembled and he was already at his limit, but he kept his eyes glued to the part where the blood mist was just now and did not move his gaze elsewhere.

‘Imagine myself to be a gust of wind… It’s easy to say that, but how am I supposed to do it…’ Su Ming felt troubled, but he did not give up. He simply gritted his teeth and persevered.

Yet he also knew that this sort of perseverance was not of much use.

‘That blood mist… how did it manage to stay for several breaths under that wind before it disappeared…’

In his silence, Su Ming suddenly bit the tip of his tongue and coughed out blood once again. Without care for the consequences, he stared at the blood he just coughed out into the wind, and then, everything in his sight seemed to slow down. With his own eyes, he clearly saw his blood turning into mist and tumbling backwards once it came into contact with the wind.

Yet there was a small part of that blood mist that was only scattered away once the wind blew through the fine gaps in between the drops of blood.

At that instant, understanding appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. He closed his eyes, and his body gradually moved back once again as wind blew against him.

"Why does Bai Cang Zai place so much value on a useless piece of…" Jing Cheng Rong had already grown impatient, but before he could even finish speaking, he widened his eyes abruptly.

Su Ming was originally moving from the wind, but he had stopped, and that was not all. Right before the old man’s eyes, Su Ming, while still having his eyes closed, stood up and took a few steps forward. Once he came back to his original spot, he sat down cross-legged without any hesitation.

The moment he sat down, Su Ming’s hair started flying rapidly while his robes danced madly in the air, but his body was not forced back by the wind. Although he was trembling, he was already in a completely different state than he was previously.


Jing Cheng Rong observed him for a moment, and amazement gradually appeared on his face. He lifted his right hand and once again pointed at the protective light screen at the tip of the sword right before Su Mig, causing the tear to widen a little more and the wind to blow even stronger.

Before, Su Ming would definitely not have been able to endure it and would have been blown tumbling backwards, but now, he continued sitting on the spot firmly, simply allowing the wind to blow against the front of his body… Then, the gust of wind pass through his body and came out from his back...

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