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"It’s not necessarily a good thing for you to know more of something…" Su Ming stood at the edge of the sword and his Master’s words before he left appeared in his head.

That was what Tian Xie Zi had said when Su Ming asked him about the ten shooting stars.

Su Ming finally understood what he meant now. It was truly not necessarily a good thing to know more of something. Right then, the one thing that occupied his mind most of the time was the scene the Eastern Wastelands moving the Dead Sea.

In his mind’s eye, he saw the continent rapidly traveling forth under the sky. He saw mountain ranges rising and falling. He could even see some tribes, but in the blink of an eye, the mountain ranges before his eyes crumbled. The ground was flipped into the air as if it was lifted up. Plenty of people died and were injured, and at the same time, the black Dead Sea spread out and drowned all signs of life.

Tian Lan Meng sat beside Su Ming, also having fallen silent. She could be thinking about something, but her mind might be blank as well.

Time passed by, and soon, the first night arrived. The sky turned dark, but Su Ming could see a white line in the distance. It was as if it was still bright over at that place.

The disciples of Freezing Sky Clan on the sword started moving about after meditating for an entire day. The people who were close to each other formed groups of three to five. Laughter rang in the air, as if they were using this sort of method to calm their minds before the start of Sky Mist Shaman Hunt.

Laughter appeared on top of Frozen Sky. Looking at them, at the people who did not know the truth, Su Ming could already imagine just what would happen once all these people learned of the truth. Then… how many of them would be able to laugh? How many of them would be able to fight in the coming battle…?

Just as Su Ming looked towards the disciples of Freezing Sky Clan, he also saw some people from Heaven Gate sitting at the edge of the sword, and each of them was distanced quite evenly from each other.

The old man sitting at the tip of the sword had a calm expression on his face, but he would occasionally frown. Su Ming could sense that the old man’s mind was perhaps not as calm as his words were and how he presented himself to be.

‘He knows the truth… perhaps all nine of them from Heaven Gate know the truth.’

When Su Ming sized up Jing Cheng Rong, who was sitting at the top of the sword, that old man suddenly opened his eyes and looked towards Su Ming with a gaze like lightning.

Su Ming closed his eyes. He could feel the old man’s gaze falling onto him like sharp needles. After some time, that feeling slowly went away.

"Is your name Su Ming?"

An old voice suddenly appeared by Su Ming’s ears. As Su Ming opened his eyes, he immediately saw that Jing Cheng Rong had still not averted his gaze and was still staring at him, but that piercing gaze was no longer there.

Su Ming nodded his head.

"Come to my side." Jing Cheng Rong looked at Su Ming and his voice echoed by Su Ming’s ears. The method in which he sent his voice to Su Ming was different from Tian Lan Meng’s, but the effects were similar.

Su Ming hesitated for a moment before he stood up. Tian Lan Meng cast him a glance by his side, but she did not speak.

Su Ming moved forward and walked past the crowd. When he walked past his fellow disciples, he heard their laughter and their voices, some of which sounded close to him, and some far away, he heard the different sounds of breathing coming from those who were meditating, and he continued hearing all these things until he traveled a long distance and arrived at the tip of the giant sword. He had arrived before Jing Cheng Rong.

The distance between them previously was not really far away, or else it would have been difficult for the two of them to see each other. However, Su Ming still needed quite some time to walk over.

"Sit down." Jing Cheng Rong looked at Su Ming and spoke with a raspy voice.

The tip of the sword was positioned right before the space that spanned endlessly before them. It was also the spot where the whistling sounds were the strongest. In fact, as he stood there, Su Ming could even somewhat feel the wind blowing against his face and feel the power of the sword breaking through space with that intense speed.

Jing Cheng Rong was the only person sitting over there, and there was an empty space of about one hundred feet around him. Without being summoned, no one was allowed to go into the area.

Su Ming did not speak and sat down beside the old man. The moment he sat down, a feeling as if a huge gust of wind was blowing against him, causing his breathing to quicken and his body to tear apart appeared within him. That sensation came too suddenly, and Su Ming even had the feeling as if his body was about to be blown away by that huge gust of wind, as if he was about to be blown off the giant sword.

His hair was blown into a mess and fluttered about behind him rapidly. Su Ming could not remain sitting. Once he staggered a few steps backwards, a glint appeared in his eyes, and with one stomp on the sword, he stopped his body from moving away. His face was flushed red as he took a few steps forward once again and returned to the spot where he originally wanted to sit down; he did so slowly.

The moment he sat down, that feeling as if he was being torn apart appeared once again, but this time, Su Ming was prepared. Banging sounds came from within him, and even though he did so slowly, he sat down.

As he sat there, Su Ming’s body trembled. All his blood was rapidly circulating in his body, the power of Awakening within him was also activated, and even his divine sense chose to spread out around him. At that moment, his body had automatically started resisting the power of the gust of wind even without his control.

"This is what it means to train your body by refining it!" When Jing Cheng Rong saw Su Ming sit down, praise appeared in his eyes.

"Even if you’re wearing twenty incredibly heavy ice hoops, it’s at most superficial training." The praise within the old man’s eyes disappeared and was replaced with scorn.

Su Ming was having trouble breathing and could not speak, but there was a dubious look in his eyes. This was the method he came up with, and this method had indeed allowed him to endure much faster speeds rapidly. In fact, once he moved at full speed, he could surpass Frozen Sky’s speed for a short distance.

"Not convinced? I’ll let you have a chance to prove yourself." Jing Cheng Rong let out a cold snort and suddenly lifted his right hand to grab Su Ming’s shoulder before he flung him to the side.

The old man’s actions were too quick and Su Ming could not dodge them. He only felt his vision blurring, and with that one throw, he was flung off Frozen Sky!!

In fact, the force of that throw not only flung Su Ming off the sword, he was also cast out of the protective screen of light outside the giant sword. It caused him to instantly break away from the sword and be thrown into the darkness, the mad gust of wind whistling towards him.

Only at that moment did someone on the giant sword notice what had happened, and they immediately let out cries of surprise.

The instant Su Ming was flung off Frozen Sky, rumbling sounds immediately rang throughout his entire body. That sword traveled so quickly that in the blink of an eye, it had already covered another distance of 100,000 feet. Once Su Ming could see his surroundings clearly, he saw the sword hilt passing by in a flash, and the gust of wind that appeared as it swept past blew him away, causing him to be unable to stand still.

Anger appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. He did not offend that old man, yet he still did such a thing. However, he did not have time to ponder about it. The sword was about to disappear further into the distance. Rumbling sounds immediately begun in Su Ming’s body. All the ice hoops instantly shattered at that moment, and his speed reached a terrifying state. He charged towards the departing sword.

With his speed, he could surpass that sword if it was for a short distance. As if he warped through space, he appeared 1,000 feet behind the sword. Wind tore against Su Ming’s body, and red appeared in his eyes. He charged forward once again, and when he reappeared once more, he had already caught up to the sword, but he was only at the sword hilt. Blood trickled out of Su Ming’s mouth. Then with one step, he moved through the protective layer and landed on the very end of the rapidly flying sword’s hilt. The moment he landed, Su Ming coughed out a huge mouthful of blood and his face turned stark white.

He wiped away the blood at the corners of his mouth and walked with huge steps forward. As he passed through, all the gazes of the people looking at him were filled with awe and respect, and they moved away to open up a path for him. Just now, they had seen Su Ming catching up to the sword from behind with their own eyes.

However, the sword was too big, that was why there were only a few who saw the entire process. Su Ming charged forth, and in a moment, he had already traveled 100,000 feet in distance to stand once again at the tip of the sword. Jing Cheng Rong sat there and stared at Su Ming coldly.

"Still not convinced? Do you think you’re really great for catching up to the sword?"

"Just what exactly constitutes as body refinement?" Su Ming stared at the old man and let out a long breath.

"Letting your body bear extra weight, then suddenly becoming lighter when you activate your speed is extremely foolish. How does that make you any different from a leaf? Or do you perhaps want to be like a leaf and be blown far away when the wind blows, just like the leaf, because it’s light?

"But even a leaf can’t last long in the wind. A little longer and it will be torn apart. In fact, once it runs into headwind and these two gusts of wind crash into each other, the leaf will be instantly destroyed, do you believe me? The faster you go, the faster you die, do you believe me?" the old man spat out coldly.

Su Ming lifted his head in shock.

"If it wasn’t for Bai Cang Zai, I wouldn’t have bothered enlightening you. Come here and sit down!" With a scowl, Jing Cheng Rong shouted at Su Ming.

Su Ming remained silent for a moment before he walked to the old man’s side and bowed towards him with his fist wrapped in his palm, then he sat down respectfully beside him.

To the easternmost part at the edge of the Land of South Morning was a cliff that looked like a ladder. Now, a large part of the cliff was already covered by dark seawater. As Jing Cheng Rong taught Su Ming, that seawater was releasing a strange presence. The surface of the sea was not calm. Waves were rising and falling.

There were seven to eight people wearing red robes standing on the only part of the cliff left. These people’s faces were pale, and there were very colorful Totems on their faces. One of them crouched down and took a scrutinizing look at the waves slapping against the spot around 100 feet underneath the cliff.

"It just rose by another ten feet… Before long, this cliff will be covered by seawater, and once it is, a large part of the Dead Sea will move into our lands…."

The moment this person spoke softly, immediately, roars came from within the endless and black Dead Sea before them. It was soon followed by the waves increasing in size, and from the sea in the distance, a tail that was about 1,000 feet in size shot out from the sea before slapping the surface of the Dead Sea, causing more waves to appear.

More tails slapping against the sea likes these appeared further away… and they numbered in the hundreds!

The faces of the Shamans over there turned pale. One of the old men who had his eyes closed opened them slowly at that moment.

"I can sense their fear… These Soul Alligators that should be staying at the depths of the Dead Sea were forced to come here due to their fear… The prophecies of the Berserker’s Realm Mountain are not an ancient legend. It… came true…" the old man mumbled.

He lifted his right hand and waved it at the sky, and immediately, a speck of light flew out from his palm and charged towards the dark sea. Once it traveled far into the distance, the speck of light exploded, causing an area of several hundreds of thousands of feet within the Dead Sea to instantly brighten up!

"That is…"

The crowd immediately let out cries of surprise, and their expressions changed drastically.

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