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Come forth now!

Those words stirred up a large amount of echoes that sounded as if there were countless people howling at the same time. That voice spread throughout the entire area, and when those words fell in the people’s ears, they could turn into a form of mind control that stirred up an endless amount of battle will within the people’s hearts!

In the span of a breath, people started charging forth from the mountains on the ground towards Frozen Sky. The moment they stood on it, they instantly turned into small white dots on that gigantic black sword.

The white dot symbolized their life force, and its position would not change. Once it disappeared, it meant that the person had died.

Soon, more people flew towards Frozen Sky, and as more people landed on the sword, the white dots increased.

An overflowing amount of battle spirit erupted forth within Freezing Sky Clan, twenty days earlier than the promised date.

"The battle of Sky Mist, the Shaman Hunt. This is the pride of all Berserkers. This is the most important battle in our lives. In this battle, we might die, but even if we die, we would die for the Berserker Tribe!

"Perhaps we will not die, but if we don’t die, then we will live in glory!" The old man standing at the tip of the sword shouted, and his voice reverberated through the air. That strange power in his voice roused all those who heard his words.

Even more people charged towards Frozen Sky. There were even some who came from Heaven Gate’s continents, and the number of disciples from Heaven Gate who stepped onto the gigantic sword wasn’t small.

"We already know that the Shaman Tribe will march out before the promised date. We saw the shooting stars from Sky Mist, and I will tell you this! What you saw was not an ill omen! To me, that is the signal of the start of the battle! I will tell you this. I have been waiting for this… for a hundred years!" the old man roared, and his voice reverberated furiously through the air.

Even more people flew towards Frozen Sky and stood on top of the sword to be branded with the mark that symbolized their life force.

"Freezing Sky Clan has not reached 10,000 years of age since its creation, but do you know how many Shamans Freezing Sky Clan has killed over the thousands of years?! I will tell you this! We’ve killed a countless number of them!

"Freezing Sky Clan has come to its current state from a weak clan. We kill the Shamans to show our power, and now, we are one of the only two great clans in the Land of South Morning!

"That is because we always win!"

The old man’s voice echoed in the air once again, and once more, a large number of people charged towards the sword. At that moment, there were thousands of Freezing Sky Clan disciples standing on Frozen Sky.

"There are 100,000 Berserkers in Freezing Sky, and now, the Berserkers in Freezing Sky… will be in Sky Mist!" The old man let out a huge shout, and that shout shook the sky.

Su Ming stood on the ninth summit. Even if he knew some things the others around him did not know, the old man’s words still stirred up an endless amount of battle will within his heart. Yet soon, a glint appeared in his eyes and he regained his senses.

"What incredible persuasive abilities…" Su Ming mumbled. If he did not possess divine sense, it would have been difficult for him to recover from being enticed and regain his senses just now.

He took a deep breath and turned around to cast a glance at Zi Che. Zi Che’s battle spirits had already been ignited, and he looked as if he just needed one word from Su Ming to immediately rush out.

"Zi Che, since you chose to join the battle, I’ll return your freedom to you! You don’t have to stay by my side during the battle…" said Su Ming.

Zi Che was stunned, then turned to look at Su Ming as if he wanted to say something.

"I’ve already made up my mind about this! If you follow me, you’ll be exposed to more danger, and if you can’t control your own actions during battle, it’ll be far too easy for you to die… You’re free now," Su Ming said calmly.

"Understood!" Zi Che remained silent for a moment before he bowed respectfully to Su Ming.

Su Ming turned his head back and gave the ninth summit a final look before he turned around. Just when he was about to walk towards Frozen Sky, a gust of black mist suddenly appeared behind him. That black mist appeared too suddenly, and before Su Ming could react to it, it encircled his wrist and turned into a black bracelet!

At the same time, his eldest senior brother’s voice echoed in Su Ming’s mind.

"Youngest junior brother… Your journey to the land of the Shamans will be perilous. I’ll give you a slave of mine… Her name is Fa Zang…"

Su Ming cast a glance at the black bracelet on his wrist before his gaze fell on the glacier underneath the ninth summit. Once he bowed towards that direction with his fist wrapped in his palm, he turned into a long arc and charged into the sky.

Zi Che followed behind him, and the two of them fused into the long arc that was formed by the other people of Freezing Sky Clan. Together with the other people, they stepped on the gigantic sword.

The instant Su Ming’s foot landed on the sword, he immediately felt a surge of power fuse into his body through his foot before it swiftly returned to the sword. Soon, even if he could not see the brand that symbolized his life force on the sword, he could clearly feel its existence.

As time passed by, more of those from Freezing Sky Clan came forth and stepped onto Frozen Sky. When there were 10,000 Berserkers gathered on the gigantic blade of the sword, the sword trembled and slowly rose into the sky.

"Send off our warriors!"

An old voice came from within Heaven Gate, and soon, numerous people flew out of Heaven Gate. A large number of people from the nine summits on the land also flew out or stood at the peaks of their mountains and looked towards the gigantic sword and the 10,000 people gathered on it!

These people stood densely packed against each other, and they numbered to several tens of thousands.

"With our first bow, we pray the souls of our Gods of Berserkers will protect our people from Freezing Sky and grant us victory!" As the old voice reverberated in the air, all the people wrapped their fist in their palms and bowed towards the gigantic sword in the sky.

Once they bowed, the 10,000 people on the sword were immediately stirred up. They stared at the ground, at the many familiar faces gathered there, at their clans, and fell silent.

"Once more, we bow to send them off to battle. We pray to our ancestors in Freezing Sky to protect them so that you can all return safely!"

Su Ming stood at the edge of the blade with Zi Che by his side. Besides Zi Che, he did not know anyone else. He looked at the ground, at the ninth summit, and he could see the faint shadow of his Master appearing at the top of the mountain, and Hu Zi waving at him as he drank wine at the side of the mountain, and his second senior brother smiling at him gently as he stood under the sun with the light shining on him.

He also saw Han Cang Zi standing on the seventh summit while staring at him.

And there was also Han Fei Zi standing on the third summit with freezing aura emanating from her. She, too, was looking at him.

Then one particular gaze attracted Su Ming’s attention. When he lifted his head to look at one of the continents in Heaven Gate, he saw a girl dressed in white staring at him.

"This is our final bow! All you warriors of Freezing Sky, in this battle, slaughter the Shamans!" That old voice shouted in a low roar that reverberated in the air and stirred up almost all the people on the sword to begin roaring back.

"Slaughter the Shamans!"

"Slaughter the Shamans!"

Su Ming’s ears rang with these voices. He stood silently and closed his eyes.

The instant he closed his eyes, the sword that was Frozen Sky trembled once again under his feet and slowly turned its tip in another direction. As the people staying in Freezing Sky Clan roared with the people on the sword, the sword charged swiftly towards the direction of Sky Mist City.

The moment it charged out, a screen of light surrounded the sword and turned into an oval shaped mantle of light. With a piercing whistle and a loud bang, the sword charged into the distant world.

It traveled at a speed so quick that in the blink of an eye, they could no longer see Freezing Sky Clan. In an instant, the ground underneath them was no longer a layer of silvery white snow but was instead covered in green.

Su Ming opened his eyes. He could clearly sense that the sword’s speed could almost rival his when he took off half of his ice hoops. And while Su Ming was confident that he could surpass the sword’s speed for a short distance once he took off all his ice hoops, but if he had to travel a slightly longer distance, his body would immediately break down because he could not endure it, and he would be unable to compete against the sword.

Since this was one of the greatest treasures of Freezing Sky Clan, with its speed, it could arrive at Sky Mist City just in a few days.

"Are you afraid?!" When they left Freezing Sky Clan and the 10,000 feet sword continued charging forward, the old man standing at the tip of the sword turned his head around and laughed boisterously.

"No!" Someone from among the 10,000 people on the sword immediately roared back.

"You lie! The Shamans are brutal, it’s okay for you to be afraid, but once you cut off the heads of those Shamans, you will realize you’re not the only ones afraid, those damn bastards are also afraid of you!" The old man’s laughter was very spirited and hearty. The previous persuasive tone in his voice was no longer in his voice.

"Also, we have quite a large number of people fighting with us. We might only have 10,000 people on the sword, but those bastards from Western Sea Clan will also have nearly 10,000 people joining the battle, and a large number of Berserkers from all the other tribes will go to Sky Mist City during the next few days!

"At that time, our men will not be few! This is what is meant by a great battle. This is the great battle that occurs only once a century!

"If you don’t die in this battle, then through your experiences, you will all transform into powerful Berserkers!" The old man’s laughter rang heartily throughout the entire sword.

"Now sit down and meditate. Make sure you are at the peak of your condition. We still need four days before we reach Sky Mist City!" As the old man spoke, gradually, a large number of people chose to sit down and meditate while they waited on the sword whose end could not be seen. Four days later, they would step onto Sky Mist City.

Right till the end, Su Ming never spoke one word. He sat down at edge of the sword, the endless sky right before him. He could see the screen of light that surrounded the sword, and behind the screen were white clouds tumbling about in the clear blue sky.

"What are you looking at?" a delicate voice came from behind Su Ming. He did not turn his head back, because the person who spoke had just sat down by his side.

"I’m looking at just how big the Land of South Morning is…" Su Ming said softly, then turned his head to the side to cast a glance at Tian Lan Meng, who was sitting beside him.

Tian Lan Meng’s face was still stark white. She was also looking at the sky beyond the sword, immersed in her own thoughts.

"What did the ten shooting stars mean?" Su Ming suddenly asked in her head.

"It’s nothing. Don’t ask anymore." Tian Lan Meng then stayed silent, and after a long while, she shook her head.

Su Ming stared at Tian Lan Meng and sent his question to her. "Then… what is the Catastrophe of the Eastern Wastelands?"

Tian Lan Meng’s body jolted, she turned her head around, and with shock in her beautiful eyes, she stared at Su Ming.

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