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"If I didn’t know about it, I wouldn’t have placed any bids."

Su Ming averted his gaze from the transparent mountain rock and his eyes fell on the Enlightenment Gathering tribesmen wearing the black and white long robe.

That thin man from Enlightenment Gathering Tribe stared at Su Ming with a sullen expression. He did not have that many stone coins on him, and he originally did not expect to take back anything, but he did not think that he would encounter this mountain rock here!

The moment he saw that item, the excitement that grew within his heart was enough to surpass most of those within the auction hall, and he had been ecstatic when he realized that due to the incredibly rare nature of this item, the others would definitely not know of its origins. Only he knew how to use this item!

He originally thought it would be easy for him to obtain this item, and the starting bid for the mountain rock was low as well, which not only made him excited, but also so eager and hopeful that he could not control himself.

But… right in the middle of the auction, Su Ming butted in!

1,000,000 was his limit. He did not have anymore stone coins to buy this item. Even if his desire for this item had reached an indescribable level, his lack of stone coins gradually made his eyes become bloodshot.

"He’s lying! To the person who placed this item up for auction, only I know what it is! Besides me, no one could possibly know!" the tribesmen from Enlightenment Gathering Tribe shouted to the people around him.

Yet most of the people ignored him. Even the ones who looked towards him watched him with sparkling eyes as unknown thought flickered in their heads.

"The bidder from the ninth room. There is someone who suspects that you do not know what this item is. I will give you a chance to say what it is," a mild voice asked, traveling forth, but the person who spoke was not the mysterious owner of the mountain rock. Instead, it was the blue-haired old auctioneer.

"If you can’t provide an answer, then please give up on the chance to bid for this item so that things remain fair!" A light appeared in the blue- haired old man’s eyes as he spoke slowly.

"Oh? Could it be that all the people who want to buy this item have to say what it is right before the crowd?" The ghost of a smile appeared on Su Ming’s lips and he cast a glance at the blue-haired old man.

"That’s right. Those are the rules!" The blue-haired old man gave Su Ming a onceover before he nodded his head.

The tribesmen from Enlightenment Gathering Tribe felt his breathing quicken. He had already risked offending Su Ming for that mountain rock. In his mind, once he obtained that item, he would immediately leave, and perhaps before anyone else could find him, he would already be back in his tribe.

"That’s rather unfair. If I said it, then if someone else places a bid, then he’ll be able to just imitate my words. I can say it, only if there is no other bidder after me. The only ones who will continue placing bids are me and him. Only if you’re willing to do this can Western Sea Clan be considered fair. Also, if I have managed to correctly identify the item’s origins and buy it, then I don’t need you to send it to me after the auction ends. I want to get it right on the spot," Su Ming said languidly.

The blue-haired old man laughed coldly in his heart as he hissed out in a dark voice, "Very well. No one has been bidding for this item before the two of you anyway. If that’s the case, we will not accept anyone else placing anymore bids for this item. The only people eligible to obtain this item are the two of you. If you can get it, then take it away."

"This item is indeed a Soul in Stone. However, what’s valuable isn’t the small black humanoid inside but the mountain rock itself. With a special method, a person can put it into his or her own body, which will make their Qi become thicker. It will also nurture the mind, which will help in training when meditating.

"The small black humanoid within is actually formed after the mountain rock absorbed the polluted aura from the world. That thing is filled with venom, but that venom is not deadly. However, it will affect a person’s growth in his training, and it must be extracted with a special method. Anyone who takes it out recklessly will only bring harm to himself," Su Ming stated in a mild mannered tone, and his voice filled the entire auction hall.

"Bullsh*t! You’re wrong!" the tribesman from Enlightenment Gathering Tribe immediately shouted and glared at Su Ming with eyes dripping iwith hate. That hate burst forth all of a sudden and without a reason. To him, Su Ming was just doing this on purpose so that the tribesman could not get the item.

A smile appeared on Su Ming’s face. He was not bothered by a person like this who could not conceal his feelings. He was more worried about the people who could hide their feelings and showed no hints of what they were thinking.

Su Ming looked at the person from Enlightenment Gathering Tribe and said, "I’ve finished speaking. Now then, it’s your turn to say what this is."

There was a sullen expression on the blue-haired old man’s face, but he could not accuse Su Ming of saying the wrong thing. After all, he did not know what it was himself either.

"Since you’re certain that the person from the ninth room is lying, then you can say what this item is right here. I can tell you that the person who placed this item for auction is here!

"If the answer you give satisfies him, then perhaps that person will change his mind." The blue-haired old man looked at the thin tribesman from Enlightenment Gathering Tribe.


The person from Enlightenment Gathering Tribe found himself speechless for a long time. He did not know how to say it. Even if he spoke the truth, he was not certain whether he would be able to get it, and that was not all, just the potential dangers he might face on his way back would be enough to kill him multiple times. In fact, there was a high possibility that he might bring disaster back to his tribe.

Yet if he did not say it and had to watch that item be bought by someone else, he would feel really, really disgruntled.

As the person from Enlightenment Gathering Tribe continued glaring at Su Ming, a sinister smile suddenly appeared on his lips.

"That thing’s name is Magnetic Wraith Stone, and it’s different from what you said. The most valuable thing about it isn’t the mountain rock itself but the small black humanoid inside. That thing is called a Stone Wraith and was formed naturally after absorbing the aura from the world. A person would also have to put it in the body and refine it to use it, but while it can only boost a person’s power slightly, its biggest use is when we of the Enlightenment Gathering Tribe use a special method to carve it into a treasure that could defend the user!

"That treasure would be tied together with the user’s life and would die in place of the user once!"

As his words traveled out, the auction hall instantly fell into dead silence. Multiple pairs of eyes turned towards the transparent mountain rock, shining with a myriad of different emotions.

"I don’t have the ability to buy this item anymore, neither do I want to buy it. If you like it, then you can take it away. I’d like to see just how you’ll be able to keep that treasure that can die once for you safe on your person!

"Besides, without the special method from us in the Enlightenment Gathering Tribe, that item is completely useless!" That thin middle-aged man smiled darkly and sat down.

He was feeling smug that he did the right thing. By saying that and putting up the act of giving up on that item, he just made himself more convincing. However, he did not factor in the possibility of him offending not just Su Ming with his words, which were spoken entirely on purpose.

In fact, Su Ming was not even the main person he offended, the man had just greatly offended the mysterious person who had put that item up for auction. And that person was the most important person in this!

Perhaps the people from the land of Freezing Sky would face some problems in searching for this mysterious person, but it was incredibly easy for Western Sea Clan to do so, and since that person himself was in the auction hall right then, if Western Sea Clan believed in the words of the person from Enlightenment Gathering Tribe, then he would immediately sink into deep trouble.

A hesitant look appeared on Su Ming’s face. He looked at the mountain rock, then back at the person from Enlightenment Gathering Tribe before he shook his head.

"Perhaps I was wrong about this. If its use is really as you say, fellow brother, then I’ll give up on this item. This thing can no longer be considered a treasure but something that will cause me to lose my life." Su Ming sighed.

The moment Su Ming said those words, the person from Enlightenment Gathering Tribe was stunned, then his expression changed. He just came to understand what was wrong with his words.

At the same time, within the crowd gathered in the auction hall was a man dressed in black robes and wearing a straw hat on his head. His face underneath that straw hat was incredibly dark and he clenched his right fist instinctively. When he lifted his head, a murderous intent appeared in his eyes. That murderous intent was not aimed towards Su Ming but the thin person from Enlightenment Gathering Tribe.

He was the owner of the mountain rock who contacted Western Sea Clan. At that moment, his hate towards the person from Enlightenment Gathering Tribe was so strong it could burn the skies. They were practically forcing him in a dilemma, and with the slightest mistake, he would not be able to walk out of the temporary tribe built by Western Sea Clan.

He could even sense the blue-haired old man’s gaze falling on him occasionally, and within that gaze was surprise.

"Nonsense!" The man stood up swiftly and, with one leap, rose in midair. His voice rumbled like thunder in the hall.

"I was the one who brought that item and handed it to Western Sea Clan for them to put it up for auction for me. I’ve had this item for many years and have asked many people before. I might not have a detailed answer to its use, but this item is definitely not that Magnetic Wraith Stone. It’s just like what that fellow tribesmen from the ninth room said. It only has one name, and it’s Soul in Stone!

"Sir, by saying those words, you have just tried to harm me, and I won’t let it slide! I’d like to see just how Enlightenment Gathering Tribe will explain what happened today right before all the people in the land of Freezing Sky!"

The man took down his straw hat and revealed a gruff face. He had to do this, because if he continued hiding his face, then it would be even more difficult for him to get himself out of trouble.

"You’ve seen my face now. There’s nothing for me to hide. Enlightenment Gathering Tribe, I will invite Western Sea Clan along with me to act as my witness to test whether what you’ve said is the truth!

"If it’s fake, then you must give me a satisfactory answer!" There was anger on the gruff man’s face. Once he finished speaking, he turned towards Su Ming and the anger disappeared.

"My fellow tribesman from the ninth room, the uses for this item which you provided are about the same as what I understood, but there were some details about this thing that I did not know. Now I’ve gained a clear understanding of it.

"My fellow tribesman, thank you for stating the true use for this item. The promise I made before is not fake. Since you bought this item for 1,000,000 stone coins, I will return those 1,000,000 stone coins for you, and I will also give that black crystal to you as promised!"

As he spoke, he immediately brought out a bag from his bosom and threw it at Su Ming. Once Su Ming caught it, the man turned around and returned to his seat, looking incredibly sullen.

He felt his heart bleeding in pain, but he had to do it. If he did not pass the mountain rock and the other things he promised to Su Ming, then the persuasiveness of his words would become less.

Now all the people there had seen him pass the mountain rock and the other things to Su Ming. The people had just seen how generous he was, but at the same time, he also did this for another reason. Just in case what the person from Enlightenment Gathering Tribe said was true, then he would have someone else to share his burden. Western Sea Clan’s target would shift to Su Ming.

Though his thoughts could be ignored for now.

Su Ming caught the bag and cast a glance at it before he put it away in his bosom, then he wrapped his fist in his palm towards the man with a smile on his lips. After that, he brought out the correct number of stone coins and handed them to Zi Che before he pointed at the mountain rock in the auction hall.

"This item belongs to me now. Zi Che, bring it here."

With one leap, Zi Che’s body turned into a long arc and he charged towards the center of the auction hall. As he stood beside the mountain rock, he swept it up with one wave of his arm and quickly returned to Su Ming.

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