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He was regretful, deeply regretful!

He regretted that he did not do everything that he could in the past and kill Su Ming beforehand so that he would not have been able to enter Freezing Sky Clan!

He was regretful… but no matter how much he thought about it, the only chance to regret was during the first time he fought against him. Besides that one time, he could not find any other chance where he could have fought back against Su Ming.

During the first time they met in Freezing Sky Clan, the two of them had battled to the extreme, but even if Si Ma Xin wanted to kill Su Ming, he was prevented from doing so. Even if he had forcefully attacked him not only would he not succeed, he would also have brought a great disaster on his own head!

He had not understood this at that time, but right then, with his understanding towards the ninth summit, he knew what would happen to him incredibly clearly from experience. After all, he was one of the few people who knew the entire event of what had happened in Northern Frontier Tribe.

"Si Ma Xin, you’re hurting me." Just as Si Ma Xin was trapped in his own madness, an aloof voice traveled into his ears.

That voice belonged to Bai Su, and she was looking at Si Ma Xin coldly. She had seen through this person. In truth, she should have seen through him a long time ago, but she did not want to. She had been blinded by a veil called love.

Right until she met Su Ming and through the bits of contact she had with him that accumulated through time, that veil slowly changed color, gradually allowing her to recover her senses, and slowly letting her wake up from Si Ma Xin.

Yet at that time, she was still caught in a half-asleep state. She was uncertain and did not know what to do, did not know how to make her own decisions. Only when she left Su Ming and stood before Si Ma Xin did she suddenly wake up fully.

As she woke up, a pain as if her heart was torn apart caused her face to turn pale. Hidden underneath that cold gaze Si Ma Xin saw deep regret.

Su Ming and Si Ma Xin. Two different people, two different experiences.

The fact that Si Ma Xin could become a prodigy and have the world at his beck and call for so many years meant that he was not some common person. Even if he was caught in this indescribable rage and madness, he could still force all of these emotions down in an instant.

However, this rage did not disappear and only became stronger. Because if the Berserker Child was not planted with the Seed, he would be uninjured, but if the Seed was planted and something like the situation with Su Ming happened, then to Si Ma Xin, it was practically a disaster that would completely ruin him.

Berserker Seed’s backlash. There was even a high possibility that he might turn into Su Ming’s Berserker Seed. Even if he did not know the Great Art of Heartless Berserker Seed, Su Ming could still obtain his one and only Berserker Seed!

To Su Ming, this one and only Berserker Seed would just be a gust of wind in his life, but to Si Ma Xin, if this really came to be, then it would mean… his entire life!

This was just a possibility. Si Ma Xin had no idea what sort of change would happen, but it was precisely because he did not know that he was afraid. He was so terrified he went mad.

"Su Su, I lost control of myself…" Si Ma Xin let go of Bai Su’s shoulders with a pale face.

When he remembered what he just did, he was assaulted with regret once again. Bai Su might have failed, but this girl was still useful to him. In fact, it could even be said that she was one of the very few methods for him to save himself.

"Su Su, let me see your father, ask him to help me…" When Si Ma Xin spoke and saw the chill in Bai Su’s eyes, his heart sank. "Su Su! I was in the wrong just now, but you don’t understand why I did that! Once Su Ming’s power increases this time and he completes the process, I will die!

"This is the first time I failed using the Great Art of Heartless Berserker Seed, and the results for it are far too dreadful for me to even think of. Perhaps… from now onwards, I can only become a puppet for Su Ming… Su Su, it’s because of this that I lost control of myself…"

Bai Su was silent. Her eyelashes fluttered, and she closed her eyes.

The moment she closed her eyes, killing intent appeared briefly in Si Ma Xin’s eyes, but he immediately hid it. He turned around and looked in the direction where Su Ming was, at the spot where that sorrow spreading out was the strongest.

‘There’s still one more way. I have to use this chance and kill Su Ming. Once I kill him, then all of this will be settled!’

But Si Ma Xin hesitated. Before the incident with Northern Frontier, he still had an ounce of confidence in killing Su Ming. But what had happend there made him understand clearly that there was a difference between him and Su Ming!

He did not have the confidence that he could win against Su Ming, especially right before both Western Sea Clan and Freezing Sky Clan!

If he fought against Su Ming here, then what awaited him would be an incredibly severe punishment. Even if he managed to kill Su Ming… then besides that severe punishment, he would also have to face the ninth summit’s madness!

With this punishment and madness on his head, even if Si Ma Xin betrayed Freezing Sky Clan, he would have no place in the Land of South Morning, unless… he escaped to the Shaman Tribe…

‘What should I do? What should I do..?’ Si Ma Xin trembled and despair appeared in his eyes.

"Take this and go back to Freezing Sky Clan, then offer it under Heaven Gate… My father’s disciples will receive you… Si Ma Xin, this will be the last time I help you. From now onwards, don’t bother me anymore."

Bai Su opened her eyes and brought out a wooden slip which she threw on the ground, then she turned around and walked into the distance. Her back showed desolation, loneliness, a deeply rooted regret, and at the same time, freedom.

She wanted to go and see Su Ming, but she bit her bottom lip. Even if she broke through the skin and blood started flowing down, she would still not have the courage to face him. She could only choose to leave dispirited.

When she came, she had been laughing and talking to Su Ming happily, occasionally looking at him with mischief on her face, and when she left, she did so dejected and miserable, as if she had lost her heart, her soul. Like an injured little beast, she wanted to be alone and lick her wounds quietly.

She knew that she made a mistake… a mistake that would not be forgiven. Thank goodness that mistake did not leave behind an irreparable damage to that person who appeared in her heart right now…

In the wind and snow, she left with her head bent down.

Behind her, the tribe and Dark Mountain in the sky had become a shocking sight to behold. Su Ming’s voice echoed within the windstorm caused by the whirlwind on the snow plain.

"Blood moon…"

It was almost day. The sky should have been dark, but due to the light shining on the snow, the world only seemed blurry, not dark. As Su Ming’s words rang, in the sky above Dark Mountain, a blood moon manifested seemingly at the highest point of the sky!

As the blood moon appeared, the sorrowful feeling became much stronger, and as it spread out, it turned into a windstorm that shook the skies and moved the earth!

An aura that became increasingly stronger gathered around Su Ming, and it only continued to grow, continued to become stronger!

Zi Che stood several thousands of feet away from Su Ming and endured that mighty pressure, but he was still continuously pushed backwards. He forced himself to back down slower. He wanted to stay in the place and protect the Su Ming right now.

He might not have seen Bai Su and did not know what had happened that caused such a change in Su Ming, but he knew that he himself was a part of the ninth summit, and Su Ming was a disciple of the ninth summit!

That was enough.

As Su Ming’s presence grew increasingly stronger, the divine wills inside the dozen something sword-ship hybrids within the temporary tribe built for Western Sea Clan’s auction once again spoke to each other.

"What a Berserker Mark… He can at least be considered a prodigy, but how could he choose to breakthrough right outside Western Sea Clan? Does he really think that we won’t dare to attack him?!"

"Clan Elder Hai, don’t be reckless. That child is Tian Xie Zi’s disciple!"

"Tian Xie Zi? That crazy lunatic? I’ve never met him before. I would have let this slide if you didn’t mention it, but now that you have, I’d like to see just how powerful this Tian Xie Zi is!"

That sullen divine will turned into a sharp whistle that very few people could hear and charged out of the tribe. Like a bolt of lightning, it flew towards the windstorm caused by Su Ming with a rumble.

His divine will was like a sharp sword that wanted to split the windstorm in two then kill Su Ming who was within it with one strike!

Almost the moment this person’s divine will charged out, noticed by very few people in the tribe, the white-haired old man sitting by the table in the ordinary looking tent with the black-robed people standing quietly inside spoke languidly to the young man before him.

"Because he is part of the ninth summit…" The moment he said the final word, his expression suddenly changed and he lifted his head swiftly.

Right then, the young man also frowned, and that action caused his domineering might to be revealed!

When these two people noticed it, that sharp sword that was formed from the divine will had already cut through the snow plain and appeared outside the windstorm caused by Su Ming. It was about to cut down that windstorm!

Yet right then, a wild voice from a divine will that sounded as if it had appeared seemingly out of thin air and seemingly from the world located far in the distance, though it actually came from within the ninth summit on Freezing Sky Clan’s Great Frozen Plains, came rushing forth with a thunderous roar like a tidal wave.

"Bloody hell, which of you brats had the guts to attack my disciple?! I’ll kill your tribe! I’ll kill your entire Clan! I’ll kill all of your reincarnations!"

That voice was filled with an indescribable imperiousness. The moment it spoke, it caused that divine will sword that was about to cut to tremble viciously and shatter with a bang as if it was attacked by the voice. Right as it shattered, the scattered divine will instantly fell backwards with an absolutely terrified air.

The murderous aura within the voice shook the sky and earth. As it reverberated in the air, the murderous aura enveloped that retreating and scattered divine will once again, and absolutely crushed it.

A faint, shrill cry rang out. At the same time, a red-haired old man trembled within one of the sword-ships in the tribe. He opened his eyes swiftly and coughed out a mouthful of blood. His face instantly turned pale, and even his hair started withering away rapidly. In the blink of eye, he became bald. More alarming was the fact that once his hair fell off, his flesh also started withering away rapidly. In the span of a breath, he turned into a person of only skin and bones.

If it was not for a piercing bright light shining from the jade on his chest that had the sun rising from the sea horizon carved on it, he would have certainly died!

Cracking sounds echoed in the air, and the jade shattered once it neutralized the power brought by that attack. Once it shattered, the old man coughed out blood once more. A look as if he had just narrowly escaped death appeared in his eyes, and his face was filled with fear and shock. Just a moment ago, there was no doubt that he was already halfway through death’s door.

"Tian Xie Zi…" The old man shuddered.

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