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As snow appeared on the Berserker Mark on his body, that aura of transformation became stronger. The Berserker Mark under Su Ming’s robes started swimming all over his body as if it had come alive. A whirlwind spread out from within his body and blew away the snow around him in all directions.

Su Ming’s hair moved without wind, and gradually, the black shade of his hair started changing, gaining a purple hue. Compared to the white snow, that purple shade gave off an alluring feeling, along with an indescribable mysteriousness.

The five peaked Dark Mountain started letting off a dim light on Su Ming’s face, like a totem, and on his chest, a layer of snow gradually gathered on the grass, trees, and houses in the tribe under Dark Mountain!

The blood moon appeared in the sky within the Berserker Mark. That blood moon was Su Ming’s right eye! Even if he had both his eyes closed at the moment, the red glare shining brilliantly like the moon in his right eye could not be hidden away!

There was also snow falling down in that Berserker Mark, and it looked real. It was as if it had existed within the Mark since the beginning, but only then did Su Ming have the right to obtain it and have it revealed to the world!

When the snow appeared in the Berserker Mark and at the instant the Picture of the snow covering Blood Moon and Dark Mountain was formed, Su Ming opened his eyes. Right as he did so, a mighty presence shot out from the blood moon in his right eye. He spread out his arms to his sides.

"Dark Mountain," he mumbled, and his voice fused with the moaning sounds in the wind and snow. No one could hear his words clearly, but the moment his voice echoed in the air, the sky above him started distorting, and a gigantic mountain from Su Ming’s memories appeared in the sky!

Itt was a majestic mountain, a mountain that was formed of five summits connected together. The five summits looked like five fingers on a giant’s hand that were spread wide apart as if it wanted to break through space itself.

This time, the manifested Dark Mountain looked incredibly real and did not even have a hint suggesting that it was an illusion. It was as if it had existed in this place since the beginning of time, and as if it should exist there.

The moment Dark Mountain appeared, an incredible sorrow spread around Su Ming. In all the places that the sorrow visited, the wind and snow came to a standstill. In all the parts it passed by, the earth trembled. In all the directions it went to, the weather changed!

Not too far away, in the tribe set up by Western Sea Clan for the auction were a dozen something sword-ship hybrids that were stuck into the ground like swords. Several old men could be found sitting within each of them.

Yet at that moment, at that very instant, almost all the old men opened their eyes, and with gazes shining as brilliantly as lightning, they stared at the spot where Su Ming was.

"What a Berserker Mark!"

"Who is that child?"

"Tian Xie Zi’s disciple..?"

"It’s just a normal Mountain Mark, and he can already cause the weather to change… By the looks of it, that Berserker Mark is definitely not as simple as it looks. There must be something else."

Dozens of divine wills reverberated in each of the dozen sword-ship hybrids. Su Ming’s actions had caught the attention of the powerful Berserkers who came to the land of Freezing Sky from Western Sea Clan.

"Silence!" As these people communicated with each other using their divine wills, one chilling divine will that only they could sense and no one else would be able to hear swept through their minds like a typhoon.

"It’s just the Berserker Mark of a small fry in the Transcendence Realm, and you lot are already acting this way?"

"Clan Elder Hai, you are wrong. You must have seen that this child is a Divine General, and his Berserker Mark is definitely of the complex sort. He has just shown the Mountain Mark, and the effects of that Mark are already shocking. Is a prodigy of this calibre… not worthy of our attention?"

Once that chilling divine will swept through the area, another divine will that was clearly of the same level as the one previously shot out from another one of those sword-ships and reverberated through the air.

That chilling divine will let out a cold snort.

"Even if it’s complicated… Hmm?" Yet before this divine will could finish speaking, his words faltered, and the sound he made after that one little pause was filled with surprise.

The source of his surprise was the word that came out of Su Ming’s mouth, who had his arms outstretched as he sat right in the middle of the whirlwind that lifted the snow and swept it all around him on the snow plain.


The moment the word ‘tribe’ fell out of his mouth, like a scroll painting that was being opened under the gigantic Dark Mountain in the sky, a Dark Mountain Tribe filled with its trees and houses appeared in the sky with an astonishingly imposing manner, and in a way that would make all those who understood Berserker Marks feel shocked to the core!

Right then, if anyone lifted their heads up to look, they would not be able to tell where was the sky and where the earth, they would feel as if they were looking at a mirage. Yet those plants, those houses, and all the other things looked so real that they could not be described with words.

In a corner of the tribe in the distance where the Western Sea Clan Auction would be held, Tian Lan Meng walked out from her tent with a fur robe she had just put on. She stood outside her tent and her beautiful eyes shone with a curious glint. As she looked at the Dark Mountain in the sky and the vivid Dark Mountain Tribe, she became stupefied.

"This… is his Berserker Mark…"

More people walked out of the tents set up around Tian Lan Meng’s and looked at the sky. The sorrow in the air was felt clearly by all the Berserkers in the area.

More importantly, that sorrow did not disappear as soon as it came. Instead, as time passed by, it grew stronger. In the temporary tribe, all the people who came to attend the auction walked out of their tents and looked at the sky. Most of these people came from Freezing Sky, and some among these people had witnessed the battle between Su Ming and Si Ma Xin, and had also seen Su Ming revealing his Berserker Mark during that time.

The moment they saw the strange sight in the sky, they immediately let out cries of surprise.

"This… This is Su Ming’s Berserker Mark!"

"There’s no mistaking this. I remember that mountain and that tribe under the mountain. Only Su Ming has that Berserker Mark in the entire Freezing Sky Clan!"

"This is Su Ming’s… Berserker Mark?"

Uproars broke out within the tribe and grew increasingly louder. As the people passed the information they knew to the others while keeping their gazes fixed on the sky, a person in black clothes stood outside an ordinary looking tent inside the tribe. His face was calm and he did not even lift his head. It was as if no matter what happened around him, nothing could catch his interest.

He only stood there in silence and waited for the order that would come from the tent behind him. If Su Ming was there, he would be able to tell with just one glance that there were some similarities between this man and Zi Che in some of their actions, because they were the same sort of people.

"Interesting. Uncle Chen, I didn’t expect that there would be someone like this in Freezing Sky Clan." A voice with a hint of laughter traveled out from the tent.

The moment that voice spoke, a gust of wind blew past and lifted the snow on the ground along with a corner of the tent. That gust of wind saw everything that was inside the tent before it disappeared within, never coming out again.

That tent did not seem big on the outside, but it was enormous inside, as big as a palace. There were a dozen something men dressed in black clothes just like the person outside the tent standing around quietly.

These people had their heads lowered and stood like statues, but within each of them, a presence that had surpassed that of Transcendence and belonged to those within the Bone Sacrifice Realm could be felt!

There were even some whose aura was so strong that even a normal Berserker in the Bone Sacrifice Realm would find it hard to compare! At the center of the tent that contained another dimension in itself was a table and a young man wearing a green long robe with a black dragon stitched on it taking a sip from the wine cup in his hands.

That young man did not seem old, but in his eyes, even as he blinked, was an intimidating pressure, and he had a unique temperament. That temperament was one that only belonged to those who stood above everyone else. With just one word, he could cause disaster to fall on the entire land. With just one word, he could make a countless number of tribes turn to ashes. With just one word, half of South Morning would go to battle for him!

That was the bearing of those who held supremacy over all people!

Even if that temperament was not too strong and seemed as if it was just starting to form, it was already slowly building up. Perhaps one day, he would be able to announce himself right before the entire Land of South Morning with that presence!

"Second Young Lord, this person’s status is rather unique. He belongs to Freezing Sky Clan, but at the same time not." An old voice spoke from before the young man. On the other side of the table was a white-haired old man who was drinking with the young man. That old man’s voice was hoarse, and he wore a long white robe as he sat there. There were eight white clouds embroidered on his sleeves.

If there was anyone from Freezing Sky Clan familiar with Heaven Gate who saw those eight white clouds, they would definitely feel shocked and immediately kneel down in worship, because those eight white clouds meant that this person belonged to Heaven Gate’s eighth layer!

There were nine continents on Heaven Gate, and the eighth continent had an incredibly high rank among them. Those who could live there were people who could make the entire Freezing Sky tremble when they walked out and stomped on the ground.

"Oh?" The young man placed the wine cup in his hands down and looked at the old man with a smile.

At that moment, besides the crowd in the temporary tribe built by Western Sea Clan keeping a close eye on the strange sight in the sky, there was one more person who stood on the snow plain outside the tribe - Si Ma Xin, whose expression had drastically changed due to that sorrow from Su Ming enveloping his body. He grabbed onto Bai Su, as if he was hysterical, and roared madly with bloodshot eyes.

"I already succeeded, so why did this happen?! Tell me, why did this happen?!"

Si Ma Xin could not accept this reality. The thing which he had desired for a long time and even succeeded in obtaining had just taken a turn for the worse. This was something he was absolutely not prepared for.

It would have been fine if he had never obtained it in the first place, but he did, just moments ago. This sort of feeling of having something he had just obtained forcefully snatched out of his hands made Si Ma Xin unable to control his own actions.

Bai Su’s face was pale. Sharp pain traveled from her arms which were held in a tight grip by Si Ma Xin. Yet the physical pain was nothing compared to the pain her heart felt as it was ripped apart.

She looked at Si Ma Xin and gave him a broken smile. All of a sudden, she saw through this man. This handsome and forever gentle big brother Si Ma of hers… was now like a clown. Besides raging in madness, he did not seem to have the courage to do anything else.

"This is impossible! This is absolutely impossible!"

Si Ma Xin sensed the sorrow, saw the Dark Mountain and the tribe in the sky, and even felt Su Ming’s aura growing rapidly stronger. This made him so deeply regretful he almost went mad.

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